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ESR NHS CRS Smartcard Login Enablement - Readiness Checks

Prior to UUIDs being entered into ESR a number of readiness checks must be completed for each ESR user. Completion of the readiness checks will ensure ESR users are able to successfully login to ESR using their NHS CRS Smartcards following the entry of the UUID. Readiness Check 1: Issue of NHS CRS Smartcards and Pass codes  Each ESR user must have been issued with an NHS CRS Smartcard and know their pass code. Readiness Check 2: IT Requirements  The attached document (Smartcard_Access_to_ESR_Readiness_checks_v0.3.doc) provides details of the IT activities that need to be undertaken prior to the entry of the UUID. It is recommended that this template document is distributed to your ESR users prior to the entry of the UUID to ensure each requirement has been satisfied. You may wish to forward this document onto your local IT team for amendment/distribution prior to being issued to ensure consistency with local IT policy.

Smartcard_Access_t o_ESR_Readiness_Checks_v0.3 (template document).doc

Readiness Check 3: ESR NHS CRS Smartcard Training Your ESR users should receive training regarding Smartcard usage prior to the entry of the UUID. The attached template document (Smartcard_Access_to_ESR_Familiarisation_Document_v0.6.doc) provides an overview of ESR NHS CRS Smartcard facilitated access to ESR. This document is not intended to replace training material that may already be provided by your RA/ESR function and should be amended as necessary to be consistent with local training policy. Further details regarding Smartcard access to ESR are available within the ESR online user manual which can be accessed via the ESR Knowledge Base website

Smartcard_Access_t The following should also be verified o_ESR_Familiarisation_Document_v0.6 (template document).doc

(in addition to the readiness checks described above) prior to the UUID being keyed:

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Ensure the ESR User profile is linked to the associated person record. Ensure the person record on NHS CRS (at your organisation/NACS code) has an associated Role/Activity. 

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