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Minutes of the West Yorkshire Commissioning Support Services Joint Committee held on Monday 17 September 2012 Stewart Room, Broad Lea House Present Ann Liston (AL) Brian Marsden (BM) Alison Hughes (AH) Peter Thomas Kevin Gallacher (KG) Matt Neligan (MN) Andrea McCourt (AM) In Attendance Rachel Spilsbury (RS) Maureen Goddard (MG)

Amanda Jenkinson (Notetaker)

Chair Non Executive Director Interim Managing Director (WYCSS) Interim Finance Director (WYCSS) Interim Operations Division Lead (WYCSS) Director of Strategy, NHS Airedale, Bradford and Leeds, (NHSABL) Head of Corporate Governance, NHS Wakefield Project Manager (WYCSS) Associate Director, Organisational & Martha Roberts, Internal Organisational Development - Deputy for June GoodsonMoore Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield (NHSCKW)

The Chair opened the meeting by welcoming all those in attendance to the West Yorkshire Commissioning Support Services sub-committee meeting. CSS/12/15

Apologies Apologies for absence were received from June Goodson-Moore, (JGM), Executive Director of Workforce and Corporate Development (CKW & ABL) and Ann Ballarini, Executive Director of Commissioning and Service Development (CKW) and Jane Westmoreland (WYCSS) Interim Commercial Divisional Lead


Declarations of Interest There were no declarations of interest made for this meeting.


WYCSS Programme Board Minutes of 11 July 2012 It was RESOLVED to i ii

note the minutes as accurate actions completed

Matters arising AH gave an update on progress with the service specification / tender for external support. The NEDs confirmed their support for the tender. It was agreed that a copy of this tender would be sent to the Non Executive Director members for comment. PT said that we would bring annual objectives to the next meeting. It was noted that all other actions had been completed or were for discussion later in the meeting. CSS/12/18

Checkpoint three: Full Business Plan AH gave an update on the Full Business Plan (FBP), noting it had been submitted on 31 August 2012 together with the Enterprise Financial Model to the Business Development Unit (BDU) in line with the requirements and the timescales. These documents will be assessed using a balanced scorecard approach. AH explained that BDU assessment would now be more of a developmental process, with a visit expected from the Business Development Unit during October. Discussion took place about the importance of getting the right size of workforce with the right skills. BM raised the need for the Commissioning Support Unit (CSU) to have a system in place to record staff time and activity. It was noted that an electronic time recording system had been developed in Bradford which could be used. Discussion took place about the Business Plan and the importance of developing a culture to support the enthusiasm and desire for innovation expressed in the business plan. MG highlighted aspects of the Organisational Development strategy to support staff during this period of change. Checkpoint 4 will focus on ‘right sizing and whether the CSU is viable. Guidance for checkpoint 5 is yet to be received. Members were advised to feed any comments on the business plan to RS. It was RESOLVED : i

that members feedback comments on the Business Plan to RS



Managing Director Report AH reported on key appointments within the Business Development Unit and reported that she had her first meeting with Andrew Kenworthy, Director of CSU Transition Programme, on 10 September 2012. AH highlighted an issue regarding the length of Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and legal advice that these can only be for a maximum of 18 months, rather than three years as expected. AH explained the recent change to the order book arising from three Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG’s) working in collaboration who were now buying a smaller level of service from the CCG than expected. Discussion on the impact of this change on costs and income took place. It has been agreed that the CSU would not provide Continuing Care at this point in time. AH explained that posts within the structure had been reduced due to feedback received from meetings with CCG’s. AH confirmed that WYCSU has been selected as host for one of the four hubs nationally for communications.


Staff Transition Update MG gave an update on staff transition, confirming that the People Transition project is underway, with the CSU staffing structure to be confirmed to staff imminently, with a few last minute changes to be confirmed. It was noted that the CSU is a receiver organisation, with the pooling and matching process being undertaken by sender organisations. Pooling and matching was scheduled to commence 17 September, with completion expected by late October / early November. The pooling and matching process was outlined, noting that once this stage was complete the next stage was one of open competition for vacant posts. The issue of sufficient resource for pooling and matching was highlighted and it was confirmed that additional HR staffing resource had been secured to support this process.


Finance Update PT gave an update on resources, the programme budget and a general finance update. PT confirmed that he was supporting the development of Finance given the departure of the previous finance lead. 3

PT confirmed the cluster wide programme budget had been agreed across the two clusters and highlighted that the biggest area of expenditure would be commissioning external support. PT reported that checkpoint 3 had demonstrated that the WYCSU is a commercially viable business. The need to firm up assumptions relating to customers was highlighted. PT described progress made in engaging with Chief Financial Officers in Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) regarding priorities, concerns, principles for costing and apportionment. PT noted that there was now broad agreement with CCGs on the approach being used, which could be refined once a time management recording system was in place. The need to focus CCGs on discussions regarding outputs and value rather than inputs and costs was highlighted. PT explained that checkpoint 4 would be a focus on alignment between the Business Plan and customers intentions. PT reported that the next steps are to continue regular engagement with CCGs, refine financial modelling and assumptions relating to the order book and to set up a ledger with Shared Business Services (SBS). In response to a question about the need for a small surplus, PT explained that this was a contingency requirement from the NHS Commissioning Board. It was RESOLVED to: i CSS/12/22

note the next steps relating to finances above

Programme Plan Update – Variance report RS presented the paper and confirmed there are no areas identified with significant risks or exceptions against the planned timescales. One risk relating to the 2013/14 contracting round was highlighted and the need for the CSU to support CCGs in this first year. Discussion took place around estates, noting affordability is a key factor. AH reported that estates had been discussed with Andrew Kenworthy and there was an outstanding query as to whether a CCG and CSU could share premises. It was RESOLVED that a variance report against the Programme Plan be presented at future meetings.


Risk Management Risk Register


AM presented the risk register, commenting that the version presented had been included within the checkpoint 3 documentation. The risk register presented did not reflect a number of updates that had been completed, due to timescales. An updated Risk Register would be presented at the October meeting. AH discussed risks relating to timescales, slippage and capacity to deliver to move forward whilst trying to close down the PCT. AM confirmed that the longer term plan is to move to an electronic risk register system which will facilitate the update process of the risk register. Risk Management Strategy Discussion took place on the Risk Management Strategy. AM reported that the Risk Management Strategy describes the Audit Committee having overall responsibility for the risk management within the Governance structure of the CSU. It was noted that details relating to the audit function and hosting arrangements is not yet fully known. Discussion also took place about the need for shadow Board arrangements for the CSU to be developed. AH suggested that a hosting arrangements paper be brought to the next meeting. It was RESOLVED to approve the Risk Management Strategy. CSS/12/24

Workplan RS presented the workplan to the Board. It was RESOLVED to: i. ii. iii. iv.


present the workplan at future meetings add the workplan to the checkpoint documentation identify priorities within the workplan be flexible to changing workloads

Any other business MG reported that there will be an induction process for new members of staff to the WYCSU and outlined the details of this. AL to ask the CKW Board if they are receiving the assurance from the WYCSU minutes or whether further action is required.


Date and time of next meeting 7 November 2012 Hargreaves Room, Broad Lea House 10.00 – 12.00



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