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Issue 5 • Sep 10

Breastfeeding Bulletin

NCT and The Baby Café join together Breastfeeding Awareness Week seemed the perfect opportunity to launch the merger of The Baby Café Charitable Trust and the National Childbirth Trust to help even more mums to breastfeed. The merging of the two charities will maximise and extend The Baby Café model which combines support from the health service with a relaxed, café style environment where mums can meet, chat and learn about breastfeeding from qualified, skilled staff. Kate Williams, Director of Healthcare Professional Services, NCT, said “This merger is great news for mums and for the health service. Both charities share the same desire to help mums who want to breastfeed get the support they need. For over 50 years, NCT has been helping mums-to-be and new mums with their feeding choices. The Baby Café will enable us to reach out to wider communities and increase the spread and accessibility of breastfeeding drop-ins across the UK.”

Breastfeeding sample pack A breastfeeding sample pack is going to be piloted in all health centres across Kirklees where mums who choose to breastfeed can pick up a pack at any reception. Each pack will include a sample of breastfeeding leaflets, nipple cream, milk storage freezer bags, breast pads, Best Beginnings DVD, Ardo Medical Latching on DVD and a Baby Bistro pen. Feedback from mums will be very welcome.

Another successful Breastfeeding Awareness Week Once again this year’s national Breastfeeding Awareness Week proved popular with local mums across Kirklees. More than 200 information packs were sent out to nurseries and playgroups across Kirklees and the Breastfeeding Information Shop in the Packhorse Shopping Centre, Huddersfield welcomed a stream of interested visitors. Jayne Heley, Baby Friendly Initiative and Infant Feeding Lead, for Kirklees Community Healthcare Services, said "The aim of this annual campaign is to encourage mums to breastfeed. It's good for them and their babies, and it’s so convenient. But not everyone finds it easy - it's a skill that has to be learnt - and many women can feel discouraged if it doesn't work at first. National Breastfeeding Week is about giving women the support and advice they need to breastfeed successfully."

Storing breast milk

Expressing milk means encouraging breast milk to flow so it can be stored and given to your baby at a later time. It is important that any breast milk is stored safely either in a fridge or a freezer.

Fresh breast milk • • • • •

Room temperature for a maximum of six hours Fridge 5–10°c for a maximum of three days Ice compartment of a fridge for a maximum of two weeks Fridge 0–4°c for a maximum of five days Freezer -18°c or lower for a maximum of six months

Previously frozen breast milk Milk which has been frozen can be defrosted in the fridge but do not refreeze any thawed breast milk and use immediately when thawed. Don’t use a microwave oven to warm or defrost breast milk

Containers Women should use a different sterilised storage container each time they collect milk, although it is safe to add cooled newly collected milk to milk that has been stored on the same day. If you need more information about expressing and storing breast milk contact Jayne Heley or your breastfeeding champion.

A quick guide to mastitis Mastitis is the term used to describe inflammation of the breast tissue. The early warning signs of mastitis are red, swollen, usually painful areas on the breast, raised temperature and/or flu like symptoms (eg aching limbs, shivering). The redness and swelling might not be a sign of infection and evidence suggests that this is true in only 50% of cases. The causes of non-infective mastitis are similar to those of engorgement. The result is milk statis and a build up of pressure in the breast alveoli and ducts. When the pressure becomes sufficiently high, milk is forced into the surrounding breast tissue causing local inflammation. Antibiotics might not be the first line of treatment if self help measures are started as soon as possible.

What can help? • Keep breastfeeding as this is the quickest way to get better and it is not harmful to the baby. • Breastfeed or express at least every two hours on the affected breast to keep the breast well drained. • Seek help with positioning and attachment. • Soften breast by expressing a little before each feed. • To relieve the symptoms use a warm compress prior to feeds and cold compress between feeds.

• Stroke gently over the red area towards the nipple to encourage milk flow using a wide toothed comb or fanned fingers. • Massage gently. • Apply a dark green/cold leaf which may bring relief to the affected breast. • Rest is an important part of the recovery. • Drink plenty of fluids • Use anti inflammatory treatments and pain relief such as ibuprofen if necessary.

If there is no improvement after 24 hours then an antibiotic therapy could be needed. (The WHO recommends flucloxacillin as the first line treatment, with erythromycin or cephalexin if the mother is allergic to penicillin).

Breastfeeding Bulletin

If you have any more queries on mastitis please contact Jayne Heley or your breastfeeding champion.

Breastfeeding and work As an employer NHS Kirklees has certain obligations towards breastfeeding women. We have policies and guidelines Breastfeeding in place to and work make sure that Information for employees staff returning and employers to work from maternity leave are provided with support and help to express, safely store and transport their milk. “Breastfeeding and work” is a leaflet for employees and employers with information about how to continue breastfeeding whilst working and lots of guidance about you can expect from your employer. More information about how NHS Kirklees supports parents during pregnancy and adoption and maternity and paternity leave are available in the Maternity, adoption and paternity guidelines which can be found at

Breastfeeding data update Good news this quarter for breastfeeding rates across Kirklees which have shown increases in both coverage and prevalence. Thanks to all those who continue to support the improvement of breastfeeding rates in our area. Breastfeeding six to eight week coverage for quarter one Kirklees (2010/11 plan/milestone figures for Q1 - trajectory coverage 95% and prevalence 48.3%) Coverage - 90.8% Prevalence - 40% South Kirklees Coverage - 90.6% Prevalence - 43.69% North Kirklees Coverage - 91.09% Prevalence - 35.60%

Law to protect breastfeeding mums The Government has now introduced an Equality Bill into Parliament which includes a clause to protect breastfeeding in public.

Peer support training update

The last round of breastfeeding peer support training was recently completed by 14 volunteers at Batley East Childrens Centre. A celebration event took place and all newly trained peer supporters received their certificates from Sharon Tunnacliffe, Infant Feeding Advisor. The next training begins in early September at Almondberry Childrens Centre. This is the sixth cohort of training and thanks to Dorothy Clayton for her continued commitment as facilitator.

Quick news Training Breastfeeding management training workshop for GPs and allied health professionals being held on 21 September at the Galpharm. All health visitors and nursery nurses are welcome to attend. More information is available from Jayne Heley.

Baby Friendly Initiative assessment UNICEF UK Baby Friendly Initiative Stage 1 assessment has been provisionally arranged with BFI assessors for 7 October. Kirklees Community Health Care Services will be assessed on the development of the breastfeeding standard operating procedure, breastfeeding training opportunities and attendance data and information given to women in Kirklees. There is a real drive and commitment in continuing to develop the breastfeeding agenda across Kirklees.

Recent developments BFI lead and Sure Start locality managers from the Sure Start Children Centre organisation in Kirklees have been working in partnership in developing a shared breastfeeding standard operating procedure for the use within Children Centres which will also help to focus breastfeeding promotion and develop a warm and welcoming atmosphere to all mothers who choose to breastfeed without fear of stigma. This protocol will be provisionally launched in September. Many thanks to Val Wright, Sure Start Locality Manager for her support with this.

Breastfeeding awareness pack KCHS are working in partnership with Kirklees Council to develop a breastfeeding awareness pack for pregnant employees who take maternity leave and fathers who take their paternity leave. More information on this in the future.

A healthy start to life It's also important to talk to women about healthy eating during and after pregnancy, and explain how this can benefit them and their babies. The Healthy Start scheme can help families on certain benefits with free vouchers every week which can be swapped for milk, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, infant formula milk and free vitamins. For more information about the scheme, please email or visit the national website at

The clause is designed to give women more confidence that the law is on their side when they are breastfeeding outside of the home. Discriminating against a woman breastfeeding in public has been unlawful for more than 30 years, however, this Bill makes it clear that it is unlawful to force breastfeeding mothers and their babies out of places like cafes, shops and public transport. For more information about breastfeeding friendly facilities in Kirklees look out for our handy “Breastfeeding Friendly” booklets which are available from shops, Children’s Centres, GP practices and information centres or by telephoning 01924 351490.

Race for Life update In our last bulletin we let you know that a team of us were planning to run the Race for Life event at Leeds Road playing fields. Ten members of the team took part and had the aches and pains to show for it the following day but hopefully we managed to raise awareness amongst the crowds of how breastfeeding can reduce the risks of breast cancer. Well done to those who took part!

Staff news Amanda Jewell left the organisation in August, she has worked tirelessly to support breastfeeding in Kirklees and all her efforts have been greatly appreciated. We wish her all the very best in her new post. Welcome to Janet Brown who has joined the breastfeeding team as bank admin. Contact Janet on 01924 351490.

A closer look at breastfeeding The World Cancer Research Fund have produced a new leaflet A Closer Look at Breastfeeding highlighting the benefits of breastfeeding for mums and babies. The leaflet is full of practical information and recommendations for cancer prevention. Visit for more information.

Breastfeeding Bulletin

Dewsbury and District Hospital update We thought it would be useful to tell you a little bit about work which is taking place in Dewsbury District Hospital to help local mums to breastfeed.

Milk kitchen

Baby Friendly Initiative

This has proven to be a huge success in Dewsbury and is to be rolled out across other hospital sites over the summer. Mums are going home more aware of how to safely prepare a feed for their baby. This means that community staff are spending less time covering this area in their postnatal visits and means that mums and babies are safer.

UNICEF have now set a date to assess The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust for stage 2 of the Baby Friendly Initiative and we are working closely with staff on this.

In the hospital staff have been surprised at how many mums did not know how to safety prepare a feed. An audit will be carried out in the near future to assess the benefits in more detail.

Training In September we are introducing refresher training courses for staff in breastfeeding management.

Breastfeeding policy We have revised our breastfeeding policy and it will be available soon for staff and patients.

Breastfeeding Friendly booklets

The Public Health Resource Centre now has stocks of these useful booklets so that mums can see at a glance where they will be welcomed to feed or change their baby across Kirklees.

Baby Cafés A report on Baby Café’s is now available for those who might like to read it, it has been recommended that we need to advertise the Baby Café’s with a particular focus on pregnant mothers and those from disadvantaged groups.

Leaflets A new leaflet is now available called “Feeding your baby the baby friendly way” and in the near future a leaflet called “skin to skin” will be released.

Volunteers needed We have two volunteers now to help on ward 2 but are always looking for more for both the wards and the Baby café’s.

Your guide to breastfee ding friendly venues in Batley Dewsbury town centres and

breastfeeding Your guide to in friendly venues town centre Huddersfield

New community magazine The Mum Plus One publication will soon be made available in all health visitor clinics. It is already available in baby friendly hospitals and adheres to Emma's Diary and the International Code of Marketing Milk Substitutes so there will be no advertising of formula milks, dummies and bottles. It is a handy sized magazine which focuses on infant and maternal health and offers support for breastfeeding mothers.

Breastfeeding support group/information Where Gomersal: Baby Bistro, Gomersal and Littletown Children’s Centre, Shirley Avenue. Tel: 01274 335283 Golcar: Baby Bistro, Golcar, Cowersley and Milnsbridge Children’s Centre, Beech Avenue. Tel: 01484 222133 Thornhill: Baby Bistro, Thornhill Children’s Centre, Edge Top Road. Tel: 01924 325219 Huddersfield: Baby Bistro, Huddersfield Central Children’s Centre, 2nd Floor, Brian Jackson House, New North Parade. Tel: 01484 223380 Dewsbury Moor: Baby Bistro, Dewsbury Moor & Scout Hill Children’s Centre, Heckmondwike Road. Tel: 01924 236170

When Wednesday 10am - 12pm Tuesday 9.30 - 11.30am Thursday 9.30 - 11.30am Monday 10am - 12pm Tuesday 10-12pm



Savile Town: Baby Bistro, Savile Town Children's Monday Centre, Pentland Road, Savile Town, Dewsbury. 10 – 12pm Tel: 01924 325363 Chickenley & Earlsheaton: Baby Bistro, Chickenley & Earlsheaton Children’s Centre, Princess Road, Chickenley. Tel: 01924 325374 Batley: Baby Café, Staincliffe and Healey Children’s Centre, Chestnut Avenue, Staincliffe. Tel: 01924 326920 Huddersfield: The Baby Café, Woodhouse Children’s Centre, Chestnut Street, Deighton. Tel: 01484 234234 Mirfield: Breastfeeding Supporters Group, St Mary’s Church Hall, Church Lane, Mirfield Tel: 01924 509290

For more information call the Customer Liaison Service on 01484 464464.

Wednesday 9.30 - 11.30am Thursday 11 - 1pm Monday 1 - 3pm Every 2nd and 4th Monday 10am – 11.30am