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Notting Hill and Ealing Junior School Spring Term Weekly Update


Forthcoming Events Tuesday, 17th January  Year 5 Bushcraft Meeting, 8.15am, Junior School Hall  Year 1 Arctic Explorer Visit  U11A-D Netball V Putney Thursday, 19th January  U10A and U11A Netball V St Augustine’s, Home Friday, 20th January  Junior School Entrance Test Day. No school for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.

Junior School Weekly Update Friday, 13 January 2017


Congratulations GDST Creative Writing Competition We thoroughly enjoyed reading all the entries to the GDST writing Competition. Our finalists are:   

Noor Goeffers for Year 1 & 2 Natasha Bennett for Year 3&4 Shreya Grover for Year 5&6

Bromley High School alumna Harriet Goodwin has agreed to adjudicate the entries and we will let you know if the girls have been successful. Bromley High School alumna Harriet Goodwin has agreed to adjudicate

GDST Junior Choir of the Year Competition In December we recorded our Year 6 girls for entry into the GDST Junior Choir of the Year Competition. This week we were delighted to find out that they have made the final which will be held at Cadogen Hall on Wednesday, 15th March.


Artwork Year 2 Year 2 have been reading The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark. In this story, the baby owl is frightened of the dark. The girls have recreated some exciting paintings depicting one of the reasons dark is exciting- Fireworks!

By Ella Davison, Eloise Shuttleworth, Kwanitah John Paull and Noushi Hirachand


Light and Dark Workshop Year 2 On Tuesday, Professor Ray visited Year 2 to kick of their new topic, “Dark Lights and Bright Lights”. The girls investigated sources of light as well as opaque, translucent and transparent reflectors. The girls pretended to become light sources, objects and shadows themselves and investigated how and why shadows change in shape and size. They learnt that light travels in straight lines and that when light hits an object, it is reflected and enters our eyes so that we can see the world around us. The girls learnt so much that they even beat Morris the monster in the final quiz, saving the professor’s Exploratorium from imploding! A Super Start indeed!


Trip to the Golden Hinde Year 5 Last Friday, 5C ventured up to Borough Market, on the outskirts of which they found The Golden Hinde. They were met by a jolly privateer who had served as a mate on Sir Francis Drake’s ship during its circumnavigation of the globe in 1577-1580. The girls were mortified by many of the practices they heard occurred aboard the galleon and shocked by the compact size of the Hinde’s decks and lack of sanitation. It was a very eye opening experience as to how early explorers journeyed across the world. What a “Super Start” to their topic!


Newsletter 13 january 2017