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Five Minute Guide — Number 1

GP practices — Ordering and collection of Controlled Drugs (CDs) Ordering Controlled Drugs

If CDs from Schedule 2 or 3 are needed for practice stock or a doctor’s bag, they must be ordered using a written requisition. The approved requisition form, FP10CDF, should normally be used — obtainable from the supplier who supplies practice prescriptions (either the PCT or their agent). A community pharmacist will supply controlled drugs on receipt of a suitably completed requisition form. It should be noted that a community pharmacy may only supply whole packs when supplying stock (unless they also hold a specific licence to allow them to supply part packs — which is unlikely). Legally, the requisition form must: • be signed by the doctor • state the doctor’s name, address and profession (e.g. GP) • specify the total quantity of drug (the total quantity of drug does NOT have to be written in both words and figures) • state what purpose it is required for (e.g. ‘practice use’) Good practice It is recommended to include the GP’s professional registration number on the requisition.

CDs can be ordered electronically from a wholesaler that the practice has an established account with, but the practice still has to provide the wholesaler with a signed requisition. Requisitions cannot be faxed because a fax of a requisition has not been signed by a doctor and therefore would not fulfil the legal requirements. Good practice It is recommended that practice stock levels of CDs are kept to a minimum, whilst ensuring that they are adequate to meet normal patient demand.

Key points — ordering CDs • • • •

Use CD requisition form FP10CDF, signed by a doctor Add doctor’s name, address and profession State total quantity of CD State use for CD

Collecting CDs

If someone from the practice goes to collect the CDs from the pharmacy, then they must take a note (called a bearer’s note) with them which states “…[insert name and role] has authority to be in possession of …[insert item]”. The note must be signed by the doctor who requisitioned the CDs. It is currently a legal requirement for suppliers to retain a copy of all requisitions for Schedule 2 and 3 CDs for two years from the date of supply. Good practice It is recommended to keep all relevant records for CDs for longer than two years. Criminal cases involving CDs often come to court much later than this, by which time the paper evidence would have been destroyed

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