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Agenda Item 13 Enclosure KPCT/09/214




Communications and Public Relations Activity Update

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Lead Director:

Helena Corder Director of Corporate Services


Helena Corder

Key Points to Note:

The purpose of the presentation is to update the Board on actions taken to support the communications and public engagement strategy that was agreed as part of the World Class Commissioning assurance process. The presentation includes the DVD made from the camper van project that took place over the summer which gives interesting insight into how the public perceive the PCT and their views of services. It gives an overview of how NHS Kirklees has performed over the last three years in the public perception and satisfaction survey that is undertaken by the Insight research group on behalf of the SHA. The presentation also covers key areas of communications and public engagement activity.

Budget Implications:

None identified

Risk Assessment:

Medium – communications and public relations activity is vital to achieving a number of competencies for WCC.

Legal Implications:

The PCT is required to meet statutory duties in terms of consultation and engagement in line with

Health Benefits:

Commissioning of services that meet peoples needs, take account of diversity and local issues and deliver agreed outcomes is the aim of WCC.

H Corder

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Staffing Implications:

Delivery of the communications and engagement strategy is not vested in the communications and PPI teams. All PCT staff need to understand their roles and responsibilities and require support and training to enable them to support the PCT in delivery of its communications and engagement objectives.

Equality Impact:

Communications and engagement activity must take account of those groups who do not normally get their voices heard. For example the news letters that go out across Kirklees are in English and not necessarily in a format for the visually impaired. As part of the requirement to undertake equality impact assessment (EQI) we will be undertaking EQI on both these functions.

Environmental Impact:

Communication and engagement activity involve travelling, use of paper and other activity which has the potential to increase rather than decrease the PCT’s carbon footprint as with equality impact assessment we need to start assessing our activities in relation to CO2 emissions and take this into consideration.

Sub Group/Committee:

Communications and Public Relations


H Corder

The Board NOTE the content of the presentation and COMMENT on the information presented.

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