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Ephata 11 Picnic Schedule 10:00 am 10:30 am 10:35 am 11:05 am 11:30 12:30 pm 1:30 pm 1:40 pm 3:45 pm 3:50 pm

Sign In and Breakfast Morning Prayer Family Time 1 – Before Confirmation Mini Game Lunch and Practice Skits Skits Break - Free Time Olympic Sports Break – Free Time Dual Family Sharing – Cousins Chosen Few – Beelievers Rainbow Dragon - Skittles 4:35 pm Mini Games 4:45 pm Family Time 2 – “After Confirmation” 5:30 pm Awards 6:00 pm Clean Up / Staff Meet Staff Assignments: Thay Co Nuoc: Administration/Supervisory Staff Hoa: Time Keeper, Adwards Hieu: Park Assignments, Grill Master Quyen Di: Record of Permission Slips, Mini Games Tony: Janitor Tumi: Food Khoa: Games Diep: Games Janet: Record of Permission Slips, Wrap up Skits Tuong Vi: First Aid, Morning Prayer Andy: Games,Wrap up Family Sharing 2

Quyen Di / Janet Tuong Vi Family Staff Nhi Kitchen – Tumi Janet All Diep / Khoa / Andy All

Quyen Di Family Staff/ Andy All / Hoa All

Ephata11 Picnic Sched  
Ephata11 Picnic Sched  

Ephata 11 Picnic Sched and Staff Assignments