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TRAILBLAZERS Remembering two woman who paved the way for children, woman, & our community Dawn Maurer Derr, Writer


e all have been privileged to know at least one female in our lifetime that projects a bigger-than-life persona. A woman who, perhaps unbeknown to herself, is admired for the way she breaks down barriers and leads by example. SHE speaks out, challenges opinion, institutes needed change. SHE does not allow herself to be defined by others. SHE seemingly never tires. Rarely cracks. SHE exhibits grace, but she is unstoppable. SHE is a master juggler, co-mingling work and family with apparent ease. Kind-hearted yet firm. Generous, but certainly not a pushover. Powerful but not ego-driven. SHE may defy adequate description, but in one word she is a trailblazer.

Berks County has been blessed to produce many such women; unfortunate to have lost two since the inception of this magazine 12 months ago. The business community continues to feel the impact of the deaths of The Honorable Elizabeth Ehrlich and Mary Ann Chelius Smith. 16 Women2Women Spring 2014

Women2Women Spring 2014  
Women2Women Spring 2014