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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 29 September 2009 at 6.00pm in The President Suite, at the Cedar Court Hotel, Ainley Top, Huddersfield Present: Rob Napier Mike Potts Rob Millington Mehboob Khan Tony Gerrard Valerie Aguirregoicoa Imran Patel Dr David Anderson Bryan Machin Sheila Dilks Dr Judith Hooper In attendance: Helena Corder Sue Ellis David Thompson Pauline Kershaw Alison Fearnley Robert Flack Helen Haythorne Esme Crabtree Amanda Thomas

Chairman Chief Executive Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Non-executive Director Chair, Professional Executive Committee Executive Director of Finance Executive Director of Patient Care and Professions Executive Director of Public Health

Director of Corporate Services Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development LINks Representative Executive Assistant Corporate Governance Administrator Managing Director, Kirklees Community Healthcare Services Communications Officer Communications Officer Communications Manager, KCHS

In addition to the above the AGM was well represented by PCT staff and members of the public. KPCT/AGM/09/01 Welcome from NHS Kirklees Chairman, Rob Napier The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming all those in attendance. He explained that there would be presentations on the following topics; the PCT’s 2008/09 Annual Accounts, the 2008/09 Annual Report and a review of the year; ‘Caring for you, locally’ and ‘Embracing New Technology’. It was noted that there would be an opportunity at the end of the AGM for members of the public to raise any questions.

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KPCT/AGM/09/02 Apologies for Absence Apologies for absence were received from Vanessa Stirum, Non-executive Director/Vice Chair, Carol McKenna, Executive Director of Commissioning and Strategic Development, Peter Flynn, Director of Performance and Information and David Wood, PEC Representative. KPCT/AGM/09/03 Minutes of the last meeting held 30 September 2008 The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 30 September 2008 were AGREED as a true and accurate record. KPCT/AGM/09/04 Presentation by Mike Potts, Chief Executive Rob Napier introduced Mike Potts, Chief Executive of NHS Kirklees who provided an overview of the PCT’s Commissioning and Provider functions; how the PCT spent its money during 2008/09 and achieved its statutory financial duties and highlighted the PCT’s vision, goals and achievements of the last year. Mike explained how the PCT was committed to addressing health inequalities and targeting resources where they are most needed. It was noted that the key areas for investment in the year ahead included: reducing obesity supporting people in stopping smoking reducing excessive use of alcohol and drugs physical activity Pregnancy and Maternity and reducing infant deaths Managing Long Term Conditions Children and Young People Mental Health Learning Disability Infection Control Primary Care Planned Care Choosing Health Urgent Care Mike went on to explain how the PCT was encouraging members of the public to become more involved in developing new and existing services and sharing their experiences. Finally it was noted that copies of the PCT 2008/09 Annual Accounts and Annual Report were available for all those in attendance. Page 2 of 4

KPCT/AGM/09/05 Presentation by Robert Flack, Managing Director of Kirklees Community Healthcare Services, Caring for you, locally’. Mike Potts introduced Robert Flack who gave an overview of the PCT’s Provider functions and how it spends its money, the Vision for the coming year and the key achievements of the last year. It was highlighted that Kirklees Community Healthcare Services (KCHS) employed 1200 staff and has a budget of £40m. Robert explained the services provided by KCHS, which include: District Nursing Health Visiting School Nursing Therapies Community Dental Sexual health services Specialist nursing Kirklees Community Equipment Stores Robert went on to explain the Annual Health Check which is a detailed performance process which reports on the quality of the services that are provided by KCHS and he highlighted the results of the staff survey. It was noted that staff satisfaction and motivation had improved from the following year which had been achieved by improving leadership within the organisation. Finally Robert emphasised that it was KCHS’ Vision to deliver high quality healthcare closer to home and explained how this would be achieved. KPCT/AGM/09/06 Presentation by Gillian Brearley, District Nurse Team Leader, ‘Embracing New Technology’ Robert Flack introduced Gillian Brearley, District Nurse Team Leader, who gave a presentation on a typical working day as a District Nurse and explained the benefits to clinicians, patients and the organisation through new mobile technology. Finally Mike Potts gave an overview of how NHS Kirklees valued its staff and was committed to equality and he highlighted the key challenges for 2009/10. These included: Managing the Flu pandemic Focusing on performance: improving ambulance targets, Chlamydia screening, 18 weeks waiting times across all specialists Implementing the Mid Yorkshire Service Strategy Page 3 of 4

Managing Quality Productivity and Efficiency Transforming Community Services Moving to the new Headquarters The above presentations were followed by a question and answer session from members of the public. This concluded the content of the Annual General Meeting. The Chairman gave thanks to all those in attendance and declared the meeting closed at approximately 7.20pm.

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