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Agenda Item 17 Enclosure CKWCB/11/28

NHS Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield District Cluster Board Report To:

Cluster Board


Board Work Plan

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Lead Director and contact details:

Angela Monaghan, Chair Tel: 01484 464005

Author Name and contact details:

Vicky Pickles, Head of Corporate Affairs, NHS Calderdale Tel: 01422 281418 email:

Key Points to Note:

This paper sets out the proposed plan for the Cluster Board agendas over the next few months. A work plan for the 18 month period is being developed.


It is recommended that the Board: i.

Comment on the Board work plan

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Purpose of Report The report sets out the development of the Board work plan over the next few months.


Current Position 2.1. Outlined below is the draft work plan for the Board public meetings and development sessions over the next few months. A full work plan for the 18 month period is being developed and will be shared with all Board members for comment. 2.2.

Each public meeting will have the standing items of :  Quality and safety  Performance  Finance and efficiency  Chief executive’s Report  Risk and governance  Commissioning development  Provider development  Public health development


There are also a number of items which we can plan for during the year: - Annual Accounts – May / June - Annual reports – Safeguarding, infection control, emergency planning


There will also be items which will need to be timetabled into the Board work plan such as the decision making appoints on the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Clinical Service Strategy.


In addition a number of topics have been selected as development items to support transition. The first of these are outlined in the table below.


Public Standing items Governance SFIs



Development QUIPP Urgent Care 111 Development of commissioning support units Confirm and Challenge Process

Standing Items Safeguarding Adults and Children Annual Reports Infection Control Annual Reports Approval of the Board Assurance Framework


Public Health

4. Recommendations It is recommended that the Board: i.

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