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New HQ Project - Progress Report

Lead Director:

Helena Corder Director of Corporate Services


Helena Corder – Director of Corporate Services Derek Jackson -New HQ Project Manager

Key Points to Note: Activity in the five project streams are overall working to the project plan timescales. Key time scales are: • • • • •

Handover of the building 18th December 2009 Tenders for facilities, IM & T and furniture to be let December 2009 /January 2010 IT and furniture fitting out January 2010 early February 2010 Staged move in from 15th February 2010 Full catering facilities 1st April 2010

Construction stream Handover of the building from the developers continues to be expected on 18th December 2009. Facilities Utilisation stream A number of tenders are now running for IM&T, furniture, equipment & facilities management with contracts scheduled to be let in December/January. A significant exercise has started to produce the IM&T, furniture and equipment deployment plan which is targeted to be finalised by the end of November/early December. Workgroup Management stream Occupancy plan Directors are now due to refine the occupancy plan by allocating staff to fixed desks and organising their designated space into their desired work groupings. This second cut of the plan is under preparation and will be produced by the end of November/early December and will be a critical input to the required deployment plan. . -1-

Drop in sessions for staff 6 sessions were held over late September/ early October and they were very well attended by staff with WYCSA/HIS staff also taking the chance to “drop in”. Appendix A presents a summary of the outcomes of the events for further information. It should be noted that this summary relates to feedback received directly from the drop in events, further formal feedback has been elicited and received via the intranet and forms returned “after the events”. Workgroup Management stream Travel Work is now starting to become more strategic with a major product of the project being a Green Travel Plan which is due for approval by the PCT alongside the Environmental Strategy. Apart from the desirability of securing such a plan it is a condition of the planning approval for the HQ that a Travel Plan is produced and vetted by Kirklees Council by June 2010 (6mths after handover of the building). Car Parking The car parking charging system is being finalised so that this can be communicated to staff before Christmas. Knowledge Management stream The main action in the Stage Plan is the physical “decluttering” exercise throughout all Directorates which is currently taking place. As part of the strategic work undertaken to produce the facilities deployment plan it has been flagged up that staff also need to “declutter” their hard disks prior to the move and this exercise is being initiated. Communications stream Meeting with staff representatives on the Staff Reference group continue to assist with two way consultation on concerns and the detail of project progress as it affects staff and a new issue of the Bradley Park Bulletin was published recently which focused on the drop in session activity and continuing project progress - these are activities which are expected to run to the end of the project. Finance The project is running to budget.


Drop in sessions for staff


Drop In sessions were held over a period of 6 working days commencing Wednesday 30th September with the first 3 days situated at St Luke’s and the remaining 3 days at Beckside Court. Daily sessions were planned to start at 8.30 am and finish at 2.30pm, although the 4th session held on the 5th October started late at 12.00 noon due to difficulties encountered in moving the drop in session collateral from St Luke’s. Attendance was not measured however a rough estimate would be 60 to 80 staff attended the St Luke sessions with around 30 to 50 attending Beckside Court. Average length of stay at the drop in was in excess of 10 minutes with some staff staying over 30 minutes. Very few visitors dropped in casually to “see what was happening” most had agendas/concerns which they wished to engage drop in staff in - hence the length of stay. Overview Attendees were offered the opportunity to complete three feedback forms:•

PCT Travel Group Score Sheet

Naming our new meeting rooms

Any Questions?

PCT Travel Group Score Sheet Five scenarios were put to staff displaying different mixes of fixed and variable charges for parking with a clear preference (25/35) being expressed for the cheapest option (3b) this involved a fixed monthly charge for a permit and the (lower) parking meter charge. 53 staff returned forms but only 35 voted with the remainder using the form to record their dissatisfaction with the concepts. Naming our new meeting rooms Four options were given to staff and 53 completed forms were returned with some staff selecting more than one option, the results were:Kirklees People


Just Numbers


Kirklees Landmarks 13 NHS People Total votes

5 54

Suggestions were also made for functional names (eg Committee Room, Meeting Room) and Local Towns (eg Batley, Huddersfield, Cleckheaton), each of these attracting one vote. Any Questions 39 forms were returned covering a number of areas, this information together with any written comments made on the car parking forms have been used to inform this report and the various points raised replicated within this report.


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