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Descriptive Writing

Celebrating Veteran’s  Day  at  the  South  Milwaukee  War  Memorial,  November  11,  2011  

Written by Students in Room 204 December 2011 1

Table of Contents: Student Abby Anna Chloe Jada Lianna Boston Brooke Nate Emma Finn Kayla Serene Monta Dianalis Dominick Josh Isaac George Madelyn Connor Ayanna Seth

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Abby Benn 22 December 5, 2011 This is a descriptive writing piece on rain forests. My name is Abby Benn and I’m in 3rd grade and I’m going to tell you things about rain forest’s. I’m going to tell you what you see in a rain forest, what you hear in a rain forest's and what you would feel in a rain forest. Do you know anything about the rain forests? This paragraph is going to be about what you would see in a rain forest. You would see a big pile of green with a lot of animals in it. There are a lot of animals in a rain forest. My favorite animal in the rain forest is a Poison dart frog. Poison dart frogs are a lot of different colors. Like orange and blue. There are a lot of trees in a rain forest like Egiantred Cieder, Ceiba, Ceceopia, Kapok, strangler fig, Twin Kauri, Cathedral Fig, and Bamboo. You would also see streams in a rain forest. That’s what you would see in a rain forest. This paragraph is going to be about what you would hear in a rain forest. You would hear lots of birds chirping and singing. You can hear water falling. You might also hear leaf’s crackling and branches braking. You might also hear snakes slithering. You would hear rain and thunder if it was storming. That’s what you would hear in a rain forest. This paragraph is going to be about what you would feel in a rain forest. You would feel moist if you were in a rain forest. If you step in quick sand, mud your feet will feel sticky. You would feel warm in the summer and cool in the winter. You might feel bugs landing on you. That’s what you would feel in a rain forest. Did you like my writing piece on? I know I did, well that was my whole writing piece on rain forests!


Anna Lorino 5 Monday, November 5, 2011 A Mountain Lion Report in 1st Grade, Descriptive Writing Back in 1st grade seeing, hearing, and feeling. That’s what you’ll be hearing about seeing, hearing, and finally feeling. I’m going to talk about a mountain lion report in 1st grade. When my teacher 1st announced that we would be doing this report I didn’t like the idea at all. In the end you’ll get the answer to if I liked it in the end. I had a brilliant plan in the beginning and you will see if it worked out in the end. Just imagine all of your classmates huddled in one corner of the classroom fighting and tugging each other, just to get the animal information booklet that they want. That corner was really crowded, as I just stood there until the crowd was gone. There were a couple of choices, but they were things that were disgusting to look at. Then I found the mountain lion information booklet. Perfect I thought in my head perfect. I felt joy surged through me as I opened that booklet. I was… Anxious Eager Interested Overwhelmed by joy, and so many more. I had this awesome plan to make that writing piece the best piece in my class and the best writing piece I would have ever wrote in my life! As the roar of my classmates died down, it became the end of the day. The classroom never had a full silence there were still murmurs of classmates. Oh and I almost forgot some of the kids weren’t happy with what they got. I begged my teacher Mrs. Fortier to let me take the booklet home and she answered, “Fine.” “Yes.” I said. There at home was a strange silence. I wrote as day time went to sunset. Weeks went by as I continued my writing piece. Yet I heard a voice in my head saying, “Make a life size of a mountain lion.” It kept repeating and so I ignored it and it went away. It turned out great. I loved the writing piece! It didn’t turn out as I expected though, but it was still great. I hoped you learned a little bit about my most-of my most- favorite writing pieces ever.


Chloe Jones 6 December 5, 2011 Cheetah Descriptive Writing This is my descriptive writing piece it is going to a be about a cheetah. You are going to see what it would be like to be a lion or where they would live. And you would see how it feels like. Then you are going to to hear what a cheetah would sound like and what it would sound like to be around a cheetah in there habitat. The cheetah has very sharp claws and they are scratching mostly everything. Plus their teeth are very sharp to they are tearing things into pieces (meat or prey basically). The cheetahs tongue has a very sharp part on the cats tongue that is on their tongue it feels so bumpy and it really hurts. What it is called is a tasted bud but I can feel it on my arms. You can see the cheetahs when you are looking at the cheetah. Plus there color is orange and also tan. And they also have dots that look like circles. Imagine a cheetah hunting for prey. You can also see the baby cheetah cubs watching their moms hunt so they can learn. What to do when they need to hunt. You can see the cheetah running through the grass. The cheetah is finding a place to hide so the lion will not take it’s pray away from it. You can see the cheetah cubs playing in the grass. I can hear a cheetah chirping because cheetahs do not roar they chirp. I can hear a cheetah running through the grass and getting into the hunting pose. And I can hear the cheetah cubs chirping because they are really hungry. I hope you liked my descriptive writing. That was a story of a cheetah what you see and what you feel and what you hear that’s a descriptive writing. Oh one more thing is that did you know that when a baby cheetah learns to hunt and they sit to watch their moms watch so they will get practice without getting it from well nobody of course.


Jada Martin 4 December 8, 2011 Descriptive Writing about the Beach Have you ever gone to the beach? If you said yes, I’m going to do a descriptive writing about the beach. The first paragraph is going to be about what you hear at the beach. The second is going to be about what you feel at the beach. The third one is about what you see at the beach. Last but not least the conclusion. This is body paragraph number one. When you’re at the beach you can hear the big waves. You can also hear a lot of people laughing. Some people are even splashing in the water. When it’s quiet everyone would be able to hear the seagulls. Lots of people like to play volley ball, so you can hear the ball being hit over the net. You can also hear kids screaming really loud. In this paragraph you’re going to learn about what you feel at the beach. Sometimes you’re just sitting there and all of a sudden this cool wind comes right down your back. When you’re playing in the sand it feels hot and smooth. When people stand in the water and a wave comes it gets really high. It makes you cold. When people are at the beach they like to feel the hot sun on their backs. Did you ever wonder what you would see at the beach? Well, you would see water, sand, rocks, people, waves, splashing, swimsuits, and sunglasses. There’s a lot more things you would see at the beach, but there’s to much to put on one paper. You can see tons of things at the beach! Well, you’re at the conclusion. It looks like you read about what you hear, feel, and see at the beach. Did you like my descriptive writing?


Lianna Kalenuik December 5th, 2011 Waves of a beach My name is Lianna and I am going to tell you about waves of a beach. What I can see, hear, and feel. It will feel like you are in the story. Well here I go. I can hear the waves splashing and people screaming and yelling I hear flip-flops flopping and birds singing, mumbling and whispering , people talking and kids playing all day long don’t you think it sounds fun . You Can hear a lot of things like cars starting and loud screaming and yelling and you can hear bubbles from the fish it is a fun summer day. There’s lots of stuff that can make you feel dirty at the beach. You can feel free, lucky, wet, and soft sand that goes between your toes and sharp rocks that stab your feet and everyone will once and awhile feel sun burn. The cold wave going agensed you and you can feel fish swimming around your legs. I see lazy people every were. It’s just crazy seeing happens every were and it is cool seeing everyone is great. There is a lot of driftwood and rocks, shells and pebbles. All you can see all day is seagles it’s crazy with all that noise around. You can see a lot of kids playing and having fun. Well this is the end the journey is over I hope you liked it because I did.


Boston. December 5, 2011 Ranger Camp. My name is Boston. I will tell you about what you might hear, feel, see and smell at ranger camp. I’m going to tell you what it smelled like in the introduction. It smelled like bacon so crispy, eggs so burnt. I bet you would want to go over there and eat all of it so no one could eat anything. If you did I bet you will be in big trouble. They will be so mad they will tell you “you will not eat briefest tomorrow.”How do I know, I did that before oh and bay the way you never want to do that. If you want to learn more read on.

I’m now going to tell you about want you might hear at ranger camp. You might hear b-b guns making loud shouting sounds in the targets and the targets making popping noise so my ears hurt so bad. Kids shouting YES! YES! YES! I finely I made a target with a bow-a-arrow. Which it’s easy to do. The lake was swishing side to side like a slow heart beat. Now you know what I heard at ranger camp. Here’s how it felt at ranger camp. The water is going on my cold shivering body making it so warm. The air is blowing on my skin making it so cold again. Have you ever had a mosquito bites? Mosquito bites are making me itch vary bad. The sand so mushy slipping through my fingers. That is how it felt at ranger camp. This is how it looks like at ranger camp. I saw kids playing in the sand and throwing sand in the water making the water splash. I also saw 1,000 mosquito bites on both of my arms. Kids’ playing on the zip line .That’s all you will see at ranger camp. Know you now want you will see,hear,feel and smell at ranger camp.


Brooke Charon December 5, 2011 Rain forest Hello! My name is Brooke and I am going to explain to you a paragraph about a rain forest. I am going to tell about some senses that I pick up in the rain forest too. It is also going to be about animals of the rain forest. You hear a lot of chirping and sometimes see a lot of animals that are in the rain forest .And is very awesome to see. HEAR. What you hear in a rain forest is birds chirping loudly. And tigers roaring and lots of animals are rustling and is very disturbing and very loud. And hear storms and thunder roaring and rain coming down. It is a very peaceful sound. And hear very small bugs crawling on trees with their little tiny legs. And sometimes hear pecking and wings flapping in the rain forest. SEE. What you see in the rain forest are colorful, pretty birds in the light blue sky and beautiful tigers and big cats chasing dinner. And dark green plants and nice smelling flowers blooming in spring. And when it rains the sky turns dark blue and looks very creepy. And you see mist and rain and dark clouds when it thunderstorms in the rain forest. SMELL. In the rain forest it smells like rain and rain is unscented. And smells like cats because of lions and other big cats. And has a gross smell that no one wants to smell. And the sweet smell of flowers. Now you read about a good writing piece and it’s about the rain forest. And I liked it so I think you liked it too. Good-Bye!


Nate Moen 15 December 5, 2011 A Bucks game at the Bradley Center My name is Nate Moen. I am going to tell you about what you will see, hear, feel, and some quick information about what you will smell at a Bucks game. Okay, now I will tell you that quick information about what you will smell. Depending on where you are sitting you might smell sweat if you are sitting really close. Otherwise you will probably smell food. Do you think you will like my writing piece? Now I will tell you about some things you might see at a Bucks game. First things first you will probably see the Bucks wearing white with a little red and green. Oh, I forgot to mention that you will see two teams playing all out basketball. You will also see squad 6 (6 because Andrew Bogut gives them tickets and Andrew Bogut’s # is six) which is always a sea of red. Sometimes you might even see a baby race. You are also most likely to see Bango (Bucks mascot) who is always wearing a brown deer costume with either a white, red, or green Bucks jersey on over it. The Bucks home court is light brown with the Bucks logo in the middle. The Bucks logo is a green buck face with to red triangles in the background. The Bucks logo also reads Milwaukee in white and Bucks in silver. You may also see a pie eating contest. Where three people (or fans) have to eat cream pie without using their hands. That’s what you might see at a Bucks game! Now I will tell you about what you will hear at a Bucks game. Depending on where you are sitting you might hear the players calling out plays or the players shoes squeaking. You may also hear the coaches either yelling at the refs or their players. If play needs to be stopped you are more than likely to hear the ref blow his or her whistle. Those are some things you might hear at a Bucks game! Have you ever been to the end of a close sports game? You usually get to feelings either excited or nervous. While one time when I was at a Bucks game I got the feeling nervous. With the game tied with like 5 seconds left. Bucks vs. Lakers. If you’ve heard of the Lakers you know who they will give the ball too. Kobe Bryant. Guess what? Swish! The Lakers won. So that is mostly what you will feel. You might even get a 10

feeling that you want to dance because there is a dance cam on the score board. You might even feel the players if they make a bad play. Those are some things you might feel at a Bucks game! You just learned about what you might see, hear, and feel at a Bucks game. You might smell sweat or see a pie eating contest but you never know right?


Emma Binon 21 November11, 2011 My Home First you are going to read about hear, then see, and then you are going to read about smell but I can’t put in feel. My name is Emma!!! This paragraph is about what you will hear in my house. You will hear kids yelling from up stairs! You will also hear my mom yelling or talking loud it hurt’s her voice. The TV will be on, adults singing on rock band two or three. You will hear the fridge opening. This paragraph is about what you will see in my house. You will see candles, and colors like gray, brown, light brown, and red. You will see toys from my brother!! This paragraph is about what you will smell in my house. You will smell food cooking, and candles burning and making the house smell good. You just read about my house did you like it I know did? For 1st body paragraph I told about hear, for my 2 nd paragraph I told you about see for my 3rd body paragraph I told you about smell.


Finn spankowski 12/8/11 Bacon Bacon! Bacon!!Bacon!!!Well I’m going to Wight about bacon! I am going to describe the 5 senses of bacon. Got that? See, fell, tast, hering and SMELLING! Ok I will settle down. Bacon is so dishes This is how bacon tastes like. Dose bacon tats crispy? Warm, even Tosy? Well if you didn’t try bacon it is dlishos! Ok so this paragraph is going to be about see .Bacon is restaged , bumpy, brown/weight/red, yummy. Bacon smells mety, hot and dishes. Well I know some kids Don’t like bacon. Well I love bacon. So that was my weighting peace .Was it good? Well I like it.


Kayla Gasior 10 December 5, 2011 Forest. Imagine you are in a forest. You will hear leaves moving back and forth, back and forth, birds chirping and wolves howling at night. Life there would be great! Well at least I want to live in a forest because wolves won’t hurt you, birds have really good singing and the leaves are a peaceful sound! Oh yeah I’m going to tell you what it smells like, what you will see and you will feel in a forest. In a forest of course you will see trees. Also you will see leaves swaying back and forth, creatures hoping around and foot prince of someone in the mud, grass and ground. When you are in a forest you will smell fresh wood, fresh air, mud, grass and leaves. Those are really good smells except the mud! I think mud is a really bad smell! Leaves are an okay smell and when there burnt my opinion is leaves smell really bad when their burnt. In a forest, you will feel wood, leaves, water, bugs on your feet and if it is summer it would be warm out. Bugs on your feet feel really weird, water feels really nice and trees fell hard, sticky and bumpy. Leaves are crunchy sometimes. Also when you are in a forest bare foot you will feel sticks, rocks, grass, mud, water and dirt on the bottom of your feet. Also you should believe all the stuff I wrote because I have been lost in a forest. Yes I said I have been lost in a forest! P.s it was really scary because it was dark out!


Serene Tomaszewski 2 December 8, 2011 Descriptive Writing about Chocolate Chip Cookies When is the last time you’ve had a chocolate chip cookie? If it has been awhile this is bound to refresh your memory! First you hear the beep of the oven. Next you run to the oven, and open the door. Then you hear your family to the oven with their noses in the air, or maybe not. You will find out how a chocolate chip cookie tastes like, looks like, and feels like in this piece. Have you ever tasted a chocolate chip cookie? If you have you can relate. The moment it touches you mouth you will probably taste the melted chocolate. You will find that you cannot get enough. You will taste the sweet sugary goodness! You will taste the butter, and the crunchy almonds. You might taste the gooeyness, or burn your tongue. That is how a chocolate chip cookie tastes. Ever wonder what a chocolate chip looks like? They’re golden brown, they’re generally round, but they can be any shape, like stars. They have chocolate in the name, so they must have brown spots. Hopefully they aren’t burnt, but if they are they would be black. When they just come out of the oven, you can see steam. You can see their softness. They are bumpy, pale, and balky. That is how a chocolate chip cookie looks. This paragraph is about how a chocolate chip cookie feels, or how you feel. You might feel tempted to eat more. They feel almost too hot to touch; they also feel gooey and soft. They are slowly getting harder. They are fragile, and bumpy. Chocolate chip cookies are very warm. You might feel messy. That is how you or the chocolate chip cookie feels. Now you know how a chocolate chip cookie tastes, looks, and feels. I Hope that refreshed your memory.


Monta Beamon December 8, 2011 A fantasy world about a tiger. My name is Monta. Today you’re going to know about is the top Tiger in the foodchian. Hold on because today is going to be a bumpy ride!!! First I’m going to tell you about is See then hear and fell. A fantasy world about a Tiger!!! What I’m going to tell you is not going to be pretty ! First I’m going to tell you about his cave have dead animal bones, rats and two tigresses. The tiger is always practice hunting at day and night killing deer, wild pig, and wild boar and turkey or the three tiger are protecting their territory. The second thing I’m going to tell you about is what you would hear. You would hear the Tiger mating he would’ent have to fight to mate because all of him. You would mostly hear the tigresses doing all the work. The male tiger would only handle serious problems like protecting their territory and sometime’s he’s hunts because he might want a big prey. This is my body Paragraph #2 This paragraph is all about feel. In the forest where the tiger and the tigresses hunt and feed you would mostly feel is bark, smooth grass, prickly thorns, dead fur or soggy skin, mud, blood and some warm air in the air at the afternoon. The tiger fell’s like it’s got blood on its chin and this tiger do have not play around in the wild!!! So far in this story I’ve told you about See, hear, and feel. And this is the top predator in the WILD!!!


Dianalis Rodriguez #3 Title. Flowers December 8, 2011 Hello my name is Dianalis and you are going to learn about my story called Flowers. Also there’s a little surprise at the end can you figer it out? Come on give it a try. And if you can’t figer it out I will tell you at the end. But I really am hoping that you would like to read my story. Hello this is what you could see. What you could see is red blue and green flowers and much more and you also see bees in flowers. And also see bugs in the flowers .Sometimes even butterflies. This paragraph is about feel. You could feel the soft pedals and you could feel the thorny stems and the rough pedals and the bright cool colors Bern you if you are not paying any attention. Hares the mystery it is a flower that you can taste. And it is pink and green. What are the names? Nate and Lianna and Chloe I know those people please do not say the answer ……. Now I am going to give you guys a little time to think ok .here’s the answer it is a sweet and a dragon flower and I hope you guys like my story.


Dominick Wendorf 12 December, 8 2011 My family I am going by my dads house to day .I am going to my moms housie is fun at my moms and dads house it is fun. You can see my living room and my bedrooms and you can see my dog and cat you can see my lisped and scruple and vans to. You can hear my dog and cat and Dominick and mom and dad you can hear my fish. I feel in my home wood floor and kitchen for Xbox. I hope you like my store.


Josh Horsley7 December 8 2011 Mar Mar stands for Marchen awakes romance. Do you like fantasy like dragons or talking rocks? Well if you do this is the righting Pease for you. First I’ll tell you about what you would feel if you were in Marchen then I’ll tell you what you would taste and last what you would see. Now I’ll tell you how to survive in mar. First you would have to have a shelter because the wind in Marchen can get up to 300 miles per hour. Next you need to know where food would be like a farm or forest. Next you need to know where you can and can’t go. If there’s a fence or things that are broken or even a cave you can’t go. Place’s you can go are grassy arias lakes or forest. If you’re going to a forest beware of the where wolves if you are going to a grassy aria you might run in to some of the talking rocks but don’t be afraid they may ask for help. And if you are going to a lake be careful because the waves can go hi and hit hard. So you still have a hole righting Pease! In this paragraph I will tell you what you would feel if you where in Marchen. Most of the time you would feel grass on the bottom of your feet. But you might feel sand between your toes. Be careful because the sand can get to 100 degrees. The water can get very cold. Usually the animals are soft like the 3 headed bird. Natural resources are water meat and babbles. Babbles are plants that are white. They are mostly like leis with lairs but when you bight in to it it falls apart like glass. The water in mar is salty. The meat in mar is beef, pork, and stake. Usually you see water, grass, trees; sometimes you might see a house or a bird. If you’re in a city there are lots of houses and gardens. And if you lucky you might see the cross guard. The cross guard is a group of people that defend mar. The things you can see in mar are magnificent. Well do you like fantasy? I know I do. The talking rocks. Well if you liked my description you should read the books!!!





My mom is cooking pie for thanksgiving It is lied in the homes because it as to many kids. Want can you see in my homes It is cool in there. Wan you work in my home you will feel a wood floor in the living room. My wall are blue and red and my room is black.


George Vajagich 1 December 8, 2011 Descriptive This is the story of Jake. I will tell you how he saved the tribe from cannibals. I will tell you what he felt what he could see and what he could see and what he could hear. As Jake ran his feet on the muddy ground rain forest noises all around him. A jaguar jumped on him. It pined him down. Then it howled a biting plant bit it. Jake jumped in to the branches to avoid the frenzy. This is what Jake felt. The branches’ were hard. He swung from tree to tree tell he got to a place where he could get down. Wind slapped his face then he hit the sandy path. He got to a temple. It had a stchachu of a man on a dragon it .The walls where as hard as stone. As he was feeling for a place to get in the felt something scqshy It was a perpal fruit. He knew gorillas loved this kind of fruit so he ran to the door with it a gorilla saw it and ran at him. Jake dogged it. Then it jumped on him and grabbed the fruit. The gorilla’s belly was fury. When it got up the door was broken so Jake walked in. This is what Jake saw. Jake saw walls lots of walls a maze of some kind. It was dark and fogy on the roof Jake could see forts and tree hoses. Jake walked through the maze then he shared the clatter of bones and something like a fish skeleton came flying at him. He fell and woke up to a voice as cold as ice and shrill sounded “hi” it said. The man that captured him had a staff slung around his back and a bow with a quiver of bone arrows. He had a tunic of grass and a mask from the skull of a human. He was bone everything bone knifes on his belt but this man was a cannibal that wanted to eat Jake. Jake looked behind him walls no way to escape so he grabbed the cannabis staff and chanted spells he had learned from the tribe mang. Jake flew into the sky high village This is what Jake herd. He ran past a tree house and wished down a zip line. Wind wiped his face he hared wisps of air. Then a throwing knife from a cannibal cut the vine instead .He swug in tell a flew at him with a whoosh he fell he hit the ground with a splat. The staff broke it was glowing crystal. It made a wiring noise the cannibal leader fell over “I am too much alive ““Why wode you not want to be alive “yelled Jake but his power was 21

too great. He toke a piece of skull and smashed the crystal. At last they were normal humans again. The pieces of crystal given equally to the tribes and the cannibals never at a human again. So now you know what it is like to see, feel, and hear like Jake and that is how he saved his tribe from evil cannabils.


Madelyn McCarty 16 December 9, 2011 My house This writing piece is about my house. I will tell you what you see, hear and feel in my house. I hope you like it. Have you ever been to my house? If you haven’t this is what you see. First you will see the hallway. In the hallway you will see the washer, dryer and a bunch of shoes. Next you will see the kitchen. In the kitchen you will see the table, sink and cabinets. Then you will see the living room. In the living room you will see the T.V., couch, fireplace and the carpet. After that you see my bedroom in my bedroom you will see my bed, my desk, my closet and lamps. Last you will see my brother’s room. In my brothers room you will see his bed, T.V, closet, desk and laptop. This is what you feel in my house. In the kitchen the floor will feel cold and hard. The table will feel cold but sometimes warm. Next the living room the carpet will feel soft and squishy. The couch will feel warm and comfy. The fire place will feel cold and hard. Next is my room the bed will feel soft and comfy so will the pillow. My closet will feel cold and hard. Next my brother’s room the bed will feel soft and comfy. I am here to tell you what you hear in my house when you first walk in my house you will hear my dogs barking. You might also hear the T.V. running or my brother playing music. That was my writing piece about my house. Did you like it? I know I did.


Connor Suszek Decmber 5th, 2011 Squid My name is Connor. I will be tailing about 3 things about Squid. The 3 things are taste see and feel. I wanted to talk about Squid because it would be cool. This paragraph is about how Squids tast. Squids taste like plan sop separated by 1 noodle at a time with a crunch.Sqwid osow taste good yummy fantastic or awsomely awesome .there are different kinds of Squid and my favroite kind is kalmary. You are going to read when you see a Sqwid. When you see a Squid it looks like a bonarow with cut up paper on the botom. You are going to read about how Squids feel. Sqwids feel slimy swushy mushy cool to me add least. Sqwid osow feel like a frog. You read about Squid and the three things you read about is taste see and feel.


Ayanna Henry December 13,2011 Best Friend You will be reading about my friend Kayla. Kayla likes the smell of lotion the way it smells buttery. When you rub in the sweet buttery smell it comes to your nose. Another thing that Kayla likes the smell of is Culvers. She likes the smell of the chocolate sundae . This paragragh will be all about what I know Kayla smells like. Would you like to know the smells? If you do listen up. Perfume and cats smells like soft furry fur and Vanilla pure air. You just read my Body paragragh 1. What I see on Kayla is a soft furry jacket. Which is black, pink and white. I also see hair. I like the way her hair is brown ,black and curly. You just read about what I see on Kayla. Do you know what my bff sounds like? If you don’t this paragraph is for you . I really like my bff and how she does a silly voice at lunch/recess. Now you know what I hear from my friend. Now you’re at my conclusion. You just read about what my bff Kayla looks, sounds smell and feels like Now you read my story


SETH Greenhill 12-9 -11 THE WAR All rite set the trusts there!! Bing Boning!! Return fire!! CH CH CH CH CH CH!!That was esey. That was esey!? CH CH CH CH! SNAPER!! WE GOT A MAN DOWN! War. War never chanches.CH CHA AH! Auu the sites. The sites ARE FLAT OUT WROG. EVRY MAN OF THE U.S.A IS DEAD YAAAA! Poles upon poles of blood every ware. AND ALL this blood IS FORM THE U.S MILITARY! YAAAAAAAAAAaa! Yushly you here guns and grnads and rokote lunchers. But this time no. BOOOOOOOM! EVRY BODY RUN! AHHHHHHHH! Uhh the rateashan in the air makes your skin bubble. And ther is smok in the air. On a scal 1 to 10 how much did you like it.


December 2011 Descriptive Writing Booklet  

Book of student written descriptive writing samples

December 2011 Descriptive Writing Booklet  

Book of student written descriptive writing samples