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ELECTION CANDIDATES autumn Election 2013 Photo: Hans Sebastian Haram

Executive Board

Block: Stø Kurs

Foto: Kristin Ward Heimdal

The crew on our ship are... ..eight people with a great love and involvement for our student organization. We have learned the ins and outs of the organisation trough holding different positions, and we look forward to make it even better. To accomplish results is very important to us. That’s why we have decided to travel “Around the World in 80 Days”, with six achievement goals, as a part of our journey in NHHS. You can read more about these at the end of the pamphlet. Together we will set the compass direction, and sail the NHHS-ship with a steady course into the future. We have summarized three keywords on how we will do this: Many students do a tremendous amount of effort for our student organisation. We wish to highlight these, so that they will be given all the praise and attention they deserve. We will provide the students with structured information, and also ensure that NHHS has a distinct external profile. With a solid student organization sup- porting us, we will be visible on a national and international arena. It’s important for us to provide the students with a simpler “everyday” at school and in NHHS. Today´s solutions have room for improvements. Adapted timetables is an example on how we will create a simpler school day for stud.NHH. Fundamental capability and efficiency shall be secured through a working document for all the heads of financial affairs at our school. Our student organisation and school have a superb amount of both human resources, locals and rooms. We wish for greater interaction between Norwegian and inter- national students at our school. If we use the opportunities we have at our disposal efficiently, both the students and our organization will benefit. The importance of an optimal use of resources is in our monocular when setting course for 2014. We’re looking forward to an exciting election, and to see you at our stand.

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 2

Foto: Kristin Ward Heimdal

Executive Board

Block: StøKurs

President: Dina Mikalsen Ever since I took my first steps at NHH, the student union has seduced and in- trigued me. Commissions from different parts of the student union have given me unique opportunities and a broad insight. I met challenges as chairman of Læring- smiljøutvalget, which gave me many good experiences. This, as well as good knowl- edge of the bestow rules that I built through working for Vaktkorpset, I will take with me into the position as leader. It is also important to have positive dynamics in the board. If we all have fun and enjoy working together, we will master much more. With these people, everything is possible. I’m setting sail for... Visibility. I want the board, including myself, to be more visible in the student union through an informal visit in all subcommittees ́ offices. This can lead to closer ties between the Executive board and the rest of the student union.

Head of academic affairs: Henny M. Fløystad From my first day I realized that NHH is a unique school; the students, the NHHS and the lectures are great! My involvement has grown during my time at NHH. Through holding various positions I’ve gained insight into the student association, and as a master student I (hopefully) have good knowledge about the subjects offered. I’ve always had a passion for faculty affairs, and through the work in the Academic Committee (FU) I’ve gained valuable experience. Together with FU I want to be a powerful voice for the students. I’m setting sail for... Better distribution of time schedules for the students. I want customized schedule solutions for each student. This will save the students a lot of time and frustration and ensure that NHH keep pace with technological developments.

Head of public relations: Ingvild Rooth I’ve been a part of NHHS for a year now, and I’ve figured out where I can contribute with my engagement. As head of promotion in the Promotion Committee and the Welcome Week Committee I’ve learned a lot by working with talented fellow students. The positions have given me a unique opportunity to achieve varied experience when it comes to working with promotion and different ways to share information. I love having much to do, and with my passion for structure I really hope I can make it easier for NHH students to get hold of the information they want. I’m setting sail for... A structured use of the information sources in NHHS. I will evaluate how to make use of email and potential new technological solutions for sharing information in the best possible way, for example. By doing this I will make an appropriate and purposeful profile for NHHS externally and enhance the information flow among NHH students. Foto: Kristin Heimdal

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 3

Executive Board

Block: Stø Kurs

Head of external affairs: Jørund T. Gjesvik What I like the most about NHHS is the incredible commitment you see among the students. The way everybody pushes each other to achieve amazing results make our student union unique. If I’m elected as Head of External Affairs and Leader for SPU I’ll combine my political interest with my commitment for the student union. I’ll give everything I have to make NHHS an influential player in Bergen, Norway, and abroad. I’m setting sail for... A powerful SPU. With the development we’ve seen in SPU over the past years, we have a unique opportunity to make the committee powerful enough to influence the lives of students in Norway. Through building relations with other schools, and long-term thinking, we will make an impact in Bergen and Norway.

Head of internal affairs: Cathrine Fjose Ever since my first semester at NHH, the student association has given me many exciting experiences. As a member of the girls’ choir Sangria, the Basement in particular has become close to my heart. The Basement has facilitated many great memories, through introducing me to a lot of different people. Now I am ready for more challenges, and I am motivated to make a solid effort for the whole student association. If I become Head of Internal Affairs, I promise to be available for all inquiries. NHHS consists of an enormous amount of engagement and creativity, and I will facilitate for more exciting ideas and events. I’m setting sail for... An extensive use of Campus. As of today, Campus is not always in use at many of the large events. This increases the problems with the limited capacity throughout other rooms in the basement during events. I will therefore establish a resource group who will examine the possibilities of the room, and find good solutions.

Head of financial affairs: Joachim Kompalla Through my years in the student union I have gained a thorough understanding over it ́s economic situation. As Controller I have experienced how it functions and seen the student union from it ́s best side. If I get elected, as Head of Financial Affairs there are several tasks and challenges I simply can’t wait to start working with. Since NHHS has become under an obligation to have audit, this is one of the main challenges I am looking forward to learn more about. With my large involvement in the student union and especially its economy, I wish to set sail for the future. I’m setting sail for... Create an instruction for all accountants that will secure fundamental competence and strengthen possibilities of reporting for the Accounting group. Additionally, I will continue the process of finding and applying new digital solutions for book keeping.

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 4

Executive Board

Block: Stø Kurs

Head of corporate relations: Maria Sandvik NHHS has given me a unique opportunity to play, experience and learn. I wish to take it a step further. As marketing associate in the NHH-Symposium 2013 I have experienced how important guts and will is, and also how good it feels to land a good deal. When I had the responsibility of arranging and executing different events in UKEN12, I learnt the importance of good relations and communication. Our student organization still has a lot of exciting collaboration possibilities in the business world, and I want to seize them. I’m setting sail for... Corporate collaborators which can contribute with competence transmissions. I wish to offer subcommittees courses and collabortation with relevant companies, witch can motivate, evolve and educate students. The students do an extremely valuabe effort for NHHS, and I want them to get them something in return.

Project manager: Jakob Lade Stenvaag NHHS has given me many opportunities which I have taken. The last year has been a fantastic adventure, and I have been lucky to participate in several exciting proj- ects. Inclusion and cooperation are the key words in the organisation of the big projects, and I wish to facilitate these. With background from the IC, I am experi- enced and comfortable dealing with internationalization challenges. I am motivated and ready, and I hope I will have the opportunity to sail the project ship onwards. I’m heading for... I’m setting sail for... Mentor groups with both Norwegian and exchange students. From the first day at NHH the students should have friendships regardless of nationality. By placing Norwegian exchange students in the same mentor groups, we will be able to en- hance the school’s international diversity.

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 5

Leader: Fredrik Holm Jansen Dear fellow students, The Business Committee’s (NU) work at the Norwegian School of Economics is showing great results. Close to 90 percent of last years graduating class had a job prior to their final exams, and employers are all saying the same: - We want NHH-candidates! It is easy to get comfortable in this situation, but there is always room for improvement. As leader of NU my main goal is to make the distance between studies and our professional careers shorter. I will, in cooperetation with NHH´s International Career Center, continue to strenghten the international initiative. My focus will be NU´s main responsibility; establishing an informal meetingplace between students and the most attractive employers. Please come by my stand so I can elaborate on my plans for NU, and I am also interested in your ideas and feedback. Remember to use your vote!

Leader: Erlend Sierra Hey! I’m running for the position of leader of the Business Committee because I feel that this is the role in which I can contribute the most to NHHS. I’ve been overwhelmed by the social togetherness and the range of activities within the student society, and I have met so many great people wherever I go. The fact that the work being done in the committee will benefit all students, is therefore an important reason for my candidature. My previous studies and extracurricular activities have provided me with lots of experience with project management and leadership, but most of all how to work together towards a common goal. For me, that goal is that both the students and businesses we work with, feel that we have helped the candidates in finding their ideal careers. By coordinating the resources already present in the committee, I hope to take us yet another step further. For specific cases I wish to focus on, please stop by and talk to me at the stands. We are, after all, doing this for you! :)

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 6

Head of projects: Fanny Stenmarck I am running as candidate for the position as head of Project/Career Fair in the Business Committee. Before I began my studies at NHH I spent one year working as a trainee in Formuesforvaltnig Aktiv Forvaltning, a leading wealth management firm in Oslo.During this time I got insight, knowledge as well as a practical understanding of business, and therefore believe that I set strongly in my application because I will be able to benefit from this experience both as head of the Career Fair, and as director of NU. I consider myself as energetic, positive and effective, and like keeping myself busy. I easily cooperate with other people, am thorough, result-oriented and have learned through experience that no job is too large or too little. During my two months as a member of NU, I have become deeply impressed with the current board’s work to act as liaison between the business community and the students at the school. If I am elected I will work purposefully to strengthen this bond further both through the Career Fair as well as through the board. Vote for me!

Head of Booking: Amina Resch I am running for the position as booking responsible in the NU Board beacuse I think this is a position suited for me, as well as I have gotten the impression that it is both educational and fun. I really want to get more involved in NU and NHHS and I think that by taking on this responsibility, I will have the oppertunity to do just that. I am very motivated and determined to perform this role in the best way possible. As booking responsible, I am willing to work hard to develop a good working relationship with companies already known with NHH, and even harder  to develop a good working relationship with companies that have not yet seized the opportunity of exposing themselves to NHH students.

Head of Booking: Svein Jørgen Sønning My name is Svein Jørgen Sønning and I am from the southern part of Norway, the beautiful town known as Kristiansand. After a few months at the school, I have already been feeling the vibrant student involvement. I have been so lucky to be admitted in the NU, which so far has been very exciting and rewarding. Being a liaison between students and companies is an important task. A task I enjoy having. This is part of the reason I would like to be the reservations manager. I would like to be helpful in the process of creating a good meeting point between students and companies. Previously I was in the management team for a handball and soccer tournament with 350 registered teams and about 3000-4000 participants. There I experienced how to deliver under stress, heavy workloads and especially TEAMWORK.   If you elect me as the Reservation Manager I would join the board with enthusiasm and humility. I ‘m very motivated to learn and help to ensure that NU creates the best opportunities for all students.   Happy election! Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 7

Head of IT: Andreas Orset My name is Andreas Orset, I am 20 years old and was enrolled at NHH this fall. I have decided to run for election as ICT manager at NÌringslivsutvalget (NU), and look forward to work on improving the computerized procedures and IT-systems of the NU. The ICT manager will have to handle a wide specter of tasks related to programming and websites, a topic which is of particular interest. In addition to studying, I work as a filmcreator/tv-photographer which involves a lot of IT. The fact that I for a long time have managed my own company website is something I believe will be beneficial. Although NU has been through a great process of improvement throughout the last year, I still see potential for improvement. Some of the areas I will put focus on are the Job-search portal, digital signup for company presentations on stands, and also a digital sign-off system to facilitate sign-offs so that people don’t take up spots if they will not show.

Head of IT: Armas Naterstad I am applying for the posistition of IT Manager in the Business committee. I joined the Business committee this fall and I now wish to get more involved with NHHS. My first priority will be to improve the registration prosess for buisness presentations. Furthermore, I wish to bring the old information screen, by the student entrance up and running, so that students will be well-informed about upcomming buisness presentations.

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 8


Block: Heisann Oppsann

In the year 1938, long before you and your parents were intended, some wealthy business men from Bergen found out that they would like to create a meeting point where like minded students could unfold in the extracurricular level. A place far from the auditoriums, reading rooms and other deadly civilization. A place where anxiety dispelled by daylight’s freedom and the night is an everlasting party. Kramboden was born, and the saying “det er i motbakke det går oppover” got a whole new meaning. The business men succeeded in their goal for nearly 75 years, but with declining sense of responsibility in the generations, so have Kramboden’s reputation declined. “The best place to spend the evening, the worst place to wake up” are words that have been used often about Kramboden the past few years. This ends in 2014! Out of respect for the business men’s objective, Heisann Oppsann shall rescue Kramboden. It is our honor to introduce to you Krambodfossen Studentpark, a place for amusement for all our fellow students from arrival to departure. Our flagship issues: New attractions, refurbishment of accommodation - this will indeed cost lots of money - and to awaken the lost love for Kramboden within studNHH!

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 9


Block: Heisann Oppsann

Leader: Arber Zagraja Experience will get you far, said the old man to the hag and took matters into his own hands. My name is Arber Zagragja and I have just over three years at NHH. That is not all! I am also the man who has had one year in the Cabin Council earlier, Gunnar Kleppe (handyman, the Association for NHHS) on speed dial, countless days and nights at Kramboden and a remarkable fondness of Kramboden! Now I humbly announce my candidacy to leader of the Cabin Council of 2014. I discovered early on that Kramboden and I have a special relationship, we speak the same language; Kramboden understands me and I understand Kramboden! Today Kramboden cries for help, and with four other wonderful cottage lovers, we promise that Kramboden shall become the amusement park it once was! I will personally make it possible for people to again look forward to visiting Kramboden, and the first step is my flagship initiative: A new lift that can handle the guests’ thirst needs and which is easy to operate!

Head of finance: Tarjei Drangsland My applicaton to join the Cabin Council is mainly issued because Kramboden is such a magical place, and it is the source of many great memories to all students at the Norwegian School of Economics. But life is not just about taking what you please, you also have to give a little to make a little, and Kraboden needs our help. Times have been rough to Kramboden, and that is why I humbly announce my candidacy to head of finance of the Cabin Council in order to give out dearly beloved Kramboden the help it needs. In addition to mere maintenance, the currently used system of acquiring beer while at Kramboden is a pretty shitty alternative in regards to bookkeeping. As head of finance, I will do my very best to make a new system that is beneficial to the Cabin Council and all who want to take part in this outdoor-awesomeness. Speaking of awesomeness, wouldn´t it be totally flippin´ sweet with brand new mattresses? Just saying.

Head of information: Synne W. Wesmann When the time came for this year’s freshman trip to Kramboden, I had already heard the infamous rumours and stories of the cabin. Stupid as I was, I declined the invitation and missed the trip. This was the worst, most foolish decision I have ever made. The regret and the loss I felt inside are emotions I do not wish for anyone else. That is why I will do my very best, as head of information, to make sure that our beautiful, darling Kramboden will see its glory days once again! Back when the line for the freshman trip went around the block, when a late night at Boden was the experience of a life time and the morning even better. But do not worry; those days are not yet history! Together we shall make Kramboden a part of every heart at NHH. The time for cozy trips and cabin-joy is now and together we will make sure that each and every student of NHH will know the happiness and the amazing atmosphere only Kramboden can serve you! My way of achieving this will be to inform all students at NHH about our events in sufficient time in advance, so that there is no doubt regarding when it is about to go down in Bontveit!

Head of booking: Marius Heiberg Kramboden is the place where you can experience an entire student life in less than 24 hours. From competitions and games in the woods to romances by the fireplace, from exquisite dinners to the roughest drinking games, from the hardest partying to the sweetest sleep; nothing is impossible at Kramboden. This is the reason why the cabin is loved so dearly, as well as used so harshly. Love between people is both created and torn down at Kramboden, but my feelings for the fantastic cabin are here to stay. This is why I am now applying for the Cabin Council with a burning heart and great enthusiasm towards contributing to the place that has created joy for NHH-students over the past 75 years. Being in charge of booking at Kramboden, I will make sure that everyone will be able to use Kramboden exactly when they want to. Simultaneously, I will strike with great vengeance upon those who do not share my love for Kramboden when they clean up the cabin after their stay.

Head of Purchasing: Inga Salvesvold My name is Inga Salvesvold and I am a fresh man. After just a few months at NHH, I have already fallen in love with Kramboden. Unfortunately, Boden has an undeservedly bad reputation. With so much potential, there is nothing standing in the way of making Kramboden shine as it once did. My crew and I are not afraid to make an effort, and we will do our very best to make Kramboden the place everyone is talking about. There is no better place to have a blast, but there might be places better to wake up. As head of purchasing I will make sure that is not the case, by making it my personal quest to arrange for new mattresses at Kramboden! Is not the thought of a brand new mattress, the view of beautiful Norwegian mountains and proper breakfast tempting? Of course it is! Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 10


Block: Hastesaken

Dear students! We are a group of four which want to go to election to the board of the student council 2014. We have tre core issues we want to conduct: • Mer digitalisering • Bedre samarbeid med NHH • Økt internasjonalisering

Deputy leader/treasurer: Matteo Blomberg Ghini I joined the Academic Committee this fall, and now I believe I can contribute far further as deputy leader of this group. Our main task is to ensure information from academic consumer (us students) to the producers (the faculty). Who knows better what ought to be changed in the courses than the students attending those classes? But how can we take advantage of this information if we don’t properly deliver it to the professors? After 2 years at NHH I have realized that everything is not necessarily perfect, but has strong potential. When it comes to course-evaluation, the cooperation between the Academic Committee and the School can be improved from its current state. Furthermore, I wish to open (for now) one spot specifically for an exchange student in Fagutvalget - this is to ensure that their views and opinions are heard and that we in NHHS take them as seriously as NHH. These are the opportunities and improvements that I think can make the most academic difference at NHH. To truly be an international caliber school, we need to improve the fundamentals, and this starts with us and NHH. Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 11


Block: Hastesaken

Responsible for bachelor: Martin Hoang Nguyen After having been involved in the student council for almost a year, I want to do more to in the student union and our campus life. As responsible for bachelor, I want to be the students’ voice in the PBU that reflects the student opinion. To do this, I want to change how the student council has worked before and will work for a more complete committees. I have three points I want to implement: • Change how home exam are in the strategy and managementsubjects and how these course is structured. • Working for more group-based teaching at bachelor. • Use digital tools better. Use your vote!

Communication Officer: Georg Steen Aarheim I joined Fagutvalget this fall, and would very much like participate even more. As communication officer I’ll communicate like no communicater has ever communicated before. Do you feel that you don’t know enough to take the, rather short, walk to the FU-office to make a complaint about your class? Changes are simply one vote away! My top priority will be to bring Fagutvalget out to the students, so the effort for giving feedback is near zero. - Continue with “open office”-days - Inform better about said days - More use of digital communication To inform, or not to inform, that is the question.

Responsible for master: Marianne Larsen I was in the academic committee at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences for one year during my bachelors degree and joined the academic committee at NHH this fall. Through this I have developed a taste for the students power to change and I believe my background from another school gives me an advantage considering spotting new solutions and areas of improvement. I am heartily engaged in the masters degree at NHH living up to its reputation as the best in the country and proceed it. My most important point of improvement is to better the information about the profiles and subjects at the beginning of the studies. I want everyone to make a well-informed and correct decision for them self. One solution could be to have information meetings for every profile. Moreover, I want to get an easier system for students to give their thoughts on subjects and lecturers throughout the semester. That way we can make sure the lecturers develop from the feedbacks from the midterm evaluation. Foto: Kai Erspamer

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 12

The voice of the students is important. Use your - vote!


Block: The Symps

The NHH-Symposium 2015 will show the world the best NHHS has to offer of student charm, commitment and effort. We will, by using the experiences we gained during the NHH-Symposium 2013, gather a new and exciting group of dedicated sympsjonærer. Together we will create a unique experience both for participants, sympsjonærer and students at NHH. We seek to be inspiring, brave, including and solid. These core values will be reflected in every part of what we do. Even though we will preserve the best from 30 years of tradition, we will go our own ways. The NHH-Symposium is about creating the “perfect meeting place” for business life. We will also ensure increased accessibility for students. The distinctive ability of impressing and engaging participants of the NHH-Symposium will be continued by sympsjonærene in 2015. Vote the Symps, and contribute to creating the perfect conference.

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 13



Block: The Symps

Leader: Jørgen Færvaag The NHH-Symposium is the most exciting project a student at NHH can contribute to. As the Assistant Head of Events during the NHH-Symposium 2013, I was totally fascinated by how a group of NHH students organized the amazing conference we had back then. Different people with different experiences, skills, and background collaborating is to me the most inspiring and interesting task of all. Being given the opportunity to make sure that everyone participating in the NHH-Symposium 2015 collaborates towards a common goal gets my blood pumping! I remain very humble to the challenge, and I can assure you that I am ready to lead the team that will create the NHH-Symposium 2015. The NHH-Symposium 2013 was great, but there are still some improvements we can make. It is important that we use our 30-year-old history constructively, but not as a straitjacket. We will create the NHH-Symposium, but in our own way. I want all the sympsjonærer in the NHH-Symposium 2015 to feel that they have contributed to something new and special.

Head of Financial Affairs: Olav Salte Wiig The NHH-Symposium 2013 gave me plenty of moments with goosebumps, and the entire road from beginning to the end gave me fantastic memories and friends for life. I want to experience this once more. During my stay here at NHHS I have seen how much stud.nhh can achieve by working together towards a common goal, something which I feel is very exciting and motivating. Humbly, with great inspiriation and commitment, I am up to the challenges the role of Head of Financial Affairs surely will give me. By being visible and working closely with all the sections, I seek to create confidence, joy and a cost-conscious organization. Adequate financial management is the key to make reasonable and justified priorities to make sure that the good projects are completed. Thus, it is essentially important with both overview and insight in the organization as a whole. I seek to ensure that the NHH-Symposium has a healthy and sustainable economy for the future, and still make sure that both sympsjonærer and participants of the NHH-Symposium 2015 will experience the most unique conference.

Head of Events: Mari- Marthe Aamold Laughter, joy, challenges, experiences and friendship. These are just some of the aspects from what the NHH-Symposium 2013 gave me. These are also my main reasons for joining the adventure once again. I always seek activities with a high activity level where I can learn something entirely new. I found this at the NHH-Symposium. I still want to learn and contribute to creating a fantastic conference experience for both participants and sympsjonærer. I thrive with organizing and planning. Thus, being Head of Events of the NHH-Symposium is what triggers me. The Event section is responsible for all practical issues during the conference, and we will together ensure that the “perfect meeting place” also remains a smooth meeting place. With an open mind and leeway, I am really looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish. To me, it is essentially important that every sympsjonær has amazing experiences from the NHH-Symposium, and I will contribute to this by motivating and involving. I want every sympsjonær to experience the same laughter, joy, challenges, experiences and friendship as I did. Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 14


Block: The Symps

Head of Corporate Relations: Erlend Njølstad During my time at NHH, I have been a part of the student union’s Big Four - Uken, NHH-Symposium, Bergen Challenge and at last, but not least, the During the NHH-Symposium 2013, I realized that this was the sub-committee closest to my heart. Experiencing the unique feeling of responsibility and challenges convinced me that this is something I want to contribute to from beginning to end. As Head of Corporate Relations, I will make sure that our related parties are taken care of in the best way possible, improving the NHH-Symposium, both on short and long term. I want to include our previous corporate relations on the road to 2015, and contribute with new partners when opportunities arise. By using the knowledge from our corporate relations, I seek to create an exciting road before the NHH-Symposium 2015, both for students as well as sympsjonærer. The event Stud.symp has always been an offer from the NHH-Symposium to all students, and I also seek to build on this tradition and offer something during the fall semester before the conference.

Head of Human Relations: Birgitte Nergård As the Chief Editor of the NHH-Symposium 2013 I got to witness the NHH-Symposium as “the perfect meeting place”. In addition to meeting the absolute best from Norwegian and international business life, I got to know a great amount of amazing sympsjonærer. I want to do this once more. We, the students, create the NHH-Symposium and therefore my focus will be on them and their well-being. By facilitating a thorough recruiting process, I will ensure that the right sympsjonærer are recruited to the right positions. I also seek to take a closer look at the organization structure in the HR section to examine if we can increase effeciancy in this section. At last, but not least, I also seek to examine how to improve the internal information flow within the organization, and by this increase transparency between positions and sections. I want to contribute to make sure that the NHH-Symposium 2015 once again will be “the perfect meeting place”.

Head of Sales and Marketing: Marie Lerøy Ever since I started studying at NHH my fascination for the student union has increased exponentially. Being a part of the NHH-Symposium 2013 was a definitive highlight. Seeing what students at NHH can create and achieve is beyond impressive. During my time in the student union I have seen much of what is possible to achieve, and I sincerely want to contribute to making the NHH-Symposium 2015 the best edition possible. Being totally devoted to the student union, I seek to promote our message to participants from the business life, giving them the possibility to see what students at NHH are creating!

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 15


Block: The Symps

Head of Programme: Øyvind Fredriksen Listening to Martin Wolf’s predictions about the present world economy during the keynote speach of the NHH-Symposium 2013 gave me goosebumps. Running for Head of Programme of the NHH-Symposium 2015 gets me psyched up. I need these goosebumps. As Assistant Editor of the NHH-Symposium 2013, I got great insight regarding both speakers and topic. Additionally, being the former leader of GEP provides me with the experience of arranging conferences with topics based on economic issues, something I will use for the benefit of the NHH-Symposium. Working towards day two of the conference is essentially important to me. I also want to show the NHH students not participating in arranging the conference, where my goal is a fully packed aud.max with committed students experiencing the conference through live streaming. I believe that students have a lot to learn from decision makers. Another dream I seek to fulfill, is open meetings for all students regarding topic and speakers, where you are able to give your thoughts about the NHH-Symposium 2015. Together we will create a package the business life cannot refuse.

Head of Information: Truls Thorgeirsson I was left with amazing feelings after the NHH-Symposium 2013. The time passed quickly by, and I immediately knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of once more. The diversity and the can-do approach in the student union is astonishing, and this inspires me to create the “perfect meeting place”. As Head of Media during the NHH-Symposium 2013, I had the pleasure of working together with many skilled people between the different sections. I have experienced how important communications and information flow is during working hours, and these are factors I will include in the role as Head of Informations. During the NHH-Symposium 2015, I will ensure that everything is well laid out for adequate collaboration between all sections and groups. By continuing the great work with social media during the previous conference, the NHH-Symposium 2015 will be on everyone’s lips!

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 16


Block: SMASH

Smash want to have an open door policy. The last years Merinobakkeloepet has been a great success, but after the opening of the new building, this race doesn’t have the same function as earlier years. Therefore, we want to arrange a new race around the school instead. We also want to arrange a sponsor workshop, since there are uncertainty about NHHS rules and regulations. Another important thing for us is to have a good communication with K7 Bulletin.

Leader: Oscar Wilhelm Ericsen - NHH race, an alternative to Merinobakkeløpet - Sponsor workshop - More publications in media As a leader in NHHI, I will make sure that our board will cooperate well, so we achieve our goals. Additional, I will help the rest of the board with tasks when needed. Another important thing is that I want to be a leader that the team can come to when they have questions. I also want a good communication with other boards and corporations.

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 17


Block: SMASH

Head of Resources: Bjørnar Mundal - Early update of the hall matrix each semester - Close communication with Lehmkuhlhallen To maintain a clear semester start, I will update the hall matrix early every semester. The matrix will be prepared by cooperating with the different teams, and I will do what I can to make everyone satisfied. As previous years the factors seriousness and attendance will play a big part while assigning time for practices. I will, in addition to a reasonable matrix, communicate closely with Lehmkuhlhallen to maintain the interests of the different teams.

Head of Information: Jørgen Løkholm - Good communication with K7 Bulletin - Update As information officer for the NHHI-board my main tasks will be to ensure that communication with every participant within the NHHI flows perfectly. Everything from collaboration with K7 Bulletin to close-up communication with players of various teams will be covered. Hence, this will help everyone in NHHI to be heard and to be kept up to date. Our website,, has lots of great potential. This is something we intend to change. Contact information and pictures are things that we really want to see on the page as fast as possible. Facebook are going to be used more actively to highlight the achievements of our members in championships, matches and anything else that may be interesting students at NHH.

Head of Cooperation: Thomas Helmich Pedersen - More volunteer opportunities for teams - Great prizes to NHHI’s events Several teams want and need spons, but many are unsure of rules and procedures. I therefore wish to arrange a sponsored workshop on the first open meeting. Here we will provide information about guidelines for NHHS and specific tips and advice on how to go about obtaining sponsors. I will also work actively for NHHI to have more voluntary offers that is attractive to the various teams, and of course working for the best prizes at NHHI events.

Head of Events: Kari Norheim Kvistad - change Merinobakkeløpet Merinobakken’s importance to NHH is now history, and there is a need to create something new! We want to arrange at least as good, if not a better alternative to Merinobakkeløpet. We will organize a similar event, such as NHH around. In the familiar style there will be a competition for the best time, a competition between the sports clubs, as well as the secret ideal time. NHHI Kickoff has been a great success as we’ll be sure to continue. Our goal is to include more sports teams at this event, thus creating a greater cohesion in NHHI.

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Block: SMASH

Head of Financial Affairs: Inger Johanne Weum - Quick response - Good communication with the accounting group (RG) - Clear deadlines for the teams. As head of financial affairs I will maintain good communication with the accounting group. By doing this I will get a clear view on the finances between us and the different teams. We will get a clear picture on how much money will be distributed and how much NHHI has at its disposal, by having deadlines for support applications. In addition there will be continuity in my work, so that processes regarding applications and compensations will be as short as possible.

Økonomiformidlingen Leader: Micael Vigsnes I hereby run for election as leader of Økonomiformidlingen. I have been an advisor in Økonomiformidlingen since this autumn, and have learned a lot about how the subcommittee works. Økonomiformidlingen is still in its initial phase, and even though we have come a long way, I still see great potential. I have many ideas about how Økonomiformidlingen should develop. I wish to step up the promotional side, with increased focus on students in particular. I would like to provide exchange students with more information to help them adapt to the Norwegian price level. In addition to this, I will actively continue working on existing projects. In my previous job as a social worker, I gained good experience in helping people. In Økonomiformidlingen I can continue my work at a greater scale. This is something that gives me great motivation.

Head of Information: Mathilde Tangerud Nilsen Even though I am relatively new in Økonomiformidlingen, I have become familiar with the organization’s most important routines, as well as goals and vision. A lot of good work has already been done, but the organization is still characterized by being in a start-up phase. Profiling is thus an important job ahead to be able to reach out to a larger part of the target audience, and be available to even more people. I want to continue the initiated profiling-projects and provide for a good information flow both internally and externally. Through our website and other medias I will try to increase the awareness of Økonomiformidlingen, so we can be a low threshold service for all who needs financial advice in both small and large scale. The organization should also focus on people outside of social medias, through stands and flyers. I understand what the job as “Head of public affairs” involves, and I look forward to continue shaping the organization and make a small difference in people’s financial lives!

Head of Communication: Anders Wedum Nilsen I’m running for election as Cooperation Responsible in Økonomiformidlingen. This fall, I began working as an advisor in Økonomiformidlingen. I have managed to get myself familiar with the organization’s work, procedures, cooperation agreements and sponsors.

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Økonomiformidlingen is still in an exciting phase of development. In my opinion, it is important that the new Cooperation Responsible is familiar with the organization’s existing and potential cooperation agreements. This will provide continuity and make it possible to follow up the great work that has obtained Økonomiformidlingen its network as of today. I am motivated to work to obtain cooperation agreements with even more organizations, which will contribute to a rich and wide network that allows for future growth. At the same time, I believe that it is equally important to follow up existing partners, to ensure that they get a good insight into our work and our projects. Finally, I wish to expand our cooperation with Jussformidlingen and Bergen Uavhengig Sosialrådgivning, in order to achieve an active knowledge sharing across our consulting services.

Head of Financial Affairs and Deputy: Tilde Risberget I stand for election as an external, but through acquaintances, I have been well informed about the responsibilities of the committee. As Head of Financial Affairs and Deputy, and then President of The Promotion Committee, I desire to maintain and ensure the quality of the scope of which PU is responsible. I will especially focus on the work of improving the participation in the election and lowering the threshold for voting. The election results will reflect a wider range of stud.nhh if this get better. In connection with PU´s major events I will wherever possible seek to standardise forms and procedures. This to make it easier for all parties involved to relate to each other. My duties as treasurer will be carried out with an orderly manner, and as leader of pers.sos. I will ensure that members of the PU have a pleasant time through the semester. Unfortunately, I am out of town this week and with no opportunity to participate on the questioning session or stand. Therefore, feel free to contact me at if you have any questions.

Head of Promotion: Tord Røsstad Profileringsutvalget is a young group at NHHS, taking the other groups into consideration. That is why it is so important to build a solid foundation around the group to ensure its future. The tasks of the PU are especially important, as the competition to attract the best students is getting tougher. As a result we need to develop us as a team to adapt to the new changes in our society, and I’m confident I have what it takes to contribute! As a freshman I will stay at this institution for a long time, and I hope you will give me the confidence to gain the experience to excel for the next few years.

Head of Recruitment: Sofie Skeide Sandvik The student election is one of the most important tasks for The Promotion Committee, and as Head of Recruitment I will have the main responsibility for the student election. I will work for: - an active student union, with room for everyone. - high election participation - make the questioning session as efficient as possible. - make it easy to vote, both for norwegian students and the international students.

Editor: Madelen Kvamme Since joining the Promotion Committee this fall, I have noticed that it has many inspiring obligations and works closely with the rest of the Student Association. I am applying for the position as editor at PU because I see this as an opportunity to gain more insight into the workings of NHHS and how it operates. I also want to help develop and improve NHHS’s homepage. As the editor of PU I would strive to ensure that the homepage is of a high quality and remains an important source of news and information. My goal would be to give new students the information they need about the Student Association and what it has to offer them, through the ”Velkommen til NHHS” magazine. An area of focus will also be to create a better flow of information to the international students. This would involve making sure that relevant news stories get published in English on NHHS’s homepage.

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Markedsgruppen Deputy: Karl Barvik My first year in the Marketing group has been exciting! Our contribution to NHHS is something to be proud of, allthough we have many great challenges to face. Through out my work, I have met an incredibly talented group of people and my belief in our resolv is great. I will strive to maintain our traditions, as well as beeing a force for innovation. We will continue our work as maintainers of large partnership deals and our work with giving students at NHH economic advantages. My belief is that this is best done by examining the needs of our students, cross check it with their current satisfactory and ultimately be prepared to adapt. My main agenda for the coming year wil be to look into the possibillities of a new partnership-segment. We have seen an unused potential for firms in between main-partnership and partnership. I hope the Marketing group can be a stable force in creating a prosperous collaboration amongst NHHS, UKEN, Symposiet and BC. I believe the Marketing group has all the pre-requisits of creating a good dialogue, working for a common best interest.

Head of Information: Åse Mari Hidem In the Market association we are constantly working towards better deals for the students at NHH. As Information responsible I will do my best to make sure the information about our deals are easily accessible for all students. I want to create a place in the school area where this information is available at all times, besides improving the channels of information that are already in use. I will also concentrate on making the arrangements “Easter hunt” and “Advendtskalender” even better than they already are. As a person I am outgoing and eager to make a change. I like to take responsibility and are therefore already working on making the information more available. Stay updatetd, vote for me as Information responsible!

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Global Economic Perspectives (GEP) provides a unique platform to discuss political and economic issues of international relevance among students at The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). As such, through renowned speakers, riveting conferences, and regular morning meetings, GEP hopes to facilitate dialogue among students who we truly believe will comprise the next generation of global citizens. GEP’s mandate thus seeks to achieve the following. • Creating an apolitical forum for dialogue • Engaging students in one of Europe’s leading business schools • Fostering an awareness of global economic issues The past semester has seen big strides in projects and events whether it be covering the Norwegian elections, or inviting American Ambassador Barry White to NHH. Based on these successes, GEP needs to work towards further institutionalization while at the same time expanding on its current offerings. While retaining its strong foundation of utmost professionalism and an unfettered passion for global affairs, we aspire to make GEP’s presence more palpable at NHH, continually strive to secure participation from amazing speakers and most importantly, craft a GEP experience that will be as much exciting as truly engaging! Should you have any questions, feedback, or ideas on themes that you would like for us to explore, please do not hesitate to contact any of us.

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 22

GEP Leader: Suryadeep Seal I am running to serve as the Leader for GEP for Winter 2013, because I truly believe it is a forum to engage diverse ideas about vital issues that confront the world today. In an increasingly globalized context, local initiatives cannot be understood in isolation. As business students at the precipice of joining the workforce, this awareness is crucial and GEP thus allows students to delve further into these perspectives. As the Leader of the organization, I hope to build on the legacy of providing an exciting experience to participants, but to also ensure transparency, cohesiveness, and efficiency in the organizational structure of GEP. Through active cooperation with other student organizations, a renewed promotional campaign to ensure more visibility, and actively seeking dynamic speakers, I truly believe we can create a unique GEP experience and one in which we hope that all of you will partake!

Head of Conferences and Events: Eirik Berger I am running as Head of Conferences and Events for Global Economic Perspectives because I want to contribute to and work within a group about which I really care! Through debates, conferences, and morning meetings, we will bring inspiring speakers to the school so that we can continue to engage and foster discussion. We want to give the students a broad selection of views, and give them a forum to exchange ideas and thoughts in a competent and engaging environment. We especially want to focus on increasing student participation. Our view is that active learning and participation is infinitely more valuable than passive learning. We thus hope to create a meeting place for international and Norwegian students to interact, foster discussion and curiosity, and search for different perspectives. We think this is the way to make NHH-students into global thinkers and leaders!

Head of Human Resources: Johannes Mella I am running to serve as Head of Organizational Affairs for GEP for next semester. I believe that GEP’s events and meetings inspire reflection on important issues that a continually globalized world is facing, but also give an understanding of global issues that will be useful in a later career. As Head of Organizational Affairs I will do my best to facilitate interesting meetings and discussions, and ensure that the “GEP-experience” will be as good as possible. I will also work for an even more professional edition of GEP, which will be, among other things, helpful when trying to attract the best speakers.

Head of Financial Affairs: Fabia Mix I am running for the Head of Financial Affairs of GEP in order to find sources of income and to assure that the financial resources are used in a responsible way. GEP’s aim is to create a forum where students of diverse backgrounds can come together to learn about and critically discuss topics of international range and significance. We therefore strive to invite even more known speakers, not only from Norway but also from foreign countries who want to share their perspectives with us. Furthermore, we will try to arrange more events, giving students increased opportunities to engage with the organization. This expansion strategy obviously depends on increased financial means, and as Head of Financial Affairs, I will not only apply for funding from the common funding organizations, but also search for new sponsors from different branches, who can help us accomplish our aims.

Head of Promotion: Sara Skjeggetstad Meyer I am running to serve as Head of Public Relations for GEP for next semester. Through its events and activities, GEP highlights important economical and political issues in the contemporary world. As the Head of PR, my focus will be on increasing the organization’s visibility at NHH. I will try to demonstrate what GEP offers to students at and outside NHH and in doing so, invite them to participate in debates on relevant global economic and social issues. The use of social media will be an important channel to strengthen the possibility of participation. Through this channel, we will make visible the voices of the students in our events. The overarching goal will thus be to create engagement and enthusiasm through promotion and consequently make GEP a visible actor in the NHH environment. I hope that together, we can raise important questions about the world in which we live and work towards becoming more responsible global citizens!

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Block: Aiducation

Leader: Sondre Økland I live and breathe for NHH Aid. This is first and foremost why I am applying for the position of Leader, NHH Aid 2014. I was in charge of Aksjonsuken 2013 and have since then, never stopped working for the cause. I’ve always had an interest for relief work and thus NHH Aid came natural to me. I thrive when being in position of responsibility and Aksjonsuken has been my best experience so far! I will see to it that NHH Aid gets my undivided attention. I promise to devote myself to Aid! I hope I can count on your vote!

Financial Manager: Thomas Scheele Berg I am running for financial manager in the executive board of NHH Aid 2014. I was the financial manager during the Week of action 2013, and I wish to continue working for this god cause. I am structured, motivated and prepared to work hard in order to ensure education for children In Malawi. As financial manager I will make sure that the rest of the board will never have to worry about financial issues so that they can focus entirely on their tasks. I sincerely hope to receive your vote. I wish you a happy and successful election. Best regards Thomas Scheele Berg

Project Manager: Vilde Nakkim I am running for project manager in the Executive board of NHH Aid 2014. I was part of Aksjonsuken 2013, and it gave me motivation to continue the work with charity and NHH Aid. My main task during the week of action was to arrange the charityrace in the heart of Bergen City. Together with Preben Stubberud, we increased the result from last year with more then 45 000 kr, and collected 80 472 kr. Through the whole week, I worked my ass off to collect as much money as possible to Malawi and «Schools for Africa». As project manager, I would like to use my experience from the Week of action, and implement new exciting projects, but also work with the ones that already exists. Hardworking, engaged and creative are some of my properties that will make me too the born project manager. I sincerely hope to receive your vote, and wish you a happy and successful election! Best regards Vilde Nakkim

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Block: Aiducation

Head of Corporate Relations: Oliver Finden I am running for the head of marketing position at the Executive Board of NHH Aid 2014. I participated in “The week of action” 2013, which really gave me the interest for charity work! During the “week of action”, I was the head of marketing. As head of marketing I enjoyed collecting and organizing sponsored effects to “the week of action” and of course the items for “Internaften”! Now I would like to continue working with charity with NHH Aid. That is why I once again run for head of marketing, but this time for the Executive Board of NHH Aid. As head of marketing, my goals is that NHH Aid continues and develops the cooperation they have with the group’s current partners. I will also look for new opportunities to design and make new cooperation. I hope to get your vote! , good election! Best regards Oliver Finden

Head of Information: Linnéa Maria Elisabeth Öberg I apply for the position as head of information on the NHH Aid board of 2014. After being a part of Aksjonsuken as leader of the external group, I was left with a great experience from a project where I got to challenge myself as a leader. With good results I am now motivated to keep working for Aid. As responsible for information I hope that my team will inform about what is going on inside the Aid board at all times. I will use social media to promote the work of Aid, but also to communicate with the students, to ensure that information is always available. Together with the group I will work to ensure that Aid receives attention and promotion, and with this high participation to our projects. I sincerely hope to receive your vote, and I wish you a successful election.

Head of Events: William Lundborg Brande I am running for the position of event manager for the Executive Board of NHH-Aid 2014. As well as being in charge of recruitment during the week of action, I have previous experience working for UNICEF in Norway. The NHH-Aid is constantly evolving, and I wish to take part in that process by conveying my humanitarian commitment to the Executive Board of NHH-Aid. I am convinced that the combined efforts from both students and NHH-Aid, are truly unique. If I were to be elected as manager, my goal is to create enthusiasm, passion and commitment from all students towards our organization. To accomplish this goal, I will pursue and build upon the work done by previous event managers, as well as engaging students in new enjoyable and creative activities. Moreover, I hope my past experiences will contribute to bring a higher awareness and participation to our events. I am passionate, hardworking and dedicated and I sincerely hope to receive your vote. I wish you a happy and successful election.

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International Committee

Block: All inn

Block “All In” seeks to continue the integrational work of past IC boards, promoting integration of international students in the NHHS community. We wish to ensure that the international students who choose NHH get to experience every part of the unique and exciting culture of NHHS that we feel is a major part of NHH life. The block consists of 2 Norwegians and 2 international student; Stian (3rd year), Åsmund (1st year), Tómas (4th year) and Giulia (4th year), all with experience from studying abroad.

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International Committee

Block: All Inn

Leader: Stian F. Arnesen Recently returning from an exchange in Spain I know firsthand how the non-academic aspects can affect the quality of an extended international stay. Having had the opportunity to be an international mentor and worked in the IC Board, I also have come to understand the unique way NHHS can make such a stay into something truly special. I’ve witnessed the ripple effect of this, roomers and legends, crossing international borders to enlighten students about how great it is to study at NHH. This is the spirit in which I wish to continue as I now throw my hat into the ring and run for election as President of the IC Board 2014

Events: Åsmund Røyset I want to create the parties and happenings which will make sure that all exchange students at NHH enjoy a stay in Bergen they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is during the ICevents that strong bonds and unforgettable moments are formed. That being at Kramboden, during Welcome week or at any of the other happenings we will arrange. I will provide fantastic arrangements combined with great attendance and happy participants. Through my work in IC this far, I have experienced how much the IC events mean to the exchange students, and I am very keen to make sure this is continued!

Head of Public Affairs: Giulia Casalini As Head of Public Affairs, I am glad to have an international background, because I will use it to make our school more open minded and as cosmopolitan as possible. I’ll continue the great work of the last board, always motivated in making NHH an international-oriented environment. However, I want to introduce something new in our projects. The International Committee is supposed to work for international students, but as an NHHS association, it should be known by all NHH’s students, Norwegian ones included. I want to make foreign students feel accepted and involved in Student Union’s activities, but also vice versa. This would be a plus both for international students and Norwegian ones. They all will have the opportunity to share peculiar aspects of different cultures in an informal, easygoing and exciting setting. When I arrived in Norway one year ago, the IC board gave me a warm welcome and now I feel at home here. I want to make international students feel the same, having an unforgettable time at NHH.

Head of Financial Affairs: Tómas Gunnar Thorsteinsson Greeting fellow NHH-ers! I would like express my great interest in becoming the Head of Financial Affairs for the International Committee for 2014. I was lucky enough to be a volunteer for the IC and help out with events for this semester as well as being mentor for the Welcome Week. This gave me lots of experience and a chance to be acquainted with many awesome Norwegian and international students. Having lived in Russia, USA, Iceland, Switzerland and Norway I take great joy in being in an international environment and meeting people from all over the world. As head of financial affairs I aim to keep transactions as smooth as possible, whether it involves paying for an event or getting a refund.

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 27

Studentpolitisk Utvalg We run for the board in SPU! Along with the new Head of External Affairs and for Head of Academic Affairs at the Executive Board, we will work to develop the Student Policy Sub-committee! We would like to: - Become more visible as a subcommittee! We want to be more visible both within the the students at NHH, but also among the rest of the students in Bergen. - Linking closer ties within the SPU, SPU and stud.NHH, and also between Stud.NHH and Norwegian Student Organization and Welfare Council of Bergen. This includes highlighting the opportunities and resources available to us and start using them. - Increasing involvement in the political and especially the student political issues at school.

Deputy/ Head of Financial Affairs: Benedicte Elina Hurlen The reason I`m seeking this position, is that I want to make SPU a well known organization at school. SPU recently got a lot of new members, and having new leadership as well, could be a good way of integrating new and old members of SPU. I have work experience in both economy and organization work from duties in Høyre/ Unge Høyre, and also from my duties in the local council in Ålesund. And I belive that I would do a good job planning meatings and activities for the members of SPU. As a person I am very social, well- structured and positive, and will always put on my best effort for obtaining the best possible result.

International Affairs: Turi Regine Pettersen I hereby apply for the position because I want that this position - as well as maintaining it´s present goal also to expand and develop. International focus within SPU is a relatively new area and therefore makes its potential endless! In addition to taking care of the interests of our student association in NSOs international committee I think that SPU also could reinforce their presence in international areanas in and outside of the Nordic countries as well as getting a picture of new potential partners for student politics internationally. This will help to strengthen SPUs visibility that will again strengthen our impact locally as nationally. Through engagement that includes NHH Aid, NHHS Energy and Direksjonsmusikken I feel experienced enough to sit in the board of SPU. I have also through my leadership of NHHS Hispanohablantes shown a genuine interest for internationalization of the the student association and I believe that the potential for SPU is tremendous. This, in addition of being a proactive, creative and reliable person makes me a good candidate for this position.

Welfare Responsible: Marte Stabbetorp As a leader in Velferdstinget’s budget commitee for the 2014 budget, I have gained a good insight in Velferdstinget and other student organizations in Bergen. Through this position and my two years in SPU, I have already been to several meetings of the Velferdstinget . As Welfare responsible of SPU I want the work that takes place in Velferdstinget more visible. Did you know that we who SiB students have the printing contract through SiB? That Kulturstyret distributes over 1 million to the culture during the year? I will also continue working with SPU`s Programme of Action against SiB and VT becomes clear as soon as possible. Through many different parts of the student union , I have good insight into the importance of volunteerism culture in NHHS and the culture we have to work for the rest of the Student Bergen will join . Along with the rest of the SPU board I will work to ensure that the SPU will be more visible, engage more students and build bonds between the various student organizations

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 28

K7 Bulletin

Block: The Bulldogs

The Bulldogs want to continue the good work that has been done with Bulle recently. K7 Bulletin has a tradition of being a critical and independent channel, which covers what matters to NHH students. We will uphold this by continuing to make intriguing news stories, creating debate and being a mouthpiece for everyone in NHHS. We will keep being a watch dog, putting the spotlight on objectionable conditions within the student organization. We will also be concerned with circumstances relevant to students in Bergen and the rest of Norway. Least but not last, we will entertain, with good feature articles and portraits. We want to develop our webpage further by publishing all print articles, as well as specially tailored web articles, online. We also want to make Bulle more visible in social media by publishing more articles on Facebook and Twitter. We will consider creating a smart phone app. We hope you will vote for us, and we are ready to produce the best student newspaper in Norway.

Editor-in-Chief: Rakel Strand I am running for Editor-in-Chief because I want to develop K7 Bulletin further, to give stud.NHH the best student-newspaper in Norway. This will be possible, by continuing the excellent work started last year. After being webpage editor the past year, I am very passionate about developing further, to achieve best possible quality. Therefore, we wish to increase the frequency of articles being published, as well as becoming more visible in social media. Furthermore I believe that is important to use different platforms to reach as many readers as possible, and create interesting debates. This is part of expanding K7 Bulletin to the rest of Bergen, however not at the expense of NHH-coverage. It is also important as Editor-in-Chief, to create and contribute to collaboration between Foto NHHS, Grafisk and K7 Bulletin, to create an outstanding newspaper.

News- editor: Shaghayegh Yousefi K7 Bulletin will be the first to break the best and most interesting news for stud.NHH. I want to continue to write about things that are related to and interesting for stud.NHH. Lately national newspapers have picked up news from us. This proves that news about NHH is interesting for those outside of the school too. Bulle has been doing a good job of this. But I want Bulle to be more visible online, by posting all news articles to the website. Additionally, I want Bulle to cover more of what goes on in Bergen. Bulle has already applied for money for this. This coverage will come in addition to the coverage we have today.

Editor of Magasinet: Olve Hagen Wold I want the magazine to be a talent workshop, where out journalists are able to experiment, learn and develope their own style. At the same time I want us to deliver high-quality journalism, and I think our journalists can deliver that. I think the magazine already has a high standard, and I want to use the resource persons we have to continue this.

Marketing Director: Marie Andersen I am running for director of marketing because I want to contribute to making K7 Bulletin the best student newspaper in Norway. Advertises are an important source of income for the newspaper, and I defiantly find it important to continue working with the already existing advertisers. There are clearly a lot of potential in an even bigger marked as well, and I hope to achieve contact with many new advertisers. I am relatively new in the student association, but I am defiantly eager to learn, and think this job will be a great experience! I am an out going person, a quality I think is important when making new contacts.

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 29


Block: How I met your MEBA

Leader: Mai- Liis Jullinen Mai-Liis Jullinen is originally from Estonia. She graduated from Tallinn University of Technology with a BSc in Public Economics while also completing internships at PricewaterhouseCoopers, at LHV Investment Bank and at the Energy department of the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Energy and sustainability are among her favorite research topics so she is currently enrolled in the Masters in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment at NHH. She is keen on learning new cultures and Norway is the fourth country she has lived in during the past five years. Being a self-motivated and active person, she joined the organizing team for the TEDxBergen event held at NHH in September 2013. Mai-Liis is running for the Leader position of the MEBA Council as she believes that she can help create an optimal environmental where the international degree students can feel engaged, integrated and inspired.

Treasury/ deputy: Tjorben (TJ) Struck Tjorben (TJ) is a native German, who started to explore the world at the age of 15 when he did his first school exchange to an American High School in New York. Before joining the Master Programme in International Business at NHH, he attended a dual-Bachelor degree programme in which he worked full time for a multinational publishing company besides studying. After finishing his bachelor degree, part of it taken in London, he continued working for the Eastern Europe and Asian division of the publishing firm for 2, 5 years in which he participated in various international M&A, product development and knowledge sharing projects in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Russia. He brings a great talent for practical problem-solving to the team. Tjorben loves to sail and is a skipper at BSI Seiling. He was responsible for the Logistics at this year’s TEDx Bergen conference and will help to find and accurately evaluate lucrative projects in the future. As a Deputy Leader and Treasurer of the MEBA Council he will oversee the financial side of MEBA operations.

Internal Affairs: Maxim Ozerov Max joined NHH in January 2013 and since then has been an active member of Student union. Being a member of several groups he is willing to use this network to enlarge international engagement in the student life. Max has a BSc in Business Informatics from Higher School of Economics in Moscow and is currently MIB student here. He shares special interest in IT and Web and is now working as freelance graphic designer and web developer. Being the Head of Marketing at TEDxBergen conference this fall, Max with the help of his team achieved an ambitious goal of uniting 350+ students and general public from all over Bergen to the conference, bringing attention to the event from the major Bergen medias. As a Head for Internal Affairs Max is going to improve communication with international masters at NHH, creating new channels and possibilities for sharing information and ideas.

External Affairs: Anna Gorskaya Being born in Estonia, currently residing in Norway, Anna is a native Russian. She gained a BSc in Economics and Business Administration from NHH in 2013 in addition to Masters of Laws from Russian State University in 2012. She is starting her Master studies in Business Analysis and Performance Management spring 2014. Anna is passionate about innovation and project management. All those have been profoundly strengthened under her internship at Google this summer. Anna is a devoted TEDxer having been a part of this year’s TEDxBergen organizing team. Anna is running for External Affairs Chair in the MEBA Council. Her scope of responsibility will cover external communication, together with extension of NHH’s international network and organization of TEDxBergen 2014.

Kandidater - Høstvalget 2012 Side 30


Block: How I met your MEBA

Academic Affairs: Baoqing Miao Baoqing Miao is a native Chinese. He graduated with BSc in Applied Mathematics from National University of Singapore. During his undergraduate studies he has been highly involved into various student organizations. Before taking on further studies in Energy, Natural Resources and Environment (ENE) at NHH, he was associated to the leading GHG emission trading Consultancy Company in China and Southeast Asia, and worked extensively with renewable and industrial projects all across Asia. In addition to that, Baoqing gained a profound experience in academia through the project initiated by educational institutions in Singapore, aimed to promote science education in universities and graduate schools, and, hence, uplift Singapore as the region’s scientific research hub. Baoqing is running for the Academic Chair of the MEBA Council. His extensive experience of working with academic communities, industries and students, will undoubtedly serve as the impeccable bridge between school, students and industries.

Social Affairs: Sara Yuyan Soon Sarah is a 25 year old city girl from the country that is represented by just a red dot on the world map, Singapore. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accountancy from the Singapore Management University. During her undergraduate studies, she spent a semester in Oslo and fell in love with Norway’s picturesque mountains, fjords and, of course, people. After a gruesome twoyear battle in the mergers and acquisitions team in Deloitte Singapore, she decided to quit the rat race and re-seek the serenity she once found on exchange. Armed with tenacity and guts, she trusts in seizing opportunities because life is short. Her aim as Head of Social Affairs of the MEBA Council is to foster greater interaction and deeper bonds between international students and the Norwegian community.

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Election Rules Fall 2013 UPDATE: The Standsarea will be at Service, in the hallway between the aula and the student canteen. It will also be possible to promote oneself in Nybygget, on the designated area administrated by Valgstyret (roll-ups). Candidates running as blocks will have the opportunity to hang one poster, while candidates running for single positions will have one poster or flyer each. It will also be possible to vote in Nybygget. Rules for stand location during the election campaign: We divide the candidates into following groups, where group 1 has the highest priority: 1. “Storstyrene” (KS, Symposiet) 3. Blocks (groups) 4. Single positions In addition, these rules also apply: 1) If there is competition between blocks, these blocks will be prioritized within its group Example: If there are two NHHI-blocks and one NHH-AID block, the NHHI-blocks will be prioritized in their placement of their stand. The KS and Symposiet will still get higher priority than the rest of the groups. 2) Different candidates whom run for the same positions will be placed as close together as possible and will be given as similar situastions as possible. Explanation: The purpose is to provide the same conditions for the candidates that run for the same positions. 3) There will be a lot for the placement between the candidates within the same group whom are running for the same position. The Election Board has the right to adjust the locations in terms of the size of the groups and other practical considerations. The spots will be distributed 7:30 am on wednesday October 9th. The candidates that are not present at the given moment will get lower priority. If you run in a group, the whole group has to be present. NOT ALLOWED: To promote in any medium or forum before 8:00 am wednesday October 9th.To promote includes all forms of announcing ones candidacy for election. It includes everything from Facebook-groups and posters to stands at school and actively announcing participation. to use mailing lists for promotion. Engage in election activity inside the neutral zone. This is the area where voting in the ballot-box can be done, either outside audmax in Nybygget or outside the “aula” at Service. To promote oneself (hang up posters, hand out flyers, talk in lectures, etc) in Nybygget. The ”election zone” is the area where people are participating at stand in the Service building. Promotion outdoors is restricted to the area along the aula towards the student entrance. All other promotion outdoors is not allowed. To use NHHS information-boards for promotion. Posters are only to be placed at your designated stand. To perform any form of direct promotion outside the election zone. This means that it is not allowed to hand out promotional products in classes, study rooms, computer labs, the library, toilets and in offices or other rooms which belong to the groups of the student union. To promote oneself at happenings organized by NHH or NHHS. To use existing positions in the NHHS in your campaign or establish advantages other candidates do not have. This includes use of copy-machines and printers owned by NHHS and promotion through closed groups on social media. To prepare food at stand or to use Bagatellen, the student union’s kitchen. How to run for election? To run as a group (blokk) means that a group of people allocate the positions in a subcommittee amongst themselves and run for these positions as one whole unit. This is usually done when the whole board is up for election at the same time. The group will campaign together. Groups where the positions are not up for election at the same time usually run for election as single candidates. If there is no competition, these positions are allowed to coordinate their campaign (run as a block). If there IS cometition on one or more of the single positions this is not possible and the candidate(s) cannot have any connection to a block. it is important to remember that the election is an individual election, where the students elect individual people, and not groups.

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