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Agenda Item 05 Enclosure KPCT/10/05 NHS KIRKLEES Report To:

NHS Kirklees Board


Chief Executive/PEC Chair’s Report

FOI Exemption Category


Lead Director:

Mike Potts Chief Executive


Mike Potts, Chief Executive David Anderson, PEC Chair

Key Points to Note:

This report updates Trust Board on current pertinent issues.

Budget Implications:

The PCT will work at all times to ensure ‘Best Value’ in the commissioning and delivery of services.

Risk Assessment:

The PCT will work at all times to minimise any risks inherent in the delivery or commissioning of healthcare.

Healthcare Benefits

The PCT will work at all times to ensure the delivery or commissioning of clinically effective healthcare for the people of Kirklees and to promote health improvements and minimise health inequalities.

Staffing Implications

The PCT is working in compliance with the NHS Human Resources Framework.

Legal Implications

The PCT acts at all times to be compliant with existing legislation

Sub Group/Committee:



Trust Board are asked to RECEIVE and NOTE the content of this report.

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Chief Executive/PEC Chair’s Report to the Trust Board 13 January 2010 Broad Lea House, Bradley The new HQ building was formally accepted by NHS Kirklees on 17 December 2009. Supervised access visits for staff are to be arranged in the New Year. Business Readiness Assurance Confirmation A letter has been received from the SHA informing that our provider services and the wider PCTs have met the October milestone to achieve the Business Readiness Guidance to NHS Yorkshire and the Humber’s requirements. A copy of the letter is attached to this report. Learning and Development Agreement (LDA) – Outcome of the Annual Performance Management Risk Review 2009 The SHA have informed us that the risk rating overall for NHS Kirklees is “Green”, which means that the SHA has confidence that the Trust is providing high quality learning opportunities for staff groups funded by the MPET levy and no annual review meeting is necessary. The SHA noted the many examples of good practice within the Trust including: • • • • • •

The PCT is taking up opportunities to invest in training, particularly GPs and Health Visitors. Playing a key role in increasing primary care capacity for training GPs. Effective mandatory training programme for learners and good induction. On line evaluation of the learner experience. Effective partnerships with education providers. Participation in SHA project to pilot preceptorship programmes.

Operating Framework 2010-11 The Operating Framework for 2010-11 was published in December 2009 and may be accessed via AndGuidance/DH_110107. West Yorkshire Central Services Agency The Annual Report for 2008/09 for WYCSA has been published. If anyone would like to access this document, please contact the Chief Executive’s office on 01484 466013, or via

Mike Potts Chief Executive

David Anderson PEC Chair

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