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Agenda Item 13 Enclosure CKWCB/12/88 Report To:

Cluster Board Meeting – 27 March 2012

Title of Report:

Budgets and Key Financial Targets 2012/13

FOI Exemption Category:


Responsible Director:

Jonathan Molyneux, Director of Finance and Efficiency

Report Author and Job Title:

Jonathan Molyneux, Director of Finance and Efficiency

Executive Summary:

Finance/Resource Implications:

This report summarises the financial budgets and key financial targets in respect of the year 2012/13 for NHS Calderdale, NHS Kirklees and NHS Wakefield District and the Cluster. As detailed within the report.

Risk Assessment:

Financial risks have been assessed in preparing the budgets and other financial plans.

Legal Implications:

Not applicable.

Health Benefits:

Not applicable.

Staffing/Workforce Implications:

Not applicable.

Outcome of Equality Impact Assessment:

Not applicable.

CCE / Finance and Performance Group – NHS Calderdale Sub Group/Committee:

CCE / Finance and Performance Group – NHS Kirklees CCE / Finance and Performance Group – NHS Wakefield District

Recommendation (s):

To approve the budgets for 2012/13 as set out in the attached paper.


A summary of the income and expenditure budgets and other key financial targets for the three PCT’s for 2012/13 is attached at appendix 1.1. Further information on the financial targets, budgets , QIPP savings plans and risk assessment for each PCT / CCG are set out in the Cluster Operating Plan. The budgets have been prepared in conjunction with and reviewed by the relevant Clinical Commissioning Groups. The PCT’s income comes through the department of Health and an initial income limit / RRL (Revenue Resource Limit) has been agreed for each PCT in respect of 2012/13 – see appendix 1.1. The Income / RRL will be subject to change during the year as further funds are made available or other adjustments are made. When this happens it may be necessary to revise the relevant budgets. The attached figures therefore represent the initial budgets for 2012/13 and will be used to monitor financial performance with effect from the 1 April 2012. They are based on the current confirmed income ( RRL) and Income and expenditure surplus targets . THE BOARD IS REQUESTED; Income (RRL) – TO NOTE the opening income (revenue resource limit) for each PCT for 2012/13 Expenditure – TO APPROVE the opening expenditure budgets for 2012/13 for each PCT Income and Expenditure Surplus – TO APPROVE the income and expenditure surplus target for each PCT for 2012/13 and the requirement for each PCT to work within this limit Capital Expenditure - TO NOTE the total proposed capital expenditure for each PCT for 2012/13 – this is subject to later confirmation of the Capital Income (Resource) limit by the Department of Health. Cash Limit – TO NOTE the requirement to work within an approved cash limit for 2012/13 – the formal cash limit has yet to be notified Payment Policy – TO NOTE the requirement to work to the public sector payment policy during 2012/13 QIPP Savings – TO NOTE the requirement to achieve the QIPP savings targets for 2012/13