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Child under 3years old NHS Calderdale NHS Kirklees

Child: (name/DoB) is allergic to and reacted in the following way WHAT TO DO IF THIS CHILD IS HAVING AN ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION Have they got any of the following?

Have they got any of the following?

Swollen mouth, tongue or throat with breathing problems Difficulty in breathing or wheeze Lapsing into unconsciousness Sudden collapse

Itchy skin or rash Diarrhoea or vomiting Colicky tummy ache High temperature



Severe Reaction

Mild Reaction

1. Remove the cause of the reaction if possible (e.g. sting, food, drug)

1. Remove the cause of the reaction if possible (e.g. sting, food, drug)

2. Give Adrenaline injection (Epipen) into thigh.

2. Give

3. Dial 999 for ambulance: tell them that the child is having an anaphylactic reaction.

2.5 mls of Chlorphenamine liquid 2mg/5ml

4. Give reliever inhaler if the child suffers with asthma

Contact the parents and keep child under observation until they arrive.

5. If child conscious and able to swallow give

3. Parents should be advised to contact GP or go to Accident and Emergency Department.

2.5 mls of Chlorphenamine liquid 2mg/5ml

6. If no improvement after 5 minutes give the second adrenaline injection (as per Resuscitation Council guidelines).

4. If the reaction becomes more severe then follow the instructions for severe reaction

7. Inform parents.

Please ensure drug doses are reviewed at least once a year by your Doctor Signed Name

Date Status

Adapted from recommendations from the Resuscitation Council, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust guidelines. Document produced by; Dr J Garside, Consultant Paediatrician/ Ann Coleman, Directorate Pharmacist for CWF Directorate Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust, April 2005. Amended December 2008. Amended 2012 Approved by: CHFT Medicines Management Committee 13th September 2012 Review Date: 13th September 2014