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Agenda Item 10 Enclosure KPCT/09/28


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Board Assurance Framework

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Helena Corder Director of Corporate Services

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Key Points to Note:

The key risk area in terms of patient and public involvement is as a commissioner is obtaining, coordinating and verifying patient feedback to use in service planning and commissioning to demonstrate improved patient experience there will be a time out session for key staff to plan this for 2009/10. Progress on programme budgeting is still an area of concern. The PCT has received its World Class Commissioning assurance report which shows good progress. Staff satisfaction survey results are due to be published soon that will identify progress and outstanding issues that need to be addressed. The PCT is currently working with KPMG on the provider (KCHS) separation and there are still some key actions that need to take place to move to low risk in this area of work. The Board has over the last 6 months considered a number of key risk issues in performance – that is the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Mid Yorkshire Trust and today has considered the medium term financial plans. World Class Commissioning has also been a key area of Board work which has included significant discussion on health inequalities.

Helena Corder

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In April the Board will need to review and set the corporate objectives for 09/10 in order to set out the framework this time period which should include approval of KCHS Board Assurance Framework. Budget Implications:


Risk Assessment:

Low This framework highlights to the Board key areas of risk in all areas of its responsibility. The Board will note from the discussions held at the Board and the minutes of sub committee meetings that key risk areas have been discussed and action and monitoring are in place.

Healthcare Benefits

The framework enables the Board to be aware of the key risks to the organisations in achieving its key objectives for 2008/09.

Staffing Implications

Significant training has occurred this year in the use of the Performance Accelerator system.

Legal Implications

The framework supports the Board to deliver is statutory responsibilities.

Sub Group/Committee:



Helena Corder

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