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Supporting the KSF Process with ESR NHS Employers has announced that the e-KSF tool will no longer be centrally funded after the expiry of the current contract in March 2012. Following this decision, the ESR NHS Central Team has been discussing with NHS Employers how ESR can support organisations in the area of development reviews and KSF. The ESR NHS Central Team understands how important it is that a managed appraisal process is in place, to ensure that staff are fully supported and competent within their role. ESR can deliver this, and automatically link to any learning and training needs that are identified through the appraisal process, ensuring that a high standard of patient care can be delivered.

The Review Cycle The annual development review process has five stages, which are supported by ESR using the Self Service functionality for appraisers and the individuals being reviewed. 1. Annual Process Details – ESR holds all information about the individual, their post, the reviewer and details about the periods under review. 2. Appraisal Preparation – The reviewer and the individual can review previous appraisals, PDPs and objectives as well as assessing current information. 3. Annual PADR Meeting - a joint review between the individual and their reviewer – their line manager or another person acting in that capacity – of the individual’s work against the demands of their post. Reviewing previous objectives and setting new objectives. The production of a bespoke Personal Development Plan (PDP) and ‘Learning Path’ which identifies the individual’s learning and development needs and interests – the plan is jointly agreed between the individual and their reviewer. See Links to Learning below. 4. Follow-Up – Organisations can assess organisational development needs using the data held in ESR about the person, their skill set, competency gaps, creating and targeting new courses where needed. Information held will also identify where progression applies at the relevant Gateways. 5. Ongoing and Interim Review – Capture and monitor information for different reviews to assess progress against objectives to date and adjusting PDPs where appropriate.

Process Management It is easy to manage the process using Manager or Supervisor Self Service with sight of all staff and current status with the appraisal. The two way process between the individual and the appraiser means that employees can fully interact with their development review process with the use of Employee Self Service. Additional reviewers and participants can be added into the process as required.

 Competency Frameworks National competency frameworks are available to fully support the KSF review using ESR as well. The nationally recognised competencies will then transfer with the employee as part of the Inter Authority Transfer process as they continue their career with another NHS organisation. As well as the KSF framework ESR also contains frameworks to support National Occupational Standards and National Workforce Competencies. There is also a suite of nationally defined

competence labels which are held against some of the national e-Learning content; these can also be used for training courses and/or allocated to individuals.

 Manage Objectives Objectives agreed between the individual and the appraiser can be entered in ESR using the online Self Service functionality. ESR has the ability to record details of individual objectives set by either the individual or the appraiser and includes target dates, percentage completion information and methods of evaluation. There is also the opportunity to record separate review dates and outcomes for each objective.

 Links to Learning Thanks to its fully integrated structure, ESR can be used to create a learning path based on competency gaps, i.e. ESR will compare the competency requirements for the post against those of the appraisee and return a list of courses that contain the competencies which the appraisee requires. A learning path can be created by either the appraiser or appraisee at any point in the review process by searching for individual courses. This includes all national e-Learning delivered through the National Learning Management System project, and any locally administered courses also available in OLM.

 Complete PDP Form A PDP template which is available in Self Service can be created enabling the appraiser and the individual to agree and document development needs, criteria for success and resources needed to support the PDP.

Supporting Functionality All of this capability is supported by the wider ESR functionality which includes the ability to transfer employee data electronically between NHS organisations using its unique Inter Authority Transfer process. A suite of reports is available to support the career management aspects of all staff, ensuring that information is current and up to date. Notifications remind both the manager and the employee when a review is due, enabling the preparatory work to be undertaken in good time.

Supporting Information Captivate sessions on Appraisal Reviews and other helpful topics are available on ESR Knowledgebase (Kbase) within the Hot Topics section.

Ongoing Discussion The ESR NHS Central Team will continue to hold discussions with NHS Employers to establish what support can be provided for any organisation wishing to switch to using the ESR system for recording information. Much of the key data held on e-KSF is already transferred automatically to ESR via the bi-directional link. The NHS Development Team is also in advanced discussions with the ESR National Special Interest Groups about the deployment of additional functionality into ESR. This includes Performance Management Plans and enhanced objective recording (including ‘line of sight’ between team members’ objectives). 17 February 2011


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