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received with grateful hearts. If you have any questions, please see Valdene Barbuto or Helen Stager. Your love gifts can be placed in the offering. Don’t forget to earmark your checks or envelopes – “Backpack Program”. Pastor’s Class to begin. If you are interested in joining the Pastor’s Class, it will begin on Sunday, March 9th. More information to follow.

February/March 2014 Newsletter We appreciate all articles and news for the bulletin and newsletter. Please turn in your information by the deadline for publication. Bulletin: Wednesdays by 11:00AM Our next newsletter will be mailed on March 27th Deadline for information is March 23rd. Thank you for your consideration. Worship Services: 10:45 a.m. Morning Worship Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Pastor Jim Bane Classes for Children & Adults Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-12:00 Church phone: 330.733.3533 Web: Thank you … There is never enough words to express our gratitude for all of the outpouring kindness, love, and care from our New Horizon family at the loss of our mother, Hazel Champ. The comfort with every hug, every card, every kind deed, and every word was a blessing and transformed into the arms of God embracing us as he carried us in our time of grief. We want to express how much that means to the family. Grayson & Judy Corder and all of the Hazel Champ family. Back Pack Program ….. We are asking for your help by donating funds, peanut butter or adopting a child for just $85.00. Your gift will feed that family till the end of this school year. Your gifts go a long way and have been

Thank you … I would like to thank my church family for all their support on my recent illness. Your cards, food, flowers, thoughts and prayers were so appreciated. I would like to thank Pastor Jim for his visits and concerns and Valdene Barbuto and the Elders for bringing me communion. You are very special to me and your thoughtfulness aids in my recovery. Julie Hudkins. Youth News! Thanks to all who came out and supported our youth Sunday program. The youth did a great job and the offering collected totaled $304 to send to Camp Christian. Also thanks to the Vair and Stager families along with members of the Lord's Workers Class for hosting the reception after the program. Thanks, Rachel Library News!!!!! Check out the library cart. It has been filled with books on Easter. Thank you to Karen Palmer and Kim Stimler for all their hard work in the library. Refocus for Lent Give up complaining – focus on gratitude. Give up harsh judgment – think kind thoughts. Give up worry – trust God to provide. Give up discouragement – be full of hope. Give up bitterness – turn to forgiveness. Give up hatred – return good for evil. Give up anger – be more patient. Give up pettiness – become mature. Give up jealousy – pray for trust. Give up gossiping – control your tongue. Give up sin – turn to virtue. Give up giving up – persevere.

Sign up at the Welcome Center to be part of a small group that will go into these themes in more detail. Groups will meet either on Wednesday Night (Carpenter’s School) or Sunday morning. New Member … We welcome Brittany Bartholomew who made her confession of faith on February 23rd and will be baptized on Easter. Brittany and her sons, Bradly and Malachi have been attending our worship services. Brittany will be attending the Friendship Class. She loves to do crafty things such as stenciling and decorative painting. Brittney feels that God led her here. She is very comfortable in our congregation. She is very impressed with the outreach programs and the work we do at Betty Jane Learning Center. She is looking forward to our future outreach programs. It’s a Girl … We welcome Rosella Marie Johnson who came to us on Feb 19, 2014. She weighed 8lbs, 21 ½ inches long. Rosella is the 7th great grandchild of Carroll Candle. Proud parents are Julie (Candle) and Luke Johnson. And big brother, Gage. First time grandparents are Mark and Bonnie Candle. In Like a Spirit … In many places, March is quite windy: “In like a lion …! Though I don’t like the damp chill that’s often part of the transition to spring, I love windy days. Something about the air’s movement – a gentle breeze or ferocious gale blowing through trees, against the house, in my hair – breeds excitement in me, anticipation that something new is astir. How fitting that in conversation with Nicodemus, Jesus said, “The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit” (John 3:8) Like Nicodemus, we fail to comprehend the Spirit of God. But Jesus reminds us that though we can’t see the Spirit, we feel his love, see his actions of justice and hear his sounds. These include kind words, bold preaching, weeping for another, shared laughter and songs of praise.

Are you ready for a fun outdoor activity when the weather breaks? “Crusin’ In” Car Shows will begin Projected dates are: (Please note that we will begin in May not April due to Easter activities) Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday Thursday

May 15 June 19 July 17 August 21 September 18

5:30-8:30 5:30-8:30 5:30-8:30 5:30-8:30 5:30-8:30

Why not bring your family and friends to a car exhibit? We are also looking for volunteers to bring their cars to put on display for our enjoyment. More information will soon be available. There will be food, prizes and much more. Spread the word ……. Middlebury Luncheons will begin again. We hope that you will come and share the fellowship in this outreach luncheon for our community and friends. We will meet on the following dates: Thursday Thursday Thursday

March 13th and 27th April 10th and 24th May 8th and 22nd

at noon at noon at noon

A donation is welcomed or, bring a covered dish or dessert to share. All are welcomed. Thank you for collecting your Acme receipts. We made $329.56 towards Missions. Thank you to Donna Hornbeck for her many hours of totaling and counting of the receipts. Thank you for making our project a success. We will begin collecting receipts on September 18th. March Mission Project …. We had so much fun last year with a wonderful response to helping children who are is distress. For the month of March we will be collecting new stuffed animals. Please remember the children who have been removed from a bad situation and find comfort in a stuffed animal. They will be given to the Akron/Summit Sheriff Department.

Easter Egg Hunt Planned ‌ We are asking for candy and small trinkets to fill Easter eggs for the children so we can have an Easter Egg Hunt after service Easter Sunday. Please bring in and place in the box marked Easter by Sunday April 6. Thank you, Serve Team

Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World

Baptisms on Easter Please contact Jim if you would like to be baptized on Easter morning – April 20. Infant Dedication Are you interested in having your child dedicated in March? If so, please let Jim know.

What is Soul Detox? Circle all the Correct Answers:

Important Dates to Remember First Sunday in Lent Daylight-Saving Time Begins Girl Scout Sunday Second Sunday in Lent First Day of Spring Third Sunday in Lent Fourth Sunday in Lent Fifth Sunday in Lent Palm/Passion Sunday Holy Week Maundy Thursday Good Friday Holy Saturday Easter Sunday Administrative Professional/ Secretary Day

1) It is our weekly worship focus during Lent. 2) It is a small group on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. 3) It is our Carpenter School Study on Wednesday nights at 6pm. 4) A book and study series written by Craig Groeschel. 5) All of the Above March 9 March 9 March 9 March 16 March 20 March 23 March 30 April 6 April 13 April 13-19 April 17 April 18 April 19 April 20 April 23

Answer: 5 Our Weekly Themes Include: Sunday March 9: Lethal Language: Experiencing the Power of Life Giving Words Sunday March 16: Scare Pollution: Unlocking the Chokehold of Fear Sunday March 23: Radioactive Relationships: Loving Unhealthy People without Getting Sick Sunday March 30: Septic Thoughts: Overcoming our False Beliefs Sunday April 6: Germ Warfare: Cleansing our Lives of Cultural Toxins.

Holy Week 2014


Palm Sunday/Passion Sunday (April 13) A worship experience of music and drama recreating the last week of the life of our Savior. Maundy Thursday (April 17) A serious re-creation of the Last Supper. 7pm Good Friday Prayer Vigil (April 18) Sign up to pray at the church at your home. Easter (April 20) Take time to stop and smell the lilies while you unite your heart and spirit with our community of faith as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. 8:30 Special Early Service 9:30 Sunday school 10:45 A Service with Hallelujah’s and Baptisms A Children’s Easter Egg Hunt is also planned for that day.

Scarred – For Eternity If God raised Jesus from the dead, why didn’t God fix him? Why scars? Why the print of the nails that you could feel with your fingers? Can it be that the gospel … is saying to us in our waiting: “You will not see Jesus Christ unless you see the wounds”? Somehow we must understand that the resurrected Christ is forever the wounded Christ. Living, but never fixed up. Not bound by death, yet scarred for eternity. The deaf have a sign for Jesus. Quickly they make this sign many times during their worship: the middle finger of each hand is placed into the palm of the other. Jesus, the one with wounded hands. And when they touched the place, they remember. They hear the name in their own flesh.

Readjusting our Attention A few weeks ago I was at the Hudson Regal Cinemas trying to focus on a movie called Philomena which had been nominated for a number of Academy Awards including Best Picture. I was attempting to enjoy the movie, but I was frequently distracted by a couple a few rows behind me who talked almost nonstop throughout the entire ninety-eight minutes. Apparently they had concluded that the “No Talking or Texting” public service announcement didn’t apply to them. I was not the only one impacted by their behavior. A woman in front of me kept turning around and giving them “stink eye,” but her gesture was lost in the dark. I tried a few “SHHHHHHHHHHH’s” of various lengths and intensities, but they must have assumed I was trying to reprimand some other rude moviegoers. It had no impact on their lengthy conversation. I would have moved to another seat, but the theater was so small I would have heard them from wherever I went. I thought about a more lethal intervention like that dished out by an ex-policeman in a Tampa movie theater back in January, but I decided against that option. Earlier that day I had been running at the indoor track of the Summa Fitness Institute (the word “institute” sounds so much more impressive than gym, doesn’t it?). And amazingly enough as I ran lap after lap, I continually encountered some people, not unlike the moviegoers, who didn’t realize that the signage at the track applied to them – that sign that said “Walkers use inside lane, Runners use outside lane.” Apparently that outside lane must be so appealing because people love to walk in it especially when a couple is walking along together having an animated conversation. Sometimes a

person will even throw their arms out in a gesture that has missed me by inches as I squeeze by next to the outside wall. Let’s face it – if my biggest issues on any given day are related to my movie going or fitness experience, then I am having a pretty good day. These are what some would call “First World Problems,” frustrations and complaints of privileged people. Yet those two incidents are among the constant reminders to me of two important truths that I encounter so often in my life: (1) Most people are focused on their own experiences. (2) I am rarely the #1priority for others. Most people (and this certainly includes me) focus primarily on their own issues, challenges, and experiences. Self-focus often crowds out self-reflection and the awareness of others. The person talking on the cell phone and drifting from one lane to another on Rt. 8 is not consciously trying to run you off the road even if it feels that way. The person who just needs to talk but rarely takes the time to listen might actually be a pretty good listener if they took the time to do it. One of the reasons that Lent appeals to me is that it is an invitation for each of us to readjust our focus from ourselves and to turn our attention to God. Even the practice of giving something up for Lent – which can become a self-focused exercise for some – is primarily about removing barriers between ourselves and God. Lent is a season to give some more time to God and to make Him our #1 priority. I have no doubt that as God watches over us conducting our daily affairs that He marvels at how much attention we give to ourselves and how little awareness we have of Him. Our Lenten focus in worship will be “Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World,” and each week I will be giving you some exercises to do based upon a book written by Craig Groeschel. My hope is that as you work through the weekly material that you will become more aware not only of God but of how your behavior impacts other people. It will be an opportunity for you to hear “SHHHHHHHHHH” and to know that it applies not to someone else but to you. It is your chance to open your ears to a voice other than your own. Jim

February newsletter 2014  
February newsletter 2014