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VOL. 46, No. 6 – Spring 2014

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The Trailer Outlet

“NH’s Only One Stop Trailer Shop”

888.350.6500 or 603.524.4344 • Rt 3 Tilton, NH

SALES • SERVICE • ACCESSORIES Cap Trailers & Blizzard V-Nose Drive In/Out 10' x 101" Tilt Bed w/Cap................ $2,595 12' x 101" Tilt Bed w/Cap................ $2,995 12' x 101" V-Nose Tandem 6'6"....... $6,495

14' x 101" V-Nose Tandem 6'6"....... $6,995 14' x 7' Wide V-Nose Staggard........ $6,995 20' x 101" V-Nose Tandem 6'6"....... $8,795

FREE Ski Guides & Track Mats

Installed on All Blizzard Cap and V-Nose Trailer Purchases with a copy of this ad


Dump Trailers & Equipment Trailer Specials Black

Dump Trailers

Dump Equipment Haulers

Equipment Trailers

Low Profile: 5' x 8' Single Axle 5000 GVWR..............$3,295 6' x 10' Tandem Axle 7000 GVWR..........$4,195 6' x 10' Tandem Axle 9990 GVWR..........$4,495

6'8" x 12' Tandem w/Ramp 9990 GVWR.......... $6,695 6'8" x 12' Tandem w/Ramp 12000 GVWR........ $6,995 6'8" x 14' Tandem Axle 12000 GVWR.............. $7,295 6'8" x 14' Tandem Axle 14000 GVWR.............. $7,495

81" x 16' Low Profile 9990 GVWR...........$3,595 81" x 18' Low Profile 9990 GVWR...........$3,795 81" x 18' Low Profile 12000 GVWR.........$3,995 81" x 20' Low Profile 9990 GVWR...........$3,995 102" x 18' Deckover 9990 GVWR............$4,995 102" x 18' Deckover 12000 GVWR..........$5,395 102" x 20' Deckover 14000 GVWR..........$5,995

Deckovers: 6' x 10' Tandem 7000 GVWR..................$3,795 6' x 10' Tandem 9990 GVWR..................$3,995 6' x 10' Tandem HD 9990 GVWR............$4,495

Tilt Deck Models – Backhoe Trailers – Equipment Trailers to 12 Tons

Boat Trailers & Pontoon Trailers Bunk Style 800 Lbs 14' - 16' Galvanized............... $649 1200 Lbs 14' - 16' Galvanized............. $695 2650 Lbs 18' - 19' Galvanized.......... $1,595

5200 Lbs Tandem Aluminum........... $2,795 7200 Lbs Tandem Aluminum........... $3,595

Pontoon 20' Drive On Galvanized Single....... $1,895 20' Drive On Galvanized Tandem..... $2,695 24' Drive On Galvanized Tandem..... $2,995

Many Other Style Galvanized & Aluminum In Stock!

GO TO THE TRAILER OUTLET FOR ALL YOUR TRAILER NEEDS! Know as “The Trailer Professionals” for over 12 years!

1-888-350-6500 Come to The Trailer Outlet • Rt 3 between Pirate’s Cove Golf & Channel Marine Complete Parts Store






Thanks for a great yea Have a great summer a n d we will see you next w inter!

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Yamaha Conquers New Heights with 2015 Snowmobile Lineup Yamaha announced its largets 4-stroke snowmobile product line today with nine new models in the SR Viper line, including four Limited Edition models only available during the Spring Power Surge program. Save the Date! October 10th, 11th and 12th - "Race Into Winter" Grass Drags and Water Cross - Perterson's Brookvale Farm, Fremont, NH Snowmobile Partners Ride in Memorial to Councilor Burton As part of a longstanding winter tradition, the New Hampshire Bureau of Trails hosted its annual snowmobile tour on Feb. 21, in memory of the late Executive Councilor, Ray Burton. NHSA Annual Meeting Saturday, May 17th at the Fireside Inn & Suites in Lebanon, NH

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NHSA Office

614 Laconia Road, Unit 4, Tilton, NH 03276 Phone: 273-0220 • Fax: 273-0218 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Gail Hanson

THE NEW HAMPSHIRE SNOWMOBILE ASSOCIATION NEWS OFFICIAL PUBLICATION NEW HAMPSHIRE SNOWMOBILE ASSOCIATION, INC. 614 Laconia Road, Unit 4, Tilton, NH 03276 The SNO-TRAVELER is published six times per year from September thru April by The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association, 614 Laconia Road, Unit 4, Tilton, NH 03276. Subscription fee is included as part of NHSA membership dues. Annual subscription fee is $15.00 per year for non-members. Periodicals Postage paid at Tilton, NH and additional mailing offices. POSTMASTER: Please send all address changes to the Sno-Traveler, c/o the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association, 614 Laconia Road, Unit #4, Tilton, NH 03276 Telephone: 603.273.0220 • Fax: 603.273.0218 E–mail: • Website: MANAGING EDITOR: Gail Hanson We reserve the right to refuse ads or articles which, in the opinion of NHSA, are in poor taste or do not support the purpose aims of the association. Typesetting, layout done by Millennium Integrated Marketing, Manchester, NH 03101 603.792.2200 Printed by The Concord Monitor, Concord, NH 03302 The NHSA assumes no responsibility for typographical errors that do not materially affect the value of the advertisement. This publication’s liability for an error shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the errors.

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Articles from the Sno-Traveler may be copied and reprinted if credit is given. Letters and other commentary from readers are welcome.

Important Agency Contacts BUREAU OF TRAILS Chris Gamache, Chief 172 Pembroke Road Concord, NH 03302-1856 271-3254

Steve Pulver (1989-1990) 439 Candia Road, Chester, NH 03036

Terry Callum, Jr .(2008-2011) 1253 Second NH Turnpike, Newport, NH

John Violette (1987-1989) 12 Woodland Circle, Bow, NH 03304

Craig A. Mayo (2006-2008) 155 Avery Road, Sunapee, NH 03782

Charles Case (1983-1985) 45 Chase Rd., Londonderry, NH 03053

Lucy Ford (2004-2006) 80 Patten Road, Alexandria, NH 03222

Conrad (Russ) Hardy (1981-1983, 1985-1987) (deceased)

Dana Cabana (2001-2004) 1570 Route 106 North, Loudon, NH 03301

Carol Pelletier (1979-1980) 21 Mack Hill Road, Amherst, NH 03031

Ron Booth (2000-2001) (deceased)

Barton Witham (1977-1979, 1980-1981) (deceased)

Dennis Ford (1998-2000) 80 Patten Road, Alexandria, NH 03222

David Mayhew (1975-1977) (deceased)

Paul Vahey (1996-1998) (deceased)

Catherine Dickson (1973-1975) (deceased)

Charles Kurtz (1994-1996) P.O. Box 221, 230 Bean Rd., Errol, NH 03579

Everett Coutermarsh (1972-1973) (deceased)

Harold Case (1992-1994) 41 Chase Rd., Londonderry, NH 03053

C. Willard Pike (1971-1972) (deceased)

Gerry West (1990-1992) P.O. Box 221, Epping, NH 03042

Ellis Ring (1969-1971) P.O. Box 214, Northwood, NH 03261

NHSA County Directors BELKNAP DIRECTOR Warren Piquette PO Box 39 Lochmere, NH 03252-0039 524-1683

COOS ASSISTANT J. Scott Graham 2374 N. Littleton Road Littleton, NH 03561 603-991-9954

ROCKINGHAM DIRECTOR Dave Copeland 43 Blaisdell Drive Northwood, NH 03261 942-8303


GRAFTON DIRECTOR Evelyn Ferrell 1059 Route 118 Dorchester, NH 03266 786-2770

ROCKINGHAM ASSISTANT Robert Kennedy 4 North Road Fremont, NH 03044 Cell: 234-0043

GRAFTON ASSISTANT Jena Hayes 993 Partridge Lake Road Littleton, NH 03561 444-2908

STRAFFORD DIRECTOR Joe Gorman, Sr. 28 Finethy Road Alton, NH 03809 875-2173 Cell: 235-8983


TREASURER Marie Hixson 1332 Winona Road New Hampton, NH 03256 968-9038

VICE PRESIDENT Bob Doherty Bob Doherty 757 Old New Ipswich Road Rindge, NH 03461 899-9878


PAST PRESIDENT Russ Davis, Jr. 75 Meadowbrook Lane Gilford, NH 03249 552-7456

EASTER SEALS Mike Cormier Easter Seals 555 Auburn Street Manchester, NH 03103 621-3457

Past Presidents of NHSA

CARROLL DIRECTOR George Kaye 139 Pine Hill Road Center Ossipee, NH 03814 603-986-9666

PRESIDENT Roger Wright 630 Red Water Brook Road Claremont, NH 03743 543-3669

FISH & GAME Captain John Wimsatt 11 Hazen Drive Concord, NH 03301 603-271-3129

Russ Davis, Jr. (2011-2013) 75 Meadowbrook Lane, Gilford, NH 03249

NHSA Officers 2013 – 2014

(Lto R) Russ Davis, Jr., Roger Wright, Bob Doherty, Marie Hixson


CHESHIRE DIRECTOR Charles Faria PO Box 376 Rindge, NH 03461 CHESHIRE ASSISTANT ~Vacant~ COOS DIRECTOR Cheryl Spillane 521 Mt. Misery Road Littleton, NH 03561 603-444-9835

HILLSBORO DIRECTOR Bill Bolton 42 Norris Road Weare NH 03281 603-529-0616 HILLSBORO ASSISTANT Mandy Matheson PO Box 32 Weare, NH 03281 848-1338 MERRIMACK DIRECTOR Beth Horvath-Palmer PO Box 249 N. Sutton, NH 03260 927-6364 MERRIMACK ASSISTANT ~Vacant~

Any mail to Directors and Assistants should be sent directly to THEIR full addresses (as printed above), NOT to the NHSA office, except when stated otherwise.

STRAFFORD ASSISTANT Russell Neal 50 Evergreen Valley Road Milton, NH 03851 603-833-5811 SULLIVAN DIRECTOR Eryn Bagley 938 Route 10 South Grantham, NH 03753 667-0196 SULLIVAN ASSISTANT ~Vacant~ CONTRIBUTOR / DEALER DIRECTOR Gene Propper 19 Springfield St. Concord, NH 03301 391-6911





by Gail Hanson, Executive Director

Spring into Discover WILD New Hampshire Day 2014-2015 Sno-Traveler Club News Deadlines & Mailing Dates

CONCORD, N.H. – Spring is coming! Saturday, April 19, will be the 25th annual Discover WILD New Hampshire Day, an Earth Day celebration the whole family will enjoy. Admission is free. The event runs from 10

Issue Date

Club News Due at NHSA Office

This annual festival brings together exhibits and demonstrations from

Early Fall

August 27th

September 24th

environmental and conservation organizations from throughout the state.

Fall 2014

October 8th

November 5th

Early Winter

November 12th

December 10th

Winter 2015

December 17th

January 14th

Late Winter

January 21st

February 18th

Spring 2015

February 25th

March 25th

a.m. to 3 p.m. on the grounds of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, N.H.

See live animals, big fish and trained falcons. Try your hand at archery, casting, fly-tying and B-B gun shooting. Count on lots of hands-on crafts activities for the younger kids, too. Discover WILD New Hampshire day is a place to find new ways to get outside and enjoy New Hampshire's great outdoors. Explore new trends

Approximate Mailing Date

in recycling, environmental protection and energy-efficient hybrid vehicles. Everyone is a conservation partner in New Hampshire – come learn more about our natural world, and discover how you can get involved! Dog owners take note – please leave your dog at home. Due to public safety concerns, no dogs except official service animals will be allowed into the event. Demonstrations and special events will go on throughout the day. A food concession will be available.

Watch for more details at Discover WILD New Hampshire Day is co-sponsored by the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services.


OCTOBER 10-12, 2014

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April 19th in Concord

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Fish and Game Sno-Notes

by Captain John Wimsatt, New Hampshire Fish and Game




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just returned from the Snodeo at Coleman State Park hosted by the Swift Diamond Riders. Conditions were excellent and the weather was great. Our officers reported lots of trail activity, particularly in Nash Stream State Forest. The crowd was good considering we had riding throughout most of the state. In addition to all of the events and attractions at Snodeo, there is ample opportunity to meet with dealers, factory representatives, club members and snowmobile enthusiasts of all types. Thanks to all those who donate their time and energy to making this event happen. Legislation related to snowmobiling has been relatively quiet as we approach the crossover of bills from one house to the other. SB 311, a bill that authorizes a tri-state snowmobile registration endorsement with the states of Vermont and Maine provided that they are willing to participate, has passed the Senate Transportation Committee and is on its way to the House. If adopted and passed as law, we will continue talks with our neighbors to the east and west to develop this new riding opportunity that would allow a snowmobiler to operate in all three states at a significantly reduced rate. It would also reduce the red tape involved with individually registering in each state you wish to ride in. Occasionally, we receive calls to our office and questions from the field asking where their snowmobile registration dollars go. Here is an example of where the fee you pay for a resident club member snowmobile registration is distributed: • The total fee is $64.00 when accompanied by proof of a paid membership to a recognized club.

• $3.00 is retained by the agent that sold you the registration • $1.00 goes to the Search and Rescue Fund at NHFG • From the balance of $60 dollars, $47 Goes to the DRED Trails Bureau and $13 goes to NHFG • Of the Trails Bureau portion, the majority goes directly to Grantin-Aid Maintenance Grants and Equipment Grants to the clubs. The balance goes to operations and trails maintenance. • Of the NHFG portion, the funds go to Law Enforcement, Safety Education, and operation of the Registry You can view a chart describing this breakdown in greater detail at for all snowmobile, OHRV and trail bike registrations. It is understandable that, at first glance, a rider may not understand why the fees cost what they do. However, when you look a little deeper, you will see just how complex and expensive it is to manage, maintain, and operate a statewide trail system that offers over 7000 miles of groomed trails to explore. This winter has been a shining example of how good conditions can be from one end of the state to the other. This marks the last issue of SnoTraveler until next September. As the snow melts, I will be transitioning to rapidly growing OHRV activities for the warm weather months. Many of you who are snowmobile enthusiast also enjoy riding several of the same trails up north on your UTV, ATV or Trail bike. OHRV clubs, organizations and enthusiasts are working their way through the process of change and trail development in some ways similar to what the snowmobile community has done over decades of volunteerism and hard work. A great model for success has been laid down by the snowmobile community and will serve as a great example for OHRV riders in the years ahead. Ride Safe ❄




Open Monday-Saturday 8:00 am to 5:30 pm We are 500 yards west of Route 302 from the junction of Routes 3 & 302


Treasurer’s Monthly Report Dated: February 2014

Total Income:

$ 62,632.99

Total Expenses:

$ 54,918.40

Net Income/Loss

$ 7,714.59

Respectfully Submitted, Marie Hixson Treasurer

The above figures are based on an accrual bookkeeping system. These figures show an overview only.





A Message From the President


NHSA President


officers and other important issues of course. The Annual Meeting also serves as a way to recognize fellow members or businesses that have gone above and beyond to make snowmobile experiences for others the best possible. Awards such as Snowmobiler of the Year, Junior Snowmobiler of the Year, Groomer of the Year and Business of the Year to name a few. Most awards go to individuals who are volunteers that contribute hundreds of hours each year. Members interested in attending should contact their club for details. Earlier in the season I wrote about the importance of volunteers to our clubs and in the end, our trails. Volunteer time available for all of us becomes more and more limited. Although this riding season is now wrapping up, snowmobiling is really a year round sport. We continue to watch legislation, hold meetings to plan and educate members on changes to next years season all summer long. We are well into plans for next years Race into Winter Grass Drags & Watercross event. The committee is hard at work and I’m excited about all the

new ideas. The Easter Seal Ride in Committee is now beginning work on plans for next years event as well to name a few. Local clubs often hold events thru the summer either fundraising for trail projects or actually performing the trail projects itself. I ask if you can spare a few hours or a day to help out your local club with a project this summer or fall it, will go a long ways. Please contact your local club for more information on how you can help. In closing for this issue, I would note that snowmobile trails in

do not just magically appear. It

takes a joint team effort from state agency’s such as Bureau of Trails,

Fish & Game, the NHSA, local snowmobile clubs with countless

volunteer members and lastly, the generosity of thousands of

landowners across the state that makes safe snowmobiling possible

in NH. Thank you to everyone for a great season!

Have an enjoyable summer ❄


reetings! What a season! Overall snowmobilers have enjoyed a good winter in NH. Mother nature was very helpful for a change and allowed many communities the ability to ride more weeks than average years. There are only a few years I can remember that riding from border to border was possible. This being one of them, the only negative for me was I was not able to actually make the ride. Next year I guess. I did have the pleasure of riding with the Granite State Youth

Trailblazers on their Youth Ride and Bonfire on February 22nd. This was their first Event as a group and planned all on their own. It’s fantastic to see this enthusiastic youth group develop and I thank them for their hard work. They did a great job. Their mission statement to safely bring youth snowmobilers together so they can be introduced and impact the snowmobiling community while also making new leaders for tomorrow really was evident at the event. They are beginning work on ways to expand the youth program across the state and schedule meetings by region. If you have kids between the ages of 12-21 that may be interested in the program, please contact the NHSA office. Our 45th Annual Meeting is coming very quickly. We move the meeting around the state to different locations annually to make it easier for those members less likely to travel long distances to attend. This year’s meeting will be held on Saturday, May 17th at the Fireside Inn & Suites in West Lebanon NH. We will be voting on

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YAMAHA EXCLUSIVE PERFORMANCE DAMPER SYSTEM * 0%-10% down payment required. Applies to purchases of new 2015 Yamaha Snowmobiles made on a Yamaha Installment Financing loan account from 2/11/14 to 4/15/14. Offer is subject to credit approval by GE Capital Retail Bank. Maximum contract length is 60 months. Minimum amount financed is $5,000. Fixed APR of 3.99%, 7.99%, 9.99% or 13.99% assigned based on credit approval criteria. Example: Monthly payments per $1,000 financed based on 60 month term are $18.41 at 3.99% rate and $23.26 at 13.99%. Standard down payment requirement is based on credit approval criteria. Re-approval may be necessary if the original Approval Term has expired prior to delivery. $500 customer deposit is required which will be applied to down payment. † Amount dependent on model selected. †† Installation costs not included. Some conditions apply. See dealer for details. Professional riders shown in controlled conditions. © 2014 Yamaha Motor Company, U.S.A. All rights reserved.

/// YAMAHA-SNOWMOBILES.COM Visit your nearest Yamaha dealer or PRO Yamaha dealer today. For more on PRO Yamaha dealers, visit PRO YAMAHA DEALERS BARTON’S MOTORSPORTS, LLC 14 MAPLE RD TAMWORTH, NH BARTONSMOTORSPORTS.COM














Yamaha Conquers New Heights with 2015 Snowmobile Lineup (Pleasant Prairie, WI) — Yamaha announced its largest 4-stroke snowmobile product line today with nine new models in the SR Viper line, including four Limited Edition models only available during the Spring Power Surge program. “We made a commitment to our dealers last year that we would continue to bring new product to their showrooms every year for the next five years,” said the head of Yamaha’s North American Snowmobile team, Peter Smallman-Tew. “This is the second year of that plan, and we are excited to offer new SR Viper models for the deep snow market and some new product for the trail rider as well.” Mountain


Yamaha adds a new twist to the burgeoning crossover segment. These models are defined by their versatility and capabilities in a wide range of terrain and conditions. This is where the X-TX family has led the market, with its 141 and 144-inch track lengths. The new SRViper S-TX DX is built on the same 141inch platform as the SRViper XTX SE, but it takes versatility a step further, with its modular rear bumper system. “The S-TX gives owners even more choice in the kind of sled they want,” explained Smallman-Tew. “The modular rear bumper comes stock with a cargo rack, but the accessories team will offer a host of additional pieces that fit right in. Saddlebags, additional racks and even an accessory passenger seat make the Viper S-TX DX a


Yamaha’s 2015 trail sled offering returns to the snow with some key new components. All SRViper trail models ride on a pair of new, Yamaha-exclusive Deep-Keel Tuner skis. The ski is specifically engineered to deliver the same great ride on the Viper series as they do for other models. The SRViper R-TX SE and L-TX SE return with their 129 and 137-inch, respectively 1.25” lug Rip Saw II tracks, FLOAT 3 front shocks and sport-tuned suspension calibrations. The SRViper R-TX DX and L-TX DX feature new names from ‘14 to better indicate their comfort-minded component package. Yamaha continues to be the exclusive brand for Electric Power Steering in 2015. The Apex SE and Apex models combine the big power of the 4-cylinder Genesis Top Performance engine with EPS for the ultimate big power cruiser. If ultimate power isn’t your thing, take a long hard look at the RSVector and RSVector LTX. Year in and year out, the Vector models, with their ultra reliable, fuel injected triple, comfortcalibrated suspension package and power steering find themselves on industry top ten lists for best sled on the market. The Phazer R-TX, with its torquey 500cc twin, returns to the line as well. Multi Purpose

The touring and work crowd will find top–tier features like electric power steering, ample storage space and comfortable suspension calibrations in the 2015 Yamaha line. The RSVenture GT and TF both return, the latter with a slightly longer track length for greater fresh snow flotation. The brawny RS Viking Professional and distinctive Venture MP also appeal to the more utilitarian snowmobile customer with their ample storage capacity and standard tow hitches. The youngest sledders in the group will enjoy the fresh graphics

package on the SRX 120, powered by a rugged and reliable 123cc Yamaha engine. New LE models

Yamaha also announced an expanded Spring Power Surge program that runs through April 15, 2014. “We have built a robust spring deposit business over the years by offering incredibly strong warranty and finance combined with high quality exclusive items like custom jackets and bags for customers who come in and make a commitment to their dealers,” said Smallman-Tew. “But we saw an opportunity to expand our spring business by offering unique, limited edition snowmobiles during the Spring Power Surge. Our new LE line offers snowmobilers an opportunity to order a head-turning sled that also boasts component upgrades.” There are four LE models available during the Spring Power Surge program. The SRViper M-TX 162 LE carries the same track and chassis package as the in-season SE model, but carries upgraded FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL shocks on the front suspension for added performance in the rough mountain environment. The SRViper X-TX LE boats a host of upgrades over the SE model by virtue of its deepsnow component package. Like the M-TX models, the X-TX LE boasts the vertical steering post, short mountain seat, single-keel mountain skis and a 15 x 144 x 2.25-inch Power Claw track. The X-TX LE maintains the trail width 42-43” ski stance. The SRViper L-TX LE offers buyers an additional measure of deep snow performance with a 1.75-inch Back Country track. However, the L-TX LE keeps the coupled Dual Shock SR 137 rear suspension for excellent on-trail comfort and performance. The final model in the LE offering is the R-TX LE. Unlike the other limited edition models, the R-TX LE will have a pair of color options: LE Yamaha Blue and Orange and a more competition-minded White and Yamaha Blue color scheme. Both models have the new Dual Shock SR 129 Race rear suspension with a pair of clicker-adjustable shocks and beefy torque arms. Up front, both colors will feature FOX FLOAT 3 EVOL RC shocks with both compression and rebound clicker adjustability. There will be two tracks available on the R-TX

LE, however. The Yamaha Blue and Orange model spins the 1.25” Rip Saw II track, while the White/ Yamaha Blue sled will rock a 1.7” Snocross track for those who crave competition. All LE models are only available by putting a deposit down at your local Yamaha Snowmobile Dealer

before April 15, 2014. For more information, including full specs and feature information, visit or stop in at your Yamaha Snowmobile Dealer. Connect with fellow snowmobilers at facebook. com/YamahaSnowmobilesUSA. ❄

SRViper M-TX 153


Three new SRViper M-TX models headline the new product launch. The deep-snow sleds are packed with design features riders demand—adjustable, narrow ski stance on the new SRV-M front suspension, 2.6-inch lugs on the legendary Power Claw track, short mountain seat to accommodate rider movement and a tall, vertical steering post. Consumers have options in shock package as well as track length. The SRViper M-TX 162 and 153 both come in the SE package, with FOX FLOAT 3 front shocks, while the M-TX 153 sports coil springs over HPG front shocks. The Phazer M-TX returns with its lightweight 2-cylinder engine and agile boondocking chassis setup.

true crossover sled.” The S-TX DX is rounded out by the DX, deluxe feature package: tall windshield, comfort-tuned coil spring suspension, heated seat and the large wedge bag behind the seat. The super-nimble Phazer X-TX marks its sophomore year on the market with a color change to black and Yamaha Blue.

RSVEnture GT



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OCTOBER 10-12, 2014

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Great Fun for the Entire Family! Antique & Vintage Snowmobile Display Astounding Freestyle Show


Enormous Swap Meet On-Site Camping Available Side-By-Side Drag Racing Spectacular Water Cross Racing Unbeatable Prices on Clothing and Accessories


Awesome Food! Don't miss this event... Mark you calendar now!






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475 Main Street Lancaster, NH

710 Route 111 Hampstead, NH

7 Moultonborough Neck Road Moultonborough, NH

Manchester Street Concord, NH

101 Route 302 W Twin Mountain, NH

ARCTIC CAT 1354 Hooksett Road, Hooksett, NH 1197 Union Avenue, Laconia, NH

161 Main Street Colebrook, NH

Route 16 Conway, NH

459 South Street/Route 13 Milford, NH SouheganValleyMotorsportscom

136 North Main Street Troy, NH

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High quality construction throughout this completely remodeled camp in Northern Pittsburg. DIRECT SNOWMOBILE AND ATV TRAIL ACCESS FROM YOUR FRONT DOOR!!! Comfortably sleeps 8 - knotty pine throughout - new appliances included - propane monitor heater - cast iron propane stove that heats even when the power goes out - heated enclosed porch - private well and state approved septic - close to lakes - move right in!!! For Details Contact Joey Sweatt - NH & VT Broker/REALTOR® for Bean Group


Pre-made sandwich, pizza, hot dogs and breakfast sandwiches available daily Sat. 6am - 8pm • Sun. 7am - 6pm


Mike Cryans (left) and Jeff Woodburn (right) pose for a quick picture for getting into two WMRR groomers for their tour of the trail system. Bob Morin (center) was one of the operators and Larry Gomes (taking the picture) was the other operator.

Woodburn and Cryans Tour White Mountain Ridge Runners Trail System by Larry Gomes


ew Hampshire Senator Jeff Woodburn and Mike Cryans, Commissioner from Grafton County and candidate for the State Councelor's seat previously held by the late Ray Burton toured the White Mountain Ridge Runners trail system on Monday, Feb. 17th. Their tour was hosted by groomer operators Bob Morin and Larry Gomes. The trip consisted of a 3 hour tour of 14 miles of trail visiting the Jericho Warming Hut and the top of Mt. Forist along the way. Both men were surprised by the extent of the trail system, the size of the grooming equipment and the amount of volunteer labor that it took to keep the system going.. They asked a lot of questions and at the end of the trip both said they were really glad they took the time to take the tour. On Wednesday, February 19th, Senator Woodburn made the following statement to his colleagues in the senate: "Mister President I rise to make comments of personal privilege. On Monday night -- two days

ago -- I had the opportunity to spend three hours grooming the snowmobile trails at Jericho Mountain State Park in Berlin with members of the White Mountain Ridge Runners, one of the North Country's leading snowmobile clubs. Larry Gomes and Robert Morin were great tour guides. This trip was a vivid reminder of the remarkable work that the 110 volunteer snowmobile clubs do -- they build and maintain nearly 7,200 miles of trails from Salem to Pittsburg and Conway to Lebanon. In fact there are more snowmobile trails than state highways. They are sophisticated organizations that rely almost entirely on generous property owners who allow trails to cross their property. Not only do these trails encourage wholesome outdoor recreation but they also are a major economic driver -- generating $580 million dollars of economic activity annually. All of this is done with no general fund dollars since the entire system is selffunded through registration fees and some federal RTP grants

funded by the federal gas tax on off highway vehicles. I want to recognize the state's Trails Bureau chief Chris Gamache and his small but capable staff and of course, Gail Hanson, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association. Two weeks ago, they hosted their 42nd Annual Ride In event in Gorham, NH where clubs competed with each other to raise funds for Easter Seal's Camp Snow-Mo. This year they raised over $83,000 which will be used to send over 100 special needs kids to summer camp. The combination of willing landowners, local clubs, dedicated volunteers, self-funding along with some State coordination is model we should all strive to emulate since it shows how great things can be accomplished with little or no impact on taxpayers." We thank Senator Woodburn and Commissioner Cryans for taking the time to visit our club's trails and they have an open invitation to return any time for another tour. ❄

MOTEL OFFERS: Smoking and non smoking rooms Pet friendly with small fee Direct TV and WIFI

Mon.-Thu. 6am - 7pm Fri. & Sat. 6am - 8pm • Sun. 7am - 6pm • Take Out • Ice Cream • New Menu

• Fully-stocked Store • Marinated Meats & Chicken

Stay 2 nights midweek, get the 3rd FREE! Mention this ad when calling.

1216 Rt. 26, Colebrook, NH • Call for Take-Out (603) 237-5104





Black Spot A

6 Riverendge Rd. • Billerica, MA • 01862


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Snowmobile Partners Ride in Memorial to Councilor Burton A

Black Spot B

s part of a longstanding winter tradition, the New Hampshire Bureau of Trails hosted its annual snowmobile tour on Feb. 21, in memory of the late Executive Councilor, Ray Burton. Burton, who died last November, instituted the ride, which took place once a year on trails within his sweeping District 1. “Councilor Burton was a strong advocate of snowmobiling in New Hampshire and he genuinely liked getting out on the trails,” said trails Chief Chris Gamache. “He planned a ride every winter to get a feel for the trails and to talk to people whose lives and businesses are a part of the industry.” Burton had asked state officials that in the event he was unable to continue his role in the annual ride, that they would continue the tradition. “It was very important to him that all of the partners who work to maintain the trails and promote snowmobiling keep working together, which is why we did exactly that last Friday, and why we will continue getting together every year in District 1,” Gamache said. Last Friday’s tour began in Tamworth and headed north from White Lake State Park to Conway, including the newest section of Corridor Trail 19, which

opened Feb. 5. Running through Conway and Madison, it includes a Department of Transportation right of way that’s part of the Route 16 bypass, which Burton supported as part of the bypass construction project. Those attending the snowmobile ride included Department of Resources and Economic Development Commissioner Jeffrey Rose; New Hampshire State Parks Director Phil Bryce; state Rep. Mark McConkey, R-Freedom, as well as representatives from the office of US Sen. Kelly Ayotte; the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests, the White Mountain National Forest; the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association. The Bureau of Trails is a part of the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation. The division manages over 73 state parks, campgrounds, thousands of miles of trails, historic sites, waysides, and natural areas. The division is part of the Department of Resources and Economic Development. For more information about the Bureau of Trails, call 603-271-3254 or visit ❄


2014 Proposed By-Law Changes T

he following proposed By-Law Changes will be presented to the voting delegates at the 2014 Annual Meeting for approval or rejection. Changes are shown in bold italics.

ARTICLE VII - AMENDMENTS A. A  mendments to these By-Laws may be submitted to the Association membership on vote of the Board of Directors or on petition signed by at least two (2) members in good standing from a majority of the clubs within the respective county and then submitted to the By-Laws Committee ninety (90) days prior to the Annual meeting or special meeting. B. P  roposed changes shall be submitted to the members in writing at least sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting or at least thirty (30) days before any special meeting of the general membership at which a vote is to be taken. C. A  2/3 majority of delegates present at any annual or special meeting shall be required to amend the By-Laws.

2014 By-Law Change ARTICLE VI - DUES A. All dues for membership will be payable on or before July 1 annually, and said dues when paid will constitute a member in good standing. Any member not having paid his dues by November 1 will be declared delinquent and his membership terminated. Change A: to read

A. All dues for the General membership will be payable on or before September 1st annually.

Insert new “B” to read:

B. All dues for any New Hampshire Snowmobile Association Officer, Director, Assistant Director or Member Club shall be payable on or before July 1st annually.

Insert new “C” to read:

C. Said dues when paid will constitute a member in good standing providing such member has not voluntarily withdrawn from membership, nor has been expelled or suspended after appropriate proceedings consistent with the lawful provisions of the constitution and bylaws. Any Officer, Director, Assistant Director, Member Club or General Member not having paid their/his/her dues by the dates listed above annually will be declared delinquent.

Change “B” to “D”

B. Only delegates with dues paid will be entitled to vote at any meeting.

Change “C” to “E”

C. Only members in good standing will be eligible to hold any office or be appointed to serve on any committee when duly elected or appointed.

Change “D” to “F”

D. The board of Directors may propose a revision of the dues schedule to be acted on by the membership at any annual meeting. Notice of such revision to be given at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting. Such revision shall take effect the following July 1st.

Please Remember... Taking part in Friday’s snowmobile tour from Tamworth to Conway, from left, state Rep. Mark McKonkey; Jack Savage, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests; Department of Resources Commissioner Jeffrey Rose; Mike Martin of the White Mountain National Forest Saco Ranger station; Mike Scala of US Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s office; Evelyn Farrell, Vic Henry and David Bowles of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association; New Hampshire Fish and Game Captain John Wimsatt; President Roger Wright of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association; New Hampshire Division of Parks Director Phil Bryce; Terry Callum of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association; New Hampshire Bureau of Trails Chief Chris Gamache ; Jake Lubera, assistant Androscoggin Ranger, White Mountains National Forest.

Snowmobiling is a Privilege...

... Not a Right!



2014 NHSA Elections: Elections will be held May 17th at the Annual Meeting The slate of officers are: u President: Roger Wright u Vice President: Bob Doherty u Secretary: Vacant u Treasurer: Marie Hixson

Nominations by petition shall contain twenty-five (25) or more signatures of New Hampshire Snowmobile Association members, shall be accompanied by a letter of acceptance from the candidate, and shall be filed no later that fortyfive (45) days prior to the Annual Meeting. A majority of fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) of the votes cast will be necessary to win. Runoff elections may be necessary to establish a majority. The newly elected officers will be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

Joe Gorman, Chairman NHSA Nominating Committee



New Hampshire Snowmobile Association

Annual Meeting Saturday, May 17th

Fireside Inn & Suites 25 Airport Road Lebanon, NH Information: NHSA Office • 603-273-0220 Cash Lunch will be available from 11:00am to 1:00pm

Elections of NHSA Officers: If you are interested in becoming an NHSA Officer, please contact please contact Joe Gorman at 603-875-2173 or

Per the NHSA By-Laws: dated May 15, 2010: C. EXECUTIVE OFFICERS; 2. Elections – At the Annual Meeting there shall be an election of officers by the delegates present. A nominating committee appointed by the President will present to the membership no later than sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting, a slate of candidates for Executive Officers. All nominations by petition shall contain twenty-five (25) or more signatures of New Hampshire Snowmobile Association members, shall be accompanied by a letter of acceptance from the candidate, and shall be filed no later that forty-five (45) days prior to the Annual Meeting. A majority of fifty percent (50%) plus one (1) of the votes cast will be necessary to win. Run-off elections may be necessary to establish a majority. The newly elected officers will be presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

Elections of County Directors: This year the Counties of : Grafton, Merrimack, Rockingham, Strafford, and Sullivan need to elect or re-elect their County Directors for a two (2) year term. These elections need to be held at a County Meeting no later than thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting.

Black Spot B

The office of Secretary has not been filled as of the printing of this issue. If you would like to run for either of these positions call Joe Gorman at 603-875-2173 or email:


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2015 Polaris® Snowmobile Lineup Celebrates 60 Years of Terrain ® Domination With the All-New AXYS™ Platform, the World’s Best Mountain Sleds & the Versatile New INDY® 155" Models P

Black Spot A

olaris is celebrating 60 years of Terrain Domination® by introducing a 2015 snowmobile lineup featuring the all-new AXYS™ platform that delivers Rider Balanced™ Control for RUSH® and Switchback® riders, the world’s best mountain sleds, and two new long-track INDY® models that deliver exceptional onand off-trail performance. The 2015 Polaris snowmobile lineup includes models for every type of rider, including hillclimbwinning deep snow models, traildominating performance sleds, crossover machines ready to run on- and off-trail, an expanded lineup of utility sleds, and touring models. “It’s exciting to celebrate the Polaris 60th Anniversary year with such a strong lineup of powerful, innovative, terrain-dominating snowmobiles,” said Chris Wolf, Director of Snowmobiles. “The all-new AXYS platform delivers industry-leading handling and performance. The RMKs® are still the best mountain sleds in the world, and now can be truly customized to fit the way you ride. And the new 155" INDY models greatly expand riders’ ability to work and play on- and off-trail with greater control than ever.” Riders can customize their 2015 snowmobiles to suit their riding and style by ordering through Polaris SnowCheck Select. This year’s SnowCheck features TRUE customization for RMKs, and SnowCheck-exclusive models for RUSH, Switchback, and INDY. It’s easy as 1-2-3 for riders to choose their sled, choose their colors, and choose their options. SnowCheck Select models can be ordered from March 3, 2014, through April 15, 2014. Complete details are available at Among the SnowCheck Select models are several 60th Anniversary Limited Edition models, which feature unique Polaris retro graphics packages, special equipment and customizing options. THE ALL-NEW AXYS PLATFORM FOR RUSH & SWITCHBACK MODELS Just five short years after Polaris shocked the world by reinventing the snowmobile with the PRO-

RIDE™ chassis on the RUSH model, the brand with 60 years of Terrain Domination is doing it again. Polaris started with a clean sheet of paper to develop the new AXYS platform, which radically raises the bar in the three dimensions that define world-class snowmobiles: control, performance and comfort. AXYS™ is the next-generation, premium performance platform that delivers the ultimate riding experience through: • Rider Balanced™ Control • Unrivaled Acceleration • Rider-Centric Comfort The new AXYS platform includes: an all-new Rider Balanced™ chassis, a completely-redesigned rear suspension, a new 800 H.O. engine, significant reductions in weight from nearly every part of the sled, and new rider-centric designs for comfort, such as integrated storage, LED headlights and a fullcolor interactive gauge. Polaris is introducing a total of nine new 2015 RUSH and Switchback models built on the new AXYS platform. The 2015 RUSH® models – the 800 RUSH® PRO-S and 600 RUSH PRO-S – set a new standard for trail performance. Polaris Switchback® models are the industry’s best crossover sleds, and with the new AXYS platform, the 2015 models – 800 Switchback® PRO-S, 600 Switchback PRO-S, and 600 Switchback® Adventure – just got better. Polaris is introducing the AXYS platform in two distinct, equally premium trim levels for both RUSH and Switchback models: PRO-S and PRO-X™. Polaris dealers will stock PRO-S models, and PRO-X models are available exclusively through SnowCheck Select. PRO-S models deliver the most precise handling, the flattest cornering on groomed and bumpy trails, and they erase the stutter bumps. PRO-S models have Ripsaw II tracks. PRO-X models, which have Backcountry X tracks with 1.75" lugs, deliver the ultimate big bump control, serve riders with a stand-up riding bias, and they dominate the ditches and moguls. INDY® LINEUP FEATURES TWO VERSATILE NEW 155" MODELS

The legendary 2015 INDY lineup offers riders expanded onand off-trail Terrain Domination® with the all-new 550 INDY® Voyageur™ 155 and 550 INDY® Adventure 155. Both new 155" track models deliver: • Ultimate Deep Snow Flotation • The Best Trail Handling at ANY Speed • Unmatched Hauling & Towing Capability These two INDY models feature three key new elements that produce their superior ride, handling and versatility: • The 155 Articulated Rear Suspension • PRO-FLOAT Skis • Aggressive High-Flotation Cobra 155" Track The 550 INDY® Voyageur™ 155 is the ultimate deep snow recreational utility sled. It provides the segment’s best ride, handling and control on any terrain, at any speed, loaded with cargo or carrying only a rider. The 550 INDY® Adventure 155 is a versatile adventure-touring model that now delivers greatly enhanced off-trail performance and deep snow capability. Like the popular 550 INDY Adventure 144, this new 155" model features the innovative, Polaris-exclusive Adventure Cargo System, and a Lock & Ride® Convertible Passenger Seat that converts the sled between a solo sled and a 2-up machine. The 2015 INDY lineup includes the unbeatable 1-2 punch of three recreational utility INDY Voyageur™ models, and two versatile INDY Adventure models. There are seven more INDY models for 2015, including the 800 INDY® SP and 600 INDY SP performance models, and the 120 INDY® model for young riders. DEEP SNOW MODELS DELIVER ULTIMATE TERRAIN DOMINATION® Hillclimbers, backcountry riders, and avid mountain riding enthusiasts all achieve Terrain Domination® in winter’s most

challenging terrain aboard Polaris deep snow models. These sleds dominate the competition with the ultimate combination of power, strength, light weight, and durability. Polaris deep snow models completely dominated the Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Assn. (RMSHA) circuit in 2013. Polaris racers won 12 RMSHA points titles last season, and won 23 of 24 RMSHA Stock class events. Now that’s Terrain Domination – right from the crate. 2015 Polaris RMK® models beat the competition with innovative, industry-leading technologies such as the QuickDrive® Low Inertia Drive System, carbon fiber overstructure, bonded A-Arms, PowderTrac™ extruded aluminum running boards, and premium Walker Evans® shocks. There is a 2015 Polaris deep snow model for every rider, including: • PRO-RMK® models engineered for steep mountain slopes, big powder and minimal trail running: 600 PRO-RMK® 155, 800 PRORMK 155 and 800 PRO-RMK 163. • RMK models designed for all deep snow terrain, including powder, climbing, singletracking, riding in the trees and on groomed trails: 600 RMK® 144, 600 RMK 155 and 800 RMK 155. • ASSAULT® models for backcountry freeriders who love severe, rough, extreme terrain riding: 800 RMK® ASSAULT® 155, 600 Switchback® ASSAULT® 144 and 800 Switchback ASSAULT 144. In 2015, Polaris Deep Snow riders have the ultimate opportunity to truly customize their sled, to build it from the ground up for the way they ride. The 2015 SnowCheck Select program features TRUE customization, including the ability to create their customized combination of chassis, suspension, track, color, and tunnel and rail choices. In all, there are more than 20,000 unique combinations of options. IQ® MODELS ARE EQUIPPED

FOR WORK & PLAY The 2015 Polaris IQ lineup includes the 600 IQ® LXT, an extremely versatile sled that’s ready for 2-up duty or sporty solo riding. It has an easily adjustable Lock & Ride® Backrest, comfortable seating for one or two, and the smooth-riding IQ® suspension and powerful 600 Cleanfire® engine. The 600 IQ® WideTrak is equipped to tackle big jobs and deliver great recreational riding. It has the power and wide track to work or play on- and off-trail, and its cargo rack, work light, and underseat storage make it the ideal sled for hauling and towing. ABOUT POLARIS® Polaris is a recognized leader in the powersports industry with annual 2013 sales of $3.8 billion. Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets innovative, high quality off-road vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and the Polaris RANGER® and RZR® sideby-side vehicles, snowmobiles, motorcycles and on-road electric/ hybrid powered vehicles. Polaris is among the global sales leaders for both snowmobiles and off-road vehicles and has established a presence in the heavyweight cruiser and touring motorcycle market with the Victory and Indian Motorcycle brands. Additionally, Polaris continues to invest in the global on-road small electric/hybrid powered vehicle industry with Global Electric Motorcars (GEM), Goupil Industrie SA, Aixam Mega S.A.S., and internally developed vehicles. Polaris enhances the riding experience with a complete line of Polaris Engineered parts, accessories and apparel and Klim branded apparel. Polaris Industries Inc. trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “PII”, and the Company is included in the S&P Mid-Cap 400 stock price index. Information about the complete line of Polaris products, apparel and vehicle accessories are available from authorized Polaris dealers or anytime at ❄





Trail Tales

by Chris Gamache, NH Bureau of Trails Winter Grooming

Today is March 13th and in the past week we have had temperatures in the 50’s in southern NH and then morning temps before Snodeo of -11. We have 12-18+ inches of new snow in central and northern NH this morning. March is wonderful. Many clubs have used up their grooming hours and are asking for additional to get trails through March. We are reviewing those additional requests at this time. Rail Line Dates Extended

Signing Changes Updates

The Trail Condition Reports have highlighted the major signs used on NH’s Snowmobile Trail System all winter long. This coming year clubs will be part of a big push to update and improve the trail signage statewide. This will take a number of years to

Winter Friends

Snow Mizer and Yeti; and their supervisor, Mother Nature are certainly making up for last winter. Next season the 3 have agreed to meet earlier and coordinate the month of January and get that figured out for better riding. Rail Trail Court Decision at Supreme Court

The following is an excerpt from US Supreme Court Decision that came out this week. This is a portion of a USA Today report: WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court's ruling in an obscure Wyoming land dispute Monday could result in the loss of thousands of miles of bicycle trails or cost the government millions of dollars in compensation. The justices ruled 8-1 that government easements used for railroad beds over public and private land in the West expired

once the railroads went out of business, and the land must revert to its owners. Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the majority, said the case was decided based on an 1875 act of Congress and a 1942 Supreme Court decision involving Great Northern Railway. That ruling confirmed that the government merely had received easements without any longterm land rights, he said. The establishment in 1983 of the federal "rails to trails" program didn't change the court's interpretation for easements that expired earlier. "We're going to stick with that today," Roberts said from the bench. The decision could jeopardize the "rails to trails" program, responsible for creating more than 1,400 bike and nature trails, many of them built along railroad rightsof-way. The ruling prompted a lone dissent from Justice Sonia Sotomayor. "The court undermines the legality of thousands of miles of former rights of way that the public now enjoys as means of transportation and recreation," Sotomayor said. "Lawsuits challenging the conversion of former rails to recreational trails alone may well cost American taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars." The ruling came in a case brought by Wyoming landowner Marvin Brandt, whose 83-acre property

is crossed by an old railroad line. Brandt's victory has implications for about 80 other cases involving about 8,000 claimants. "Thousands of claims pertaining to 1875 Act rights-of-way have been filed," the Justice Department said in its brief to the court. "The United States will be obligated to pay just compensation on many claims in which ownership of the right-of-way is often a determining factor." The Rails to Trails Conservancy had warned that a loss would block completion of the Medicine Bow Rail Trail that cuts through Brandt's property and would "threaten existing rail trails across America that utilize federally granted rights-of-way." Included are the George S. Mickelson Trail in South Dakota, the Foothills Trail and John Wayne Pioneer trails in Washington, the Weiser River Trail in Idaho and the Rio Grande Trail in Colorado. The federal government or its state and local counterparts could exercise eminent domain proceedings to keep trails in

operation and pay adjacent landowners, said Kevin Mills, senior vice president of policy and trail development for the conservancy. In other cases, trails could be shut down if landowners go to court. This decision has led to calls being made to our office the day of the news articles. The Trails Bureau manages about 300 miles of former rail corridor as recreational trails. The difference between what has happened out west and here is that under NH Statute the State takes fee simple title to all lands it acquires from railroad companies, regardless of how they may have been acquired a 100 years ago. Though we anticipate some increase in inquiries about some of the rail corridors we use the ownership of these corridors in NH has been court tested and is very different than the scenario in Wyoming. Rest assured that these corridors in NH will be here for continued trail use for many years. ❄

SAE Snowmobile Challenge 2014 Winners Announced T

he 15th Annual SAE Snowmobile Challenge was held at Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI on March 4-8, 2014. This year 17 Universities registered for the event. The members of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association - Arctic Cat, BRP, Polaris and Yamaha - are proud gold-level sponsors of the event. Representatives from all of the manufacturers were involved in the event and supported the skilled students from the participating universities

and colleges. Kettering University, Flint, MI was the winner of the Internal Combustion Division. The second place spot was awarded to New York State University, Buffalo. The results highlighted the students' mastery of a variety of technologies. Michigan Technological University has hosted the event for the last 12 years, and experienced the snowiest winter in years with temperatures solidly in the subfreezing range and presented ideal conditions for the SAE

collegiate design competition. This year, 9 of the 10 snowmobiles starting the 100 mile endurance run made it to the finish line. This accomplishment was remarkable in that in previous years, approximately 50% of the entrants did not finish the 100 mile trip. The Zero-Emissions competition was won by McGill University. They are the only one of 4 to field a sled that was able to pass inspections and get out on the snow. In addition to engineers and

other supporting groups, the US Forest Service was represented at the Challenge. Forest Service representatives commented that the snowmobile industry and the clubs have made great strides, and with their partnership, this snowmobile challenge was great for the students and helped move forward a great partnership. The SAE Snowmobile Challenge included activities such as a.  An endurance run from Houghton, MI to Copper Harbor, MI.;

b. Technical


on emissions and design parameters;

c. A subjective handling event; d. An acceleration test; and

e. Scientific testing of emission levels, and sound levels.

Plans are underway for the

2015 Challenge which will be

held at Michigan Technological University.



manufacturers will work with the

planning team in designing event activities and standards. ❄


There are several active railroads that NH DOT turn over to the Trails Bureau to use as winter snowmobile trails. Typically these trails close to snowmobile use on March 15-17th. With the heavy snow cover and today’s new storm DOT has extended the use of these rail corridors until the end of March. Thank you DOT. On that note we want to remind everyone that these active railroads are absolutely off limits to all other recreational uses during spring, summer and fall. The rail lines affected are listed on the Trail Conditions Report that goes out each Tuesday and Friday.

get finalized, just like it did with the Groomer Operator Safety Awareness Program, but when completed the last major improvement needed to the trails will be done. There will always be trail work and grooming (and signing) but once the basics are agreed to and re-introduced to the volunteers the trail signing should dramatically improve. Fortunately we received very few complaints about NH trails throughout the winter, unfortunately what complaints came in or were posted were predominantly about signage.

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Snowmobilers are caring neighbors. Snowmobilers are involved with charities throughout the U.S. and Canada. The International Snowmobile Council reported raising more than $3 million for charity last season through state and provincial clubs.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black



New Hampshire Snowmobile Association Ride-In for Easter Seals Camp Sno-Mo TABULATION OF DONATIONS Belknap County Belmont Bogie Busters.................................. $2,853.15 Belknap Snowmobliers..................................... $650.00 Timmy Chauvette - Davis Family.................... $2,565.00 TOTAL............................................................ $6,068.15 Carroll County Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club...................... $1,000.00 Moultonboro Snowmobile Club........................ $924.00 Scrub Oak Scramblers...................................... $701.00 Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club............................ $500.00 Mountain Meadow Riders................................. $500.00 Total............................................................... $3,625.00 Cheshire County Monadnock Sno Moles..................................... $500.00 Hooper Hill Hoppers......................................... $100.00 Ashuelot Valley Blazers..................................... $100.00 Pisgah Mountain Trailriders.............................. $100.00 Total.................................................................. $800.00

Grafton County Baker River Valley.......................................... $1,242.46 Central N.H. Snowmobile Club.......................... $530.00 White Mountain S.C.......................................... $500.00 Mount Cardigan................................................ $300.00 Lisbon Stump Jumpers.................................... $250.00 Lyme Pinnacle................................................... $100.00 Rumney Sno-Drifters........................................ $100.00 Connecticut Valley............................................ $100.00 Littleton Motorsports.......................................... $40.00 Bonnie Holbrook in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Lowery.................... $25.00 Total............................................................... $3,187.46 Hillsborough County Uncanoonic Mountaineers............................. $5,000.00 Merrimack Sno-Buds..................................... $4,740.00 Hudson Sno-Men........................................... $3,000.00 Southern N.H. Snow Slickers......................... $2,025.00 Weare Winter Wanderers............................... $1,640.00 Border Riders.................................................... $250.00 Wilton/Lyndeborough Winter Wanderers ......... $200.00 Tim Lorenz - personal donation..................... $1,000.00 Total**......................................................... $17,855.00


Thank You! The 2014 New Hampshire Snowmobile Association’s Easter Seals Ride-In Committee would like to thank the following people and businesses for going above and beyond the call of duty to help this event be such a huge success.

“We couldn’t do it without you”

Sutton Ridge Runners................................... $4,250.00

Town and Country Inn & Resort

Irwin Automotive Group

Kearsage Trail Snails...................................... $3,445.00

Town of Gorham

Kearsarge Mountaineers................................ $3,332.00

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

Kassbohrer All Terrain Vehicles (Pisten Bully)

Andover Snowmobile..................................... $2,695.19

New Hampshire Bureau of Trails

Lakes Region Truck Service

N.H. Sno-Shakers.......................................... $1,577.00

New Hampshire Fish & Game Department

Livingston’s Arctic Cat Monahan-Burton-Hixson Families

New Hampshire Fish & Game Department Color Guard

Northeast System Controls

Town Line Trail Dusters................................. $1,000.00 N.H. Trail Dawgs............................................... $500.00 Bee Hole Beavers.............................................. $200.00

Concord Orthopedics

Presidential Range Riders Snowmobile Club

Richard Gauthier in canadian-exchanged by t&c.........$20.00

David Bourne Construction


Total............................................................. $17,519.19

Dennis Duprey

Ro-ick Transport

DC Towing & Recovery

Sam’s Club / Nancy Brooks, Concord, NH

Exeter Snow Hounds 'for Bart'...................... $1,000.00

Absolute Powersports, Gorham, NH

Lowe’s, Gilford, NH

Newfields Sno-Raiders...................................... $500.00

Amy Robinson, Easter Seals NH

Mack Studs, Moultonborough, NH

Derry Pathfinders.............................................. $200.00

Andrea Rojas Graham, Littleton, NH

Maria Davis, Gilford, NH

Total............................................................... $5,244.00

Bear Country Powersprots, Errol, NH

Marianne Darling, Littleton, NH

Calico Cottage / Lori Elliot, Littleton, NH

Marsha Corey, Littleton, NH

Cheryl Merrill, Littleton, NH

Mary Campbell

Cindy Shaw & The Pittsburg Ridge Runners SMC

Meadowbrook, Gilford, NH

Bow Pioneers.................................................... $500.00

Rockingham County Southern N.H. Trailblazers............................. $3,544.00

Strafford County Evergreen Valley S. C........................................ $307.50 Barrington Sno Goers....................................... $301.00 Strafford Swamp Stompers.............................. $100.00 Lee Sno-Travelers............................................. $100.00 Powder Mill S.C.................................................. $50.00 Total.................................................................. $858.50

Color Works, Gorham, NH Dalton Mountain Motors, Lancaster, NH Dancing Bear Pub, Colebrook, NH Danforth Bay Camping, Freedom, NH

Sullivan County

Dick’s Dugout, Danville, NH

Hidden Valley Snow Riders............................... $625.00

Dolores Bousch

Shugah Valley Snow Riders.............................. $550.00 Blow-Me Down Snowriders.............................. $550.00

F.B. Spaulding Co., Lancaster, NH Fratello’s & The Homestead Restaurant Fuller’s Sugarhouse, Lancaster, NH

Martin’s Agway, Lancaster, NH

Mike Atkins, Easter Seals NH Mr. Pizza, Gorham, NH N A PA C&S, Littleton, NH New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Noreen MacDonald Outdoor Performance, Bridgewater, NH P & S Equipment, Littleton, NH Palmer Family, N. Sutton, NH Phyllis MacDonald, Laconia, NH

Fun Spot, Weirs Beach, NH

Ray Bergeron Motorcycle Snowmobile Service, Gorham, NH

Garneau’s Garage, Twin Mountain, NH

Scorpio’s Pizzaria, Lancaster, NH

Silent Auction................................................. $3,488.50

Golf & Ski Warehouse, West Lebanon, NH

Shaw’s, Gilford, NH

Live Auction / County Baskets..................... $11,530.00

Grampy’s Drive-In, Pittsburg, NH

Cold Miser/Yeti.................................................. $606.00

Grandma’s Kitchen, Whitefield, NH

Spa Restaurant & Outback Pub, West Stewartstown, NH

Granite State Power Equipment, Pittsburg, NH

Subway, Gorham, NH

Total............................................................... $1,725.00 Miscellaneous Donations

Wine Raffle....................................................... $200.00 Bannana Boat Raffle.......................................... $600.00

Hannaford’s, Gilford, NH

Pre- Event Misc................................................ $850.00

Happy Corner Café, Pittsburg, NH

Town & Country................................................ $250.00

Helga Ziegler, Pittsburg, NH

Easy Rider Snowmobile Club, Massachusetts..... $250.00

Inn At Whitefield, Whitefield, NH

Donations ( e.g. Face Painting)......................... $162.11

Jericho Motorsports, Berlin, NH

Total............................................................. $17,936.61

Jiffy Mart, Lancaster, NH

Grand Total


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT DONATED ** Upon completion of the Easter Seals audit, the Merrimack SnoBuds total should have been $5,470.00, placing them in 1st place in their County.

Shaws Markets, Lancaster, NH

Tall Timber Lodge, Pittsburg, NH T-Bone & Cactuc Jacks, Laconia, NH TD Bank, Sally Williams, Maine The Carpet Barn, Lancaster, NH The Home Depot, Littleton, NH The Red Barn

Jolly Jumpers, Laconia, NH

The Water Wheel Breakfast & Gift House, Jefferson, NH

John Esdale, Weare Winter Wanderers

Tim Lorenz, Weare Winter Wanderers

L.L Cote, Errol, NH Labonville, Inc., Gorham, NH

Tom Willand, Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club

Lauren Benson, Easter Seals NH

Tommy Vanbost, Weare Winter Wanderers

Laurie Robinson, Easter Seals NH

Walmart, Gorham, NH

Lemieux Garage, Colebrook, NH

Walmart, Littleton, NH

Linda Greenwood, Dalton, NH Log Haven, Millsfield, NH

Whitefield Hardware Company, Whitefield, NH

Lowe’s Home Centers, Littleton, NH

Youngs Store, Pittsburg, NH


Coos County White Mountain Ridge Runners..................... $5,020.00 Pittsburg Ridge Runners............................... $2,550.00 Dalton Ridge Runners....................................... $330.00 Presidential Range Riders................................. $275.00 Lancaster Snow Drifters................................... $250.00 Swift Diamond Riders....................................... $200.00 Waumbek Methna............................................. $150.00 Jefferson Hi-Landers........................................ $100.00 Total............................................................... $8,875.00

Merrimack County


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New Hampshire Snowmobile Association

42nd Annual

February 7th, 8th & 9th • Town and Country Inn & Resort, Gorham, NH Top 10 Clubs*

County Totals

Club Total


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black


% of clubs

White Mountain Ridge Runners





Uncanoonic Mountaineers





Merrimack Sno-Buds





Sutton Ridge Runners





Southern N.H. Trailblazers





Kearsarge Trail Snails





Kearsarge Mountaineers





Hudson Sno-Men





Belmont Bogie Busters





Andover Snowmobile





* Upon completion of the Easter Seals audit, the Merrimack SnoBuds total should have been $5470.00, placing them in 1st place in the Top 10 Clubs



Ride-In Grand Total


2014 Union Leader Awards Largest Club Participation Presidential Range Riders The Youngest Drive at the Ride-In on a Mini-Sled Madison Bassett, age 4 Newfields Sno-Raiders Longest One-Way Distance Traveled within New Hampshire Christopher Hanson Pittsburg Ridge Runners

Longest Distance Traveled Tom Bassett, Tom Bassett, Jr. & Derek Rugg Newfields Sno-Raiders

2015 NHSA Ride-In Lotto Winner Russ Davis Belknap Snowmobilers

Youngest Person Driving to the Ride-In Garrett Poitras Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club

"Banana Boat" Lottery Christopher Hanson Pittsburg Ridge Runners

Oldest Person Driving to the Ride-In Charlie Kurtz Umbagog Snowmobile Association

Torch Light Parade - Best Costume Vic Henry Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club

Adult Scavenger Hunt David Charrett Scrub Oak Scramblers

Torch Light Parade - Best Sled Jarrod Byrd Presidential Range Riders






Photos by Tim Acerno and Nellie Roache

Yeti & Snow Miser inspecting the trails

Great Costume Parade!

Gov Hassan with past Easter Seal Child Susie Conlon

Special Auction Item raised $800.00

Best Decorated Sled

Commitee and Check

Best Costume

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

The Heat Miser has been captured!

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Warren Piquette PO Box 39 Lochmere, NH 03252 603-524-1683

Belknap Snowmobiler Inc. PO Box 7224 Gilford, NH 03247 Jon T. Bossey, President


I hope your winter is going well and you have been able to go out and enjoy the trails. February was an excellent month for grooming and riding. February was a very busy month for the club for a number of reasons. Our club fundraiser at Cactus Jacks in Laconia was a great success. Between the 4 nights of food sales and the auction we raised $1,485 for the club. For those who attended in support of this event thank you for your participation and a special thank you to Cactus Jack as well for having us back again this year. We had a club ride in on February 22nd which was hosted by Kitchen Cravings in Gilford. We had a bonfire with some excellent food for all who showed up. It was extremely successful with upwards of 100 riders attending. We chose this date because of the overlapping on the NH and Mass school vacation weeks. We will be doing this again next year for sure. The weather was excellent and it was great speaking with all who attended and for those who were there I hope you enjoyed yourselves. It was great seeing all the little kids and big kids sitting in and checking out the groomer as well. February is traditionally a busy time for the club in terms of maintaining trails. We share the trails with the Sled Dog Derby. They had excellent trails for their event. We also have the increased traffic due to the Annual Fishing Derby, which was also another extremely successful event and right after that we segway right into school vacation weeks. So the month of February is very busy for the trails and especially busy for our very dedicated group of volunteer groomer operators. This being the last article for the winter I want to remind you of

a few things. Saturday, December 6, 2014 will be the OHRV Safety Class at the Beane Conference Center. Keep an eye out for that with details on the club website. Also this April will be the annual club meeting with the election of Directors and Officers for the club. There are quite a few director positions that are open and all officer positions are open every year. So, that being said if you are interested in becoming involved with the club please join us at the annual meeting on April 15th at the Beane Conference Center in Laconia at 7:00. Please remember, this is your club and it survives solely on the spirit of volunteerism. So without your help and participation there is no club. So please make every effort to attend and get involved. I hope you had an excellent season of riding, I hope you enjoyed the trails, and I wish you and your family all the best.


George Kaye

139 Pine Hill Road Center Ossipee, NH 03814 603-986-9666

Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club PO Box 311 East Wakefield, NH 03830 Bob Lundgren

What a difference a year makes! After the last two seasons, one very poor and the next not quite as bad, Mother Nature has really overcompensated with a winter to remember!..Of course every year has its good and bad points. This year it was cold early on which was helpful to our club since we depend so heavily on the formation and safety of lake ice. In spite of the cold, early on we didn’t have a lot of snow to ride on or to groom but that changed in recent weeks. It’s late February as I write this so I expect to see riding well into March..perhaps to the first day of Spring? There are always issues with grooming but more so, it’s a challenge for riders to understand why things are the way they are at times. For example, properly grooming the Wolfeboro RR bed is impossible until there’s enough


snow to significantly cover the rails, since the snow is easily scraped off. Then the width is a problem. If an eight foot wide groomer on a narrow elevated rail bed meets oncoming machines, it creates a problem since no one can pull off. Then to reach trails that are off the rail bed, means the groomer must ride on the rails which can damage bogie wheels. However, in spite of problems such as described above, we’ve gotten more positive feedback than negative this season. I don’t drive a groomer but I know if I did, positive feedback would make me inclined to volunteer more of my time. In addition to our several grooming volunteers, we have some talented maintenance guys led by Doug Labree and Dave Towle. The club has two Tuckers in addition to five smaller groomers (four Skandics and one Arctic Cat) and grooming can put a lot of stress on equipment. Many hours are spent repairing and replacing parts such as bogie wheels, springs, etc. Thankfully we have gotten our membership back up to a better level (401 at last count) so dues and donations are up and we also continue to get meaningful income by our volunteers who put in time and effort at the NASCAR and grass drag events. When I hear how we’ve spent over $30,000 on keeping our oldest Tucker going (tracks, bogie wheel, windshield wiper motors, etc… it’s amazing that we are able to do it. As generous as the grants are for equipment purchases and grooming hours, there’s still a lot of money needed which e must provide on our own. We need more YOUNGER volunteers for these fund-raising events..think about it! Scheduling an event is always at the mercy of the weather. We had a club poker run planned for Saturday February 22. Of course the day before, we started experiencing a cold rain rendering the trails very sloppy so it was called off. Later that day when the temperature was still in the 30’s we had heavy rain and lightning so it was the right call. We did lose some snow but it’s since cooled down so the lakes are generally safe once more and grooming can resume. Saturday evening (Feb 22) we put on a Landowner Appreciation potluck dinner at the Safety Building. In spite of the ‘Thank you letters” and invitations that went out we only had a handful of landowners attend but a good time was had by all. A contingent of our members went to Yellowstone recently and

from what I understand conditions were fine and they were west of the ‘polar vortex’ so temperatures were OK. At the landowner dinner, An award was presented to member Nick Pesce for doing the most non-stop talking on the four hour flight from Minneapolis back home, He was presented a trophy which brought plenty of laughs. His wife, Gina, was presented with earplugs! Soon we will be sending out our annual requests for volunteers to work at the Nascar races in July and September. Please take a day in each month to spend time with your fellow club members and raise needed funds. Dates will be sent with the request. Our income from these six days ranges from $7,000 to $10,000. This provides many gallons of fuel for the groomers as well as helping with other expenses. If you are interested in more information about these events, please notify Chuck Waleik 603-522-6070 Thanks again to our volunteers who put on a Safety Course in January from which 22 ‘graduated’. Another one is planned for next season so watch for announcements either in a newsletter, e-mail, our website ( or Facebook. Finally our club was recognized at the NHSA Ride-In for having made the largest cash donation from Carroll County Clubs. Thanks to all! Mountain Meadow Riders Snowmobile Club PO Box 342 Conway, NH 03818 Clem Paquette, President

We are excited to let everyone know that the last section of the By-Pass Trail was completed in February! This trail was a big project for our club and there were many setbacks along the way, but it was well worth the wait. So far, we have received a lot of positive feedback about the trail, which is much appreciated. There are a few spots along the new trail which are a little tricky to navigate, which will be remedied during the offseason, but overall it is a beautiful trail. Our Trailmaster, Colin Preece, would like to personally thank the volunteers who worked tirelessly on this trail to make it a success. If he did not have their help, the trail would not have opened this season. Please remember all of the work put in by our club members when enjoying the trails and consider

pitching in a day or two next fall to maintain the trails for the 20142015 season. On February 22nd, the club held its annual Bonfire fundraiser and we had a great turnout! We had a lot of folks on sleds stop by to enjoy the bonfire, the food, and check out the new club clothing and hats. This year we added a Radar Run for Fun, which was a big hit with the riders. We had 85 participants who took 222 runs. There were no individual classes or prizes awarded as it was just for bragging rights only. Eric Seyforth took the bragging rights for the highest speed of the day, which was 83mph for the 660 foot run. It was a warm, beautiful day, so the track was a bit mushy. We did not receive any complaints though and everyone who participated in the Radar Run enjoyed the event. By the time of the publication of this edition, we will be getting into the spring season, but hopefully we will have had a few more weeks of riding in the early part of March. Spring does remind us, though, of the work that must be done at the end of each season. Once the snow is gone, the trail signs and markers need to come down, gates need to be closed, and pallets need to be removed from the railroad trestles. This season started off great and although there was a January thaw, it was over all a good year. The club appreciates all those who groomed the trails this season. We have had a lot of positive comments about the quality of grooming on the trails. We also appreciate the land owners who allow us to cross their land. Whenever you have an opportunity, be sure to thank the land owners and of course, be sure to be respectful of their land when using the trails. We also appreciate the businesses that support our club via map advertisements. The club does not currently have any major projects on the table for next year, but will be working on making improvements to the new By-Pass Trail and, of course, continuing to maintain all of our trails. We are pleased to see our trails being used for multiple types of recreation, such as walking, running, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Some of the folks who use our trails for reasons other than snowmobiling have joined the club and offered to work on the trails alongside with us, and we sincerely appreciate their support. We are delighted that the trails have become multi-use Continued on page 24





Get the Right Policy and Price NHSA Members could receive exclusive savings on their Snowmobile, Auto, Home or Renters Insurance! Contact Chris Valley, Liberty Mutual Sales 828 Central Avenue Dover, NH 03820 603-828-6847 Christopher.Valley@LibertyMutual.Com www.LibertyMutual.Com/NHSA

This organization receives financial support for allowing Liberty Mutual to offer this auto and home insurance program.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

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Continued from page 22 trails which are used throughout the year. Respect all those who use the trails, be safe, and have fun. Please visit our website and Facebook page throughout the year for updates and when July rolls around, visit our website to renew your club membership to be sure to get every edition of the Sno-Traveler! Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club PO Box 261 West Ossipee, NH 03890 Mark Debitetto, Trail Administrator


PASSING ALONG SOME NEWS: The OVSC is applying for a Federal Recreational Trails Program Grant (RTP). This application is going to ask for help with the major improving of sections of the Bowles Trail, a major bridge repair in the Effingham Section and a piece of equipment to help with trail brushing. The RTP Grant Application requires a 20 percent match from the applying club to secure the grant. We always seem to get our matches from donations of time for the labor needed on these projects or donations of cash for equipment purchases. We hope that our members and friends will assist us with this application again. Our trail system gets rave reviews constantly. The volunteers that do the work take pride in these reviews. We want to continue to provide a great experience for our visiting riders and also give our local businesses an avenue during the winter months where their clientele have a reason to visit. TRAIL SYSTEM NEWS: WOW! What a great season this has turned out to be. Storm after storm and cold temps have allowed us to build a deep base and groom the trails to perfection. We have been trying to ride as much as possible but many of us that volunteer also have snow removal jobs that have to be done. Then we go into the trail system to groom and clear the downed branches and snow laden tree boughs. It’s all good though because the great reports from you riders in our trail system make us happy to keep the miles in smooth shape. We have some trails that are not seeing the traffic that the major routes do. This, I think is because some riders may be a little reluctant to try that trail they have never been on before. Use our map and venture off. For example the Bowles Cut Off is a beautiful trail


with some great views. It goes up into the White Mountain National Forest section of our system. Cruise past the Liberty Trail Head and continue up the forest road thru the long section up into a large stand of white birch on the flank of Mt, Chocorua. The trail then drops or rises steeply (depending on direction of travel) (slow please) thru some huge pines to the intersection with the Mudgetts Camp Trail and the Paugus Mill Trail. Here you can choose the narrow and older type trail up to the Mudgetts Camp Turnaround. To go beyond requires tools, equipment and riding partners. It continues to the Kanck and is very difficult terrain. (Maybe someday we will be able to improve this trail.) If you go down the Paugus Mill Trail (An area which is protected as a national historic artifact site) you will ride over the new large bridges that our volunteers built so that we can service all this area with our large groomers. This trail is wide and rides great. You’ll pass through some large glacial erratic’s (boulders) and continue up to the landing and intersection where more choices of where to ride will have to be made. These off the main trail loops are fun… try em! Remember that if you get a little turned around just look for the signs that say TO WHITE LAKE. They will get you back to the White Lake State Park on Rte 16. Oh…and always carry a map. Please REMEMBER that the OVSC is using a Multi-Use trail system. Our trails are open to Sled Dog Teams, X-C Skiers and Hikers etc. Be Aware and give a wave. LOCAL BUSINESSES: We have some very active local businesses here in the valley. They help us through out the year. Please frequent them and let them know you are riding the OVSC Trails. Everything from fuel to excellent food is available in the Ossipee Valley area. Check our trail map for locations of our participating members and also on our website links page.

EVENTS: The OVSC Annual Bass Tournament has been held at Westward Shores Lakeside Camping Resort for the last 5 seasons or so. We want to thank them for hosting. It is a beautiful spot on the lake that we had a great time fishing out of. Ossipee Lake Marina is hosting the tourney this year! This is another beautiful location on the lake. We are sure the fish will be biting. The date of the tournament is Saturday June 21. Stay tuned to the website for details.


OVSC is planning a General Membership Meeting / Landowner Appreciation Dinner. We had initially planned it for March. With all the snow falling though it has just got busy for us to get it to happen. Our plan now is that we will hold our Landowner / General Membership Meeting in October. We will be sending RSVP’s to our landowners and hope many can attend. We would also like to see more of our members come. At this time we are in the very early planning stages but we wanted to get some info out there so folks will have an idea of what the plan is. Please stay tuned to our website for more information as it becomes available. Our upcoming events such as the Snowmobile/ATV swap meet, Dinners, Club Rides, Meetings, etc will be posted on our website and Facebook. Please Stay Tuned! Please stop by our club offices for a chat, pick up some club logo items (we have hats, T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts etc), and purchase a map, membership or registration. Our club office is located at Canoe King of New England, 1799 White Mountain Highway (Rte 16) Tamworth. Just down the road from White Lake State Park. NOTICE TO OUR CLUB MEMBERS: Please let us know of your email address changes so that we may update our database. Till next time Smooth and Snowy Trails! Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club PO Box 268 Wolfeboro Falls, NH Sue Gaudette, Secretary

We asked for snow – we got it! The tides have turned and we have including todays storm as I write this article – a full on old fashioned winter in progress. However, for the WSC that ends the good news. For the first time in memory, one of our grooming machines is down with a rather major issue. Despite all efforts to get it up and running in a timely manner – it had to be trucked to a repair facility and is now being worked on. For everyone that is used to the Wolfeboro area trails being very well maintained, we apologize for the unavoidable interruption in our service to our members and those that enjoy our trails. We would like to shout out a big thank you to Mike Weeks who operates the state groomer on the Castle in the Clouds area. He has gone above and beyond to do his best to come over and try to maintain the effected trails. We hope to have this machine back up and running ASAP. Our other

groomer has been out nightly and hopefully that will be the end of our misfortunes. On another note; the snack shack the WSC operates has not been open yet this season because we are in need of volunteers to man it. A very small crew has loyally been operating this for many years and they are unable to continue this commitment. If you have any time to spare please contact Larry Jean at (603) 321-7856. On the good note; with all this snow, riding in our area should be great in the upcoming weeks. We are hoping to be back on track and providing everyone with great trails as in the past. You can all stop doing the snow dance …at least for a few weeks!


Charles Faria

PO Box 376 Rindge, NH 03461

Hooper Hill Hoppers PO Box 142 Walpole, NH 03608 Michael Powers, Vice President

I guess the clubs little "Snow Dance" really worked this time? February has been good to us this year bringing us an abundant amount of snow. Finally we have been able to meet some of our planned rides without having to cancel them due to lack of snow. I personally took part again this year in the reciprocal weekend

held on January 31st thru February 2nd. We road every day into Vermont crossing in North Stratford and into the Silvio O. Conte, National Fish and Wildlife Refuge. The trails were fabulous and I really enjoyed their signage. Every intersection has a unique number proceeded by a two digit code for the county it's located in. Very easy to follow when you have their state map. I'm suggesting we do the same thing locally with our club maps. It's just a matter of assigning a code to the current road crossing and intersections we already have posted. This makes finding out where exactly you are on a map very easy. For those of you that have ridden with me you know I need all the help I can get. We are almost finished with the GPS map of all of our trails and it should be available by fall. We had a very successful annual "Poker Run" on February 22nd despite the rain and mild weather that rolled in a couple of days earlier. Everyone had to ride to four designated places and pick up a poker chip. Each chip was a different color and the final chip was received at "Great Brook Farm". The club provided hamburgers & hot dogs at the farm and many people brought a dish. You redeemed your chips at the farm for five playing cards. The $5 entry fee was totaled from all the entries and the pot was split between the holders of the High hand and the Low hand. It was a great turn out as usual and a big Thank You goes out to Peter Graves for hosting the event again this year. This is my final article for this years Sno-Traveler and by the time you receive it our season will be well on it's way to being over. The club keeps going and we have plenty to do during the off season though. On April 26th we will be having our annual dinner & meeting tentatively at the Walpole primary school. Updates will be on the website as


we get closer to the date. We will also be having a food booth at the Walpole Old Home Days on June 28th. This will be our first fund raiser of the year and we will need lots of volunteers. Spring is indeed right around the corner and the sun is shinning longer everyday so for those that don't participate in this wonderful winter hobby like us, you can be begin to SMILE again. THINK SNOW!

Monadnock SnoMoles

“The Last Ride” It was a 30 degree morning in March and the weather man has no good news for my snowmobile. So, I make a plan with the my wife to hit the trails. We take a minute to admire the view of Grande Monadnock Mountain when we hear the rumbling of sleds coming through the woods to our home. It is my buddy Stan the 300 pound man and his voluptuous wife Peggy. I reveal to them my plan to start at “JP Stephens Restaurant” for brunch and they love the idea. Now I face a dilemma. My brain says to let my full figured friends go first, to ensure the ice is safe at the 3 ponds we will cross. My stomach says, do you really want to get stuck behind the Elephant Man & Miss Piggy at the buffet line?! The stronger organ wins and I lead the way to brunch. The food is fantastic and convenient to get to, right off Corridor 4 in Rindge. We decide to take Trail 13 out to Wilton which is still a little rough as this trail is in it’s infancy. Then continue on the big ride through Greenfield and over to Keene. We decide to celebrate our great day out on the trails with Dinner at the Woodbound Inn in Rindge. This is another great establishment that is conveniently located trailside. A fitting end to a successful snowmobile season. The snow finally arrived in February and the SnoMoles Trail system was the best it had been in

years. The Annual Club Cookout was a total success. Hundreds of Snowmobiles, vintage and new rode into the event. The SnoMoles and “The Stephen Record Foundation” joined forces in an effort to raise funds for Camp SnoMo and Easter Seals. There was a Poker Run & Radar Run as well as tons of food. The Combined effort will present a check to Easter Seals in memory of our fallen club members [Steve Record, Steve Kottke, Tim Letourneau and Dan Peard]. The SnoMoles also presented Trail signs to the families of these young men and encouraged them to hang the signs on the trail system as a dedication to their memory. We are grateful for the many active members of the SnoMoles club which includes many folks from the Monadnock Region as well as Northern Massachusetts. This year’s membership toppedoff at over 600 members! Special thanks to our groomer operators, Board of Directors, Map Sponsors and anonymous donors that made this season a success! Have a great summer!


Cheryl Spillane 521 Mt. Misery Road Littleton, NH 03561 603-444-9835

Colebrook Ski-Bees PO Box 125 Colebrook, NH 03576 Michelle Hinds

It has been a very good season for the Colebrook Ski-Bees, with great trails in our coverage area. We’ve had a few minor equipment issues, but they were quickly

addressed and we were back on the trails in no time! It’s hard to believe the season is coming to a close already! Here is a recap of some of our activities over the past couple of months. We are a very busy club! The Colebrook Vintage Race on Saturday, February 08, 2014, was relocated to the track in Errol. We didn’t have enough snow in Colebrook to build a track a few weeks prior to the scheduled race, and by the time did have sufficient snow, there was no longer enough time to build a track before the event! The Vintage Race Committee was previously toying with the idea of purchasing snow guns for the purpose of building race tracks, but determined it would be too costly. We are just going to deal with Mother Nature as best we can! The Colebrook Ski-Bees concession stand was also in Errol for the Vintage Race, and did a mean stroke of business, with a varied menu to include donuts, hamburgers, hot dogs, clam chowder and beverages. The club is thankful to Vince Roscillo for so generously loaning his generator to the club on multiple occasions. The Board is now looking into the purchase of a generator of our own. Our Trailmaster reported at the Feb. 5 club meeting the need to continue to brush trails. If anyone wants to borrow a pole saw to go out and do some brushing for the club, please contact Arthur Beauchemin. Arthur has also suggested we get a sickle bar for one of the groomers. We realize we still have some signage issues, which we are working on. Also, one of our bridges on Sims Stream was broken up from the ice again; We plan to elevate this bridge this summer. New trail maps came out this year and are being sold at various locations in the Colebrook area. We are grateful to our advertisers! The club is planning to build a garage on the lot we’ve purchased across the street from the current Bungy clubhouse on Keach Road. We are working on a scaled model of the proposed building and the committee plans to meet soon. If interested on serving on this committee, please contact the club. We have also formed a Scholarship Committee this year, and they have not met yet, but will very soon as spring is almost


upon us! At each monthly meeting, the club does a 50/50 raffle, which finances the club’s Scholarship Fund. It’s amazing how quickly the funds add up! Any members who are interested on serving on this committee are welcome. Please contact us for meeting information. North Country Mushers held a 20 mile race on Sunday, February 9 on Corridor 18 to 5 to 7 to 7a to 18, back. On the night before the event, the Ski-Bees hosted a Spaghetti Feed at Colebrook Country Club for the mushers and the general public. The club had several volunteers for the dinner and for road crossings during the race. It turned out to be an outstanding weekend for the club, and the mushers are talking about returning next winter! We are very excited about this new addition to the club’s events schedule. The 10th Annual Austin’s Ride for Cystic Fibrosis was held on Saturday, February 22 at the Colebrook Country Club. Every year, Colebrook Ski-Bees sponsor the food for this event, and also sell 50/50 tickets throughout the day. The event includes a snowmobile ride with a 35 mile loop (out of state registrations are allowed on the ride), BBQ lunch, a silent auction all day with incredible items, live auction, raffles and the 50/50 raffle. The fun begins at 9:00am and is over by 4:00pm. The public is invited to this familyfriendly event! If you missed this event, mark your calendar NOW for Saturday, February 21, 2015. All proceeds benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to help find a cure! Jim Kenny is serving as the Colebrook Ski-Bees representative on the OHRV Coalition. Three new trail kiosks coincide with our snowmobile trails, and we will need help putting them up as they are very large. Please contact Jim if you are available to lend a hand. Nomination of officers took place at the Wednesday, March 5 monthly membership meeting. Anyone interested in taking a position, please contact Amy Falconer. Officer positions are for one year, from July 1 through June 30. It’s not too late to get on the ballot. Elections will take place at the Wednesday, April 2 meeting which begins at 7:00pm at the Colebrook Country Club. Monthly club meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month, September through May, at 7:00pm at the Colebrook Country Club on Route 26 in Colebrook. We have also incorporated an informal pot luck dinner into our meetings in hopes of bringing more of the “social” back into our club. No one is required to bring a dish; it’s completely optional. Please join


us! All members and landowners in the Ski-Bees trail system are invited! Thank you to our members and landowners for your generous support all season! To contact us, please email Information is also posted to our website: and on our Facebook page. Pittsburg Ridge Runners 17 Dickson Lane Pittsburg, NH 03592 Curt Shaw, President

Well it is nearly the end of another season. We have overcome many challenges this year, the ice storm being the most destructive. We got through January with some pretty thin snow cover on the trails, but February brought plenty of snow to carry us through the rest of the season. Thank you to all the volunteers for your help throughout this season. The annual Fireman’s Appreciation Day display of rescue equipment was held at the Warming Hut on Saturday February 15th. The day’s proceeds of $560 were donated to the Pittsburg Volunteer Firemen’s Association. A big thank you goes out to Bob and Sue Gaudette, Mark and Helga Ziegler, and all the ladies who made food donations to the Warming Hut throughout the season. We had a great time at the annual Steak Feed on Saturday February 22d. It was a busy day. We fed 257 people, a recent record. The senior class and freshman of the Pittsburg school finished their annual poker run at the club house, followed by the meal. The classes each netted $750. The drawing for the SkiDoo MXZ Sport 600 was held at 7PM. This sled was provided by DaSilva Motor Sports of Moultonboro and Hampstead NH. Ida Johnson, one of our earliest club members volunteered to draw the ticket. The snowmobile was won by Jeff Brown of Hookset NH. The drawing was followed by a second drawing for a 50 dollar gift certificate offered by Grampy’s Drive In at 2658 Main Street Pittsburg. The certificate was won by Bob Sirois of Harwinton CT. We held the third Vintage Race at Errol on Saturday February 22nd. Attendance was excellent. The next race is scheduled for Saturday March 15th at Pittsburg. Thanks to all who have donated Continued on page 26

Black Spot A

PO Box 265 Rindge, NH 03461 Andy Lawn


26 PAGE 26

Continued from page 25 toward grooming. Donations have exceeded $3800 as part of the membership applications. We also received over $500 from the jug at Young’s store and nearly $200 from the warming hut donation jar. See You next season, have a great summer! Happy Trails, Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club PO Box 179 Twin Mountain, NH 03595 President- Don Monahan

Black Spot B

It again has come to that time of year-Spring or very close to it-by the time this edition gets into your hands. Our organization extends thanks to all of the landowners that participate so that we may continue to have a great trail system. Without their support we would not exist. Thanks to all those that joined our club this past season and for the generous donations made by many. This particular area did not receive very much snow this riding season like that in most of the state. It was almost midFebruary before we received any measurable snowfall. Storm after storm bypassed us but that is definitely out of our control. We are really glad that most areas were luckier than us so that the great sport of snowmobiling did not stay idle. We wish to thank the staff members in the White Mountain National Forest Office for their continued cooperation with our club in solving various issues that arise from year to year. This in turn has allowed us to make changes in our trail system to both improve riding as well as safety concerns. We look forward to a great working relationship in future years. Last but not least a big thank you goes out to all those that worked so hard in the offseason to prepare our trail system for this riding season. Their many donated labor and equipment hours saved us a significant dollar amount. Our annual Valentine’s Day Dance Fundraiser was a success and we appreciate all the food donations from the residents and businesses in town.

2014 TMSC Raffle Winners James Niziak, Merrimack, MA WINNER OF THE SLED

Cheryl Andrews, 2nd place winner from Rochester, NH, $100 Frank Bill, 3rd place winner from Andover, MA $50 Robert Paradis, 4th place winner from Branford, CT $25


Stephen Latassa, 5th place winner from Gloucester, MA $25 Please stay and ride safe and we hope to see you all again on the trails in the future. Umbagog Snowmobile Association PO Box 133 Errol NH 03579-0133 Bill Morin

They say cold is all you need for a great winter and this one seems to have worked true to form trail conditions and riding have been some of the best in years although cold weather gear was definitely necessary. Club events were extremely busy this winter with two vintage races and a poker run but it sure made the winter seem like it went by fast. We will be having our elections on the first Friday in April so anyone interested in joining in please come on down there is never any lack of things to be done in the Club. One of the best ideas to come about the last several years is the free ride weekend with Maine and Vermont it has given hundreds maybe thousands of riders to try trails they normally wouldn’t ride because of the additional cost of registrations I hope everyone has taken advantage of this weekend to explore the unknown. So far groomer maintenance has been going very well the fact that we have upgraded to new groomers the last several years has made the in season maintenance a much more reasonable chore but of cost all the fundraising that is needed to pay for the new equipment can be hard on everyone in the club and our friends that we drag into helping us but I hope it is all worth it after riding 100 miles on perfectly groomed trails. I hope everyone has had a safe season and hopefully we will see you at the end of season club meeting in April. Waumbek Methna Snomwobile Club PO Box 115 Jefferson, NH 03583 Debbie Dubois

The snow finally arrived (and the cold!) and both were welcomed at least for a few weeks. The change in weather salvaged what was shaping up in January to be a disappointing season for winter sports enthusiasts. A number of club members enjoyed the festivities connected to the Grand Prix in Lancaster. Friday night found many of us at


the dinner at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield and many more members attended the races on Saturday and Sunday. It was a successful week-end for the Lancaster Snow Drifters and fun for all who participated. Our own big event, the annual steak feed and poker run were also a great success. We sold out early and everyone appears to have enjoyed the food and the company. A big shout-out to all the members who volunteered on the work crew, for the prizes generously donated by local businesses, and to everyone who attended. We do appreciate the support. Club members along with others just out for a ride enjoyed the cook-out at the club’s warming hut in Randolph. Mike and Jack took care of the cooking duties and the weather cooperated and gave us a beautiful day. The mountain views were fantastic! The warming hut has become a popular stopping point for riders in the Randolph area and they show their appreciation by the good care that is given to the building. Sherry has been keeping our website ( and FaceBook page updated with lots of great photos. Be sure to check those out and feel free to add your own. As warm weather approaches we are starting to plan for a landowner and volunteer recognition cook-out to be held in early June. We are in the very early stages of discussion about this event and would like to hear your ideas or suggestions. You can contact club officers by emailing Gil at contact@ White Mountain Ridge Runners PO Box 425 Berlin, NH 03570 Larry Gomes, Assistant Trail Master

After a terrible January with our trails closed for two weeks, February started with some great snow and our trails have been perfect ever since. Our volunteer groomer operators have done an outstanding job this year getting our trails back into shape in record time after each of the warm-ups. Many thanks to Emile, Bob M., Scott, Pat, Shaun, Bob R, Marceau, Tom, Bryan, George, Nate, Joe, Chad, Matt, Ron, Pete and Larry for spending their free time so others can ride. We also want to give some thanks to the guys who turn the wrenches at the clubhouse

including Scott, Patrick, Shaun, Nate, Joe, Chad and Matt. These guys keep the machines humming and save the club a lot of money by performing maintenance in-house instead of at the dealers shop. February was a busy month for our club. Members of our club attended the Easter Seals Ride-In in Gorham over the Feb. 7-8 weekend. Our club raised a total of $5,020 for Camp Sno-Mo, which was the highest amount raised by any of the 15 clubs in Coos County and the second highest amount raised in the State. This is the sixth year in a row that we have won the Coos County 1st place award and we really appreciate the support from all who contributed in this difficult economy. Also many thanks to Kate for making dozens of calls to ask for donations to help us make our goal. Because of your contributions, at least 7 kids with disabilities will be able to attend Camp Sno-mo next summer tuition free. During Easter Seals weekend we had our Annual Steak and Hamburg feed. This event was well attended and we added some much needed revenue to the club treasury. The Jericho Warming Hut continues to be a favorite stop for riders coming through Jericho Park. Already there are over 500 signatures in the guest book and it continues to grow every year. As the season winds down, we are already planning our trail work for next spring and summer. We have submitted grant applications to continue trail improvements on Corridor 19 north of Milan Village. We also have several bridges that need to be re-decked on PT109. As usual, we are asking for help on these projects during the off-season. As one of our valued volunteers, you will get invited to our annual “Volunteer and Landowner Appreciation Party” that is held lakeside in May of each year with boat rides and a complimentary catered lunch. As an additional bonus, we offer free accommodations to anyone who is driving in from remote areas to help with trail work. Please send email to for more info on signing up for free accommodations. Also if you own an ATV, please contact us. We are always looking for volunteers with ATV’s that can help get our work crews into remote areas. Many times we are able to ride on private land with the exclusive permission of landowners. So please consider volunteering one day of your time during the off-season. Not only will you get

some great exercise, but you will met up with some super people and learn what goes into making a trail system work. You can find out about our trail work schedule by periodically checking our club website at or by visiting our Facebook page at


Evelyn Ferrell

1059 Route 118 Dorchester, NH 03266 603-786-2770

Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile Club PO Box 675 Ashland, NH 03217 Keith Beausoleil

The volunteers at BMSC want to thank you for a great season! To the riders who provided the great feedback on our trail maintenance and grooming efforts, thank you. We hope to continuously earn your membership year after year as we will continue to strive great grooming with what Mother Nature provides. On February 9th, we had our first club ride in many years. We've been thinking about this for a few seasons, but we were not getting good snow in February for the past 2 years. Well it snowed and 5 days the event we said, let's do it! So with the help of the website and social media, we told you about the event and you showed up! We'll call the event a success; 35 sleds with some 40 riders showed up, trails were groomed, weather was beautiful, wonderful hosts opened their home to us, the food was great, and it was great to meet you! And it was very cool of you to come on such short notice. Please continue to keep up with club news on our website and our Facebook page at Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile Club, NH. Through those sites we frequently update trail conditions, weather, events, and tell you about the glove you lost on Talcot Trail... was it yours? Ha! Anyway, we would love to see you back next season at the BMSC. Thank you again for your support and your membership. See you next year!


Hardy Country Snowmobile Club PO Box 43 Hebron, NH 03241 Sue Waring, Secretary

and Tim French have been our only experienced groomers, with newcomer Walt Waring still learning the ropes in the cab of the BR-180. We have two groomer operator trainees coming along, Chuck Stata and David Lloyd, who are not quite ready to solo but have been spending their time in the groomers as well. They have all been giving it their best despite icy trails and equipment problems. What riding we have had is due to their dogged determination to get over that next hill. The trails may not have been as superlative as they have in the past but it hasn’t been for lack of effort by those few who are willing to give of their time and labor. One of the major problems with the less than abundant snow cover has been the ice. Traction problems have been an issue in both the Tucker and the BR-180 as Hardy Country grooms primarily in the high country around Hebron and Groton. The Tucker has been using only the 16-08 Mogul Master drag, as its allocated 18-09 is impossible for it to pull up the trails unless the conditions are perfect. The BR-180, however, is limited to using the second 18-09 drag; this has had severe repercussions on the Tenney Mountain Trail and several other

trouble spots in the trail system. All of our groomer operators have been in the unenviable position of sliding backwards on the steeper trails in a five ton behemoth (BR at 7,300 lb, 18-09 drag at 3,400 lb.). Only luck and experience have avoided serious damages to the trails and to the equipment. In the past, we’ve had snowier winters and better conditions, but less snow has been the trend for the past three seasons. In order to be more effective, we need to adapt and, to that end, there has been increased discussion at our meetings about the advisability of acquiring a second 16-08 drag for our aging BR-180. The possibility of trading one of our 18-09s for one has also been mentioned. If anyone has a 16-08 drag, or knows of one that may be available, please call Walt Waring at 744-6158. With spring on the way, it is also time to plan for the April meeting, the last of the season and our annual election, which will take place on April 12th at 7:30 PM at the Hebron Village Church. Chuck Stata and Bruce Barnard are on our nominating committee this year and are working on rounding up candidates for all of our offices.


We will be losing some of our longtime officers this year and would enthusiastically welcome some new candidates with fresh ideas to liven up our activities. Please call Chuck at 603-744-6278 or 603-966-8098 for more information or to throw your hat into the ring! Once spring actually gets here, the work on the Atwell Brook, Crossover & Hood Rd trails in Orange, contracted for under the RTP Grant, will resume. Much of that work was completed last year but was suspended in order to rebuild four bridges (Hardy Country Road over Hardy Brook, Hood Road, Tenney Pasture & a bridge on Tenney Lane of about ten feet); on which, Miles and the fall trail work participants were commended for excellent construction. Brush clearing and excavation on the rest of the trail system also took precedence for the


rest of the fall and well into early winter. With the RTP deadline of July 1, 2014, spring trailwork is a must this year. Seeding, mulching and culvert work remain to be finished prior to the deadline. We have completed approximately 127 hours of labor directly related to this project towards the 325 hour match we are committed to and would like to see some eager participation in putting the last touches on this project and coming closer to our 325 hour goal. In this last issue for the 20132014 season of the Sno-Traveler, I wish everyone a sunshiny and healthy summer and the hope of a terrific snowmobile season next year, with more snow and a little less bite to the cold! Remember to always ride safely and courteously and don’t forget to stop and enjoy Continued on page 28

Black Spot B

Dear Snowmobilers: It looked more like winter out there at the end of February than it did at the end of January – but, as this issue lands in your mailbox, it’s probably pretty snirty on the trails and spring is about to poke its head above the snowbanks. For those uninitiated, “snirty” is a technical snowmobiling term that we first heard in Pittsburg in 2008. It designates the trail surface when the snow has mixed with the dirt underneath and the trails are wet and muddy (yes, the trails can get snirty even in Pittsburg). Overall, we have had more snow in 20132014 than we had in the previous two winters; unfortunately, we also had more ice on the trails and a miserable rain that washed away the bounty of a 14” snowfall in February – and, the steeper the trail, the more the snow receded. All of this made for tough grooming and, when coupled with the lack of volunteer groomer operators, the going was rough in Hardy Country. Over this past winter, Miles Sinclair


28 PAGE 28

Continued from page 27 the views! Our meetings are held at the Hebron Village Church at 7:30 PM on the second Saturday of each month from October to April. We hope to see you there! Lisbon Stump Jumpers PO Box 142 Lisbon, NH 03585 Cheryl Wiggett

Black Spot A

Thanks to all the Lisbon Stump Jumpers who were at the Dalton Ridge Runners event on Saturday Feb 22nd. The weather was great. We were very happy to reciprocate volunteer help for their event. Most of us were cooking (or eating), but Steve Wood did participate in 3 radar runs. On Sunday Feb 23rd we had a Club event. We met at the Club House for breakfast at 8am. Eggs, bacon, sausage, English muffins, homemade donuts, and more. There were 11 of us which was a good turnout. Jane Smalley finally got her wish of a ride in a groomer. Thanks again to Rob Lockwood who went out at 1:30 am to make sure the trails were good for our after breakfast ride. We had 9 sleds to start, and finished with 5. Brad Gooden and Steve Bushway had their vintage machines for the outing. The panoramic view sites were gorgeous. We completed the day by meeting Rob at the bonfire at Schofield’s. WE THANK THE GROOMERS ENORMOUSLY. Our trails would not be the same without them. The Tucker was re-furbished and after a few tweaks has been in Meetings continue the second Thursday of March and April. The Appreciation Dinner for Landowners and supporters of the Club is Saturday April 5th at the Landaff Town Hall at 6 pm. It is hard to believe that this is the last issue of the Sno Traveler for this season. Hopefully we will still be on the trails when this is printed. Mt. Cardigan Snowmobile Club PO Box 203 Canaan, NH 03741 Debbie Mason, Secretary

Great job with all the snow dancing that must have been going on! The Easter Seals Ride In was a fantastic time as usual with 10 members of our club attending. What a great opportunity to ride in an area that you may not normally ride in and spend time with some amazing people. I am impressed with the effort that everyone has been


putting into the trail system throughout the state. I did get to go snowmobiling thru West Lebanon, Plainfield, Cornish and Claremont, and reminisced of my first days snowmobiling on my Moto Ski and even before that the trail that my brother and I made by our house in Plainfield so that we could ride our three wheeler down to our friends house, sadly that trail has not been improved over the years, there is still just enough room for one machine. It was nice to still be able to get out that way though, and to be able to pull into Burger King Parking lot was something that I never thought I would be able to do on a snowmobile. On February 22 I had the opportunity to meet with our Granite State Youth Trail Blazers, Bob Doherty, Roger Wright, Joe and Melissa McGee and the kids for a ride from Littleton to Jefferson and to Dalton it was a nice ride and a chance to make new friends. Great job to all the clubs for their outstanding efforts to keep the trail is great shape. Our club has been dealing with broken pistons on the mogul master, but has been trying to keep the trails groomed to the best of our ability. I would like to thank Alice Sunnerberg for all the work that she does acting as our interim treasurer every winter. Thank you so much to our landowners, the businesses and everyone who has supported our club and for helping this to be one of our best seasons. Remember club work does not end when the snow melts; we have plenty of clean up, fundraising, and planning to do for next season. New idea’s are always welcome and we look forward to seeing new people. Please ride respectively and responsibly.


White Mountain Snowmobile Club PO Box 721 Lincoln, NH 03251 Dick Wolfe, Director

Since the middle of January snowfall hereabouts have made for some great trails and great riding. Hope everyone has had some good times on these long awaited snowy groomed trails. Club membership and registrations are up due to the early snow in December, and again after new snowstorms covered the ice that everyone experienced in January. Weekends have been very busy about town and it’s good to see many folks with families out on the trails. This calls for added efforts from everyone in making safe snowmobiling. Please do your part in making snowmobiling a safe enjoyable activity. The new green colored NHSA New Hampshire Snowmobile Trail Map for Winter 2014 is out and has been distributed far and wide. A correction should be noted that applies to Trail #156 in the Lincoln Woodstock area. This was somehow mislabeled Trail #153 on this new map. It is the solid green line and part of the Primary Trail System in New Hampshire. If you are in our area, remember that the correct number 156 is on our trail signs that run from North Lincoln southbound to Warren and the Wentworth areas. TRAILS Work on the Bog Pond Trail had to be halted for this season in midDecember due the snowstorm that arrived. A large number of new culverts and several bridges were built right up to the opening of trails on December 15th. A large bridge is contemplated on this trail in the near future, but for now this trail is fully open and being

enjoyed by all riders. Our BR-180 Groomer has been out and very busy in grooming our trails in late January and early February, but a breakdown occurred soon after. The replacement part was rushed in within five days and a nighttime repair put Big BR back in business. A well done to Jeff and Gordon for their dedicated repair work and to any others that may have had a hand in it. The extra effort since then by a number of drivers have returned the trails to good condition. Thanks guys for your time and efforts in grooming them in such good shape. The railroad tracks have been snow covered most of February and with the combined efforts of the Central N.H. Snowmobile Club and ourselves the trail has been groomed for the first time in several years. This allows for a good trail from Plymouth north to Lincoln on Corridor Trail #11. The Skandic and drag has seen steady work since repair work on the hitch was completed. The guys are very happy with its operation and it has been especially helpful on the more local trails that might have a narrower width. The Russell Pond Trail and Tripoli Road areas have recently been groomed, and even with their somewhat remote location, snowmobilers have found and enjoyed the scenic views along these two trails. This area is accessed off Corridor #11 to the east of the rail bed, approximately two miles south of the Lincoln business district. The deep snow has aided in filling in water bars on the Russell Pond Trail, and hopefully the weather will remain cold well into March, to maintain good riding in these areas. RELOCATION The relocation of our Trail #156, described in detail in previous news editions, has been working

well. The trail crossing Route 3 in North Lincoln was moved north several hundred yards and is well marked for snowmobilers notice. The short use of the backside of Hanson Farm Road passes several homes and I’m sure they who live there, would appreciate you snowmobiling at a slow speed through their area. It’s only a short distance until you’re back on the regular trail into the woods. Thanks… Our thoughts and plans for a permanent location of Trail #156 are still in the works and changes hopefully will be completed by the time snow flies in mid- December 2014.

EVENTS Special snowmobile events over the past month were well attended and I’m sure enjoyed by everyone. I’ve heard the TriState Reciprocal Weekend was again a huge success, with heavy snowmobile travel on all those snowy trails in the North Country. The snowmobile associations in all three states are working to make this a permanent winter event and will work out particular weekend dates later this year. The Grand Prix Vintage Snowmobile Races were also held the same weekend in late January at the Lancaster Fairgrounds Race Track. The Sno-Traveler has several pages of race details and pictures, so I will not duplicate anything here. I attended the Easter Seal RideIn held in Gorham on February 7-8-9, along with several hundred other snowmobilers from all over our state. Unlike the previous year at the Town & Country Resort, we had good snow and excellent trails to snowmobile on throughout Gorham, Berlin and surrounding towns. Many thanks to the Presidential Range Riders, the White Mountain Ridge Runners and the Jefferson Hi-Landers for their grooming efforts and smooth trails in this area. The weather was cold, but no one complained, as large numbers of folks took to the trails both Friday and Saturday. There were also many ongoing activities inside the resort each day and the food in the dining room was plentiful and delicious. Again, the Sno-Traveler has many articles and pictures of this worthy event, so I will not tread on their words, but to say, over $83,000 dollars were raised for Camp SnoMo in Gilmanton, to enable many handicapped and special needs kids, to attend summer camp. A great weekend for all. FAREWELL I know that these club news articles are about snowmobiling


snowmobile miles on great trails throughout our state. To all my snowmobile friends throughout New Hampshire and those in Maine and Massachusetts Ride Often and Ride Safe. Dick Wolfe – Thornton, New Hampshire…


Bill Bolton

42 Norris Road Weare NH 03281 603-529-0616

Hollis Nor’Easters PO Box 517 Hollis, NH 03049 Doug Cleveland

With a lot of snow in February the riding and trails have been great and our grooming crew has done a super job of keeping the trails nice and smooth. Our major event of the season, the Pink Ride was a big success again this year with more than $12,000 raised for the St. Joseph Hospital Breast Care Center in Nashua. This ride was organized by Nor’Easters secretary Sue Keough as a cancer charity event in 2012. This year we had 75 sleds lined up at Silver Lake State Park in Hollis on a beautiful day for a 90 minute ride on freshly groomed trails through Hollis and Milford followed by a cookout back at Silver Lake. Thank you Sue for a wonderful event and a fun day for all. The Nor’Easters followed up the Pink Ride a week later by participating in the Lone Pine Hunters Club Winter Carnival in Hollis by providing snowmobile rides. We had a couple big sleighs and several smaller ones pulled by groomers, plus 2-up sleds. They traveled through the Lone Pine property and Hollis Conservation land trails on a scenic ride through the woods and along the Nashua River. This has become a popular annual event attended by many families and children, and snowmobiling has been an important part of the day. Membership in the Nor’Easters Snowmobile Club has increased significantly over the past couple of years to more than 700 members this year. At our

monthly club meeting in March we elected all our officers and three board of directors members for the next season. By the time you read this, our riding season here in the southern part of the state will be about over. A big thank you to all the officers and directors and volunteers who put in so much time for the good of the club at monthly meetings, Old Home Day, pre-season BBQ, snowmobile safety course, the Pink Ride, grooming our beautiful trails, the winter carnival and a couple of group rides which were the highlight of the riding season for us. We would also like to thank all the landowners who allow us to use the trails across their property, and our local sponsors and business partners at RJ’s Motorsports in Nashua, the Hollis Pharmacy, and Souhegan Valley Motorsports in Milford. Any high school senior whose family has a connection to the Nor’Easters can apply for our annual $1,000 scholarship. Applications for this year’s high school scholarship will be accepted until Saturday, May 3 and can be downloaded from the Nor’Easters web site at We hope you all have had a nice winter riding season. Hudson SnoMen 41 Chase Road Londonderry, NH 03053 Michelle Rodrigue, Secretary

Dear friends, I hope that you all have enjoyed the snow this year know we did. We had a club trip to Canada. Six of us left Stewartstown and went to Thetford-Mines it was a great week-end with good friends. We are still holding our meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Please check our web-site at We will see you at the NHSA Annual meeting. Merrimack Sno-Buds PO Box 833 Merrimack, NH 03054 Steve McCarthy

Six Sno-Buds attended the Easter Seals Ride-In in Gorham on Feb 7,8, and 9th. This year the SnoBuds had raised $5,470 making the Sno-Buds the #1 contributing club in the State for the 15th time. In fact, the Merrimack Sno-Buds have raised over $311,000 since 1976! This would never have been possible without the help of many, many people but especially Newt Coryell. Below is the total list 2014 $5,470


2013 $6,769 2012 $7,498 2011 $7,220 2010 $9,173 2009 $11,465 2008 $14,325 2007 $16,371 2006 $16,476 2005 $23,266 2004 $25,800 2003 $24,191 2002 $23,356 2001 $26,687 2000 $25,587 1999 $10,550 1998 $10,118 1997 $6,050 1996 $5,105 1991-1995 $10,952 1986-1990 $13,554 1976-1985 $10,439 Total $311,422 That’s it for this month. Think snow, ride safely and best regards, Southern NH Snow Slickers 73 Tower Hill Road Candia N.N. 03034 Jason Jutras

Our new website is coming along well and we hope to add more content soon! Everyone please come and join our forum at And feel free to post your videos and pictures there too! Our Social events have been wonderful so far this season and the new meeting format seems to be a hit too! We have had several guest speakers and some really good food. A BIG thank you to Susan Weiss and all of her helpers for planning and coordinating all of our events ( especially impressive since she is a vegetarian and still cooked hundreds of pounds of chicken, ham, hot dogs and burgers). We would like to thank all of our groomer operators for a wonderful job this season! Richard Doyon, Al Grant, Rene Roy, Bill Lincoln, Jason Jutras, Paul Kimball, Dianne Kimball, Larry Larsen, Scott Tickler, John Reiss, Mike Lawrence, Dave Labbe, Tim Finnegan, AJ Bachhuber, John Decker, Steve Vanni, Scott Bassett, Jim Lovett, Jim Morin, Adam Knight and of course Bob “Skandic” Smith. We would also like to Thank Scott Malo for this wonderful job in keeping all of our equipment running. Without him we would not have been able to keep are trails in such nice shape! Ray Philibotte is a member that deserves tremendous recognition for not only his wonderful signs that adorn our trails but also for his efforts in the 500 club. Ray personally sold hundreds of tickets himself and raised an insane


amount of money that will be donated on behalf of our club to 3 very worthy charities. Thank you Ray! Our Board of directors all deserve a HUGE thanks for all that they have done to make this another success-ful season. The Board spends 12 months a year planning and working to make sure that our members have every-thing that they are looking for in a club. We are very lucky to have each and every member of this board… they are all willing to donate a lot of their personal time to ensure that our members have the ultimate snowmobile experi-ence here in southern NH. Enough cannot be said about what these people do for our club and our sport. Now I would like to personally thank everyone that has joined our club, volunteered to help out… but alas I do not have enough space to thank everyone… just know that we appreciate our members and volunteers more than you know! We will continue to do the snow dance and hopefully we can finish the season strong. Until next time stay safe and keep the rubber side down! Uncanoonuc Mountaineers PO Box 486 Goffstown, NH 03045 603-497-4023 Linda Lambert—Secretary

Hey everyone! Winter has officially arrived— and in GRAND style I must say!!! Mother Nature must have finally gotten the message that New England wanted and needed snow. Our persistence in sending Mother Nature our prayers, wishes, and snow dance routines must have done one of two things: she either got tired of listening/watching us so she gave in, or she thought we all did such a great job that we deserved lots of “white gold”. Regardless of her thoughts, WE WON !! Thank you Mother Nature!! Daryl and his team have been working hard to make and keep the Goffstown trails superb. If you’re in our area, be sure to take a ride up to the top of North Mountain to get a beautiful view of Manchester. Since my last article, not only have we gotten lots of snow, but many of our club members have enjoyed our first 3 club trips. Eleven of us had a great time on our first club trip of the season to Maine during reciprocity weekend. Snow was fair to good Continued on page 32


and not about the author. I’ve not said much about myself in any previous news columns, however, I would like to say a few things here. This club news column will be my farewell article in the SnoTraveler. I have written ours club news each winter season now for the past seven years. I have enjoyed in particular keeping our club members updated on the latest club news, and in general any other snowmobilers in New Hampshire, who may have an interest in snowmobiling in our area for the weekend or for vacation time. I’ve reported on our trails being improved in the fall, the snow conditions for snowmobiling in the winter, and giving credit to some of our hard working members who volunteer so much of their time to make snowmobiling what it is today – and it’s all about volunteers, everywhere – a great bunch. I read many other clubs’ news column in the Sno-Traveler, and I imagine that folks in other areas may read our column to check on conditions in this area. I hope snowmobilers have enjoyed our news as I have enjoyed theirs. I now feel that I’ve written all I can each season and some of my articles seem a bit repetitious at times. In plain words, I guess I’m a bit tired of deadlines and putting words in print. Maybe someone else would like to report the clubs news and views in the next few years. A final word if I may. I have been snowmobiling now for over 40 years and have enjoyed many wonderful experiences over these years of riding in several western states, several Canadian Provinces, Alaska and all four New England snow states. Next winter, Lord Willing, I will reach my 80th birthday, and feel very fortunate to have snowmobiled many thousands of miles in those areas, each of which has their own beauty. My wife and I moved here to beautiful New Hampshire approximately ten years ago and hope to enjoy more snowy years here in the Whites. I’m not leaving snowmobiling, but just slowing down, (as my wife has been after me for several years now!) I hope to be a continuing presence in our club, along with riding locally when the opportunity presents itself. So, with thanks to Gail Hanson, our editor, for allowing me the license to get personal for a bit, I hope that many of you out there have enjoyed these news articles over the years. I bid you a SO-LONG and hope you all enjoy many safe


30 PAGE 30



Cyan Magenta Yellow Black



Color the letters with the dots to spell a secret message. Answer: Do not ride on the ice. Stay away from areas where moving water enters lakes or ponds. Keep off frozen surfaces of streams, rivers and lakes.

Source: Outdoor Empire Publishing; All rights reserved

Year round modified mobile has all the comforts of home plus direct trail access. 6 Rooms, 2 bedrooms, seasonal porch, 5 sled heated garage with drive-in drive-out access, wood shed and additional storage building, drilled well, private septic. 5+ acres with seasonal views. Very private and just a short distance to town.

Contact Coralie at Ray Davis Real Estate for more information @ 603-237-4400 or Listing #4515c





by Allan Houle


the field area, with many of them riding around enjoying the fresh snow. The Museum Complex buildings were also very busy with people enjoying the 80+ machines on display. The fireplaces and woodstoves were providing a warm retreat from the cold. We answered many questions regarding the machines; it was great to see all of the enthusiasm shown from the many visitors. It was clear to see that the vision of the early founders was taking place. Here are a few examples of the machines on display.

A 1966 Arctic Cat “workhourse” machine, yes Arctic Cats were once Red and White.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

he original founders of the New Hampshire Snowmobile Museum had a vision that included having a place to share the history of the early days of snow traveling vehicles, along with this vision was also a place and a time each year that enthusiast of these early day snow traveling vehicles could come to and enjoy a day of riding and reminiscing about the machines. This vision comes to Bear Brook State Park each February in the form of a Winter Rally sponsored by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Museum Association and what an event we had on Sunday, February 9th, 2014 at the Museum. There where over 140 machines on display in

Another machine from Arctic Cat, this machine was built for racing and had a 650 cc power plant.

This is a 1972 SnoJet Thurnder Jet snowmobile that was built to race.

A twin tracked Caribou along with some very nice Rupp snowmobiles.

Two beautifully restored Polaris SnoTravelers. These machines have climbed Mt Washington and participated in the historical rides in Maine to commemorate the early testing grounds for Polaris in the Northeast.

The Feature sled for this year’s event was any twin track machine, this was any manufacturer that made a “twin track” machine, these machines where originally produced as utility machines and race sleds. Peoples Choice Awards were presented to the following: People’s Choice Feature - Steve Wiggin, 1969 Skidoo Alpine, People’s Choice Favorite – Brian Desmarias 1968 Tucker SnoCat, People’s Choice Teen – Matt Ladd, 1972 Arctic Cat Kitty Cat, People’s Choice Youther – Blake & Bryce Sandlin. Congratulations to all of the winners and Thank you All for a Great Event, we hope to see you next year! ❄

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in most areas but a bit icy on corners. We stayed at the Belmont Motel in Skowhegan, a nice clean, reasonably priced motel owned by a friendly older gentleman who loved to talk about anything. We were able to ride right from our doors to the trails and there was plenty of room to park lots of trailers. Nice place—I’d highly recommend it. One sled had to be towed back due to a broken chain but that minor glitch did not dampen our spirits. Twenty of us attended the Easter Seals Ride-In at the T & C. We didn’t do much at the RideIn except turn in our donation, and attend the spaghetti supper and comedy night (which was excellent). However, we did do a lot of riding with no incidents or breakdowns. With that said, being such a large group we did loose a few members a couple times but it didn’t take long to find them. Luckily, Al, our president, who is somewhat familiar with the trails in that area and always takes up the rear in case there is an issue, was able to reunite us all quite quickly. Our youngest rider/ driver, Andrew, 9 years old, drove Al around the good part of the day on Al’s 2-up, heavy T660! He did such an awesome job. He even took lead of the whole group and drove Al all the way to the top of a very long, slushy, steep hill to a beautiful scenic overlook. Great job, Andrew! No adventurous trip would be complete without taking a “long cut”!! (It was supposed to be a short cut but I guess we missed a turn or 2 or 3!) But, the best part of the weekend for Daryl, our trail groomer was just riding around in the parking lot on his favorite sled. I’ve supplied a picture for you to see for yourself. All the trails in the surrounding towns were excellent—kudos and many thanks to those clubs who kept them so well maintained. Our third trip (my favorite) was to Errol. Fifteen club members ventured out for this trip. Just so you know, RT 16 is STILL very bumpy! Upon our late day arrival, most headed out to go have supper at the Bull Moose. Three of us women decided to stay back to have a girls’ night— we’ve never done that before! I actually couldn’t go as I had fallen on the ice before leaving home and had an ostrich sized egg on the back of my head and couldn’t get my helmet on. Half an hour after the riders left we decided to walk to the local diner only to find out that it was now POURING!! Shortly after that the riders returned—soaked to the

bone! So, with umbrellas in hand and me with my helmet bag over my head (on a dare) we all walked to the diner only to have the power go out just before we finished eating. Saturday was much better day but Sunday had the best riding conditions. We had only one very minor incident—someone knocked over her husband with her sled and hit the sled in front of her when she started her sled. (We were stopped on a hill.) Nobody hurt, no sleds damaged, nobody even got upset—it was just a freaky accident. Remember I was saying that RT 16 is still very bumpy? Well, on the trip home, one of those bumps took out an axle and a leaf spring on someone’s trailer! Horrible way to end a nice weekend! During the riding we’ve done this year, we have seen lots of people out walking their dogs on the trails, many of whom are not on leashes. PLEASE, be respectful and kind to both dogs and walkers. Slow way down and yield to the dogs/ walkers. The trail you are on could be owned by that person walking their dogs. If you are disrespectful or rude to the owner, or hit the dog(s), you give all snowmobilers a bad name and the owner could easily and justifiably shut down his section of the trail permanently. Then we all loose. Please remember that most of our trails are loaned to us by private land owners for multiuse—not just for snowmobilers. On Monday, Feb 24th, our club had a rare opportunity to assist our PD with a rescue in a wooded area in our town. Although we send them a letter each year offering our assistance, they’ve never needed us—which is a good thing. But on the 24th we DID get asked. Within 45 minutes of the call, our rescue sled was loaded, a trailer with 3 sleds hitched up and Al & Lee arrived on scene. Unfortunately,

the rescue turned into the removal of a body in a large black bag for Al & Lee. Thank you Lee & Al for your willingness to assist the PD with that difficult mission. Continue to pray, wish, and do your snow dance for more snow. How nice it would be for businesses and snowmobilers to have a longer snowmobile season this year with great snow cover! Our next club trip is March 7-9 at the Errol Motel. So far we have 14 members willing to risk RT 16 again. Our next club meeting is Monday, March 10th, 7 pm at the Parks and Rec building on Mast Road. Thank you to our County Director, Bill Bolton and his assistant, Mandy Matheson for another informative county meeting. I’ll end with one last “thank you” to all the clubs who work so hard to keep the trails groomed and marked for all of us to enjoy. Most of us know that that is no easy feat! So, again, our sincerest thanks to all of you. Remember to pray for snow, respect others on the trails (including animals of all kinds), drive safely, and be kind to others. Again, don’t forget to look at Daryl’s picture. He’s having way too much fun! OK, now I’m done. Talk to you next season. Wilton-Lyndeboro Winter Wanderers PO Box 455 Wilton, NH 03086 Sheila Beaulieu, Trail Administrator

February is here and the snow is finally coming our way. Weather reports are saying we have another potential storm coming for the weekend, which would be perfect for the clubs annual cookout and trail dedication, this President’s Day Weekend. Grooming has been minimal at this point, but with storms brewing the groomers will be out in full force. We have had some challenges this season with the quad-track

groomer breaking down on the trail, leaving Al Williams our Trail Master stranded. Thankfully he was never stranded for very long!! A Special Thank You to those of you who have come to his rescue. Our groomer operators are also keeping close eye on areas of the trail that have been roped off and signed for no sleds. Unfortunately, we have riders who are clearly disobeying!! If you see this, please say something. Our club meetings continue monthly at the Wilton Library the 3rd Thursday every month at 7:00pm. If you have not had the chance to attend, we welcome you. We are always looking and encouraging new members to come forward and join. The club will continue to post trail updates on the Web-Site and on Facebook. By the time this article is published, a lot of great events will have happened through the state. The Easter Seal’s Ride, Club Cookouts, The Pink Ride, Vintage Races, Poker Run’s and the Annual Sno-Deo, just to name a few. If Punxsutawney Phil is right, we still have 6 more weeks of winter coming!! Please remember to be safe and obey the signs!! Have fun riding and enjoy the trails! We will see you out there.


Beth Horvath-Palmer PO Box 249 N. Sutton, NH 03260 603-927-6364

Andover Snowmobile Club PO Box 332 Andover, NH 03216 Allan Houle

As we move towards the close of winter we can look back and be thankful for some good snow and riding conditions, although it was not always constant riding conditions, we did get our fair share of snow for grooming and riding. We can also be thankful for another good turnout at our Annual Italian Buffet with many prize winners enjoying our Raffle Items to sponsor Easter Seals Camp Sno-Mo.

We also had a good turnout at our 11th Annual Highland Lake SnoFest with antique and vintage snowmobiles on display and good food and a warm clubhouse to enjoy. We would also like to thank all of our club volunteers for another good year; your continued support is appreciated. Thank you to all of the landowners that allow us the privilege of using their land in support of our trail system, their trust is appreciated. Our next event will be our food booth at the Annual 4th of July Celebration on the green in Andover. In closing we hope that you have a great spring and summer and we will see you again in the fall – Enjoy! Sutton Ridgerunners PO Box 453 North Sutton, NH 0326 Tom Paul – President Submitted by: Dave Hennig- VP

Is it possible I am writing the last article of the season? So much anticipation, and then the season always goes too quick, kind of like Christmas. After a cold but snowless start to the year, February has given us some great riding. We even had to cancel our monthly meeting on February 13, because the snow was coming down so hard- 16 inches. That is a good storm. It was great to see several groups of out-of-town riders coming through on Trail 390 Saturday. It is unfortunate the state map still isn’t correct and that was causing some confusion. The club map on our website is correct, please down load a copy if you are going to be in the Sutton area. It is with some pride that we share the news that the Ridgerunners were able to donate over $4000 to the Easter Seals ride-in, which for a small club we think is pretty good. Tom Paul our President set a stretch goal to increase by 33% from last year and the whole club came through. With our season so short it is great to have another important club focus- helping the kids and supporting this great program. As a closing note we want to recognize the Verondale store in North Sutton for their strong support of the Ridgerunners and snowmobiling this past winter. If in the area, stop by for some great food. It’s a good place to gas up your sled as well. For now enjoy the rest of winter, and hope for some great Continued on page 34





Join Billerica Motorsports & Marine at Booth #2510 during the Show!

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Continued from page 32 spring riding. Our monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday’s of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Sutton Firehouse. We encourage all members to attend and welcome visitors.. We always need more trail workers. They should call Charlie Ash at 927-4753 or Bob Preston at 927-4974 if willing to help. Be sure to check our website for information on upcoming events, membership forms and trail maps.


Dave Copeland

43 Blaisdell Drive Northwood, NH 03261 603-942-8303


Derry Pathfinders PO Box 692 Derry, NH 03038 Kathy Messana

Where did winter go? Seems like we just got started and … well, that’s how it is. The seasons do change. And with that thought, we know that we’ll be back in full force next winter riding the trails. But what to do between now and then… there is still lots to do. Keep informed by checking out the website: www. So what do you suppose you will be doing on Tuesday, September 9th? You might want to mark in your calendar of events to attend the Derry Pathfinders first monthly meeting for the 2014-2015 snowmobiling season. We are the local club that you join each year, so why not actually join us for the meeting? This past year had the Pathfinders involved in several events which contributed to the fun and enjoyment of the season. We held a booth at Derry fest, we had several trail maintenance days, we held our annual flea market, we held a snowmobile safety class, many Pathfinders attended the Easter Seals RideIn, we participated in Frost Fest, we held monthly meetings, and we rode the trails! These events couldn’t have happened without all those who contributed their time and energy and expertise to


the success of each event. A big, hearty thank you goes out to all who were involved. So sometimes at our monthly meetings the conversations can get pretty interesting and lively. One such meeting led to many members expressing their disappointment with the quality of food at the Easter Seals RideIn. Clearly the venue is a great host, but they haven’t quite got the word about the lack of satisfaction with the dinner. So if you are one of the attendees who found yourself dissatisfied with the quality of food, join other snowmobilers in expressing your experience by calling, writing a letter, or contacting the Inn via their website. They won’t know to make the improvement for next year if no one voices their opinion directly to them. The Easter Seals Ride-In is one of the greatest events to attend. So why not look forward to having a great experience next year, one which includes an appealing and delicious meal. The Pathfinders wish you all a safe and enjoyable spring and summer. Guess it’s time to stock up on the bug spray and sunblock…


Joe Gorman, Sr. 28 Finethy Road Alton, NH 03809 603-875-2173

Powder Mill Snowmobile Club PO Box 324 New Durham, NH Kimberly Bedard- Fortin, Webmaster

This year outdoor enthusiasts were busy doing the snow dance to give Powder Mill Snowmobile Club (PMSC) a record year! Abundant amounts of snow fell just in time for the annual Cook Out-at-the-Look Out and Multiclub Poker Run. Coincidence? We don’t think so! The PMSC Annual Cook Outat-the-Look Out is starting to become the favored annual club gathering, with riders coming in from all directions. Every year the owner of Homes of Yesteryears,

volunteers the use of his property and material for the bonfire. The property provides a spectacular view and plenty of room for many to gather. Thank you Jim! Once the grills started at this years Cookout, our volunteers had all they could do to keep up with the orders. Many volunteers manned the grills, baked deserts and sent in crock pots of stews, chowders, chili and pulled pork for sandwiches. Hot dogs were by far the most popular item this year, with a couple runs to local grocers to keep up with hungry attendees. (Our apologies for the hot dog shortage within the ten mile radius of the event) Needless to say, no one left hungry and it proved to be a record turnout! Snow dancing grew frenzied with one of the season’s best storms right before our Multi-club Poker Run. (You can always tell who the outdoor enthusiasts are by their usage of words like- great, best and wicked to explain a storm) Our grooming volunteers put the PMSC groomers to the test to prepare the trails for the Poker Run in time. PMSC Riders started off at the Hawg’s Pen to register and collect the first chip. Some even fueled up on the great breakfast being served that morning. Trails Continued on page 37


SPORTS CENTER 1664 Dover Rd., Route 4, Epsom, NH 03234 (603) 736 -9050





NHSA Affiliated Clubs BELKNAP COUNTY Belknap Snowmobilers, PO Box 7224, Gilford, NH 03247-7224 Belmont Bogie Busters, PO Box 130, Belmont, NH 03220 Gilmanton Snowmobile Association, PO Box 291, Gilmanton, NH 03237 Mohawk Trail Riders, PO Box 167, Sanbornton, NH 03269 Mt. Major Snowmobile Club, PO Box 208, Alton Bay, NH 03810 Sno Streakers, Inc., PO Box 780, Meredith, NH 03253

CARROLL COUNTY Moultonboro Snowmobile Club, PO Box 118, Moultonboro, NH 03254 Mountain Meadow Riders, PO Box 342, North Conway, NH 03818 Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club, PO Box 261, West Ossipee, NH 03890 Sandwich Sidehillers, PO Box 113, North Sandwich, NH 03259 Scrub Oak Scramblers, PO Box 185, Madison, NH 03849 Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club, PO Box 311, East Wakefield, NH 03830 Snoward Bound Snowmobile Club, PO Box 400, East Conway, NH 03813 White Mountain Trail Club, PO Box 191, Bartlett, NH 03812 Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club, PO Box 268, Wolfeboro Falls, NH 03896-4130

CHESHIRE COUNTY Ashuelot Valley Blazers Snowmobile Club, 40 Old Spofford Rd., Winchester, NH 03470 Hooper Hill Hoppers, PO Box 142, Walpole, NH 03608 Keene Sno-Riders, PO Box 1511, Keene, NH 03431 Little Monadnock Family Trails, Inc., 54 21 Wetmore Street, Keene, NH 03431 Monadnock Trail Breakers, PO Box 338, Dublin, NH 03444 Monadnock Sno Moles, Inc., PO Box 265, Rindge, NH 03461 Pisgah Mountain Trailriders, PO Box 546, Hinsdale, NH 03451 Stoddard Rock Hoppers, PO Box 900, Stoddard, NH 03464 Westmoreland Sno-Belters, PO Box 8, Westmoreland, NH 03467 Winchester Trail Riders, Inc., PO Box 225, Winchester, NH 03470

COOS COUNTY Colebrook Ski-Bees, PO Box 125, Colebrook, NH 03576 Dalton Ridge Runners, 64 Bush Road, Dalton, NH 03598 Groveton Trailblazers, 24 Eames Street, Groveton, NH 03582

Mt. Cardigan Snowmobile Club, PO Box 203, Canaan, NH 03741 Pemigewasset Valley Snowmobile Club, PO Box 391, Bristol, NH 03222 Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club, 2532 Buffalo Road, Rumney, NH 03266 Squam Trail Busters, PO Box 555, Holderness, NH 03245 Twin State Trail Busters, PO Box 858, Lebanon, NH 03766 White Mountain Snowmobile Club, PO Box 721, Lincoln, NH 03251

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY Border Riders Snowmobile Club, PO Box 644, Pelham, NH 03076 Brookline Icebreakers, PO Box 198, Brookline, NH 03033 Crotched Mt. Ridge Runners, 99 Peterborough Road, Greenfield, NH 03047 Hudson Sno-Men, 41 Chase Road, Londonderry, NH 03053 Merrimack Sno Buds, PO Box 833, Merrimack, NH 03054-0833 Night Riders, Inc., PO Box 759, Hillsboro, NH 03244 Nor'Easters Snowmobile Club, PO Box 517, Hollis, NH 03049 Southern New Hampshire Snow Slickers, 26-B Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH 03037 Uncanoonuc Mountaineers, PO Box 486, Goffstown, NH 03045 Weare Winter Wanderers, PO Box 513, Weare, NH 03281 Wilton/Lyndeborough Winter Wanderers, PO Box 455, Wilton, NH 03086

MERRIMACK COUNTY Andover Snowmobile Club, PO Box 332, Andover, NH 03216-0332 Bee Hole Beavers, 61 Piper Hill Rd., Loudon, NH 03307 Bow Pioneer Snowmobile Club, PO Box 1772, Bow, NH 03304 Contoocook Sno-Mads, PO Box 682, Contoocook, NH 03229 Deerhead '400 Snowmobile Club, 54 Island Road, Candia, NH 03034 Fort Mt. Trail Winders Snowmobile Club, PO Box 61, Epsom, NH 03234 Henniker Trail Travelers, PO Box 168, Henniker, NH 03242 Kearsarge Mountaineers Snowmobile Club, Inc., PO Box 48 North Sutton, NH 03260 Kearsarge Trail Snails, PO Box 97, Warner, NH 03278 Lakes Region Snowmobile Club, PO Box 480, Franklin, NH 03235 Lake Sunapee Snowmobile Club, Inc., PO Box 391, Newbury, NH 03255 NH Sno-Shakers Snowmobile Club, C/O 7133 Oak Hill Rd., Loudon, NH 03307 New Hampshire Trail Dawgs, PO Box 45, Suncook, NH 03275 Suncook Valley Sno-Riders, PO Box 204, Pittsfield, NH 03263 Sutton Ridgerunners, PO Box 453, North Sutton, NH 03260 Town Line Trail Dusters, Inc., PO Box 3031, Boscawen, NH 03303 T-N Arch Trail Travelers, Inc., 136 Bean Hill Road, Northfield, NH 03276

Jefferson Hi-Landers, PO Box 273, Jefferson, NH 03583 Lancaster Snow Drifters, PO Box 566, Lancaster, NH 03584 Milan All Weather Riders, PO Box 75, Milan, NH 03588 Pittsburg Ridge Runners, 17 Dickson Lane, Pittsburg, NH 03592

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY Derry Pathfinders, PO Box 692, Derry, NH 03038 Exeter Snow Hounds, 75 Beech Hill Rd., Exeter, NH 03833

Presidential Range Riders, PO Box 141, Gorham, NH 03581

Great Bay Sno-Rollers, 39 Ash Swamp Road, Newmarket, NH 03857

Stratford Nighthawks, 18 Washburn Rd., North Stratford, NH 03590

Newfields Sno-Raiders, Inc., PO Box 89, Newfields, NH 03856

Swift Diamond Riders, 1411 Diamond Pond Road, Stewartstown, NH 03576

Northwood Crank Pullers, 47 Meadow Lane, Northwood, NH 03261

Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club, PO Box 179, Twin Mountain, NH 03595

S-Ki-Mo, 92 North Main Street, Salem, NH 03079

Umbagog Snowmobile Association, 26 Allison Street, Concord, NH 03301

Southern New Hampshire Trailblazers, PO Box 263, Kingston, NH 03848

Waumbek Methna Snowmobile Club, PO Box 115, Jefferson, NH 03583 White Mountain Ridge Runners, PO Box 425, Berlin, NH 03570-0425 Whitefield Sno Kings, PO Box 64, Whitefield, NH 03598


STRAFFORD COUNTY Barrington Snow Goers, PO Box 146, Barrington, NH 03825 Evergreen Valley Snowmobile Club, PO Box 1255, Milton, NH 03851 Lee Sno-Travelers, c/o Scott Mills 79 Lee Hook Rd., Lee, NH 03861

Alexandria Ledge Climbers, 80 Patten Road, Alexandria, NH 03222

Powder Mill Snowmobile Club, PO Box 324, New Durham, NH 03855

Asquamchumaukee Valley Snowmobile Club, PO Box 284, Warren, NH 03279

Strafford Swampstompers, PO Box 301, Strafford, NH 03884

Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club, PO Box 122, Wentworth, NH 03282 Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile Club, PO Box 675, Ashland, NH 03217


Bruhawachet Sno-Trackers, Inc., PO Box 441, Rumney, NH 03266

Blow-Me-Down Snowriders, PO Box 221, Cornish Flat, NH 03746-0221

Central N.H. Snowmobile Club, PO Box 1315, Campton, NH 03223-1315

Blue Mt. Snow Dusters, ORC, PO Box 428, Grantham, NH 03753

Connecticut Valley Snowmobile Club, 39 Slate Ridge Dr, Haverhill, NH 03765

Crescent Lake Regional Sno-Riders, PO Box 992, Claremont, NH 03743

Hardy Country Snowmobile Club, PO Box 43, Hebron, NH 03241

Hidden Valley Sno-Riders, PO Box 417, Marlow, NH 03456

Lisbon Stump Jumpers, PO Box 142, Lisbon, NH 03585

Old #4 Rod, Gun & Snowmobile Club, PO Box 679, Charlestown, NH 03603

Littleton Off Road Riders, PO Box 281, Littleton, NH 03561

Shugah Valley Snow Riders, Inc., PO Box 944, Claremont, NH 03743

Lyme Pinnacle Snowmobile Club, PO Box 121, Lyme, NH 03768

Tri-Town Trailblazers, PO Box 205, Alstead, NH 03602

Mascoma Valley Snow Travelers, PO Box 307, Springfield, NH 03284

Twin Ridge Mountaineers, PO Box 262, Goshen, NH 03752

Monroe Bumper Humpers, 363 Coppermine Road, Monroe, NH 03771

Washington Snow Riders, PO Box 401, Washington, NH 03280

Black Spot A

Chesterfield Snowmobilers, PO Box 24, Chesterfield, NH 03443

Mount Agassiz Trail Association, PO Box 632, Bethlehem, NH 03574

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NHSA Dealer/Contributor Members 2013-2014

As of February 26, 2014

Please support our generous dealer/contributor members

DARTMOUTH-LAKE SUNAPEE REGION Sunapee Lake Lodge 1403 Route 103 Newbury, NH 03255 603-763-2010

GREAT NORTH WOODS Absolute PowerSports & RV 461 Main Street Gorham, NH 03581 603-466-5454 A Path Less Traveled 25 Landry Drive Pittsburg, NH 03592 603-538-7702

Black Spot B

Bear Country Powersports 54 Main Street Errol, NH 03579 603-482-3370 Cabot Motor Inn & Restaurant 200 Portland Street Lancaster, NH 03584 603-788-3346 Cardinal Cabins 44/46 Cardinal Drive Pittsburg, NH 03592 603-538-6665 Colebrook Country Club 15 Abenaki Lane Colebrook, NH 03579 603-237-5566 Errol Motel 132 Maine Street - Route 26 Errol, NH 03579 603-482-3256

Paradise Point Cottages on Lake Umbagog Route 26 Errol, NH 03579 603-482-3834 Partridge Cabins 3 Partridge Road Pittsburg, NH 03592 800-538-6380 Ramble Woods Cabins & Campground 59 Ramblewood Road Pittsburg, NH 03592 877-720-2539 Snowfield Cabins 25 Kingfield Road Pittsburgh, NH 03592 603-538-7008 SPA Restaurant & Outback Pub 869 Washington Street West Stewartstown, NH 03597 603-246-3039 Tall Timber Lodge & The Rainbow Grille 609 Beach Road Pittsburg, NH 03592 603-538-6651


daSilva Motorsports 7 Moultonboro Neck Road Moultonboro, NH 03254 603-253-6688 Fireside Inn & Suites 17 Harris Shore Road Gilford, NH 03249 603-293-7526

Patrick's Pub & Eatery 18 Weirs Road Gilford, NH 03249 603-293-0841 Proline Products, LLC 34 Industrial Way Milton, NH 03851 603-652-7337 TownePlaceSuites by Marriott 14 Sawmill Road Gilford, NH 03249 603-524-5533 Wicked Snocross 1120 Route 25 Rumney, NH 03266 603-786-9200


Bickford's Sport Center 1664 Dover Road Epsom, NH 03234 603-736-9050 Freedom Cycle 110 Manchester Street Concord, NH 03301 603-225-2779 HK Powersports - Hooksett 1354 Hooksett Rd. Hooksett, NH 03106 603-668-4343 Jordan Equipment Company 744 Clough Mill Road Pembroke, NH 03275 603-228-3377


Best Western Plus Sovereign Hotel 401 Winchester Street Keene, NH 03431 603-357-3038 Gary's Power Equipment 60 Forest Lake Winchester, NH 03470 603-239-4953 Highland Lake Marine 1219 Shedd Hill Road Stoddard, NH 03464 603-446-3943 Livingston's Arctic Cat 123 Henniker Street Hillsboro, NH 03244 603-464-5454 Pinnacleview Equipment, Inc 19 Pinnacle Lane - Route 12 Walpole, NH 03608-0697 603-756-3379 Troy Arctic Cat & SkiDoo 136 North Main Street Troy, NH 03465 603-242-7839

SEACOAST REGION daSilva Gelormini Motorsports, LLC 710 Route 111 Hampstead, NH 03841 603-329-7810 Liberty Mutual Insurance Company 828 Central Avenue Dover, NH 03820 800-437-1180

Gilmanton Winery 528 Meadow Pond Road Gilmanton, NH 03237 603-267-8251

Milwaukee Iron Works 636 N Mast Road - Rt 114 New Boston, NH 03070 603-497-8470

HK Powersports - Laconia 1197 Union Avenue Laconia, NH 03246 603-524-0100

Nashua Sports and Cycle 107 Daniel Webster Highway Nashua, NH 03060 603-897-0350

Lemieux Garage 161 Main Street Colebrook, NH 03576 603-237-4377

Meredith Woods Four Season Camping Area 551 Route 104 Meredith, NH 03253 603-279-5449

New Hampshire Snowmobile Museum PO Box 10112 Concord, NH 03301 603-809-8700

Above The Notch Motor Inn 2058 Route 302 East Twin Mountain, NH 03595 603-846-5156

Notch View Country Inn & RV Resort 54 Forbes Hill Road Colebrook, NH 03576 603-237-4237

Outdoor Performance 508 Mayhew Turnpike Bridgewater, NH 03222-0663 603-744-9875

Prinoth 264 NH Rte. 106 Gilmanton, NH 03237 603-267-7840

Best Western White Mountain Inn 87 Wallace Hill Road Franconia, NH 03530 603-823-7422

F. B. Spaulding 244 Main Street Lancaster, NH 03584 603-788-2281 Lancaster Motor Inn 112 Main Street Lancaster, NH 03584 603-788-4921

Carroll Motel & Cottages 73 Route 3 Twin Mountain, NH 03595 603-846-5553 Evergreen Motel 537 Presidential Highway Jefferson, NH 03583 888-586-4449 Franconia Notch Vacation Rental & Realty 287 Main Street Franconia, NH 03580 603-823-8507 Garneau's Garage, Inc. 101 Route 302 Twin Mountain, NH 03595 603-846-5790 Hampton Inn - Littleton, NH 580 Meadow Street Littleton, NH 03561 603-444-0025 Jefferson Inn 6 Renaissance Lane Jefferson, NH 03583 603-586-7998 Josselyn's Getaway Log Cabins 306 North Road Jefferson, NH 03538 603-586-4507 Littleton Motorsports 515 Union Street Littleton, NH 03561 603-444-5003 Northern Extremes Snowmobiling 2257 Crawford Notch Highway (Faybayn's) Bretton Woods, NH 03575 603-986-5406 Northern Extremes Snowmobiling 1328 US Route 302 Bartlett, NH 03812 603-374-6000 Omni Mount Washington Resort 310 Mt. Washington Hotel Road Bretton Woods, NH 03575 800-258-0330


Town & County 2928 East Conway Road East Conway, NH 03813 603-939-2698 Town & Country Inn and Resort 20 State Route 2 Gorham, NH 03581 603-466-3315 Twin View Cottage & Restaurant Route 3 South / 371 Profile Road Twin Mountain, NH 03595 603-846-7736





Classified Ads The “Sno-Traveler” and/or the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association cannot and will not be responsible for the authenticity or actuality of the below listed advertisements.

MAINE Allens Four Season Accommodations 37 Johns Street Jackman, ME 04945 207-668-7683 Kassboher All Terrain Vehicles PO Box 1855 Lewiston, ME 04241 207-240-4456 Northern Outdoors 1771 US Route 201 - PO Box 100 The Forks, ME 04985 888-770-SLED

MASSACHUSETTS Billerica Motorsports & Marine 6 Riveredge Road Billercia, MA 01862 978-667-1518

VERMONT Absolute PowerSports VT 70 Industrial Park Wells River, VT 05081 802-429-2500 Mountain Grooming Equipment PO Box 324 Waitsfield, VT 05673 802-496-3836

Continued from page 34 were marked with destinations for chip collection clearly visible to make navigation easy for all. New Durham General Store was one of the stops with happy volunteers greeting riders with another chip, a smile and wish for luck. After some of the best riding of the season on PMSC trails, the event concluded at Moose Mountain Recreation where club trails intersect. Chip holders played their hand and some even wagered a little more. Lucky winners were notified after the event to pick up their prizes. The annual Poker Run brought clubs together with family and friends for a great turnout! Groomer Update-The two Tucker groomers have been getting a good workout this year. PMSC volunteer groomers

Stock Windshield: for 2013 SkiDoo Tundra Lt, like new $75.00 or BO. Ask for Dave - 603-323-7353 Stock Seat: for 2013 SkiDoo Tundra LT, like new - $200.00 or BO. Ask for Dave - 603-323-7353

GROOMERS & EQUIPMENT 4' X 10' Terra-master Drag: for use behind wide track sled. Includes Power lift, pull ring, and cutting edges. $400.00 Call Shawn Bushway at 603-313-5859

FOR SALE Errol, NH: 14x70 Mobile Home on snowmobile & ATV trails; 3 Bedroom – furnished; Kitchen – furnished; Living Room – furnished; Washer/Dryer and Dishwasher/Refrigerator included. Double pane windows throughout, some utensils and bedding included, 10x 20 shed w/metal roll-up door, Direct TV ready, on leased land (rent is approx. $175.00 monthly). No Reasonable Offer Refused! 603-482-3566 Pittsburg, NH: 7 bedroom, (3) bath house, (Sunrise Lodge) direct access to corridor 142 and the ATV trails. (6) Sled drive through shed, (2) car garage, stocked trout pond, and much more. Perfect for a B&B, family retreat. A must see! Call 603-538-6600 or e-mail us at trailmaker03894@yahoo

deserve a big thank you for making the 80+ miles of trails some of the best riding folks have seen in a few years. This is a good time to remind you- PMSC groomers are not paid, but volunteer their time. Judging from our trail conditions this year, volunteers were put to the test. Thank a groomer any chance you get! Trail Signage-PMSC trails have some of the best riding around with trails marked extremely well by our volunteers. This year riders who trailer in from other areas conveyed just how well PMSC trails are marked. One rider wrote - “It makes for a more enjoyable ride when you can see trail signs regularly and know just where you are.” Thank you for the great feedback. As the season winds down and we wish for just a bit more riding, we want to remind you to visit us online www. powdermillsnowmobileclub. org for trail updates and join Facebook page members: h t t p s : / / w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / PowderMillSnowmobileClub

North Stratford: Snowmobiler & ATV'ers Getaway. Six year old house... 2-bedroom, 1-car garage, next to trails, in town... Separate entrance basement with great potential... pictures and more info at MLS#3826c or call Kevin & Pam at 603-568-4248. Reduced to $89,900!!! Stark, NH - Percy Pecks Estates: Great Views, 5 Acres in Percy Pecks Estates Stark, NH State Approved Septic, Power on lot 230' River frontage on Nash Stream Land Boarders Nash Stream State Forest 3rd Lot from the end of a cul-desac Perfect lot for a walk out basement or drive in under Snowmobile from your doorstep on Corridor 5 Hiking and beautiful lake swimming near by. $37,500.00 Call 603-497-3462 or e-mail: yipyah@ Stewartstown, NH: Snowmachine directly onto Trail 18 and ATV onto the new North Country trail system from this year round 3 bedroom split level, 2 car garage and 28 acres near Coleman State Park and Diamond Pond. $225,000 .More info at MLS 4243380 or call Don at 207- 831- 5763.

RENTALS Vacation Rental for 2 people at Mill Cove in Boothbay Harbor, Maine: $500 per week for two people, queen size bed, small living room, complete kitchen, and bathroom with 4 foot shower. Enjoy

for the latest updates on events, trail conditions, cautions and meeting other enthusiasts for rides and friendships. We encourage you to continue to share your pictures, stories and event videos. This year we got some great shares with some happy ridersThank you! Enjoy what remains of the season, watch for water-ways and ride safe. We look forward to one more “wicked-storm” and seeing you all on the trails. Ride On!


Eryn Bagley

938 Route 10 South Grantham, NH 03753 667-0196

the view and our new dock on Mill Cove (tidal water). Bring your kayakand enjoy the harbor. Less than 5 minutewalk to the center of Boothbay Harbor for its many restaurants, tour boats and shopping. No smoking and no pets, rentals are from Saturday to Saturday. All reservations will be on a first call basis. Call or write for more information 603-353-4488, Tom and Sheila Thomson, 173 Strawberry Hill Road, Orford, NH 03777.

SERVICES Sno-Country Shocks: Service, rebuilding, valving of high pressure gas shocks. Fast turnaround, 10 years experience. Located in Colebrook NH. Call Ken at 603-2375814 or email:

MISCELLEANOUS Gaspésie Peninsula, Canada: Interested in going on a snowmobile trip around the Gaspe Peninsula? I am planning a 5-6 day trip in February on the 16th22nd. If interested please contact. John Noonan @ or call 978-667-3683 Quebec, Canada: Looking for a retired or semi-retired person or persons to ride with me and others in Quebec, Canada on a 4-11 day saddlebag trip. Must have newer sled. Call Phil Boni at 603-490-0177

Blow-Me-Down Snowriders PO Box 221 Cornish Flat, NH 03746 John Berry, Trail Administrator

It is the time of year again for electing new officers. Our club has been very fortunate to have great leadership people within our club. Unfortunately two current leaders are stepping down after many years of active participation. In fact our treasurer, Judy, is an original founding member of our club that was chartered back in 1971. She has served us well in many capacities over these many years and we can only hope her club devotion continues in the future even without an officer title. She actually was the person in our club responsible for recruiting me back in the early 80’s when she referenced the club needed younger people – how ironic is this? Judy has been especially generous when it comes to raising money for the Easter Seals. She just completely understands how vitally important it is to the kids who benefit from this great charity organization. I wish I knew exactly how many thousands

To place an ad: Email Gail Hanson at or fax her at 603-273-0218. Cost: • Free listing for NHSA Members. (You must be a Member to place a classified ad.) • $135.00 charge for each business classified ad Deadline: We must have your copy by the 1st of the month ­preceding the issue in which you want to advertise. All ads will run for 2 issues. Please notify the NHSA office if your object has been sold.

of dollars she is responsible for raising for the Easter Seals in the name of our club. Judy has performed her treasurer duties with great devotion and always has responded to club treasurer requests promptly. Also stepping down is Diane from the President position. Diane led the club in our effort to build a permanent food booth structure at the Cornish Fair when our club faced the crisis of having to have a fire suppressant unit installed in our booth to meet state guidelines. We all spent many hours with Diane to make a permanent booth a reality. Diane also provided well thought out agendas to each club meeting we have thus accomplishing a lot in the shortest amount of time. She also willingly attended the annual state president’s meeting and covered me as the trail administrator for any county meetings I was unable to attend. On a personal note she motivated me to be even more devoted to our club when she totally surprised me with a club snowmobiler or the year award Continued on page 38

Black Spot B

Independent Amsoil Dealer 171 Hunt Road Chelmsford, MA 01824 978-256-3695


38 PAGE 38



NHSA Calendar of Events Date




APRIL 2014

Black Spot A

April 5th

Pats Peak Hill Climb Challenge 4 Events – 1 Mountain – 1 Day • NH Hill Climb Challenge • Side by Side Drags • Vintage Mountain Oval Racing - gates open 7am / registration 8am to 9am • Vintage Show

April 5th

NH Sno-Shakers Landowner Appreciation Dinner & Annual Meeting - 5:00pm

April 7th

Alexandria Ledge Climbers Club Meeting – 6:00pm Last meeting of the year – Pot Luck Dinner

Questions? Lucy or Dennis – 744-5497

April 7th

NH Sno-Shakers Monthly Meeting Directors Meeting - 6:30pm, Membership Meeting - 7:00pm

April 9th

Merrimack County Meeting - 7:00pm Hosted by: Lake Sunapee SMC

Newbury Fire House (952 Route 103, Newbury)

Questions? Beth Horvath-Palmer @ 927-6364 or

April 10th

Pittsburg Ridge Runners Monthly Potluck Dinner & Meeting - 6:30pm

Ridge Runners Club House, 17 Dickson Lane, Pittsburg

April 10th

Kearsarge Trail Snails Club Annual Meeting - 7:30pm Election of Officers & Board of Directors

Warner Town Hall

April 15th

NHSA Board of Directors Meeting ~ 7:00pm

NHSA Office, 614 Laconia Road, Tilton

273-0220 or email:

April 16th

Grafton County Meeting Hosted by Connecticut Valley Snowmobile Club

Baker River Valley Club House 197 N. Dorchester Road, Wentworth, NH 03282

Direct any questions to Evelyn Ferrell, Grafton County Director Email: Phone: 603-786-2770 – or Grafton Assistant - Jena Hayes @ 603-991-9147

April 16th

Scrub Oak Scramblers Club Meeting - 7:00pm

SOS Clubhouse 368 Pound Road Madison, NH 03849

April 21st

Rockingham County Meeting - 7:30pm HOST: Newfields Sno-Raiders

Newfields Town Hall

Questions:? Call Dave @ 942-8303 or Rob @ 234-0043

April 28th

Hillsborough County Meeting - 7:30pm HOST: Pelham Border

8 Windham Road, Pelham

Questions:? Call Bill @ 529-0616 or Mandy @ 848-1338

Sno-Shakers Clubhouse

MAY 2014 May 5th

Sullivan County Meeting

Questions? Eryn Bagley @ 603-667-0196

May 6th

Merrimack County/GIA Meeting - 7:00pm Hosted by: Town Line Trail Dusters

Alan's Restaurant (133 North Main St, Boscawen)

Questions? Beth Horvath-Palmer @ 927-6364 or

May 20th

NHSA Board of Directors Meeting ~ 7:00pm

NHSA Office, 614 Laconia Road, Tilton

Information. . . .273-0220 or email: NHSAOffice@nhsa. com

NHSA Board of Directors Meeting ~ 7:00pm

NHSA Office, 614 Laconia Road, Tilton

Information. . . .273-0220 or email:

JUNE 2014 June 17th

Please check the NHSA Website for additional activities during the off-season.!upcoming-events/cq4e

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Hidden Valley Sno-Riders

in 2012. Our entire club would like to offer their heartfelt thanks to these two great members for their dedicated service. As we move on with other officers and new members we support their decision to step aside but encourage them to remain active participative members for many more years.

PO Box 417 Marlow, NH 03456 Gus Merwin, President

Thanks to Jim Jackson for heading up the annual Don Landroch Memorial Cookout with Bud Jackson, Jay Wirtalla, and Jim Strickland. Lots of hot dogs, burgers and almost a whole large pot of great chili were consumed topped off by Nancy Vesco’s cookies.

Groups of riders came and

went all afternoon and the total donations came to $293.

Many thanks to all groomers

who make all of our trails so great

.I heard lots of comments to that effect from all of the riders who

rode to the cookout. And thanks again to all of the volunteers who make all of this possible. ❄

These Local Businesses Support


Please Thank Them by Using Their Services!





Advertiser’s Index To get more information on the products advertised, call the phone number listed below or for fast easy access to online information about Sno-Traveler’s advertisers, point your Web browser to the corresponding advertiser’s Website and/or e-mail addresses listed below. Absolute Power Sports NH. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 603-466-5454

North American Power . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

Absolute PowerSports VT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 802-429-2500

Prinoth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 603-267-7840

Bickford's Sport Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 603-736-9050 Billerica Motorsports & Marine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13, 33 978-667-1518 The Cabot Inn & Suites . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 603-788-3346 Diamond Peaks Motel & Country Store. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 603-237-5104 Fortified Insurance Agency. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 603-644-3700 Garneau SkiDoo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 603-846-5790

Proline Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 603-652-7337 Raymond E. Davis Real Estate. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 603-237-4400 Ski Doo. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 800-3-SKIDOO The Trailer Outlet. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 888-350-6500


Weare Winter Wanderers SMC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Joey Sweatt / Broker for Bean Group. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12, 603-833-9922

Wicks Insurance Agency. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 603-668-7228

Liberty Mutual . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 800 437-1180

Yamaha. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 800-88-YAMAHA


he Great North Woods Vintage Race Series (GNWVRS) race committee would like to recognize our title sponsors this year. Thank you to LaPerles’s IGA, Tuckerman’s Restaurant & Tavern and The New England Inn & Lodge for their generous support of the race seriesYAY!. The GNWVRS held our third race in the four race series on Saturday, February 22nd. Great job by the Umbagog grooming crew who spent numerous hours constructing an excellent race track for all of the competitors on race day. They also should be commended on clearing snow for the race pit area and areas designated for fans coming to the race by snowmobile or truck. Thank you to all the volunteers. Racers were greeted by morning temperatures in the 30’s then climbing into the 40’s, a sign spring is just around the corner. The track started out very firm then became soft and loose. These changing track conditions during the course of the day made

each race feature a challenge for all of the racers in our seventeen divisions. There were 131 race entries competing for the series points championships. Our youngest racers, starting at age 5, compete in the 120 cc division and our top division is the free air/fan 440cc modified division. Thank you to all the racers and spectators who support the event and to all of volunteers who continue to make this race series a success. Special thanks to Michael and Lori Hall for use of their property to hold the race. Our next race will be on March 15th in Pittsburg on Farr Road. This is the final race of the year, all of the division points races are very close. We will crown the top three riders in each division at this final race. For further information please check out the race website. ❄

Great North Woods Vintage Race Series Erroll Results - February 25th

Single Single Pure Stock # 1 Bryan Parker 3cs Pittsburg 2 Ronnie Leroux 45S Freyburg, VT 3 Jeremy Murphy 28S Salisbury 250cc 1 Mike Pothier 33A Bedford 2 Woodie French 26A Henniker 295cc 1 Robbie Lacriox 21 Canaan 2 Don Leavitt 24B Lisbon 3 Chris Morin 65B Goffstown 400cc 1 Robbie Lacriox 21 Canaan 2 Eric Pothier 97A New Boston 3 Brian Daigle 66 New Boston Outlaw 1 Chris Morin 65o Goffstown 2 Brian Daigle 66o New Boston 3 Scott Copeland 55o Stratford Twin 295cc # 1 Spencer Landry 27F Pittsburg 2 Mike Pothier 33F Bedford 3 Woodie French 26F Henniker 340cc 1 Spencer Landry 27G Pittsburg 2 Mike Pothier 33G Bedford 3 Mitch Ashey 77G Littleton 440cc 1 Spencer Landry 27H Pittsburg 2 Jeremy Hutchinson 7G Wilton 3 Rob McQueen 99 Pembroke Free Air Stock 1 David Mihachik 903 Allenstown 2 Spencer Landry 27G Pittsburg 3 Woodie French 26D Henniker

MOD # 1 Brian Daigle 66M New Boston 2 Billy Rioux 11M Pittsburg 3 Ben Belanger 99 Lancaster Novice 1 James McLain 16N Lancaster 2 Eric Charbereau 6 Groveton 3 Heath Hussey 11N Rochester 50 Years plus 1 Bruce Beaurivage 27H Pittsburg 2 Jeff Price 52V Derby, VT 3 Dave MacLean 14C Colebrook Youth 10-13 years 1 Leo Croteau 73 Berlin 2 Fred Keaton 221 Londonderry 3 Alexus Call 7 Groveton Youth 14-17 years 1 Joey Laquere Jr 15B St Johnsbury, VT 2 Malcolm Laroucque 17 St Johnsbury, VT 3 Brennan Landry 27G Pittsburg Powderpuff 1 Ashley Buffum 15 Island Pond, VT 2 Nikole Keaton 625 Londonderry 3 Tracey Beachesne 99 Allenstown Kids 120cc Stock 1 Sophie Grondin 11S Canaan, VT 2 Sienna Grondin 20S Canaan, VT 3 Zack Whitcher 1 Bethlehem Kids 120cc Mod 1 Dominic Hutchinson 7M Wilton 2 Luke Shannon 13M Groveton 3 Julien Kenison 3 Groveton


Great Northwoods Vintage Race Series and Race results

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