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Employee Exists on NHS CRS

If any corresponding results are found then they will be displayed as above. A maximum of 10 records will be returned (NHS CRS will never return more), one per person, sorted by the ‘Score’ column which gives an indication of how closely the NHS CRS record matches the search criteria used. The search results will include summary person information as held in NHS CRS. • NHS CRS Full Name • NHS CRS UUID • NHS CRS e-GIF Status • Score • Thumbnail quality photograph Amending the NHS CRS Search If a suitable match does not exist in NHS CRS then the RA Agent may amend the criteria slightly by excluding optional search parameters before re-executing a “fuzzy logic”. The NHS CRS search parameters can be excluded by un-checking the ‘Use In Search’ checkbox next to the parameter.

Only Date of Birth and NI Number can be excluded. A new search is initiated by pressing the “Search Employee on NHS CRS” button. Associating an NHS CRS Record with an ESR Record Clicking on a thumbnail brings back a full set of data for that single employee including a high quality photograph and presents this information on the NHS CRS Personal Details screen.

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