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Online journalist (4 positions) The online journalists will see to that the NHH- will be in the audience covering the events. Your work Symposium homepage is updated with the latest environment will be dynamic, challenging and hectic, news at all times. They will be the first to release the but first and foremost – a lot of fun! over-all theme of the conference, as well as prominent speakers. In the time leading up to March 2013 you and your colleagues will publish numerous articles with relevance to the theme, during the conference you

Birgitte Væting Nergård Editorial Manager

920 80 218

Designers (6 positions) Do you have an eye for details? Do you get frustrated for the participants and the magazine is to be made, over a bad layout and feel you could have done it better and you will be a key contributor in the process. Does yourself? Why not try?! Design is looking for between this sound interesting? Apply -it will be fun! six and eight graphic designers to be a part of the creation of the conference. Everything between signs

Mikkel von der Fehr Myhre Head of Design

452 43 121

Video (6 positions) Hey you! I think you should to apply for the video position! You might be thinking “Why should I?” Well, I think you should because it is one the most creative groups to join, because you will work with different people from the entire organization and because you will have the opportunity to learn something new. You will learn things you will not learn in Aud. Max, and you will be well trained. Experience is therefore not

necessary. Our responsibility is to make introduction videos for the speakers, promotion videos and reports from the conference and cover the rest of what happens in the organization. If you have any questions for me, do not hesitate to ask either by mail, in the hallway or at our stand. No questions about video are too stupid!

Edda Nermoen Burheim Head of Video

406 45 991

Application deadline Friday September 7th at 16.00


Photographer (5 positions) Do you carry your camera everywhere? Do you like seeing your pictures framed? If so, we want you! We need five photographers to take creative, fun and useful photos during, and in the time leading up to, the conference. You will take pictures used for posters, for news in both small and big newspapers, for leafs, christmas cards and in other areas we can present our conference. After the pictures are taken we will edit them for use.

Creativity and an eye for the small details making a picture say more than a thousand words is appreciated, but experience is not necessary. We will take lots of pictures, so the opportunities for both experienced and less experienced photographers are many!

Marte Stabbetorp Head of Photo

468 61 614

Student Survey (3 positions) What separates students from around the world? Together with two professors from NHH we are to make a survey exposing these differences. Our fantastic group will make this happen, we will decide the angle of the survey and how the exciting results are to be presented for the Norwegian decision makers. Our job is primarily to organize the execution of the survey in the different countries attending. My slightly hairy goal is for 12 different countries to attend, which means we need to get in touch with schools all around

the world! What really separates Norwegian students from American and Chinese students? We will find the answers! If you are a good communicator, up for a challenge, you like international cooperation or you are just really interested in trying something you have never tried before, you should join Student Survey!

Kristian Tandberg Head of Student Survey

415 20 791

Application deadline Friday September 7th at 16.00


How to apply to NHH-Symposiet: Step 1: Go to

Step 4: Click on «Min side»

Step 2: Click on the log in button in the upper right corner.

Step 3: Log in with your studentnumber and Step 5: Click on «Søk NHH-Symposiet 13» password

If the application form at is not functioning, you can send an e-mail to It is then important that you write your name, studentnumber, phonenumber and which positions you want to apply.

Application deadline Friday September 7th at 16.00


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