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Reflective apparel

By Jill Gallen

more reflectivity one wears in their garments lends to greater roadway safety. Exercise helps release stress, helps you keep fit and helps with living a healthy life. Riding, biking and walking the roadways in a safer environment could only lead to less stress. Be proactive in all parts of your fitness routine and use the best safety gear for every pursuit. Jill Gallen is the owner of RuseeN Reflective Apparel.


’ve been driving for nine years now and I wish I could say I’ve only heard of nine people ever getting hit while exercising on the roads. Every hour someone gets hit on the road while exercising. That number wouldn’t be nearly as high if more people wore reflectivity or highly visible clothing. There are two things that really grab a driver’s attention while on the road. The first is highly visible colors (fluorescent, not white). The second is reflectivity. Being bright could keep you alive. Night, low light conditions, sunrise and dusk create visibility problems for nearly every driver. Most drivers will not see runners, cyclists and walkers until they’re right on top of them. Wearing proper reflectivity, and I’m not talking a little piece on your shoe or the company’s tiny logo, provides nearly 1000 feet of advance visibility. That’s the length of three football fields. Drivers tend to slow down and look closely when they are trying to figure out what’s moving ahead of them. There are many different qualities of reflectivity available. All reflectivity is based on luminants or candle power, which is how bright the reflectivity really is. A good retro reflective product should not be less than 330 lumenants/candles. Obviously, the

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