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by New Horizons Bulgaria


Instructor lecture and demonstration, followed by student practice through hands-on exercise.

[Deniz Kaya Profile] { Senior Consultant and Trainer { Cisco, Ironport, Security, Microsoft and Project Management { Certified Cisco Systems Instructor CCSI #31650 { Cisco Certified Network Professional CCNP { Cisco Certified Security Professional CCSP

CONTENTS: The advanced penetration testing course presents the penetration testing methodology – from inititiation of the penetration test to the reporting stage. Participants in the course will complete activities in the following areas: { Perform an external penetration test { Perform an internal penetration test { Prepare and generate a report { Present the results to the management

{ Microsoft Certified Trainer MCT { Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer MCSE { Ironport Certified Security Instructor ICSI { Ironport Certified Security Professional ICSP { Mile2 Certified Penetration Testing Specialist { Mile2 Certified Trainer

s logie o d o th s E: sting Me Analysi N I L ing OUT ration Te Security rinting gle Hack G N et tp oo ing INI TRA ule 0: Pen erstand tage: Foo anced G d Mod ule 1: Un Attack S tage: Adv ning iffing n S n e S a d d ce it g Mo ule 2: Th Attack tage: Sc s dvan Hackin etaSplo i e S s d A h : y o k l T g c : a M ule 3 Atta t An AS, M estin ystem Mod ule 4: The /IP Packe tration T esting: S s, OpenV e u Mod ule 5: TCP rnal Pen tration T nt: Ness e e Mod ule 6: Inte rnal Pen Assesm es ies e y t d t q i Mo ule 7: In erabil Techni u nerabilit l n Mod ule 8: Vul loitation ation Vu c p Mod ule 9: Ex b Appli e Mod ule 10: W Mod

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Advanced Penetration Testing