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Kirklees Primary Care Trust TRUST BOARD MEETING HELD IN PUBLIC 25TH October 2006 Meeting Room 1, Beckside Court, Batley 0915-1230 0915am

Opportunities for the members of the public in attendance to ask questions of Trust Board.

AGENDA 25 /06 26 /06


Dynamic Change Software

Helena Corder

Apologies for Absence: Mark Day

0930 0945

27 /06

Declarations of Interest

28 /06

Accuracy of the Minutes of the meeting held on the 2nd October 2006 p1 0950

29 /06

Matters Arising

30 /06

Chief Executive & PEC Chairs’ Report

31 /06 31.01 31.02 31.03 31.04 31.05 31.06 31.07

Items for Decision Appointment of Vice Chair Rob Napier 1000 PCT PDS practice p11 Sohail Bhatti /Judith Hooper Trust Board Sub-committees p15 Mike Potts Mid Yorkshire Service Strategy – Joint Committee p35 Rhys North Use of seal p41 Rhys North Infection Control Arrangements p43 Sohail Bhatti / Judith Hooper Local Area Agreement (Adults & Healthy Communities) Update p51 Anne Akers

32 /06 32.01 32.02 32.03 32.04

Items for Discussion Finance Report Corporate Performance report p85 Fitness for purpose baseline assessment p91 Secretary of State’s decision regarding reconfiguration of maternity services: Next steps p99

Rhys North Anne Akers Helena Corder Mike Potts

33 /06 33.01 33.02

Items for Information The Audit Commission Merger Tool Locality Update Report

1115 Barry Laine Gwen Ruddlesdin

34 /06 34.01 34.02 34.03

Minutes for Information 1130 th PEC Minutes of the 11 October to be tabled. Huddersfield Central Audit Committee meeting of the 6th September 2006 p131 Huddersfield PCTs Strategic Risk Management Group of 13th September 06 p137

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34.06 34.07 34.08 34.09 34.10 34.11

Huddersfield Strategic Clinical Governance Group of 14th June 06 p145 Huddersfield Public Health Performance Committee of the 15th June, 3rd July, 9th August 2006 p149 th Huddersfield HR Strategy Committee of the 24 July 2006 p161 Huddersfield Prescribing Committee of the 14th September 2006 p169 rd Huddersfield IM&T Strategy Group of the 23 August 2006 p177 North Kirklees and Wakefield Partnership Board 19th September 2006 p183 st North kirklees Resources Performance Committee 21 september 2006 p187 North Kirklees Audit and Integrated Governance Committee Sept 14th 2006 p193

35 /06

Any Other Business

36 /06

Date & Time of next Meeting:

34.04 34.05

The next meeting of the Kirklees Trust Board will take place between 0915 and 1030 on the 29th November 2006. 37 /06

Opportunity for members of the public in attendance to ask questions of the Trust Board. Exclusion of Press and Public

To Resolve:

“ That representatives of the press and other members of the public be excluded from the remainder of this meeting having regard to the confidential nature of the business to be transacted, publicity on which would be prejudicial to the public interest” (Section 1 (2) Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.)” KIRKLEES PCT TRUST BOARD. PRIVATE MEETING AGENDA 01/06

Minutes of the Huddersfield Central and South Huddersfield PCT Private 1145 Trust Board meeting held on the 27th September 2006 p1


Matters Arising:

03 /06

Minutes of the North Kirklees PCT Private Trust Board meeting held on the 26th September 2006 p3

04 /06

Matters arising

05 /06

Chief Executive and PEC Chair Update


Update re Performers Regulations issue.



To be tabled



Lesley Tingle


Briefing paper regarding employment issues


Barry Laine



Primary Care Premises PFI


Rhys North


Minutes of Remuneration and Terms of Service Committee of the 2nd October p27


Any Other Business

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