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70 Charges for instruction by members of the inspection staff are at the same per diem rate as other services plus expenses for transportation, room and meals. Charges for special or unusual services may be obtained by calling the Executive Office. The per diem inspection rate and mileage charges are adjusted from time to time by the Board of Managers. Current rates may be obtained by calling the Executive Office.

Inspection Services to Non-Members Non-members may obtain official inspection services at per diem charges 50% higher than those listed in the schedule in lieu of membership dues. Actual traveling and hotel expenses will be charged. An advance deposit to cover the costs will be requested. Application for these services is to be made to the Executive Office to avoid delay.


All applications for an Original Inspection on grades in this book shall be made in writing to the Chief Inspector or to an authorized National Inspector of the Association. Applicants will avoid delay by calling ahead and then mailing or faxing the application for an Original Inspection direct to the National Inspector nearest the point where the inspection is to be made, and sending a copy of the application to the Chief Inspector at:

P.O. Box 34518 | Memphis, TN 38184-0518, USA | (901) 382-6419 Fax Note: The word "lumber" includes timbers and planking as defined in this book.

II. An application for an Original Inspection may request that the inspection be made at the point of origin or at the destination when authorized in the purchase contract or by special agreement. It should be thoroughly understood that no member or officer of the Association possesses the authority to impose an Original Inspection upon any seller or buyer. When an Original Inspection has been made, it is binding only upon those parties who agreed beforehand to recognize it in the individual transaction in which it is involved. A buyer or seller may desire that the National Rules for grading and measurement apply to a contract and thus specify "National Rules to Govern," without

NHLA Rules Book 2015  
NHLA Rules Book 2015