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Issue 17 • April 2011

Times –they are a changing As all contractors are well aware, the Health Bill paves the way for a large restructuring of the NHS where GP Consortia and the National Commissioning Board will be replacing Primary Care Trusts and Strategic Health Authorities. As part of these changes the PCT’s of Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield will be forming a cluster. This means that some functions will involve collaborative work and sharing of resources. Whilst no firm decisions are made on what areas may be involved it is clear that as workforce resource diminishes this will be necessary to ensure operational efficiency. Chris Toothill and Lucianne Ricketts will be leaving to work for Leeds and Kirklees Community Health Services respectively. Lisa Meeks (Pharmacy Contracts Manager) should be your first point of contact from June onwards. Neill McDonald is still the CD Accountable Officer and should be notified of any problems with Controlled Drugs as of now.

and what’s happening with the GP Consortia The Kirklees GP’s will be forming into two Consortia: North Kirklees Health Alliance (covering 31 GP practices and approximately 182K patients) Greater Huddersfield Commissioning Consortium (covering 41 GP practices and approximately 231K patients) These have commenced in shadow form from April 2011 and are part of the national pathfinder consortia. They will work alongside the PCT over the next two years and during this time some PCT staff will align with the shadow consortia.

Stoma Customisation and Advanced Services Please remember that all pharmacies must inform the PCT before they start to provide the Advanced Services of Appliance Use Reviews and Stoma Appliance Customisation. The PSNC website has the forms, APPL01 and APPL02 respectively that can be used for these purposes. There have been a number of instances where we have become aware of pharmacies providing these services without notifying the PCT. If you are an employee pharmacist working for a pharmacy chain undertaking either of these services please check if your employer has registered with the PCT to provide either of these services.

Text 64746 for your nearest pharmacy Here’s a useful service to make your patients and customers aware of. Text the word ‘pharmacy’ to 64746 and you will get a reply listing the nearest 3 pharmacies and their telephone numbers. This could be a useful service for someone on holiday in the UK or simply in an unfamiliar area.

What’s the local situation with EPS2? NHS Kirklees has now been granted Secretary of State Directions to authorise their GP contractors or any practice established by the PCT to use Release 2 of the Electronic Prescription Service, from 1 May 2011. In practice this means that there will be an initial trial of EPS 2 involving up to three GP practices. They will probably be practices who already use SystmOne. It is a good idea to liaise with your local GP’s to find out their plans. We also suggest, it would be prudent to check with your PMR system supplier on progress to EPS 2 to make sure you will be ready so you could receive EPS 2 generated prescriptions if necessary. Please also ensure that staff are being issued with SMART cards. The Registration Authority will not be able to cope with a sudden large demand from pharmacies later in the year. To book appointments contact the RA on 08451272600.

In Brief – and on the net Pictogram Pictogram is an online tool that it available on the International Pharmaceutical federation (FIP) website to give health professionals a means of communicating medication instructions to people who have no language in common and/or who may be illiterate. There is some setting up to do but it can be tailored to fit a large range of languages and cultures age=pp_sect_maepsm_pictogram

Complaints Reports As the year to end March 31st 2011 has now passed, please remember all pharmacy contractors must send a copy of their annual complaints report summary to the PCT as soon as possible. Please send them to the PCT and mark for the attention of Su Kent in Medicines Management. The PSNC has produced a bespoke template that is suitable for submissions at: mplaints/summary_of_complaints_0 6.04.2010.pdf This is a new website dedicated to help pharmacists and members of the public understand all the issues of medicines waste. There is guidance for the public on how to dispose of waste medicines and what the NHS could spend the ÂŁ300M of medicines wasted every year on. This figure is equated in terms of hip, knee replacements, treatment courses of breast cancer and other measures. It is simple way of explaining to members of the public what could be done in practical terms by reducing medicines waste.

Kirklees Weight Management Service If you need to signpost any patients who are committed but just need some extra help losing weight, then this is a service that will offer advice, help and support to adults aged 16 years and over and with a BMI of at least 30. They must be living within Kirklees and show a commitment to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. They have dedicated teams who will help to keep a patient motivated through a 12 week weight loss programme, either on a 1:1 basis or in a group setting. They will then review their continued progress at 6 months and 12 months intervals. This programme is designed to help patients lose 5-10% of bodyweight and empower them to help maintain weight loss achieved but this will take some commitment from the patient. It is important that patients are: Committed to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight Not already attending a weight management programme Willing to attend regular appointments Further details about the Kirklees Weight Management Service can be found at: Kirklees Weight Management Office - 01924 512409

Emergency Supplies – what do you think? In medicines management we recently fielded a query about emergency supply of methotrexate by community pharmacies. This got us thinking about what medicines are suitable for emergency supply. Whilst there is a legal framework around the sale or supply prescription only medicines and the pharmacist on duty must make a professional decision on whether to proceed or not we concluded that the risks around methotrexate were probably greater than the delay or missing of a dose. There are certain medicines that should not be denied such as anti-rejection drugs, insulin and inhalers to name but three. Some medicines such as statins would have no detrimental effect if they were missed for a day or two. We would urge all pharmacists to consider the risk/benefit ratio of the medicine when deciding if an emergency supply is necessary.

Palliative Care Drugs Scheme The Palliative Care Drugs Scheme involves participating pharmacies guaranteeing to stock a locally agreed list of medicines. The scheme has recently been reviewed and there is now a revised list of pharmacies and an updated drug formulary. The new scheme started from April1st 2011 and all pharmacies should now have received details of participants and the drugs stocked. Please ensure that all staff are aware of the new documents and any old information is destroyed. If you have not received the updated information please contact Lisa Meeks on 01484 464276 or

Alcohol and Phenobarbitone Liquid The information in this newsletter is issued on the understanding it is the best available from the resources at our disposal at the time of going to print. If you have any comments or items you would like to be included then contact Medicines Management on 01484 464276

A recent incident saw a young baby discharged from hospital on phenobarbitone liquid. This was dispensed on a few occasions as an alcohol free version without incident but then was dispensed as a formulation containing alcohol. The baby suffered a reaction to this though is now fully recovered. The prescription did not indicate alcohol free but please be aware that if you have to obtain any liquid preparations for babies and young children that an alcohol free version is obtained. This is especially relevant with unlicensed products such as specials.


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