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Branch: 108/10 Vinh Vien, Ward 9, Dist 10, HCMC Tel: (+84) 08 3834 5588 - Fax: (+84) 08 3834 9088 Email: Head Office: 170A Trieu Quang Phuc St, Ward 11, Dist 5, HCMC Tel: (+84) 08 38 535 234 - Fax: (+84) 08 38 563 028



NHI GIA Trading & Service Co., Ltd – NHIGIA travel was established on April 2006. From that day forth NHI GIA travel has constantly developed and quickly become one of the most effective companies in Travel & Service industry: air ticket, visa (exit/entry), Work Permit/Temporary Resident Card, Apec Card for Businessman, inbound & outbound tour, international fair in various industries and other service. Since the beginning, have all members of NHIGIA Travel directed operation and target to strong development in travel & service industry With experienced employees, we are confident about bringing you the swiftest and most effective services. NHIGIA travel – we always respect the bases for development and success. They are opportunities to cooperate with the customer, partner in potential industries. We always believe that unity, solidarity, and your strong support are keys to success of NHIGIA Travel in the future. Wish you health, Success & prosperousness!

The company’s information: Name of the company : NHIGIA TRADING AND SEVICE CO., LTD English name : NHIGIA TRAVEL Business registration No. : 0304 279 089 Issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City. Represented by : Mr. Nguyen Thanh Huy – Position : Director Head office : 170A Trieu Quang Phuc, Ward 11, District 5, Ho Chi Minh City Tel : [+84-8] 38 53 52 34 : [+84-8] 38 56 30 28 Fax Transaction office : 108/10 Vinh Vien, Ward 9, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City : Email Website : Hotline : 1900 6654 – 0906 836 788



Book air ticket: Home International

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24/7 consultant Professional – Experienced – Enthusiasm Guidelines on reasonable journey, price Flexible term of payment for individual/enterprise


• Entry visa (Approval letter) • Issue, extend Visa • Immigration procedure of all countries: Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia, Middle East • Any countries of which you are hard issued visa • Apec Card (for Vietnamese)


• Work Permit • Temporary Resident Card • Permanent Resident Card • Consular legalization/ Notarized translation • Change Driver’s License of 2-wheeler, high-power motorbike, automobile

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• Booking global hotel • Rental coach • Change from Vietnamese Driver’s License to international one • Consular legalization/ Notarized translation • Repatriation procedure/dual nationality


Tour Inbound & Outbound Tour International Fair / conference (all industries)

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE For development and quality of service, NHIGIA Travel is not afraid of investing in new industries, although it is hard at the first step, NHIGIA travel are trying to become one of the leading companies in tour & service industry in Vietnam. Try our best to develop in new market, capture opportunities to strong development. Specialized and experienced staff, active youths, creative talents are keys to become a active company which is able to create opportunity for itself and its partners.


AIR SERVICE- AIR TICKET AIR TICKET Ms. Tuyet – 0906 743 788 Email: NHIGIA travel – a member of International Air Transport Association (IATA) and over 40 home and international airlines.



Approval letter for all nationalities 01 month, 03 months, 06 months Issue – Extend visa.


• Guide & carry out application for visa to all countries; • Tourist/ Business/ Settlement – Study abroad / Visit fair.



VISA Ms. Oanh – 0909 259 788 Email:



Middle East

SERVICE – APEC CARD FOR VIETNAMESE BUSINESSMAN APEC/ABTC (Business Travel Card) is issued by authorities of participating countries and territories. ABTC holder is allowed to exit and entry countries and territories named in card without visa.


• Be exempted from visa of any countries of APEC, maximum stay of 60-90 days. • In advance of procedure at public place, airport. Importance document to apply for visa to any countries of Europe, America and other development countries. • ABTC is valid within 03 years, from the date of issuing, extension impossible. Once ABTC expires, you can apply for ABTC again for purpose of traveling any countries of APEC. ABTC / APEC is valid when holder show valid passport. Each entry, ABTC holder is issued Temporary Resident Card for specified term by local country or territory.


• Vietnamese businessman with valid passport (still valid over 12 months). • Vietnamese businessman working in enterprises which doing business with partners or invest in participating member economies. It is demonstrated by specific economy or sale contract, investment project or service contract. • Vietnamese businessman working in enterprises. It is demonstrated by labour contract or assignment decision and full insurance at the enterprise. • Businessman of 18 or over; no be limited or losing civil ability. • Business has been working for the enterprise which has operated for 06 (six) months or over. • Business has been working for the enterprise which has well executed law of commerce, tax, customs, labour and social insurance.

• Applications for ABTC including: • Proposal of the enterprise (form). • Copy of some documents: invitation, foreign trade contract, joint-venture contract, business contract, service contract or export and import documents (L/C, Bill of Loading, customs statement, invoice). It is lower 01 year from the date of them up to the date of applying for ABTC with partner in APEC member economies fully participating in the ABTC scheme (with original to compare with). Translating all document into Vietnamese; • Copy of passport; • Copy of assignment decision; • Copy of social insurance book;

APEC member economies fully participating in the ABTC scheme include: Australia, Brunei, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Taipei, Thailand We believe that APEC Business Travel Card will bring you a lot of benefits for business and show your level and high social standing as successful businessman in globalized background.

APEC CARD Ms. Van – 0903 875 788 Email:

TEMPORARY RESIDENT CARD FOR FOREIGNER: You are an investor or foreign citizen working in Vietnam. You would like to be issued Temporary Resident Card or long-term visa in Vietnam for benefits in business and work. • Advise on policy of permanent residence issued by Vietnam State for foreigner living and working in Vietnam; • Advise on necessary conditions for residence in Vietnam according to the Vietnam State; • Advise on application for Temporary Resident Card for Foreigner in Vietnam; • Advise on and assist in preparing document aboard and in Vietnam during TRC processing; • On behalf of foreigner we carry out application for TRC at authorized agencies in Vietnam. With knowledge about law and experience, good relationship with authorized agencies of Work Permit, we engage to bring you best services.

TEMPORARY RESIDENT CARD Mr. Truong – 0938 981 788 Email:

WORK PERMIT FOR FOREIGNER: ACCORDING TO DECREE NO. 34/2008/NÐ-CP ISSUED ON MARCH 25, 2008, ON HIDING AND MANAGING FOREIGNER WORKING IN VIETNAM All enterprises employing foreigner must apply for Work Permit for foreigner according to regulation of the State of Vietnam.

Why to use service:

Saving time & human energy – Document quickly and perfectly done!

Call us now to:

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Be advised on procedure, regulation, necessary documents; On behalf of enterprise we do all-in services; Quickly finish necessary document; Advise on relevant service, long trend for enterprise according to specific purpose,

WORK PERMIT Ms. Trieu – 0906 910 278 Email:


1. Foreigner:

Feel free to legally drive in Vietnam More convenient with Driver’s License of two/four of Vietnam. Procedure as below: Original Driver’s License / Passport/ Visa or TRC of Vietnam/ photo size 3x4 Working time: 20 days

2. Vietnamese citizen:

• With Driver’s License, you can rent and drive car aboard according to regulation of organizations in charge of issuing License. • International Driver’s License under Multilateral Road Traffic Convention entered into force over 192-195 countries. • International Driver’s License is forced to use over the world: Europe, America for rent, drive cars. Procedure: • Original • Photo, size 3x4 • Passport • Signature Working time: 15 days

Quick – simple – convenient use CHANGING DRIVER’S LICENSE OF TWO/FOUR WHEELER: Mr. Truong – 0938 981 788 Email:


MEETINGS, INCENTIVES, CONFERENCING, EXHIBITIONS (MICE) • Visitor • Exhibitor- contact us now to get best place • Visit fair combined with travel SERVICE PACKAGES FOR VISIT: 1. Fair Package: • Register for fair • Visa • Round-trip air ticket • Global hotel & travel insurance • • • • •

2. Extra services: Tour city ( 2h, 4h, 7h, 2 days, 4 days) Rent coach transport at airport - hotel International Driver’s License Global self-drive vehicle Logistic

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INTERNATIONAL FAIR SERVICE Ms. Thuy – 0909 152 788 Email:


Various tours: inbound & outbound • • •

Tour for individual, enterprise Design tour suitable for family, organization Tour for short, long – term

Especial: • • • • •

TOUR Mr. Tien – 0906 604 788 Email:

Asian tour European tour American tour Festival tour …….. Event tour



Global travel insurance: AAA, AIG, ACE, Chartis, Blue Cross….

Repatriation procedure

Book global hotel



International Sponsor:


APEC CARD Nguyen Le Nguyet Van - 0903 875 788 E:

WORK PERMIT SERVICE Le Thi Ngoc Trieu – 0906 910 278 E:

INTERNATIONAL FAIR Nguyen Bich Thuy - 0909 152 788 E:

TEMPORARY RESIDENT CARD Le Tan Nhat Truong - 0938 981 788 E:

TOUR IN-OUTBOUND Nguyen Dinh Tien – 0906 604 788 E:

RENTAL CAR Nguyen Minh Tuan – 0938 598 818 E:

VISA SERVICE Tran To Oanh - 0909 259 788 E:

NHIGIA TRADING & SERVIEC CO ., LTD NHIGIA travel VPGD: 108/10 Vinh Vien, Ward 9, Dist 10, HCMC Tel: (+84) 08 3834 5588 - Fax: (+84) 08 3834 9088 Email: - Website:


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