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exposing students to foreign ways of life. Every other year, she takes many of the school’s juniors and seniors on a trip to Spain. “You grow as a person when you get to know other cultures” said Mrs. Morales. Many students learn about Mrs. Morales on a personal level on these trips. She has the

been a long time coming. I learned so much from her on how to improve my own teaching. I’m not only glad to call her a co-worker but also a friend.” Mrs. Morales’s passion for teaching began at a young age when her own teachers sparked her love for school. She admits that her students are the most rewarding part of teaching. “I hope that in my Spanish class I haven’t just taught Spanish,” she says. “I hope that they’ve seen life differently.” In class, Mrs. Morales stresses the importance of

opportunity to teach students lessons beyond the typical classroom setting. Rather than just learning about Spanish, students have the opportunity to embrace Spanish culture. As advisor of the Spanish Club, Mrs. Morales brings Spanish culture to the entire school. Her annual Epcot Night and frequent field trips provide the active participants a way to learn about worldly customs without having to leave the country. “Mrs. Morales shares an understanding of the language on an individual level and makes the learning

experience an enjoyably memorable one” said Andy Chang. At Spanish Club students can experience ethnic foods and culture. Though she teaches Spanish, Mrs. Morales remarked that she is still learning. She points out that there is always something new that can be learned from a student. Her “Ahora” or “Do Now” requires students to describe personal situations and experiences in Spanish. She encourages her students to actively participate in class. She teaches a wide range of classes, from introductory courses to Advanced Placement Spanish Language. Mrs. Morales began her career in education as an elementary school teacher. “Teaching at an elementary school and teaching at a high school are totally different experiences. Teaching is very broad. No one teaching job is really the same.” Mrs. Morales revealed, “I do foresee myself becoming a college professor at some point in my life. It is something that I would like to experience someday. For right now though, I am very pleased to be teaching at New Hyde Park.” Photo by Chaheti Bansal

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by Amanda Varrone & Haley Spielberg Mrs. Morales earned the esteemed title of “Teacher of the Year.” A dedicated educator, she has taught for twelve years and is the epitome of what it takes to be an extraordinary teacher, mentor, and colleague. “I was very surprised. I teach alongside some phenomenal teachers in this school. I never even expected to be chosen. It is such an honor” said Mrs. Morales. Mrs. Pincay, her fellow foreign language teacher, was excited for Mrs. Morales. “I was very happy for her and I was very proud. It’s

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Letter from the President Dear Student Body, The first two months have flown by, the season has changed, girls are wearing their Uggs, boys are wearing their North Faces, and teachers have already sent out their first progress reports. On behalf of the Student Council, I would like to welcome back our returning students and staff. To the new members of our school, I hope New Hyde Park has exceeded your expectations. We’re looking forward to this school year and we hope to make your year a memorable one. Our Club Fair was very successful this year. I saw many new faces signing up and getting involved. The Muslim Student Association Club has become a hit with students as they try to help South Asia. If you have not joined a sport of an extra curricular activity I cannot express how important it is to be a well rounded student. I highly encourage you to get involved. It will not only help NHP but it will also bring out a new side in you that many will recognize and admire. In addition, it will help you fill up your college resume! Our school continues to participate in the Island Harvest Competition. Those of you who are unaware of Island Harvest, it’s an organization that helps fight hunger and touches many lives. It conducts educational programs to increase hunger awareness and how the public can end this conflict. Our competition starts Wednesday October 12th and ends Friday December 9th. The Student Council and I would appreciate if everyone could help out and please do-

nate can goods so that we can help put an end to hunger on Long Island and hopefully on a wider scope. We are also participating in the Sweets for Soldiers fundraiser. We will be collecting all non-chocolate and peanut free candies for our troops starting Monday October 17th through Monday November 7th. After you come home from trick-or-treating I know all of you pick out the candies you dislike and throw them out! But this year please bring them to school to send to our troops. Our go green efforts over the years have increased and I plan on maintaining all of them. Most classrooms are now fully equipped with recycling bins and our students clean them out everyday during 7th period. Thank you to those students you are helping us become more green friendly! Last year we tried having biodegradable trays once a week and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive so I intend to encourage that at least once a week. Now, to my fellow seniors, can you believe it’s been five years? I know right now you are overwhelmed with college applications, SAT’s, ACT’s, AP’s, jobs, clubs, and sports but I promise in the end it will all be worth it. I’m proud to say that you are all my classmates and I could not have asked for a better class. Thank you for making the Class of 2012 so extraordinary. I’m looking forward to our last year together…let’s make the best of it! Your President, Nirmala Singh

News Briefs Ousted leader of Libya, Mommar Gaddafi was killed in his hometown of Sirte by rebel forces. His forty two year reign ended October 20th when his he was crushed by his own citizens. Reports indicate that Gaddafi was found in irrigation pipe, feeble and confused. He was beaten and bludgeoned and left pleading for his life. The cause of death is believed to be a gunshot to the head, though confirmation has not yet been received.

On October 16th, NASCAR driver Dan Wheldon tragically died due to a massive 15 car collision in the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Wheldon’s car went airborne and hit the catch fence twelve laps into the race. Soon afterwards, he was sent to the Emergency Room where his death was announced two hours later. This event marks the first death in the Indycar series since 2006.

President Obama announced the removal of U.S. troops from Iraq on October 21st in the White House. Obama remarked, “The last American soldier will cross the border out of Iraq, with their head held high, proud of success and knowing that the American people will stand united in our support for our troops.” Currently, there are approximately 39,000 troops in Iraq. Already, the president’s announcement has instilled fear in Republicans on Capitol Hill.


by Ahmad Malik Let us take a trip down memory lane. Do you remember when your parents gave you a small gift on your birthday and you wondered what it could be? Remember removing the wrapping paper and seeing the classic white box that you longed for? Do you remember that feeling you got when you opened it? That feeling is what Steve Jobs built his empire on. Passing away after his battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 56, Jobs went down in history as the greatest innovator of modern times. He said, "Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new." Jobs went through life with this in mind and worked to his utmost to transform technology. In terms of technology, almost all people have been influenced by the design tactics of Jobs. The founder and CEO of Apple will be remembered not only for creating the most breathtaking and revolutionary items such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iMac, but for also changing the face of technology forever. Movies like Avatar Transformers and Toy Story would not have been possible without his inventions. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be an American innovator. Most believed Jobs to be a "college-

dropout" or "failed entrepreneur" These words, according to Jobs, are all true. During his freshman year, he dropped out of college, because he could not justify eating into his parents’ savings for an education that he believed would not benefit him. He was fired from the company he created and was ridiculed for his lack of management skills. He was able to gain from this experience and was able to

move on. Little did he know what would come next in his life and the future of Apple. As one of the wealthiest companies in the world, Apple’s financial outlook is positive. Apple is the largest company in the word per capita, and has the most profit than any company besides Exon Mobil, the world’s richest and largest company. He’s created an empire—the largest non-oil based company in the world. Before the iPod and iPad, there was the Walkman. Even with such progress made before him, Jobs managed to redefine and combine pop culture and technology. Jobs has created a

vast empire that has influenced the world abroad. In his 2001 unveiling of the iPod, the world was shocked that something the size of "a deck of cards" could hold 1000 songs. Now, we expect nothing short of light weight and lightning fast technology with an incredible capacity. His hands-on tactics and an influential design have set a standard. People now marvel at the big innovation within such a small piece of technology. Jobs creatively destroyed his competition, and aesthetically marveled the world. His final brainchild, the iPhone 4GS was unveiled October 14th, and naturally has broken all phone sales records. His final invention was a last stroke of his genius. The black shirt tucked into the jeans with the sneakers was part of Jobs’ iconic image. The slideshow with the industrial background and the classic white design of Apple was all part of the show. In memory of his death, a new book has been unveiled detailing the life behind the genius. His senior partners and design team has said, he was not the boss that you would want to play around with. He was relentless in his pursuit of perfection, and although he claimed “we are not perfect.” Jobs’ words “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” will be with the world forever.


New Teachers 2011-2012

Ms. Patane Position: 10th grade Social Studies and Criminal Justice Teacher. Also teaches in Sewanhaka High School. Education: Majored in history and English. Currently working on her doctorate in history at St. John’s University. Why Teaching?: Her history teacher motivated her to embrace and love history. Past School Experience: Teaches at H.F. Carey High School for eleven years. Hobbies: Running and Pilates Initial Thoughts: Teaching students is a rewarding experience. Advice for Students: “Be aware of current events.” Interesting Fact: Currently training for a half marathon in Walt Disney during January. Credits: Nicoletta Bouzos; Kyle Liu Mr. Maltese Position: Junior High Math Teacher Hometown: Juneau, Alaska Typical Breakfast: A cereal bar and cup of orange juice Hobbies: Weight lifting, snowboarding, and going to the beach. Favorite Food: Sushi Teenage Highlights: Learning how to drive Three Wishes: For the Jets to win Superbowl, to win the lottery, and to win Teacher of the Year. Favorite Part of Teaching: Being able to stand in a classroom for the first time and feel independent Special Way of Teaching: Incorporating fun activities with education Credits: Zayneb Almiggabber; Christina Lorper; Kayla Russell

Ms. Prevete Position: Math Teacher Assistant Education: Graduated from C.W. Post Why Teaching?: Her involvement in student education encouraged her to become a teacher. Hobbies/Interests: Exercising, running, and going to restaurants in her spare time to try new food Her Quote: “Family is a big part of my life as well as my passion for mathematics.” Credits: Meenu Jayakrishnan

Mrs. Brusca Position: Library Media Specialist Education: Received Masters in Library and Informational Science and Education Technology from C.W. Post Three Wishes: Bigger library budgets, for her family to be healthy, and winning the lottery Dream Vacation: Tour around Europe Her Quote: “Everyone is so nice that it makes working here very enjoyable.” Credits: Dhaval Shah; Marisa Deodat

Mr. Giacomantonio Position: Special Education Teacher Assistant Education: Attended University of Albany Interesting Fact: He was assigned to teach students from Congo, Africa who lacked learning ability and couldn’t speak English. His Quote: “New Hyde Park has some of the most respectful faculty and staff I have ever experienced in a school I’ve worked in.” Credits: Marisa Bartos; Alexsandra Teterkin

Mr. Brink Position: Living Environment Teacher Education: Graduated from Babylon High School and Quinnipiac University Hobbies/ Interests: Kite boarding and surfing Goal: To have a productive year, establish strong studentteacher relationship, and relay his knowledge of science His Quote: “Students have been my favorite part of New Hyde Park in my time being here.” Credits: Ahmad Malik and Rahul Raveendran

Mr. Gagnon Position: Guidance Counselor Education: Received Masters from NYIT. Hometown: New Hyde Park Hobbies/Interests: Fishing, hunting, and collecting comics. Teenage Highlights: Played at Hofstra against Floral Park for football Favorite Food: Pasta/lobster Interesting Fact: All- County football player for New Hyde Park. He is also pictured in our Athletic Hall of Fame. Initial Thoughts: NHP Memorial is the best place in the world to be. It is the greatest school in the United States. Advice: “Follow your heart. I believe that is the compass for your destination.” Credits: Sarah George; Blessy Parambil Ms. Salcedo Position: Spanish Teacher Education: St. John’s University Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, music, dancing, and spending time with her family Self- Description: “I’m a very outgoing person who loves to laugh and make people happy.” Why Teaching?: She wants to help teenagers succeed. She became inspired after working with the kids in her church. Favorite Part of Teaching: Working with kids Past Dreams: Becoming a social worker or a singer Future Dreams: Becoming a principal in a school Advice: “Don’t ever let anyone tell you cannot do anything. Strength can help you achieve anything you want.” Credits: Shikha Balaggan; Navtej Bassi

New Teachers 2011-2012

Mrs. Healy Position: Guidance Counselor Hobbies/Interests: Singing, dancing, reading, going to the beach, and playing with her two young children. Interesting Fact: She took a trip with a group of eleventh grade students to Spain, Switzerland, Germany and France for 21 days. Why Counseling?: She was influenced by her own high school guidance counselor. Personal Motto: “Always be respectful, whet-her you agree or disagree, like or dislike. Always try to come from a loving place” Goal: To help seventh graders build up their confidence throughout their high school career, and give them a firm knowledge of themselves. Small Dream: To help students to be proud of who they are Advice: “Just be yourself. Even if it feels uncomfortable, just be yourself.” Credits: Renjini Antony; Keziah Babu

Mr. Kaplan Position: Music Teacher Education: Graduated from Manhattan School of Music with a Masters Degree Past Dream: A musician Interesting Fact: As a veteran from Yonkers Middle School, he has had a great first impression of the school staff and student body. He is also an active performer in many concerts. His Quote: “Music is automatically a lifelong teaching profession. You can’t just be a musician, you’re always teaching.” Quote from Mr. Tarantola: “He’s a concert pianist, which means he’s really good. He’s a great guy and is very enthusiastic about his job.” Meaning of Music: Rhythm to his life Initial Thoughts: Highly satisfied with the atmosphere and generosity of the school itself Favorite Part: Introducing students to a wide variety of music Credits: Afrin Bhuiyan; Samip Delhiwala

Ms. Barbaro Position: Spanish Teacher Education: He graduated from NHP Memorial 4 years ago, and is planning to graduate from C.W. Post. Past Experience: She first worked at Holy Trinity High School for a year. Favorite Part of Teaching: Students’ enthusiasm that they bring to the classroom Initial Thoughts About Students: Very respectful and intelligent Initial Thoughts About School: Greatest place ever Why Teaching?: She was inspired by her past teachers. Hobbies/Interests: Reading, field hockey, softball, and coaching Interesting Fact: She is the coach of JV Field Hockey in NHP Memorial. Advice: “Work hard and never give up.” Quote: “It feels different because the people who inspired me to become a teacher now help daily to become a better teacher.” Credits: Anas Khan; Manveer Reehal

Unfolding a New Chapter Ms. Resnick said that one of her main goals is to use technology with literature. She remarked, “I want to be able to teach the students how to use the technology in a way

environment for students to read. She also wants to expand the collection of books in the library. Besides her love for books, Ms. Resnick also loves music and theater. She explained that “theater is a source of joy and an escape.” Mrs. Resnick was eager to meet the staff at

that’s beneficial to them, not just for the sake of using it.” Another goal she has is to create a comfortable

NHP. However, what mattered most was her impression of the other librarians. Ms. Resnick said, “Everyone’s been wonder-

as you can. Find something that you like to read, such as comics, topics.” romance, and other

Photo by Chaheti Bansal

by Diane Choi and Ryan Dean A multi-talented individual, Ms. Resnick is the new chairperson of the New Hyde Park Memorial Library department. She began her career at Sewanhaka High School and worked there for eleven years. As a child, Ms. Resnick aspired to become a librarian as she had always loved to read books. Inspired by her mother who was also a librarian, Ms. Resnick followed her to work and was fascinated by the surroundings. Ms. Resnick loves to work with students and show them the pleasure that can come from sitting down and reading a book. Her advice to the students is, “Read as much

ful and supportive helping me get settled. Everyone is working very well together.” Her colleague, Ms. Brusca also shared her thoughts about Ms. Resnick. “I really enjoy working with her. We make a good team. She has a good vision for the library,” said Mrs. Brusca. When asked if we should expect any major changes to out school library, she said that students should expect longer hours the library would be open, which would allow students to make the best of school resources. However, in the mean time she would like to just sit back and see what the school needs so she can respond to it the best way she can.

Reassessing the Regents

by Renjini Antony The Board of Regents’ $8 million budget gap is negatively affecting students across New York State. Due to the financial burden, the August Chemistry and Algebra 2 Regents will be cancelled. In the near future, the termination of all the January Regents Exams may jeopardize the graduation of seniors who depend on these exams. This past May, the Board of Regents voted to reduce the number of Regents exams administered in the state. They voted to cancel the January Regents and certain August Regents exams. Though the committee had decided to cut the Foreign Language Regents exams, in August,

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and five anonymous donors, contributed enough money to administer the January 2012 Regents. Students in New York must take Regents exams and receive a minimum score of a 65 in order to obtain their high school diplomas. Usually, when students do not receive the required grade on their exams, they have another opportunity to pass. If the August and January exams are cut, hopeful students would have no possible means to retake their exams. The cancellation of these exams may delay graduation for seniors. Without the January or August Regents, a senior who failed the exam

would have to wait until the following year to retake the exams. However, some believe that these cuts may have positive effects. If students have a limited number of opportunities to take an exam, they may be encouraged to work harder. “Students shouldn’t have to worry about the Regents being cut. They should try their best the first time, because you don’t always get a second chance in life,” said Ann Koshy. On the other hand, many teachers feel that the actions of the Regents Board are disappointing. Teachers see hard-working students who are not allowed a second chance to achieve their goals. “What the

state is doing is just dismal. It is plain wrong, not educationally sound, and it is unfair for struggling students to not have second and third chances,” said English teacher Mr. DiScala. Students currently do not have to worry about having the January Regents cut this year thanks to the donations by Mayor Bloomberg and private donors. Unfortunately, Bloomberg has stated he will not always be able to grant money to keep the January Regents. Though the termination of the Regents exams are in the near future, many students must learn to cope with the new changes that lie ahead.

Students at Maximum Capacity by Harvinder Bassi The recurrent issue of overcrowded hallways and classes has surfaced to an unprecedented level in recent years and class sizes have soared. The tight budgets in schools and the economic crisis in America have taken their toll on the New York State Education Department. As a result of budget cuts, more students are crammed into classes. The bigger the classes are, the less intuitive the class become. A decade’s worth of laborious work on the behalf of administrators, parents, policy makers, and the board of directors has been suddenly crushed by teacher layoffs. The stripping of teach-

ers’ jobs may be detrimental to the soaring unemployment rate of 9.1%. As teachers lose jobs, kids lose their confidence and they begin to lack the extra push needed to strive in school. In addition, the lack of teachers may have a harmful effect on the quality of education. Smaller class sizes allow for more memory retention in areas such as critical thinking and problem solving. They offer a greater expanse of knowledge and give students the ability to enhance their education. Teachers can work with the students more efficiently and cooperatively. According to studies conducted by the EPE

Research Center, an increase in the student to teacher ratio correlates to a significant drop in students’ grades. However, there are those who believe that the student teacher ratio has no effect on students’ grades. They believe that well-qualified teachers can counter this trend. Teachers have broadened the learning process by offering a better understanding of topics that children struggle with. Some may argue that attention decreases in such a large setting and students feel the natural urge to divert their attention to other distracting students. Students begin to deviate in their understanding of subjects and begin to decrease in grades as a result. The United States’

educational system is progressing slowly while other countries, such as India and China, make dramatic advancements in technology and subjects. T he New York City Education Department released statistics showing that in New York City, the average elementary school class sizes have grown from 22 students to 24 students per classroom since 2008. Although a small increase in the average, students have surely lost the advantage of having a smaller class. “Growing class sizes is a problem in our country” said Ashley Dominic. This is a growing trend that must be fixed with more teachers and more resources.

Q: Same Privileges for Underclassmen? Of course, as Spiderman once put it, “With great power comes great responsibility.” The ability to go off-school grounds can’t just be granted to any student; it’s a product of age and experience. That kind of experience can only be accumulated by those students who have paid their time in high school and can now enjoy the prospect of going out to eat with friends or to visit home a little earlier in the school day.

by Jane Thomas One of the many unique features of our school is the fact that students are allowed to leave school grounds during their lunch or free periods. But the concept that seems unfair is the fact that only the seniors are allowed to leave school during their lunch or free periods. This privilege should not only be available to seniors since there are students in our school who should be able to

Seniors have inevitably earned their right by paying a delicate price, and it’s only fair that the younger students do the same. We’ve spent the past five years conjuring up flashcards to memorize vocabulary words, organizing library meet-and-greets to cram for final exams, and losing our sleep to make the grade. The card is a privilege—not a right.

leave as well. One of the many benefits of this privilege is that students will be open to a greater variety of food than what is offered in the school lunch. Why should only seniors be able to experience this advantage? According to Disha Mirchandani, a junior, “All students should be able to leave school grounds because they want to be open to a variety

Cartoon by Andy Chang

by Ashley Dominic There comes a point in one’s life when certain rights that he has not been entitled to before are bestowed upon him. Although this could easily be a reference to the Constitution of the United States, it’s not. Rather, this describes that 1.5 inch by 3 inch strip of plastic that serves as the “portkey” to McDonalds—the senior privilege card. Although it’s easy for us to take advantage of our opportunities as students, the one thing that we’ve been shielded from is the ability to go out and enjoy the scenery of New Hyde Park during school hours. Many younger kids may complain that this right, especially reserved for seniors whose parents have granted consent for them to leave the school building during a free period or a lunch period, should become more widespread and adhere to all students. However, there are many disadvantages to allowing younger students to utilize such privileges. Seniors are more likely to maximize the benefits of going out for lunch because many of them have access to vehicles that can take them to neighborhood restaurants. Younger students without a driver’s license on the other hand, may be running back and forth from school to whatever their destination may be. This puts themselves at the risk of car accidents and getting back to school late which becomes a major hindrance on their academic performance in class. Every minute is integral to the learning process.

of food or just want a break from the school atmosphere.” After so many rigorous classes, combined with the length of the day, don’t we deserve the opportunity to catch some fresh air between classes? Students should be able to leave school if desired. No one is perfect, and as a result, many students tend to forget their class materials and work at home. In these cases, it would only benefit students if they were able to return to their houses to pick up their class work. Many students who have ninth period free are allowed to leave school grounds with parental permission anyway. It is within their parents’ jurisdiction to decide if the student is responsible enough to leave school grounds. If this is possible for a free period, then this precedent should be acceptable for lunch periods as well. Even if this privilege can’t be available to all the grades because of “safety” concerns this should at least be opened up to some of the older students, such as the juniors. Junior year is arguably one of the most rigorous years of high school. Students are given immense responsibilities and are treated as adults in almost every way, except when it comes to leaving school during lunch. It would be a great lesson in time management as well. Students spend a good portion of their waking hours in school, and sometimes they just need an escape from the school environment. Therefore, seniors should not be the only ones to enjoy this privilege.

School Expenses: Where Does It End? by Diane Choi From caring about school grades to staying on top of SATs and APs, students barely have any time to rest. But that’s not the only thing that seems to be the worry. The money that is put into these academic activities also has become a major dilemma. It has been troubling students not only in our school, but also schools around the United States. Did you know that one AP test costs around 79 dollars? It is even more unbelievable that as students begin to take three or more AP classes along with SAT classes during their last three years of high school, the overall price

can soar up to as high as 2,000 dollars a year. No one would have thought that so much money would be used to attend a public high school, but the price altogether from 7th grade to 12th grade, solely for academics, is simply unimaginable. “As we get older, it is absolutely true that school gets more expensive. Because of this, I think the prices should be cut down more so that students can take more AP classes without worry,” said Junior Felix Steven. But the question that matters is this: Is such a high price tag still worth it? Olympiad Academia’s SAT teacher Orrie Sion said, “Prices become

a major issue when it comes to paying for SATs and such. But, students have to realize that these tests are crucial for their future.” Juniors Maryann Long and Dan Arkin agreed, “It really becomes beneficial in the long run. The prices are also much cheaper compared to the prices of college classes.” SAT classes within and outside of our school, although expensive, are also beneficial for the students because they are not taken without purpose or merely for fun. They help students clarify their strengths and weaknesses in the SAT, in addition to providing them with an environment where competition serves as an incentive. Student Ali Mafuz

remarked, “SAT classes force people to study. But when you start to self-study, you begin to procrastinate, whereas in class, you have the mental capability to study fully for four hours.” Despite the financial burdens that SAT preparation classes and AP tests bring upon students and their parents, the general consensus among them is that eventually the exorbitant prices turn out to be more than worth it. In addition, because students’ grades and test scores now serve as crucial factors in their college futures, it brings forth a greater need to spend a lot of money.

Halloween: How Old Is Too Old?

by Rebecca Lewis Halloween is coming up and that means swarms of little kids storming the streets in search of free candy. Remember the good old days when we all dressed up just like them, rang the bells of strangers, and received free candy? Do those days really have to end just because you are now a teenager? There are still some teenagers who think that becoming a teenager does not necessarily end your candy hunting expeditions. “You’re never too old,” said junior Katie Colgan. And why should you be? There is never an age limit on free candy. Halloween is a great way to stay a kid at heart even as you’re growing up and hey, pretty soon you’ll be an adult watching the younger

generation have fun, so why not enjoy it as long as you can?Of course, there are still many teens who believe that people their age should not be trick-or-treating. Senior Jen Haynes agrees goes a little further stating that if she were to see a person her age trick-or-treating, “I would laugh at them.” A little harsh, maybe, but understandable. As they transition into adulthood, many teens feel that they have outgrown the childish tradition and have begun doing other activities with friends on Halloween. But we can’t forget the actual adults being bothered every Halloween for candy. What do they think about teenage trick-or-treaters? Special education teacher Ms. Wirth thinks that it’s good to

remain a kid at heart, but does still think there is a certain age that you can’t do it anymore. However, should a teenager come to her door on Halloween she won’t refuse them candy. “So long as they aren’t rude or obnoxious,” she says. If you have sincerely come for candy, dressed in proper

attire for the real experience, what kind of adult could really say no? Sure you’re a little old, but hey! It’s better than other things you could be doing that night. So, there are the kids at heart, the critics, and the adults. Halloween’s coming up soon. What will you be doing?

H o m e c o m i n g

2 0 1 1

The Craze for Planking

and batmanning came into play. Then, in the 1970s, two European men imitated this lying down posture which

upon a balcony which resulted in his unfortunate death. By trying to prove themselves the best “plankers” to the public eye, many are forgetting the

soon became a contagious phenomenon. It spread across countries almost instantly, and caused the death of many. In May, a 20-year old Australian attempted to plank

dangers and horrors of planking. Sarah Romagnoli said, “I think it is pointless.” Over the years, planking has become the center of a heated debate. New Hyde Park

Photo by Chaheti Bansal

by Teena Thomas The Lying Down Game has become a common modern fad. It’s a simple game in which one’s task is to find the most unusual, mindboggling and original position while laying face down like a plank or a board. This particular game has had such an impact in our society that it has wormed its way into the entertainment world. For instance, planking has became a trend for celebrities such as Chris Brown, Nick Cannon, Rosario Dawson, Katy Perry, and Justin Bieber. It has even appeared in the TV show, The Office. It started in simple forms and grew complex over time as variations such as teapotting, owling, horsemannng

freshman Lindsey Miley stated, “To me, planking is really stupid. At first it seemed pretty cool because everyone was talking about it. There were so many Facebook and BBM statuses about it. It’s just a person lying on their stomach. Now it’s overdone and people are still doing it.” Chaheti Bansal agrees. She said, “I think it is overrated, and people should do owling and koalaing instead. While some are entirely against the idea of planking, others take pleasure in it. Shannon Sunny said, “I think it is exciting and a cool trend.” Others take a neutral stance. Sana Mayat said, “It is kind of amusing. It makes me laugh when I see pictures because they are so random.”

Must Have Makeover crossword answers!

ACROSS 1.acme 5.alacrity 7.purloin 10.pagan 11.mellifluous 15.infinite 17.beseech 19.furbish

your natural hair. This makes the extensions very versatile. These feathers can last any where from two to four months in one’s hair and require minimum attention. Feather extensions are not only popular with teens but the trend is spreading like wildfire among children and adults. If you always wondered what could bring your hair to the next level, you have your answer. “I love my feather extensions, they’re the perfect way to spruce up my outfit while adding the perfect touch,” said Junior Rachel Hilado Go out and get feather extensions before it becomes part of the past. After all, one day you’re in, the next you’re out.

DOWN 1.abnegate 2.jovial 3.ire 4.bravado 5.adoration 6.didactic 7.perspicuous 8.prim 9.molt 12. eccentric 13. emit 14. sedulous 16. fervent 17. brusque 18. nominal

by: Priyanka Sharma Following in the footsteps of celebrities and trendsetters, people try to add flair into their hairstyles and wardrobe. As we progress through the year, new fashions trends reveal themselves, allowing individuals to show their unique personalities. Feather extensions are a new way to subtly add a personal touch to your everyday hairstyle. The best thing about these feather extensions is that you could go bold with eccentric colors, or you could have them match the color of your hair. Either way, feathers are a way of showing off your unique personality. The feathers can be curled, blow dried, straightened, or brushed along with

by Rebecca Lewis It’s a restaurant that needs no introduction, whose legendary burgers speak for themselves. At long last, Five Guys has finally come to New Hyde Park. Along with its reputation, it blesses us with a fast food style atmosphere with many types of food. Located in the Garden City shopping center at the intersection of Jericho Turnpike and Nassau Boulevard, many enthusiastic residents were present at the opening. Junior Maryann Long exclaimed, “I was ecstatic.” One major feature of this restaurant is its location. Located at the intersection of two main roads, it’s convenient for many residents and attracts many travelers. Additionally,

The Wait is Over!

close to many high schools such as New Hyde Park Memorial, Mineola High School, and Garden City High School, Five Guys successfully appeals to the teenage crowd as well. The restaurant has a modern feel to it. The red and white color scheme follows throughout out the entire place, giving it and edgy and fun feeling. Around the store they have the articles posted that have been written about them. Not only does this display their pride in their restaurant but it also gives customers a way to read about what they really represent. Another interesting thing about the restaurant is how they post where the potatoes they make the fries are located. This gives the feeling

that although it is fast food it is still fresh. The atmosphere of Five Guys is definitely something that will attract customers. You get the feeling you’re at an old 50’s diner. Over the years, this fast food chain has maintained the same menu; there have been no changes, no gimmicks. The main attraction of Five Guys is its award winning- and critically acclaimed burgers and fries. The burgers, rated the best in ZAGAT Survey since 2001, has allowed this acclaimed fast food restaurant to become a popular restaurant chain. The plan is for several more Five Guys Burgers and Fries to open throughout the county including a rumored one opening in Carle Place. Besides the award win-

ning burgers; its fries are just as scrumptious and satisfying. Senior Jackie Ibrahim says, “They have the best fries ever,” and many others would readily agree. The best part is that one order is enough for an entire meal. They fill a cup with fries, and then add another scoop into the bag for good measure. To meet par with customer satisfaction, the restaurant offers peanuts to the waiting patrons. While the customers wait for their food to be cooked, they are permitted to help themselves to the peanuts located at the front of the store. Everyone should try Five Guy’s Burgers and Fries at least once. Here is the best opportunity to give it a try since its right around the corner.

A Creative Idea Lends a Helping Hand

by Sabrina Mammen Even an idea sprouting from the simplest essence or purpose can make a big difference. Big or small, it makes a change that was not present before. Senior, Ashley Kimkowski from our very own New Hyde Park Memorial High school, thought of a simple and creative idea and used it for the better. Ashley learned how to create bracelets online. But not just any bracelets. They’re made out soda can tabs! “I learned how to make them from YouTube,” she said. “I’m donating the money directly to the fire department in Margaretville, New York. It’s a small town upstate where I go camping that was completely destroyed.”

“ I love the soda can bracelets! They are becoming a huge trend around the school and

A creative idea becomes a helping hand! Not everyone puts time and effort

I’m so happy that the money is going to a great cause,” said Senior Christina Kotarski. She has sold about 58 bracelets and made over $116.

into things like this, but Ashley Kimkowski has been one of the many in our school and our community who puts her time and effort into changing the

world. She is doing a wonderful thing and helping a lot of people along the way. Changing the world does not mean you have to do something gigantic, like end global warming. Although that would be wonderful, in a way it’s a misconception of what the assistance in changing the world really means. Changing the world can start just from putting a Coke can you find on the bench into the recycling bin, putting a few dollars in a charity basket, or even creating bracelets out of recyclable material. Be inspired by these ideas and actions taken by people like Ashley Kimkowski, and others who work and volunteer to make a change.

“‘Cupcake Wars, I love to bake and the competition would be fun.” Senior, Joyce Yun

“The Suite Life on Deck, We want to go on a cruise!” 7th graders, Gina Pepe and Krysta Solecito

“Spongebob, hes awesome and he saves lives.” Freshman, Danny Donahue

If you could guest star on any TV show what would it be and why?

“No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain, I’d like to experience all the different foods the world has to offer” Math teacher, Mr. Kaiser

“Extreme Makeover Home addition, I would be so overjoyed to create a new home for a family in need” Italian Teacher, Mrs. Manisalchi

“Colorman for the Tour de France, I’m a cyclist so I would love to announce a sport I’m passionate about” Social Studies teacher, Mr. Sanossian

“I feel like the hallways are empty, the flyers and posters really add to the school personality.” Senior, Bridget Hayden

“It’s better because it’s more controlled.” 8th grader, Nina Arlotta

“I don’t like it; no one knows what’s going on anymore!” 7th grader, Joey Langin

How do you feel about not being able to hang flyers and posters around the school?

“It helps the school to remain clean.” Business teacher, Mrs Salomone

“The flyers and posters began to litter the hallways, Central locations around the school would be more organized.” Science teacher, Ms. Phillip

“I think it is good, because we’re using less paper.” English teacher, Mrs. Mannle

NHP Battles Irene

by Diane Choi and Josh Johnikutty On August 27th, New Hyde Park Memorial High School showed its full potential in reaching out to the community. For the first time in decades, the school became a shelter aiding those affected by Hurricane Irene. The Red Cross Club was the driving force behind this event. Members demonstrated their leadership skills in this service-oriented event. The eight volunteers who were present at the shelter worked through the rain to assist those in need. They set up more than a hundred cots and blankets. Ms. Rafiq, the Red Cross Club advisor, exclaimed, “I’m so proud of all the volunteers who were there to help prepare the shelter. Each one of them rose to the occasion. It proved to be an eye-opening experience for the volunteers.” The volunteers were able to feel a sense of community by helping those in need get through the hazardous storm. “I have taken a class on Red Cross shelter operations, but nothing compares to the real thing. From fixing up cots to moving supplies from the conex box, we all needed to stay active. The other New Hyde Park volunteers and I stepped up to help our community. It feels great knowing that the shelter provided comfort to many families who were affected by the storm,” said Red Cross President Shannon Sunny. As seen from the dire consequences of Hurricane Irene, the shelter event revealed

that the Red Cross Club is not simply a school activity, but an extension of larger community service-oriented projects. Hurricane Irene was an example of an actual emergency situation. The volunteers displayed the Red Cross Club’s ability to respond to a crisis. The volunteers knew that their work was worthwhile when they saw one of the first families come through the door. Smiles filled the gymnasium as the volunteers saw a family with an infant and a child come in. The volunteers felt a sense of pride. Mr. DeMartino proudly said, “It was the first time we utilized the shelter. The students and the Red Cross Club set the entire place up with the help of only a few Red Cross volunteers.” He added, “It was one of the proudest moments as a principal in seeing students setting up the shelter to accommodate the people who had to evacuate.” Despite the many hours of hard work that went into preparing the necessities for the shelter to function, the diligent volunteers worked together to assist the community. They were the heroes of the day in New Hyde Park Memorial and felt honored to have participated in such a significant event. The Red Cross Club definitely achieved an outstanding milestone. By reaching out to the community, the volunteers’ efforts became a blessing for countless families. They have certainly demonstrated the giving spirit of NHP students.

It’s Okay to Be SADD by Allison Bauer, Teresa Lo, and Judith Thomas Facing the same, constant problems over and over again sometimes can be too tough to handle. The organization SADD, or Students Against Destructive Decisions, takes such problems into perspective and advises students on dealing with the issues that can sometimes be considered foolish or immature amongst their peers. Led by Mrs. McKeough, SADD works to help students manage various issues that, when not contained, spin out of control, deeply affecting the rest of their lives. The efforts of SADD can be seen in the Health and Physical Education classes in which students who are already being educated on making healthy decisions are able to take a more in depth look into a numerous amount of adolescent problems. In Physical Education, some students may remember when a period was devoted to discussing the serious issue of skin cancer. Though seemingly unimportant, as the two spokespeople who came in talked about, skin cancer’s repercussions can continue to affect an individual’s life even after being dealt with. Due to this seminar, awareness was raised about skin cancer and the serious affects it can have when ignored or not taken seriously. Even still, serious issues are not only discussed in Physical Education, but also seen in Health class. SADD also has the opportunity to allow another session to talk

about the harmfulness of cyber bullying and suicide, two highly controversial topics. Cyber bullying is an issue becoming more and more common throughout the country. Countless times, it is often students who are behind the crime in which consistent bullying is done over the internet, through words, e-mail, or in any other electronic form. Often, suicide can be a result of cyber bullying or more commonly, depression. Many people don’t realize the consequences of cyber bullying and its effects on suicide but through SADD, students are able to realize how detrimental words can really be to an individual. This year, SADD is planning to create more assemblies that talk about other problems that concern high school students. Drug abuse, though talked about in class, has rarely been approached at a more personal level. The use of several drugs, such as marijuana and heroin, can be destructive to one’s health especially if taken at an early age. The upcoming assembly plans to discuss the effects of heroin and how a person’s life will be wasted if involving heroin and other drugs. Though highly influential, SADD is not possible without the support of New Hyde Park Memorial’s students. SADD’s influence helps bring awareness to those who may not realize the serious effects of their seemingly innocent choices. So join SADD if you too wish to be part of a greater movement that can end up saving countless lives!

Make Way For the MSA

by Ashley Dominic Although the advent of fall brought the return of previous clubs and organizations, one group has gotten NHP Memorial’s student body rallied up: the MSA, also known as the Muslim Students Association. The much anticipated club is finally in session, thanks to the diligence and perseverance of its advisor, Ms. Rafiq, and all of its officers. The MSA is a community whose goal is to promote tolerance through educating fellow students about different cultures and ways of life. The club doesn’t just unify Muslims however. Rather, it takes all races and religions into perspective and creates an open and active forum where members can discuss issues that concern their lives. The organization has something for everyone, whether it is support and

security for younger students, or the opportunity for nonMuslim members to witness the lifestyles of their Muslim peers. The MSA is also about expanding beyond NHP Memorial High School and reaching out to other communities in order to make a greater difference in the world. Shanjida Chowdhury, president of the organization, said the club plans “to help the community not only on a local level, but also on a global scale. We want to raise funds for the many victims of natural disasters in the United States and outside the country.” In fact, the organization has already raised hundreds of dollars to aid other countries, and has many events planned for the future that will continue to cherish this philanthropic outlook. Ali Eydid, one of

the vice presidents, said that the club wants “to put a focal point towards all the unfortunate beings in the world, and when a catastrophe strikes, to be the first to financially assist them.” The MSA has already

made headway with such a goal as it raised hundreds of dollars for Somalia this past summer. Furthermore, Afrin Bhuiyan, one of the secretaries, expands on the organization as it strives to “engage in activities that give back to people in the community.” The club has already partaken in a trip to the Museum of Tolerance where its members were able to further understand the tragedies in the Holocaust. The visit left a life changing impression on those who visited the museum. The club will definitely render even more fruits in the years to come as it contin

ues to embark on projects like these that stimulate the student body to take action for change. MSA continues to be an open club where anyone, regardless of factors like race or religion, is free to join a family of students who are committed to learning and making the world a better place for everyone. The MSA will undoubtedly continue to be a major organization at NHP Memorial in the years to come and we hope that it continues to expand its influence in the community and in the world. The persistence of the members of the MSA and their dedication to service and tolerance provide hope that despite all the injustice and intolerance in this world, there are still people who are willing to shine their light. NHP Memorial wishes its MSA the best of success in all of its future endeavors!

Looking For an Older Sibling? by Allison Bauer, Teresa Lo, and Judith Thomas Do you remember those nerves you get whenever you get back your math test? Or those times when you don’t know who to sit with at lunch? Do you feel that it is difficult to keep up with your class work or you just need someone to talk to? Then Big Brother/ Big Sister is the club for you! This mentoring club brings older students and younger students together to deal with the problems younger students are facing. Big Brother/Big Sister helps younger students, also known as Little Brothers

and Sisters through tutoring, showing students around the school, or helping students get organized. Younger students can find help with their life socially, academically, and mentally through this club. Older students can give advice to younger students and answer any questions they have about the school. School can be very stressful and difficult, but luckily there are older students available who are willing to help those struggling students in various subject areas, including Math, Science, Social Studies, English, and Foreign Languages. For seventh graders

especially, this club can be extremely useful in order for the students to become accustomed to the school. Mrs. Kitson, formerly known as Ms. Pesce, the club’s advisor, describes Big Brother/ Big Sister as “a mentoring club in which older students support the younger ones with school and interacting with their peers.” The older student and the younger student meet up a minimum of once a week to talk about any issues the younger student may have. “It feels great to be part of a club that contains members who are dedicated to helping younger students

achieve academic success. The club provides an excellent support system for those students who even just want to talk to an older student to raise their confidence in school or to get used to their new school environment if they are a seventh grader,” said Big Brother/ Big Sister club member, Rose Linehan. Each meeting is normally held the first Wednesday of each month. If you are interested in signing up for Big Brother/Big Sister either to tutor other students or to be tutored, you can find a sign-up sheet in the Guidance Office or you can speak to Mrs. Kitson.

The Drone Wars

by David Indictor We have some pretty dangerous technology in the world today. We have airplanes that can drop bombs and turn everything within the area of a football field into dust, nuclear power plants that have serious risks of meltdowns, and surveillance satellites and Unmanned Area Vehicles that can spy on our enemies anywhere in the world. Such technology, of course, has to be under strict and impregnable guard and security, right? Well, that hasn’t been the case. Just a week ago, the Air Force acknowledged that a virus had hit its Predator Drone fleet stationed in Nevada (Predator Drones are essentially unmanned aerial platforms that can spy and launch missiles at targets, such as Anwar al-Awlaki, killed last month in a Predator Drone strike). Isn’t that comforting—

to know that a robot missile launcher was infected with a virus? Though the virus was benign, it could just have easily been harmful. The drones are supposed to be protected from this—they run on private internet networks and no data can be exposed to the outside digital world. The virus is used to steal login and password information of people who play online games. But the problem is not the virus itself. Rather, it is the fact that the virus ended up on an incredibly dangerous system whose security had been impenetrable. Why is security so lax for such a dangerous system? This isn’t the first time there has been a security issue with the drones; troops had previously discovered video feeds from the drones on militant laptops. The militants could get these feeds because the drones’ video feeds were not

encrypted—anybody who knew how could get on and watch them. Then there was the incident years ago, when military technology, including illegal night vision goggles and military combat uniforms, was sold on Ebay. This may not seem quite as bad as viruses reprogramming our attack drones to crash land, but those F-14 electronics are the same ones that Iran is trying to find to rebuild its fleet of F-14s that we gave them before the Iranian Revolution. The fact that Iran is developing nuclear technology is already a serious problem. We augment it by selling to them, the tools to drop nukes onto the city of their choice—at hypersonic speed. Speaking of nuclear explosions, in 2003, Greenpeace, just to see if it could, broke into a British nuclear power plant and ended up in

the main control room. Starting a meltdown was potentially a few button presses away. The advanced technology it used consisted of wire cutters and a will to show how easy it was to break into a nuclear power plant. The risk that this incident illuminates is unfathomable. One well informed terrorist could cause a disaster for Britain. And yet nothing’s changed; Greenpeace repeated the feat in Sweden in 2010. Running through the gauntlet of ‘most dangerous things,’ it’s clear that we have no realistic way of securing our most dangerous technologies. Between the rapidly growing use of robotic drones and the growing need for energy that will eventually lead us back to nuclear power, if we want to be secure in our safety, we should at least secure most dangerous tools and weapons. But seriously, a nuclear power plant!?

The Unpopular Opinion by Haley Spielberg School attire changed from simple outfits to exotic attire with simply moronic accessories. Teenagers are trapped in a never-ending game of “follow the leader” with fashion editors calling every move which teenagers are unafraid to match. The desire for teenagers to be accepted drives them to do whatever it takes to be, “in style.” Their own personal taste and morals are continuously placed on the back burner for what teenagers consider “fashion.” Though the constant

change is merely part of the teenage complex for instant gratification, it doesn’t make it any easier on the eyes for others to look at. Over the years, there have been so many, “hot trends” that so many have claimed will be last forever, but it doesn’t take a fortune teller to know what happens. Even though these bursts of idiocy arrive once a month with the output of the new issue of “Teen Vogue,” it’s still a strenuous task to mentally prepare for the new wave of “hip fashion.” Between the continu-

ous airing of “Jersey Shore” and what is considered fashion, it seems as though teenagers are leading mankind backwards on the evolutionary scale. There was always a dignified style and purpose in every past generation. Whether it was the retro sixties or the psychedelic seventies, there was something that future generations could identify with. What does this era have? Ripped skinny jeans and girls with feathers in their hair? Have teenagers become so enamored with what others deem appropriate that they’ll walk around with peacock feathers

in their hair? It’s like teenagers have decided to call feathers fashion because a magazine editor decides to feed young minds the illusion of originality. Teenagers are the players in a constant game of follow the leader. They feed off of others, eagerly waiting for the next fad to take over their lives without a second thought. Though teenagers think they are being so fashionforward, in reality, they are leading a full-scale backwards evolution because of their lack of self-concept.

Occupy Wall Street, or Loiter in Downtown Manhattan?

Wall Street and protest. Well, they haven't quite made up their minds exactly yet. Although there have been statements against the corruption of corporations and the lack of employment in America, there haven't been any publicized proposals or demands to improve the situation. So far, it seems that the impressive horde consistent of thousands of protestors has made its mind up about the abomination of economic situation, and not much else. As the protest gained attention for turning the blame on Wall Street and corporate America, others followed in their cause. Transcending occupation, age, and even international boundaries, the spirit of objection has spread as an insatiable phenomenon in cities all over the world. Today, the protest in downtown New York City has grown to encompass more than just college students and ” average joes,” as work unions and most recently, a group of

wealthy Americans join in the fray of civil unrest. The addition of the wealthy amongst the ranks of the protestors has been a particularly shocking development. These entrepreneurs, trust-fund babies and professionals have fallen under the

ca’s economic operation. There is however, one inconvenient question which puts a bit of a dampener on this otherwise fairy-tale formula for change. What exactly are the protestors rallying to change? Admonishment of “corporate greed” and the

of capable backers in the form of work unions and resources from members of the financial upper class, the movement certainly has the basic materials to fuel a campaign for reform. Most importantly, the movement has caught the attention of much of America, and the world. It is this nation-wide awareness that really has weight in the current stagnate political climate. With all of America watching, it certainly makes turning down a sensible economic reform proposal much more difficult for politicians who wish to remain in elected office. Unfortunately, all this catalyzing potential will remain unused without a focused direction for it to be funneled into. If no prevailing plan of action or solution emerges from the sea of disgruntled citizens, Occupy Wall Street may serve to be remember as nothing more than a freak phenom-

motto, “we are the 1 percent: we stand with the 99 percent.” Such participation from all socioeconomic classes has certainly made the movement a much less biased and dynamic of the working class With such a diverse array of supporters and the numbers to back their cause, the movement has acquired the potential to fundamentally change Ameri-

unjust nature of America’s financial disparity has been clear, but no real demands have been made. The movement certainly has the potential to leverage some changes in Washington’s economic policy, as politicians are likely breaking a sweat over the amount of media attention on the mass public dissatisfaction across America. With such a vast array

enon. The band of protestors may dissipate, the media will lose interest, and the damage on Americans' sense of self determination may be painfully permanent. The movement needs prudent leadership to guide the massive potential it wields, or it'll remain just as poorly organized and irrelevant to the country as the Tea Party.

Cartoon by Andy Chang

by Andy Chang The “Occupy Wall Street” movement has gained sensational media attention in recent weeks. Amongst all the commotion, its easy to forget that the protest itself began months ago, with nothing more than a handful of people who decided to hang around

Two and a Half Men Version 2.5

by Tiffany Kurian There is no doubt that Two and a Half Men is one of the more popular and commonly talked about shows in recent times. However, there’s also a glaring flaw in it’s design. Charlie Sheen is the ultimate flaw. Charlie Sheen, has been involved in a flurry of publicly humiliating acts that have both tarnished his reputation as a person and actor, but have also forced the executives at CBS to fire him. Of course the old adage holds steady, when one door closes, another opens, and that door was for Ashton Kutcher. For starters, it doesn’t even have to do with Kutcher; the network just needed someone to fill in the shoes to get

themselves out of their horrendous situation. A strategic move at best for CBS, Kutcher was able to inject energetic exuberance and change to the show. At the end of the day, the replacement of Sheen to Kutcher created a buzz that the network had not experienced in quite a way. The show is even more successful than it already was. The numbers do not lie, and the premiere of the newest season got 27 million viewers.

Nothing But the Beat by Frantzchesca Beauvil Growing up in a musically inclined family, French native, David Guetta always had a passion not only for the songs he produced, but also for the sound and vibe he realized he had the power to create. After becoming a beat maker, Guetta’s passion and dedication went to House Music: a type of music with little or no words at all. In his latest album, Nothing but the Beat Guetta collaborated with numerous young artists such as, Tiao Cruz, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and many more. The album is recommended more for the older crowd due to the subliminal messages incorporated in his music. Some sound

tracks, favored more by the younger generation, are suitable for parties or fast pace dancing. A reason why this album is perfect for many is because it consists of both gloomy and blissful music, perfect for all types of moods. Guetta has had a rapid growth of popularity through his guest appearances in songs with major artists. In terms of future projects David Guetta will be releasing his new song he created for Jessie J. He plans on spending his young start in the music industry to his advantage as he can easily relate to his main target he plans on impressing, the youth of the nation. Guetta hopes to produce many more hits in the future and to please a broader audience.

by Rebecca Rothe Since Charlie Sheen was fired, the show has not been the same. For years it has been in the comedic spotlight of nighttime television, with a huge fan base and raving critic reviews. However, the show has lost its inner spark. Ashton Kutcher has a completely different persona than Charlie Sheen’s character. Jon Cryer’s character, Alan, now provides the comedic relief within the show. A reason

the show is changing is due to an alteration in Kutcher’s character, Walden Schmitt. Because the character is neither clever nor funny, he doesn’t fit in as well as Charlie Sheen did. CBS wants Charlie Sheen to come back to Two and Half Men, but that’s unlikely to occur. Due to his past mistakes, CBS is apprehensive of allowing Sheen back on cast, as well as the pressure mounted to meet his demands keeps executives on edge. Sheen’s inherent sense of humor on and off the show attested to the show’s popularity. It may take time to get used to the new angle, but nonetheless viewers will tune in to see what else is in store for Alan, Jake, and Walden.

The Son of Neptune by Ania Zolyniak Rick Riordan is a reputable author who has written many past mythological. These include the Percy Jackson series and The Kane Chronicles. One special treat is the sequel to Rick Riordan’s first book, The Lost Hero which is part of his newest series, The Heroes of Olympus. In this first book, the reader learns that Hera, the queen god is deviously playing around with the memories of two half-blood heroes. One is the significant Percy Jackson of the Greek half-blood training camp, and the other is Jason, from the Roman half-blood camp. Jason’s two half-blood friends are both offspring of Greek godly parents and they

travel with Jason to discover the truth about his past and his future life. The sequel titled The Son of Neptune continues the three demigods’ journeys to solve the ancient prophecy. Trouble arises in the Roman camp. As a new camper, Jason is completely brainwashed from his past is crowned with the title son of Neptune. He must pass many tests to prove himself worthy. The Son of Neptune is bound to bring the reader into steep suspense and irresistible adventure. With many mythological series successes under his belt, Rick Riordan once again proves his talent as a writer and creativity as an artist. Be sure to pick up a copy today!

A View to the Kills by Megan Miter When it comes to rock music, The Kills prove to be an odd match. They’re the result of a British Indie Rock veteran by the name of Jamie Hince who collaborates with Floridian punk, Alison Mosshart; together combining their guitar and vocal talent. Together, along with the help of a drum machine The Kills create new blues centered garage rock that the audience is surely not used to. Their first record, Keep on Your Mean Side (2003) proved to be innovative; proudly carrying the blues rock banner while utilizing a drum machine – something uncommon to that particular genre. Their following records No Wow (2005) and Midnight Boom

(2008) received acclaim by fans and critics alike. The Kills’ most recent effort Blood Pressures (April 2011) is a record worthy of its predecessors. Songs like “Satellite” and “Future Starts Slow” are anthem-like successes while tracks like “You Don’t Own the Road” are plainold-fashioned-fun. “Nail in My Coffin” and “The Heart is a Beating Drum” are light and playful departures from their typical sound but their ability to adapt to different styles with ease and success

provide a variety of songs without sacrificing quality. The only weak point to be found on the record is that some lyrics feel forced and uninspired in places. The melancholy piano ballad “The Last Goodbye” is an example of a song with a beautiful melodies and instrumentals brought down by sub-par lyrics. However, this is not enough to lessen the quality of the record. The last track “Pots and Pans” is a nod to

by Renjini Antony They have many different styles; they’ve won numerous awards, and they’ve been around for almost thirty years. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are back with their 10th album I’m With You. It has been five years since the release of the group’s Grammy winning album Stadium Arcadium, and one could say, I’m With You was worth the wait. With new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer on board, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have put out an album unlike any other album before. While many old and dedicated fans are mourning over the departure of previous guitarist John Frusciante, many agree that Klinghoffer is a great addition to the band. The song

“Did I Let You Know” really shows how much of a great addition Klinghoffer is with his fancy guitar playing and his soft backing vocals. Though they have a different guitarist, some things still haven’t changed for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. In the song “Factory of Faith,” singer and lyricist Anthony Kiedis makes a comeback with his nonsensical rhyming, while drummer Chad Smith returns with his uplifting beats, and bassist Flea

(Michael Balzary) continues to play his funky as ever bass lines. I’m With You brings back the elements of every Red Hot Chili Peppers album out there: alternative rock, a little bit of rap rock, and a whole lot of funk and turns it all into something new. The album begins with a mess of noise in the beginning, almost as if the band is tuning up to jam up for a new era. “Brendan’s Death

The Velvet Underground with entrancing lyrical repetition and a simple drum beat. Overall, this record is much easier for casual listeners to grasp than their previous releases. Despite its faults Blood Pressures is an excellent record that receives two enthusiastic thumbs up. Its catchy guitar riff, vocal melody and the overall nature of its sound are sure to grab audiences’ attention. This record is much easier for casual listeners to grasp than their previous releases. If you haven’t heard of this band before, they are definitely something worth checking out. The album will be released on October 24th. Open your mind and ears, and drop the needle on the turntable! You won’t regret it!

Red Hot Comeback

Song” is a heartwarming tribute to the Chili Peppers’ long time friend, Brendan Mullen, and is something so different from what one would expect to hear from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. “Dance, Dance, Dance” couldn’t have been a more perfect song for a finale. The song sums up the sounds and emotions in the album. You feel like dancing to rejoice with the Red Hot Chili Peppers on their accomplishment in putting out this album. From the funky beats to the crazy rapping to the softer tunes, I’m With You is a cornucopia of different sounds and styles. It will win the hearts of old fans and reel in new ones. Be sure to pick up a copy of their new album!

Demi Stands Unbroken

by Chaheti Bansal & Nicole Layug Disney Star, Demi Lovato went to rehab last November after an altercation with a back-up dancer. Less than a year later, Demi is stronger than ever. The release of her latest single, "Skyscraper" over the summer set the bar high for her new album, Unbroken; as the hit single rose to the top of the iTunes charts within days. Unlike her past style of teen pop music, Demi took Unbroken in a different direction. Her R&B and dance album progresses from a gentle to an emotional tone. The album ends with “Skyscraper.” In addition to "Skyscraper", Demi took a more personal approach to her music insongs such as "For the Love of a

Daughter" and "Mistake.” The lyrics and the overall tone of Demi’s voice portray her struggles over the years and capture the essence of the songs. Demi's "dance" songs showed that she is not afraid to try something different. Some of her songs included many famous artists such as Missy Elliott and Timbaland in "All Night Long", Iyaz in "You're My Only Shorty" and Jason Derulo in "Together".

Her ability to work alongside these artists is an indication of her desire to work with different people as well as a display of her eagerness to experiment with a different genre of music. Many of the songs in this album have told the story people were wondering about for months when she had gone to rehab. “I’m singing about some issues that I’ve never even spoken about before”, Demi told Ryan Seacrest in an interview about the new

release. Her album has caught the attention of many people around the world and she has made sure her audience knows the story behind it. Senior at New Hyde Park, Angeli Plamo expresses her opinion on the new album: “Not only is it sincerely touching to her fans, but it is also a testimony of self-acceptance. It is a strong comeback that proves she is over her addiction and that she has high hopes for her future.” In addition to the positive remarks from her fans who call themselves "lovatics,” she has received praise for the level of maturity and growth in her songs. She has helped many young adults to truly understand that “love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect.”

Humphries ‘Kashes’ In by Ishita Shah This past August, reality television star Kim Kardashian tied the knot with NBA player Kris Humphries. One of the most hyped up events in Hollywood, the wedding created extremely high expectations. With 3 Vera Wang dresses, invitations costing $10,000 a floral setting and a $20,000 cake, the one question on everyone’s mind was “how much will it all cost and how will Kardashian be able to afford it?” The estimated total cost of the wedding was $10 million, but what most don’t know is that Kim hasn’t paid a single penny of it. Not only

did Kim not have to pay anything, but she actually made a profit from the wedding. After selling rights to the channel E! for about $15 million and receiving $2.5 million from People Magazine for exclusive wedding pictures, Kardashian made a grand profit of approximately $18 million. In fact, the only thing the family paid for was Kris Jenner’s face-lift which

was expected to be more than $10,000. Everything utilized or bought for the wedding was gifted to Kardashian. Such free items included 3 Vera Wang dresses and fitting, a 6 foot wedding cake, hair and make-up, wedding invites, champagne and much more. In addition, Kardashian and Humphries also received their engagement rings at a special discount. Moreover

even the each of their bachelorette parties were paid for by the hotel that accommodated the wedding parties. Not only has she gained wealth, she also gained fame. After the wedding aired on E! in mid- October, the channel reported a total of $10.5 million views, the highest E! has ever received on any TV special. Even though people may be surprised by all the money spent on the wedding, not many are aware of the profits the couple has gained. It was an event that incorporated extravagance, celebrity friends, and endorsement deals. Was this really a wedding or a business deal?

SAT Vocab Mania & The Funnies Down 1. To renounce (a right or privilege) 2. Merry 3. Wrath 4. An aggressive display of boldness 5. Profound devotion 6. Pertaining to teaching 7. Lucid 8. Stiffly proper 9. To cast off, as hair, feathers, etc. 12. Peculiar 13. To send or give out 14. Persevering in effort or endeavor 16. Ardent in feeling 17. Rough or rude in manner or speech 18. Trivial

Across 1. The highest point, or summit 5. Cheerful willingness 7. To steal 10. A worshiper of false gods 11. Sweetly or smoothly flowing 15. Measureless 17. To implore 19. To restore brightness or beauty to

Created by: Jennifer Lee Answers on page 10

Congratulatons to New Hyde Park Seniors Palak Golwala, Geoffrey Lin, Natalie Marquardt, Marc Nuccio, Kahina Toubal, and Parth Trivedi for being honored as National Merit Scholarship Commended Students. National Merit Commended students are recognized for their outstanding academic promise. Picture top (l-r)-Mr. DeMartino, Mr. Gagnon, Marc Nuccio, Natalie Marquardt, Parth Trivedi, Mrs. Valdes bottom (l-r) Palak Golwala, Kahina Toubal

Jennifer Lee, a senior at New Hyde Park Memorial High School, was named a National Merit Semifinalist. Jennifer is one of 16, 000 National Merit Semifinalists in the country.She will now have the opportunity to compete for 8,300 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $34 million dollars. This is an outstanding honor for Jennifer and her family.

Sisterly ‘Love’ by Nicole Layug and Kiran Bhojani After an undefeated season last year, the girls’ varsity tennis team moved up three divisions. In spite of this accomplishment, the team lost seven talented seniors which was notable. Nonetheless, the players this year have strong bonds with every player. On the courts these girls are just players, but off the courts they act like sisters. "This season was an amazing experience for me. This team will remain in my heart as my family for many years to come,” said seventh-grader Victoria Bialczak. This year the team will be losing four seniors, most notably Melissa Carlay, who has been undefeated since

joining the team in seventh grade and has unbelievably never dropped a set. Additionally, Carlay has inspired her teammates and supported them throughout the years. Her exceptional skill has definitely motivated the team. "The season represents the end of an era for Melissa Carlay. Her knowledge of the sport and her leadership will be greatly missed,” said Coach Stagnitta. As Carlay gets ready to graduate, she prepares the younger members of the team to take her role for the season after she graduates. “This team has stuck together after each game and even though we didn’t have the best season this year, I couldn’t have asked for a better team,” she said.

Volleyball Stands Tall by Shannon Sunny The varsity girls’ volleyball team is making a strong name for themselves this year despite facing fierce competition in new conference. While Coach Rizzutti encourages the girls to keep up the intensity level, the captains, Kim Connors, Marissa Ngai and Kristi Kofler focus on the importance of staying in good spirit. Kim explains, “We all work together and need to have each others backs.” She added that, “picking yourself up when you’re down” is a major part of their team mantra. Outside-hitter Shani Thomas has proven to be a great asset to the team scoring the final game-winning point in three consecutive games.

“Every player on the team has been very important to get us where we are now. We’ve had losses and made mistakes but we learned from them, which makes us a good team,” said Shani Thomas. The boys’ volleyball team has also met similar success this season. Coach Eiserman is proud of his team including Captain Geoffrey Lin, who has helped the team achieve its well-deserved 8 and 2 record. Despite being a smaller team in the school, the dedication and talent of the players have led the group to success. As coach Eisermann fittingly put it, “We are poised and ready to do damage.”

On the Right Track by Kahina Toubal The cross country team has gained an even greater presence in New Hyde Park Memorial’s fall season than it ever has before. The team has the most members in the school’s history and with a consistently growing roster, success in the future seems imminent. Mr. Buith has understandably high hopes as he wants the females to be the first scoring female team in the school’s history while he believes the boys have the potential to finish in the top half of their conference. Describing the team as “hungry for achievement” and “determined to do their best,” Buith is impressed by his runners’ toughness “in the fact

of how much they are willing to sacrifice for the sport.” Senior John Daley explains, “Cross country is more about hard work than any other sport, [what with] our workouts and weeks of practice over the summer. But despite our insane workouts, this is the only [team] I’ve been on that feels more like a family than any other.” Buith expresses that the combination of intense workouts and his runners’ unyielding dedication has produced regular results over the course of the season. “[The team] sees [themselves improve] at practice with the workouts and at meets with their times. But, by far, the biggest success that I see is their will to get better.”

Field of Fury by Angelina Holler The 2011-2012 varsity field hockey team has taken a slightly different approach to the game this year. The varsity team has, like any other successful team, had to learn to work and play effectively both on and off the field. With a record of 5-4, there’s no doubt that the team has been consistently challenged by the best teams on Long Island. “We’re definitely facing tougher teams this year compared to past years, and every game has been extremely competitive. Despite the fact that we’re coming out as almost a completely new team this year, we’re all working really well together,” Captain Lisa

O’Callaghan said. Noting the dedication of all the players, assistant coach Rudd and head coach Brocking, the team has made its way into the playoffs. However, the team must finish the season strong before it is guaranteed a spot in playoffs. With just three games left, the players intend to take nothing for granted. Head Coach Brocking is confident in the team’s ability as she fittingly stated “we are competitive yet rebuilding.” With the experience it gained during this season, the 2012-2013 varsity field hockey team is a force to be reckoned with. Best of luck to the team in the post season!

Touchdown Turnaround team is really committed to each other and are in it together. Individual stats are

while Nick Perrone went 4-for-4 and threw the winning twentyfive yard touchdown pass to Francisco Kang.

improving every game. At one of the more recent games, Francesco Terrero rushed for 155 yards and scored a touchdown

The impressive win not only exemplifies the team’s progress and shows that good things that are in store for the

Photo by Chaheti Bansal

by Angelina Holler and Jennifer Haynes With an impressive record of 5-2, the 2011-2012 varsity football team is turning heads and charging their way into the playoffs. Captains Nick Dziomba and Anthony Mussachia are very optimistic about this year’s team and the season turn out. “We plan to go 6-2 this year, and that’s not including our post season.” The captains don’t hesitate to show the confidence they have in their team as they strongly feel that NHP varsity football is this year’s team to watch. This year’s team has something previous years have lacked. According to assistant coach Nick Difilippi, “The

Gladiators’ next season. As the team’s fan base continues to grow, so does the team’s confidence. “This year’s team really feels like a family and our record is going to show that we’re thick as blood,” said Nick Dziomba. Head varsity football coach Dolan put it another way, “After we beat Calhoun I told the kids and coaches I got very lucky today. I didn’t mean that we got lucky on the field--I meant that I am lucky to coach such a great group of young men. I expect a lot from them. I tell them that they have to play sick, to play injured and to play their best everyday, to give 100% in other words; I expect them to be Gladiators.”

Soccer Teams Stay Strong by Jennifer Haynes Despite the difficult challenges posed by multiple injuries, this year’s varsity girls soccer team is persevering. Coach Gary Gregory explained, “Our team is always short players due to injury, but we accept it, move on and take it one game at a time.” The team always gives its best effort no matter the challenges it faces on the field. “We lose to the same teams in the playoffs and this year we plan to change that,” said Captain Angelica Eranovic. The team has met its goal of securing a spot in the playoffs and is hoping to rise to the challenge. She added, “We are all passionate about the sport and we want to take

this season as far into the post season as we can.” The team is led by captains Savannah Campana, Lucia Castellano, Angelica Eranovic and Gabriella Tomasini. Their commitment can be seen at every practice and every game. The competition was fierce but the girls have faith in their teammates and themselves. Despite the team’s record, the team has learned the value of teamwork and commitment necessary to reach its goals. The girls work hard at every practice. Soccer is a game of maximizing opportunities when trying to score. The girls take nothing for granted and work to create the best opportunities possible.

by Kahina Toubal This season, the varsity boys’ soccer team faced a more challenging season than ever before. The team's transition into its new and tougher conference of 4A proved challenging, especially because it coincided with a multitude of injuries among their starters. Faced with these obstacles, the team was “really forced to come together as a group,” said head coach Kaiser. The team relied on its younger players to shoulder some of the responsibilities formerly held by their injured teammates. “Our new additions have been very helpful,” said Kaiser. Under the tutelage of starting senior goalie Keith

Heeseman, junior Andrew Blumenson acquired more experience in goal. Dan Lorandini and John Tomasini saw more playing time, while Chris Sacino came up to varsity from JV to give the team some additional support in the midfield. As the season drew to a close, the team gained back ground in the standings. The boys adjusted to their tougher conference. Ultimately, though this season was not its most successful, the team certainly made the best of bad circumstances and gained a stronger camaraderie for it. Hopefully, the boys’ varsity soccer team will regain its ground and conquer the season.

October 2011 Edition  
October 2011 Edition  

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