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Both were human 103 Lancaster Reading They grieved, carpooled, andAve., shared stories about the chal-

lenges of work, family, and everyday life just like the rest of the female population. Said Tina: “At her Celebration of Life we brought together all the elements of ‘Mary Ann’…her insatiable thirst for books and her love of gardens…and we celebrated with the people she loved at a place she fought hard to create (RACC), and it was catered by pitelli, Rob Camner Ow the place she spent her entire career (Boscov’s). She used to say she was a compulsive reader, whether it be mysteries, novels, cookbooks, non-fiction;Transport ifDuet she didn’t have a book started she would read labels Chair/ on cereal boxes and soup cans.” Rollator Lift L Sleep Apnea “At her funeral, all of Judge Betty’s Chairs kids talked about how she could C Products not cook,” Denaro mused. “She was known for burning spaghetti. She used to say that she was doing them all a favor because unlike most kids who leave home for college only to be homesick for mom’s cooking, hers would not.” Added Peggy Mast Ziegler, who worked with Mary Ann at Boscov’s many years ago: “I hope (nowIN that she is with my mom) ANY ITEM THE STORE Not Covered By Insurance. Expires 10/31/11 she is telling her the story of when the gorilla gotSupport loose in the hotel Stockingss at a Boscov’s store opening. That was a good one.” “Mary Ann and Betty built their lives here and were devoted to their husbands, Bill Smith and Leon Ehrlich, true partners each,” 103 won Lancaster Ave.,award Readingpossible, • 610-929-2004 said Klein. “They every but for both leaders Across from Queen City Diner • Parking in Front of Store • Fax 610-939-8338 • omeo gen ne their children and grandchildren were the lights of their lives. They embodied the integration of family, success, and comFREE DELIVERY • 24 HOUR SERVICEprofessional • WE BILL INSURANCES munity impact, and both left behind a wide circle of friends who miss them deeply.”

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compassion who often need it most. For almostto10those years, Comfort Keepers has provided Berks County Seniors with cost effective rates for our For almost 10 years, Comfort Keepers has provided services by providing a declining hourly rate as more Berks County Seniors with cost effective rates for our service hours are scheduled. Our compassionate services by providing a declining hourly rate as more Caregivers areare carefully selected expertly trained service hours scheduled. Our & compassionate to respond to the unique needs of seniors who require Caregivers are carefully selected & expertly trained services to remain in the comfort of their own homes. to respond to the unique needs of seniors who require services remain in the comfort of can theirprovide own homes. To findtoout how Comfort Keepers the kind of care that can make a difference in your home HELP IS HERE, TO PROVIDE Give parents To find out how Comfort Keepers canyour provide the and family, would be happyintoyour arrange a kind of care call that us. canWe make a difference home the dignity and free in-home visit to help you learn more. and family, Wefor would happy tothey arrange a Thecall truth us. is, caring a lovedbe one can quickly respect become visit more than one person can handle. Before it free in-home to help you learn more. Companionship Care S Personal Care Services

Let Us Help You becomes too much, call Comfort Keepers. We provide deserve. We can

• Feeding • Light Housekeeping an extensive range of in-home, non-medical care E Personal provide 2-24 hours Care Services Care S that helps people maintain quality and independent • Ambulation •Companionship Recreational Activities •• Light Housekeeping R ••Feeding in the comfort of their own home. More than Orallives Hygiene Escort to Appointments E of daily In-Home a caregiver, a Comfort Keeper• Recreational care and Activities Incontinence Care • provides Laundry & Linen Washing V •••Ambulation R compassion to those who often needCare itto most. helping Oral Hygiene • Escort Appointments • Grooming & Dressing • Meal Planning & Preparation For almost 10 years, Comfort Keepers has provided Care •• Laundry Linen Washing VI ••Incontinence you& manage the Medication Assistance Grocery & Clothing Shopping Berks County Seniors with cost effective rates for our • Grooming & Dressing • Meal Planning & Preparation C Transferring • Grooming & Dressing Guidance I ••Medication services by/ Positioning providing a declining hourly rate as more challenge ofShopping caring Assistance • Grocery & Clothing Bathing (Bed, Tub, E ••Transferring service hours are Shower) scheduled. Our compassionate C • Grooming &trained Dressing your lovedGuidance ones. Caregivers/ Positioning are carefully selected & for expertly S • Bathing Respite and 24/7ofCare (Bed, to Tub, E to respond theShower) unique needs seniorsServices who require to remain in the comfort of their own homes. S Over 550services Respiteowned and 24/7 Care Services independently and operated offices nationwide. To find out how Comfort Keepers can provide the

kind of care that can make aand difference in your home Over 550 independently owned operated offices nationwide.

and family, call us. We would be happy to arrange a For more information Call 610-678-8000 free in-home visit to help you learn more.

for information a FREE Foror more For more information Companionship Care Consultation S Personal Care Services In-Home Feeding • Light Housekeeping orand foraaFREE FREE E •• Ambulation • Recreational Activities Call: 610-678-8000 Opportunity Employer In-Home Consultation R • OralEqual In-Home Consultation Hygiene • Escort to Appointments • Laundry & Linen Washing V • Incontinence Care Call: 610-678-8000 Equal Opportunity Employer • Grooming & Dressing • Meal Planning & Preparation I • Medication Assistance • Grocery & Clothing Shopping C • Transferring / Positioning • Grooming & Dressing Guidance E • Bathing (Bed, Tub, Shower) S Respite and 24/7 Care Services Over 550 independently owned and operated offices nationwide.

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By Rev. Eugene P. Ritz, Assistant Pastor, St. Catharine of Siena, Reading, PA Two Incredible Role Models. Two Sad Losses. Two Legacies

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What Does It Mean To Be In the Family of God? “Our community lost two leading lights in Betty and Mary Ann,” Identity is defined in both as nearly 2000 years Christians have heeded Christ’s expressed Klein, “and I am profoundly grateful for counting GRAN It is a moment According to the command to his disciples. special friends. This is one of therelationship. great things about Berks County D OPENING! where the —friendships across generations and in Oxford overlapping circles of life.” baptized is freed from sin, reborn as a child of God New Dictionary, the “When she (Mary Ann) received the ATHENA Award and in that water symbolically buried with Christ definition of a mother is, some “a years ago, the theme of her speech was that women are diamonds,” so that they may rise up with him as a new creation, woman in relation to her child” while a husband is, “a recalled Denaro. “She explained that we start out as a piece of coal married man considered in relation to his wife.” If the and under the applied pressure of all we handle in life we turn into as members of his body. It is here that the baptized Trinity is the starting point ofwomen Christianity thisfrom reality exquisite diamonds. She encouraged to not run that Christian finds identity in relationship. This is a pressure but to very embrace it to reach our full potential. That’s probably relationship with all the Baptized, the “one” family of becomes profound, especially for the Baptized. If why we she were was one of the most sparklingly beautiful women I have Estate & up Rental Clean-Up God because• Pack/Unpack we are first• drawn into the very life to ask, who is God the Father? The response been blessed to call a friend. And, I believe the same to be true for • Attics/Garage Cleaningthe & Fall Put-Away that is shared between• Spring the Father, Son and the necessitates identification in relationship, he is the Judge Betty; she was a gem, as well.”

Clean It…Toss It…Fix It…Box It

one who has a child, Jesus, who reveals the Father to humanity. From them processes the Advocate, the holy Spirit to remain with God’s family to teach and guide, and because of the relationship to the Father and Son, the Spirit can be identified. Continued on page 20 In Matthew 28:19 we read, “ Go, therefore,and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the holy Spirit.” For

holy Spirit. • House & Pet Sitting • Repairs/Assembly • Garage & Moving • Sewing Repairs & Projects Father Eugene Ritz is the Sales Assistant Pastor of Saint • Errands • Sorting • Shopping Etc. ordained Catharine of Siena Parish in Reading. He•was to the Priesthood in 2009 after studies at Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, Philadelphia. Originally from Greater Hazleton, he holds degrees in Philosophy and Systematic Need Help? Just Call Kim! Theology. 610.779.2979 19 One : 25

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