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Equality Impact Assessment Template 1

What is being Equality Impact Assessed?

The Information and Health Intelligence Strategy for NHS Kirklees - 2008 - 2013 Prompt: (Service plan, policy, strategy (new or revised), process, decisions or other public functions)


Description of the function being Equality Impact Assessed:

To ensure that all elements of the Information and Health Intelligence Strategy are in line with the principles of Equality and Diversity Prompt: What is the aim of this function and who are the recipients of this proposal?


Lead contact person for the Equality Impact Assessment:

Helen Bridges Assistant Director of Information Analysis and Data Quality


Who else is involved in undertaking this Equality Impact Assessment:

The Information and Intelligence Strategy has been approved for implementation by the Strategic Development Committee (SDC). Members of the SDC will also govern the implementation of the Strategy, including any actions which may impact on equality and diversity.


Sources of information used to identify barriers etc

• The NHS Kirklees Five Year Strategic Plan and The NHS Kirklees Operating Plan • Our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment • The Kirklees Local Area Agreement • Other enabling strategies, for example: Performance, Information technology, Finance, Organisational Development, Communications and Workforce Planning

What does your research tell you about the impact your proposal will have on the following equality groups?

The Information and Intelligence Strategy aims to support the reduction of health inequalities through evidence-based decision making to support effective planning of services and evaluation – it is all encompassing and is nor targeted to one specific equality area. Kirklees is a district with great cultural diversity, representing a number of faiths and beliefs across its entire population. Our strategic goals reflect this, and all our programme objectives represent these principles and deliver services which are culturally sensitive, and “place the person at the centre of everything we do�. This involves commissioning services which, irrespective of gender, cultural background, faith or belief, encompass prevention, detection, treatment and the consequences of ill health, and will achieve equality of outcomes through targeting resources to follow needs. We constantly strive to improve quality and promote safety by encouraging new and innovative ways of delivering services that are sensitive to the diverse needs of our community, promote local sensitivity through effective commissioning by setting outcomes and actions that reflect local needs and priorities.

BME Groups: Disability Groups: Gender:


Sexual Orientation:

Religion & Belief: 6

Consultation: New or Previous:

The purpose of this strategy is to drive improvement through each stage of the commissioning cycle through the better use of information. The scope is focused upon developing our internal information systems and processes to support evidence-based decision making. No public consultation has taken place, nor is it intended.

7 Assessment and Actions needed Prompt: Your EIA should promote the General Equality Duty; Eliminating Discrimination, Promote Equality of Opportunity, Promote Good Relations & Demonstrating Equity

Location of Organisational Barriers Geographical location

Built environment

Information and communication


Involvement in Planning

Costs of the service

Customer Care and Staff training

Stereotypes and Assumptions

Involvement in Planning

Specific Issues/ Barriers

Assumption of normality / description of barrier

Action needed

Responsibility Deadline

8 Methods of Monitoring progress on Actions All programme areas are subject to regular review at a strategic level via the Strategic Development Committee. The reviews will ensure that equality impact assessments are carried out and published regularly to reflect changes in environment, service delivery and economy.

9 Publishing the Equality Impact Assessment

10 Signing off Equality Impact Assessment:

Service Manger, Head of Service or your Corporate Equality Team