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Any employees that have already been associated with an NHS CRS record will have the NHS CRS UUID information completed. For example:

If a record has already been e-GIF level 3 authenticated then the Torch icon at the end of the search result row will be enabled. This enables the RA Agent to initiate a search against NHS CRS to discover if a corresponding record exists. The search is made against the employee’s title, first name, last name, date of birth and NI number.

Employee has no record on NHS CRS If a suitable enough match does not exist in NHS CRS, or no match at all exists, then the RA Agent can make a “Create NHS CRS Person” request.

This will send a message to NHS CRS to request that the employee be created on NHS CRS. Once the record has been created on NHS CRS then new record will appear when the search is subsequently carried out.

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