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Agenda Item 10 Enclosure CKWCB/12/59

Report To:

NHS Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield District Cluster Board


6th March 2012

Title of Report:

Performance Report against Key Performance Indicators for 2011/12

FOI Exemption Category: Open Responsible Director:

Director of Performance & Commissioning Intelligence

Kath Woodford and Natalie Ackroyd, Business Reporting/Planning Managers, NHS Kirklees

Report Author and Job Title:

Louise Auger, Head of Performance Improvement, NHS Wakefield District Tim Shields, Head of Business Intelligence, NHS Calderdale

Executive Summary:

To inform NHS CKW Cluster Board of NHS Calderdale (NHSC), NHS Kirklees (NHSK) and NHS Wakefield District (NHSWD) PCTs performance against the 2011/12 NHS Operating Framework headline outcomes/measures, together with other identified national supporting outcomes/measures:1) Covering Paper detailing the areas of under/over performance and the actions being taken to address; 2) Appendix A - 2011/12 NHS Operating Framework key outcomes/measures.- Commissioner perspective; 3) Appendix B – 2011/12 NHS Operating Framework key outcomes/measures – Provider perspective; 4) Appendix B1 – A & E Clinical Quality Indicators.

Finance/Resource Implications:

Any proposed changes or actions required to improve performance will be assessed for any financial implications

Risk Assessment:

NHS risk assessment ‘traffic light’ system incorporated within the performance report

Legal Implications:

None identified.

Health Benefits:

Meeting performance targets enables patients to access services appropriately.

Staffing/Workforce Implications:

None identified to date

Outcome of Equality Impact Assessment:

Not applicable

Sub Group/Committee:

NHS CKW individual PCTs Finance and Performance Committees

Recommendation (s):

1. To NOTE performance of NHS Calderdale, NHS Kirklees and NHS

Wakefield District PCTs against key national and local priority outcomes/measures for 2011/12; 2. APPROVE the action being taken to address areas of under/over performance; 3. AGREE additional actions required to address areas of over/under performance.