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Release 12 Bulletin December 2010

Welcome to the December edition of the R12 bulletin issued jointly by McKesson and the ESR NHS Central Team. This is the last bulletin before the Oracle Release 12 upgrade begins on Friday 31st December. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the “ESR Users – Post Release Information” section and the “Trust Readiness Reminders” section within

In This Edition... • eLearning Implementation Window, • ESR Users - Post Release Information • Trust Readiness Reminders

this bulletin.


‘Over the last twelve months it has been amazing to see the dedication and commitment that has gone into getting a project of this scale to this stage of delivery. The drive for this project is a commitment to deliver a future workforce platform for the NHS. We understand that this is a critical component of the NHS Business Infrastructure and it is there to support our users and organisations. As we go into the final mile of the project I am confident that we are in the strong position to deliver the upgrade to production ESR.’ James Storr, McKesson Technical Services Manager and Project Executive

GO LIVE DATE 4th January 2011 eLEARNING IMPLEMENTATION WINDOW Users are advised that an agreement has been reached between McKesson and the ESR NHS Central Team to start the upgrade of eLearning half a day earlier than ESR Production. This will mean that the eLearning functionality will be unavailable from 12noon on Thursday 30th December. eLearning will be available to users in line with ESR Production on Tuesday 4th January 2011. Please cascade this information around your organisation as appropriate to ensure eLearning users are aware of the planned unavailability.

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TESTING PHASE COMPLETED The testing teams have completed their activities on time with positive results. This release has seen the widest coverage of functionality of any release with over 3600 testing scripts being executed during the course of the project. There was a concerted effort by the Testing teams working in conjunction with the Development and Support teams to ensure issues found were resolved promptly. The new functionality provided by Oracle HCM 12.1.3 delivers an improved user experience whilst also paving the way for further developments in the future.

ESR USERS – POST RELEASE INFORMATION ESR APPLICATION FILE (JAR) - On the initial log-in to ESR after the upgrade, a new ESR Application JAR File (Java ARchive file) will download to your PC. Additional bandwidth will be in place from McKesson’s Data Hall out to the N3 (NHS) network to aid this download and it is expected that the process will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete. We ask users to please be patient whilst this necessary download takes place and thank you for your co-operation and understanding in this matter. WEB ADI FORMS - As a result of the R12 upgrade, Users who make use of the standard Oracle Web ADI upload functionality will need to download new Web ADI spreadsheets after the upgrade as those downloaded prior to the upgrade will no longer work. This is because of a change in Oracle functionality. It is not possible to download a copy of the new Web ADI spreadsheet prior to the R12 upgrade being applied. The recommended practice for Web ADI is to download the template each time you use the functionality. Any Batches already uploaded but not transferred on ESR prior to the R12 upgrade will not be affected. However, if the Web ADI sheet has not been uploaded the process will fail. As an alternative McKesson suggest that Users make use of the Load Element Lines functionality provided in ESR as detailed in the ESR User Manual which is available on McKesson Information Point - esrusermanual/html/NAVU1552.htm Any spreadsheets created for use with the Load Element Lines functionality pre the R12 upgrade will work post upgrade USER LOG IN - As the first week back after the Christmas holiday is a short one of only four days, McKesson and the ESR NHS Central Team would like to request that, wherever practical, non critical Users of ESR do not log into the system until late morning on Tuesday 4th January. This would assist the essential Payroll and HR users to ensure they can log into ESR, complete the JAR file download and commence the payroll processing as early and as quickly as possible.

TRUST READINESS REMINDERS NEW VERSION OF JRE -With reference to User Notice 1257, organisations should make arrangements to upgrade all PCs which access ESR to the recommended and supported version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The M-0100 Organisation Site IT, Printer and Network Infrastructure Readiness document has been updated accordingly to version 13 and reflects the requirement to install Version 1.6.0 update 17 before release 12 is deployed. Version 13 of the document is available on Kbase. CHANGE OF URL TO ACCESS ESR/eLEARNING – With reference to User Notices 1267 and 1272, please read the notes below to see if you need to take action. For non-Smartcard users, the URL to access ESR will change for R12. The new URL is This new URL is available now and can be used with immediate effect. For users that access ESR via Smartcards or McKesson Information Point (MIP), no action is required The URL to access e-Learning ( will not change.

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McKESSON TRAINING INFORMATION FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) - Throughout the training sessions, McKesson staff have been taking notes of the most frequently asked questions raised by course candidates. A list of the FAQs and their associated answers will be made available on the Release 12 section on MIP and the NHS ESR website.

FURTHER INFORMATION RELEASE NOTICE – As with all ESR Releases, Users can expect to receive a Release Notice and its associated Guide to Enhancements document detailing the content of Release 9.0.0. Users should note that this Release Notice is expected to be larger than normal due to the size and complexity of this particular release and its associated upgrade. Both of these documents will also be posted on MIP. KNOWN ERROR LOG (KEL) – The existing KEL will be updated with any ESR Release 9.0.0 known issues as per the normal release process. This updated KEL will be distributed to the User Notice distribution list and published on MIP. RELEASE 12 ASSOCIATED USER NOTICES – A number of User Notices have been sent out in relation to the Oracle Release 12 upgrade, these are listed below and are available to read on MIP. UN Ref





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Oracle R12 Change of URL - no impact to remote access eLearning

SEASONS GREETING Everyone within the McKesson team and the ESR NHS Central Team would like to take this opportunity to extend very best wishes for the festive season and a Happy New Year to you all.

Next R12 Bulletin The final R12 bulletin is scheduled for February 2011. If you have any queries about anything in this edition please contact us at

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