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Minutes of the Greater Huddersfield Clinical Commissioning Executive (CCE) Meeting held on Wednesday 14th March 2012, 4.00 – 5.00pm in the Board Room at Broad Lea House, Bradley Business Park, Huddersfield Present: Vanessa Stirum (VS) Rob Millington (RM) Dr Steve Ollerton (SO) Dr Judith Parker (JP) Dr David Hughes (DH) Dr Dil Ashraf (DA) Dr Anuj Handa (AH) Dr Karen Dean (KD) Dr Paul Wilding (PW) Dr Jane Ford (JF) Carol McKenna (CM) Sheila Dilks (SD)

Non-executive Associate and Chair Non-executive Associate CCG Clinical Chair CCG member CCG member CCG member CCG member CCG member CCG member CCG member Chief Operating Officer Director of Transformation

In attendance: Jan Giles (JG) Vicky Dutchburn (VD) Nicky Hoyle (NH) Alex Wilson (AW)

Assistant Director of Commissioning Assistant Director of Commissioning (Mental Health) Public Health Consultant Deputy Director of Finance

Minutes: Kelly Chadwick (KC)

Personal Assistant to Greater Huddersfield CCE


Apologies for Absence Apologies for absence were received from; Merran McRae Mehboob Khan Steve Brennan Rachel Carter


Director of Wellbeing, Kirklees Council Non-executive Director Deputy Director of Finance Deputy Director of Commissioning/Head of Contracts

Operating Plan 2012-13 VD confirmed that there were no huge changes from the last draft and the content and layout were effectively the same. All comments have now been incorporated and the purpose of today’s meeting was to involve the CCE in a final check before agreement for the submission of the plan. VD confirmed the following points; Page 1 of 3

A table services resulting from former PBC business cases, both old and new have been developed and will be incorporated into the appropriate part of the plan. The engagement strategy has been slightly amended and will be incorporated. Amendments noted regarding PPE incentive scheme. It was confirmed this was not an incentive scheme, it was a 2 year DES and not all practices are signed up. VD confirmed amendments will be made. The CCE members NOTED the contents of the plan and thanked VD for her hard work. EC/12/93

Financial Plans and Budgets 2012-13 AW gave a brief overview of the budgets. The budgets will be taken to Cluster Board on 27 March for sign off, which is before the next CCE meeting. The purpose of today’s meeting is to allow CCE members to have sight of the budgets as they stand. AW explained the split between the budgets for NKHA/GHCCG/ other areas. The budget setting process was discussed and AW explained the breakdown. The SCG budget will be going to NHS Commissioning Board. The contingency pot was discussed and it was noted that some discussion should take place with respect to when/if the contingency pot should be used. Contingency could only be committed on a nonrecurrent basis. There are criteria for what the money should be used for. It was noted that it would be useful to have a list of business cases/LES’s available now for the whole year. AW confirmed that a detailed paper will be taken to the next Finance and Performance Committee to discuss contingency further. CM confirmed that a more detailed report will be presented to F&P before being taken to the Cluster Board for final sign off on 27 March. Further detailed reports will then be brought back to the next CCE on March 28th for discusson. The CCE members NOTED the contents of the report and thanked AW for her attendance.

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Any Other Business David Nicholson visit – Friday 20 April It was noted that representation from GHCCG would be required on this date and SO invited other CCE members to attend. DA confirmed he would be available to attend this.


Date and time of the next meeting The date of the next scheduled meeting is Wednesday 28th March 2012, 2.00 – 5.00pm.

This concluded the content of the CCE meeting and the Chair declared the meeting closed at approximately 5.20pm.

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