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The NLMS eLearning Checklist This checklist is aimed to help you explore your introductory thinking around the communication plan/strategy. It will also help you to identify any gaps so please make sure you have reviewed the following steps.

We have completed the following (please refer to your communications folder for template formats) • Communications Plan • Action plan following a completed communications plan

Within the action plan we have stipulated key dates for:

• • •

Promotional eLearning activities Which courses to promote now Which courses to promote in the future

(Please refer to document ‘2.communication activities ‘tips and ideas’.)

We have identified key dates relating to the communication activities. For example we know when the copy deadline date is for newsletters, team briefs etc.

We have identified a key lead(s) and they have agreed to support our eLearning activities; future regular meetings have been arranged with: • IT Departments • Human Resources • Libraries • Communications • Regional NLMS Account Manager • eLearning Champions • Subject Matter Experts (Information Governance / End of Life Care / Mandatory Trainers) • Learning and Development Departments

We have planned activity to engage with staff to ensure that messages are consistent

Our SHA eLearning lead is aware of our planned communications and have received a copy of our communications strategy and action plan

Our CEO and other senior managers are aware of our communications plan and are taking an active role in communicating face-to-face with staff

We have considered requirements and potential issues relating the IT infrastructure and the formats in which we provide information to staff


We have developed communication content to supply to the communications team

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