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Care Reform offers an opportunity for “Health employers to rethink how health care benefits should be designed and delivered. ” – Mark Kunkle

We’re experts at benefits consulting. We’ll perform a Health Care Reform Readiness Analysis for your organization. • We’ll review your existing benefit programs and determine which will be affected by the health care reform provisions now and in the future. • We’ll determine the financial impact of healthcare reform to your organization. We’ll steer you in the right direction and help you implement your company’s health care reform strategy.

There will be dramatic changes in the future of the employee benefits landscape. Is your company prepared and complying with new regulations? What do you need to know? What plan do you have in place? Are you heading in the right direction? Contact us today. We’ve gained the confidence of over 450 local employers.

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In today’s age many will find that the to seeking the next powerful step in a career industry they have been part of for so long progression. What would be possible if we is contracting and in some cases evaporating. got in touch with our true sense of purpose Yet most have a natural tendency to attempt and followed our heart as well as our head? to go right back to where they have been or This is a very scary and anxiety provoking to what it is that they have known because thought; it takes a great deal of courage to be it is comfortable and the path of least open to seeing ourselves differently in order resistance. What if there is simply nothing to break through those self-imposed barriers. there? What if your true fulfillment lies outside of what you’ve known? What’s Jobs are not big enough for people your plan? It may be time for reinven…or for the extraordinary dreams tion and for transferring your skill set of ordinary people. to emerging industries and companies. The question is, what value can I bring What is it about you and your experience to these industries and companies espethat brings the most value to an organizacially since I do not have any experience? tion? Simply because you were paid what The answer lies in stepping outside of what you were paid may not necessarily mean that we do and into who we are, especially as it it is your worth and value in the marketplace. relates to our giftedness. How helpful would it be if you knew your We are limited by traditional truths in job worth and value prior to starting the job search that in turn limit our possibilities. Many do not know how to uncover what’s search process? We find that many job seekpossible and therefore lack a clear plan to ers do not truly understand the value they career expression and fulfillment. In addi- bring and therefore struggle to convey it in tion, the motivation in the job search process interview scenarios. Whether you are lookis typically based on survival. Many simply ing to transition or take on a larger challenge take something “just because” as opposed in your current organization you must have

the ability to express your worth and value in an interview or evaluation. The question to ask is: Are you running from or running to? Those running from are at risk to end up in a similar situation. Those running to, but not sure where they’re running to, are also at risk of falling into a similar pattern. Changing careers is not a matter to be taken lightly given how much time we spend in our work. It is critical to understand and be able to convey where you are headed, the role that will thrill you, the culture that will allow you to thrive, and your value and its corresponding compensation package. In order to cause a truly successful career transition one must have a desire to move beyond what was and create what could be. 25

Women2Women Spring 2014  
Women2Women Spring 2014