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2014 Naval Hospital Jacksonville Patient Guide

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Admissions (CT, 2nd Floor) Allergy (EA, 1st Floor; Internal Medicine) Anesthesia (CT, 4th Floor) Audiology (CT, 5th Floor; Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic) Breast Care Center (CT, 1st Floor, Radiology) Cardiology (EA, 1st Floor, Internal Medicine) Case Management (located at each Medical Home Port team; lead is located in CT, 1st Floor, OB/GYN) Chapel (CT, 2nd Floor) Chiropractic (CT, 1st Floor, Physical/Occupational Therapy) Collections (CT, 1st Floor) CSSR/Central Supply (CT, 1st Floor) CT Scan/Nuclear Medicine (CT, 1st Floor) Cyber Cafe – internet access (CT, 2nd Floor) Decedent Affairs (CT, 2nd Floor) Dental (CT, 2nd Floor) Deployment Health Center (BHC Jacksonville) Dermatology (EA, 1st Floor) Ear, Nose and Throat (CT, 5th Floor) Emergency Room (CT, 1st Floor) Endoscopy (CT, 3rd Floor) Exceptional Family Member Program (EA, 1st Floor, Medical Records) Family Medicine (EA, 2nd Floor) Green, Red, White and Yellow Teams Food/Vending (Galley at CT 1st Floor, Snack Bar at CT 2nd Floor, Vending at CT 1st Floor atrium) Gastroenterology (EA, 1st Floor, Internal Medicine) General Surgery (EA, 2nd Floor) Health Care Resolutions (CT, 4th Floor) Hypnotherapy (Wellness Center, next to NAS Jax Fitness Center) Immunizations (EA, 1st Floor) Intensive Care Unit (CT, 3rd Floor) Internal Medicine (EA, 1st Floor) Blue Team Labor & Delivery (CT, 6th Floor) Laboratory (CT, 1st Floor) Lactation Nurse (CT, 8th Floor, Room 8010) Maternal Infant Unit (CT, 8th Floor)

CT = CENTRAL TOWER EA = EAST ANNEX • Medical Home Port (see Family Medicine teams, Internal Medicine team, Pediatrics team) • Medical Records (EA, 1st Floor) • Medical Surgical Unit/Inpatient Rooms (CT, 7th Floor) • Mental Health (2034 Tatum Ave.) • Milky Way/Breastpumping (Pediatrics, EA, 1st Floor and CT, 5th Floor) • MRI (CT, 1st Floor, Radiology) • Multi-Service Unit (CT, 7th Floor) • Neurology (CT, 5th Floor) • NEX (Gift Store at CT 1st Floor, Snack Bar at CT 2nd Floor) • Nuclear Medicine/CT Scan (CT, 1st Floor) • Nutrition (CT, 1st Floor, near Security) • Obstetrics and Gynecology (EA, 1st Floor) • Occupational Health (CT, 1st Floor) • Ophthalmology (EA, 2nd Floor) • Optometry (BHC Jacksonville) • Orthopedics (CT, 1st Floor) • Patient Relations (CT, 1st Floor) • Pediatrics (EA, 1st Floor) Purple Team • Pharmacy (CT, 1st Floor) • Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy (CT, 1st Floor) • Podiatry (CT, 1st Floor, Orthopedics) • Pulmonology (EA, 1st Floor, Internal Medicine) • Radiology (CT, 1st Floor) • Red Cross (CT, 2nd Floor) • Same Day Surgery (CT, 4th Floor; 3rd Floor check-in) • SARP (2034 Tatum Ave.) • Security (CT, 1st Floor) • Sick Call/Military Medicine (EA, 2nd Floor, Family Medicine Yellow Team) • Sleep Lab (CT, 5th Floor) • Snack Bar (CT, 2nd Floor) • TRICARE Health Benefits Advisors (CT, 1st Floor) • Urology (CT, 1st Floor) • Wellness Center (next to NAS Jax Fitness Center) • Wounded Warrior – Safe Harbor (CT, 2nd Floor, Room 2110)


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