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NHBW, Inc.’s Reader-Writers

Syreeta Washington from the Cherry Hill

Yvette Chatman, with Parent Educator &

Chapter and Eastern Regional Co-Chair has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and has worked as a therapist in a variety of settings with individuals and families. Her book is inspired by her love of reading and extensive work with children presenting with myriad diagnoses from ADHD to Oppositional Defiant Disorder. Her message to anyone with a psychiatric diagnosis is, “You are NOT your disorder.” She is currently a full-time psychology professor at a community college where her favorite courses to teach are Abnormal and Developmental Psychology. Syreeta resides in New Jersey with her quirky family and their awesome dog who she is convinced was a superhero in another lifetime.

Community Literacy, is the founder of the Birmingham Chapter of NHBW, Inc. Her first love was “reading”, even before her first crush or nervous kiss, she was involved with books. As a child books helped her to understand the world. “I read about kings and queens, animals, faraway places, things and people… but there were very few if any, people who looked like me. My parents and that small little neighborhood in Joliet, Illinois, showed me that people of color could be ministers, teachers, business owners, and laborers.” Yvette goes on to say they built her up, kept her sane and encouraged her to dream. That is why she wrote “THEY DARED”, so young people could see themselves in the books they read and learn about people of color who dared to dream and “Do”. “I have had the wonderful opportunity to lay across my bed and read to my children and grandchildren; we read about folks who look like them. I tell them about my childhood and they tell me about their day and I promise to keep them sage and encourage them to dream and… we eat ice cream.”

Rev. Dr. Renita Allen Dixon, the Pastor of Ecclesia Ministry, is the President of the Tallahassee Chapter and the National Ambassador of Sisterhood. She has a BS Degree in Business Marketing and Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Counseling and Christian Education. Her book, Finding Yourself, is a book for individuals to develop and compile tools to find oneself. “Each person is a unique individual and this book can help anyone to focus on how to be a better you.” Some topics are Exploring Your Moral Compass, Widen Your Circle, and Unfolding You. Dr. Dixon’s book has been used to run empowerment workshops and leadership circles.

Dr. Janette Hoston Harris, founder and first president of the Washington, DC Chapter, is an author amongst many other distinguished titles. In 1956, Harris earned her high school diploma from Carroll High School in Monroe, Lousiana. From 1956 to 1960, Harris attended Southern University. In 1960, during her senior year, Harris and six other students were arrested for attempting to desegregate an all-white lunch counter. The arrest resulted in her expulsion from Southern University and, by the order of the governor, her being prohibited from attending any college in the state of Louisiana. Harris completed her education at Central State University in Ohio, where she earned her B.A. degree in psychology in 1962.

While attending Central State in 1960, Harris’ case challenging segregation, “Hoston v. the State of Louisiana,” went to the Louisiana Supreme Court. Harris’ case eventually became part of a larger court challenge, “Garner v. Louisiana,” that was heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1961; the case was argued and won by future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in 1962. Dr. Harris Hoston is the author of Black crusaders in History, Congress and Government; Charles Harris Wesley: Words of Wisdom; and Words of Passion for the Romantic.

Coffe’ Summers the National Facebook Administrator for NHBW, Inc. and a member of the Joliet Chapter.. She graduated from high school with honors and began college that summer at Tennessee State University for Architectural Engineering. She returned home to receive her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Coffee’ then began taking numerous college courses to further her career in the graphic arts and even teaching until enough was enough. She always wanted to deal with the growing someone’s business. She continued to buy magazines and started reading online. Then it came to her, COFFEA. Starting anew as a single parent, she began studying magazines and had an official launch of COFFEA in November 2009. The mission explains it all. “We hope to alter thinking of the alliterate. To insure the success of those entering the future reading is very essential.” COFFEA is a minority and woman-owned business. As well as teaching by example, she strives to be used as a networking tool to provide people with an outlook on who is doing what in their community. Currently circulating in the Chicagoland area, COFFEA is involved in projects to broaden readership by focusing on entrepreneurship and promoting community awareness. COFFEA Magazine focuses on shedding light on those that may be overlooked but deserve much more than “15 minutes of fame”. Great business changes things.

Nhbwnewsbites 2015 1  

NHBW, Inc. February Issue Celebrating 40 years of Service

Nhbwnewsbites 2015 1  

NHBW, Inc. February Issue Celebrating 40 years of Service