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Equianalgesic Tables These tables should be used in conjunction with Summary of Product Characteristics (SPC) for the brand of transdermal patch being used. Morphine PO Morphine SR Morphine SR Fentanyl Patch 72 hourly 4 hourly PO BD PO 24 hourly Micrograms/hour 2.5mg 10mg 5mg 15mg 30mg 12 micrograms 10mg 30mg 60mg 25 micrograms 20mg 60mg 120mg 37 micrograms 30mg 90mg 180mg 50 micrograms 40mg 120mg 240mg 75 micrograms 50mg 150mg 300mg 75 micrograms Consider referral to specialist if needing to escalate beyond this level 60mg 180mg 360mg 100 micrograms 65-70mg 200mg 400mg 100 micrograms 80mg 240mg 480mg 125 micrograms 85-90mg 260mg 520mg 150 micrograms 100mg 300mg 600mg 150 micrograms 110mg 330mg 660mg 175 micrograms 120mg 360mg 720mg 200 micrograms 140mg 420mg 840mg 160mg 480mg 960mg 180mg 540mg 1080mg Conversion doses are based on the dose ratios150:1(adapted from BNF(1) ) and 100:1(adapted from the PCF(2). Transtec patch 96 hourly 35 micrograms 52.5 micrograms 70 micrograms 105 micrograms 140 micrograms

Morphine PO 4hourly 2.5-5mg 5-10mg 10-15mg 15-25mg 20-30mg 30-50mg 40-60mg

Morphine SR PO BD 10-20mg 20-30mg 30-50mg 50-75mg 60-100mg 100-150mg 120-190mg

Butrans patch weekly 10 micrograms 20 micrograms -

Buprenorphine equianalgesia with oral morphine varies in the literature from 1:75 to 1:115. The table reflects this.

Developed by NHS Kirklees + NHS Bradford+Airedale Medicines Management with Pain Services: Calderdale + Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust + Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust January 2011 Review date November 2013 Version 1.0

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