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January 2014 Newsletter We appreciate all articles and news for the bulletin and newsletter. Please turn in your information by the deadline for publication. Bulletin: Wednesdays by 11:00AM Our next newsletter will be mailed on February 27th Deadline for information is February 23rd. Thank you for your consideration Worship Services: 10:45 a.m. Morning Worship Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Pastor Jim Bane Classes for Children & Adults Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-12:00 Church phone: 330.733.3533 Web:

In Sympathy … Our hearts and prayers go to the family of Kathy Rearick who went to the arms of her loving Father on Sunday, December 15th after a long illness. Kathy loved this church and congregation. Kathy had been on our homebound for a number of years. Kathy loved to teach and held a small group Bible study. She also enjoyed singing, choir, making flower arrangements and baking. She will be missed by all who loved her. Funeral services were held here on the 18th of December with Rev. Bane officiating. In Sympathy … Our sympathies to the family of William Ferrell who went home to be with the Lord on December 18th after a six month illness. He appreciated all your prayers. Funeral services were held here on Friday, December 20th with Rev. Jim Bane officiating. William was the father of Rose Aungst, William Ferrell Jr. and Robert Ferrell. William was the loving husband of Herta Ferrell. In Sympathy …. We lift up in prayer the family of Hazel Champ who went home to be with the Lord on January 27, 2014. Hazel was baptized on November 11, 1936. Hazel retired as an office manager and loved quilting and crocheting for her loved ones. She was a member of the Friendship Quilters. She loved to come to Loyal Comrades luncheon. She was a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who made every family member feel loved. We know that she will be missed by her family and her special friends Grace Agner and Earl Hoch, and all those who knew her at New Horizons. Funeral services are being held at Newcomer Funeral Home on Saturday, February 1st. calling hours are

Friday January 31st from 5-8pm. Cards may be sent to Judy (daughter) and Grayson Corder at: 4048 Holiday Drive, Norton, OH 44203.

Thank you …. Thank you for having us come for the Women’s Self Defense class. In a world ever so changing – We hope all of you have a safe and enjoyable blessed holiday and New Year. Thank you … more than I can say. Thank you for all your wonderful gifts our family received. That was a real blessing to us this year. May God bless you all. Thank you! From the Sam Family.

Youth News: The youth would like to thank Terri Allen, Paula DeSure, Fran DeSure and Brenda Adkins for our most recent youth meals. We have the Friendship class who provided our meal on Jan 26th. Questions …contact Matt or Rachel Bendel. Please mark your calendars for our Youth Sunday event that will be held at our church on Feb. 16 at 7:00 p.m. Refreshments will follow.

Thank you … I don’t believe there are enough words in the dictionary to express our heartfelt gratitude for your outpouring of love over the recent death of my father, William Ferrell. The hugs, cards and prayers over the last six months have been unbelievable. A special thank you to Pastor Bane for his prayers and visits. Thank you to Stephanie Greene and the wonderful individuals who prepared and served the dinner following the service. Thank you, Steve Stimler, for your talent and help. What a blessing you all are to my family. God bless you all. Rose Aungst, Herta Ferrell and family.

Christian Education teacher update: A HUGE thank you to Michelle Moore for volunteering to teach the children's 1-4th grade class during Sunday School! More thanks to Matt Bendel, Velvet Arthurs, Rose Aungst, Fran DeSure and Brenda Adkins for giving up their adult Sunday school time to teach the young people of our church. The youth would like to thank the Friendship class for providing lunch for the youth January 26th and the Vair and Stager families for offering to take the Apr. 6 meal. Keep the date of Feb. 16 open for our youth Sunday program at 7:00 p.m. at NHCC.

Christian Ed would like to thank the Lord's Workers class for taking on one of the Children's Church weeks. Almost all of our recent openings have been filled but still have a couple more. We are still looking for someone to work in the toddler room during the service one time per month and someone to teach the Children's Church group one Sunday each month. Please let Rachel Bendel know if you can fill one of these openings.


Calling all classes, groups, organizations, event coordinators, teachers, or busy people doing good in our church and community. There is a TON of good being done in our church life that is going unnoticed! We would like to tell about your event (past/upcoming), and who or what was helped. (Would also to be a great time to ask for help!) It can be read by the group leader, or by someone appointed like the ‘cup of cold water’ series last year. Please send your article (even better to have pictures as well) to the office at and/or Robert Wolfe at Or if you want to just ’wing it’ instead of writing an article, let us know. Thank you Stewardship Committee

From our Missionary … Dear Sisters and brothers at New Horizons: Greetings to each of you from Chile! I have been in Texas visiting my parents and before the rush of summer camps at the Shalom Center in January-March, I wanted to be sure and write to say “I Grauas!” for all the ways you have supported my ministry. I cherish your prayers, and your offerings make it possible for me to continue to reach out to others in Christ’s name. 2013 has been busy as I have traveled to Paraguay, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua and Mexico while also fulfilling my responsibilities at the Shalom Center in Chile. We are sharing what we learned after the earthquake with other churches which have suffered from traumatic events. It has been challenging and fulfilling to facilitate trauma healing, and resilience development causes in these different countries. May God continue to bless each of you as you seek to serve others in Christ’s name! Shalom, Elena Hugel. FAMILY BOWLING DAY SATURDAY FEBRUARY 22, 2014 From 1pm – 3 pm At Bill Whites Akron Lanes, 2911 E. Waterloo Rd, Akron, 44312 (By route 224 & 91) $7.00 per person gets you: 2 games of bowling (scotch double style) Shoe rental, a slice of pizza and a small drink. As signup sheet is located in the Gathering Area on the Wall of Hospitality. Call Terri Allen or contact the church office with your questions.

Did you know? …. We love to keep track of our past pastors and those who served the church with dedication, love and service. We would like to share with you that Pastor Pam Bruno and her husband Rick have retired and moved to PA to be close to their grandchildren. If you would like to e-mail Pastor Pam and congratulate her on her retirement her e-mail is: Cards may be sent to: 1123 Linden Vue Dr. Canonsburg, PA 15317

“What does the Lord require of us? Simply this: to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with our God. (Micah 6:8). May it be so.

Valentine Humor Go ahead and chuckle at these Christian pick-up lines – just don’t expect them to be effective!

Now I know why Solomon had 700 wives … because he never met you. For you, I would slay two Goliaths. The Word says, “Give drink to the thirsty, and feed the hungry”; how about dinner?

Don’t forget your Annual Reports are due. If you are a group, ministry, or class, please fill out a form and turn it in to the office as soon as possible. Deadline is February 1st. If you need assistance, please contact Rose in the church office.

Your hair is like a flock of goats descending from Gilead. I believe one of my ribs belong to you. How many times do I have to walk around you to make you fall for me? You really float my ark. Me. You. Song of Songs: The Remix.

February Special Dates: African-American History Month February 2, 2014 - Boy Scout Sunday February 14, 2014 - Valentine’s Day February 17, 2014 - Presidents Day

How would you like to join my purposedriven life?

Banestorming “Give Me Oil in My Lamp”

I was first introduced to these song lyrics when I was a Chi Rho Camper a number of years ago: “Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning; Give me oil in my lamp, I pray; Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning; Keep me burning ‘til the break of day.” I didn’t think of it until recently, but I suppose this song is based on the parable of Jesus sometimes called the Wise and Foolish Maidens (Matthew 25:1-13). In this story, some of the female attendants at a wedding celebration (the foolish ones) begin to run out of oil as they wait all night for the groom to arrive. When they hear the groom is coming and realize they are almost out of oil, they ask the maidens who have oil (the wise ones) to share. “No dice,” say the wise maidens, “We don’t have enough to go around. Go to a store and buy some more.” When the foolish maidens are gone getting more oil, the doors open and only those present at the time the doors open are allowed in. The foolish maidens are locked out. The message is something about making sure you have adequate provisions as you wait for the return of the Lord since

you are never exactly sure how long it will take. “Be Prepared” as they used to tell us in Boy Scouts. Oil and gas have been under discussion in our church and in our neighborhood in recent days. Discovery Oil and Gas has approached our church about drilling a well or wells on our property. Who knew that we had such resources so close by? I am grateful for all the research that our Trustees have done on this proposal. They have not been in a hurry and have listened to many perspectives. I am especially thankful for the leadership that Glenn Warner has provided. Our church has been accumulating information for many months and recently held an open meeting for our neighbors to hear about the proposal and to share their own views and questions. If you attended you know that our sanctuary was packed. Some folks were upset, and many had a lot of questions. I was able to speak with many of our neighbors who I had never met before including some who live just a few yards from our church property. I have continued to be in conversation with them by phone, email, and text, and I know that Glenn Warner has as well. Here are a few of my reflections on this matter. You may or may not agree with all of my observations, and I am ok with that. But in all cases, I want us to be in a loving and caring relationship with each other. I am working to ensure that we all demonstrate Christian love and caring for one another both in our church family and with our neighborhood. Continued ….

Banestorming Continued … 1) Not everyone agrees on this proposal either in our church or in our neighborhood. Some have changed their views as they have heard the presentations, but others have not. 2) There are no wise or foolish maidens in this story. This is not a matter of good vs. evil, smart vs. dumb, or right vs. wrong. A solid argument can be made for or against having the wells on our property. 3) I am impressed (and proud) of those who have been examining this from a theological perspective even looking to scripture to guide your thinking. Many of you are in prayer about this as well. 4) This decision is different than many others that our church makes because it does impact our neighborhood in a direct way. Many of our neighbors are very grateful that we have allowed them to share their views with us. (This might provide opportunities for us in the future to work jointly on other issues. I hope so.) 5) This decision is so important that I believe that the church as a whole should have a say. It strikes me as “the Disciple way.” 6) Our church is not going anywhere – we have been in this neighborhood since the Depression. We have a calling to be in ministry here. We have a

calling to love our neighbors as ourselves. Regardless of the decision, we are in relationship with our neighborhood. 7) We also are in relationship with each other. Our viewpoints may differ (and I know that they do), but let’s not confuse positions with people. I love you no matter what your views are, and I hope you feel the same way about each other. 8) This is not about winning or losing – there will be a price to pay and pain to endure no matter what the outcome may be. Let us not shy away from the pain, but let us not seek to increase it either. We will need healing one way or another. 9) We will get through it and we will move ahead. No one (except God) knows what else is coming for New Horizons in 2014. The first month has sure been interesting, hasn’t it? In all the adventures that we have, in all the decisions that we make, may we model what Jesus said: “Love one another; Just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:34-35 Jim

New Beginnings: Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits … Due to the cold and snowy weather in Northeast Ohio, February is often a month for hunkering down, staying put, and waiting for Springtime before we launch any new beginnings in our lives. We often want to just get through it in hopes of better days ahead. New Horizons Christian Church will encourage you to buck that trend this month as we explore the possibility of positive change by beginning some new good habits and breaking some old bad habits. We will be assisted by insights from two books: “Making Habits, Breaking Habits” by Jeremy Dean and “Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits” by Joyce Meyer. February is a short month, but why waste it? Why not begin some healthy habits even amidst the cold and snow? It will make the coming of springtime just that much better. Here are our projected Sunday themes: February 2 February 9 February 16 February 23

“Breaking Away from Ground Hog Day Thinking” “Beginning the God Habit” “The Habit of Being Responsible” “The Habit of Generosity”

Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World “Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World” (based on material from Craig Groeschel) will be our Lenten focus this year. In addition to exploring this topic during worship, Pastor Jim will lead a Sunday School course on this theme as well as a Wednesday night Carpenters School class. Here is our schedule: March 2 Prayer and Healing Service March 9 Lethal Language: Experiencing the Power of Life-Giving Words March 16 Scare Pollution: Unlocking the Chokehold of Fear March 23 Radioactive Relationships: Loving Unhealthy People without Getting Sick March 30 Septic Thoughts: Overcoming Our False Beliefs April 6 Germ Warfare: Cleansing our Lives of Cultural Toxins April 13 Palm Sunday April 20 Easter

Backpack Program Update … On Friday, every week, we prepare and pack 33-36 backpacks for the Betty Jane Community Center. We provide a meal for a family. 1 out of 5 children go to bed hungry in this community. We are asking for your help by donating funds, peanut butter and jelly (in plastic jars), or adopting a child for just $85.00. Your gift will feed that family till the end of this school year. Your gifts go a long way and have been received with grateful hearts. If you have any questions, please see Valdene Barbuto or Helen Stager. Your love gifts can be placed in the offering. Don’t forget to earmark your checks or envelopes – “Backpack Program”.

Pastor’s Class to begin. If you are interested in joining the Pastor’s Class, it will begin on Sunday, March 9th. More information to follow.

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