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ENSALADA grilled chicken 3.00


grilled shrimp 3.75

grilled salmon 5.00

grilled halibut 7.00

grilled hanger steak 5.00

grilled tuna 7.00

3.95 ! Mixed field greens, cucumbers, red onions, cherry tomatoes, carrots & balsamic dressing INSALATA DI RUCOLA ITALIAN ARUGULA SALAD 6.75 Arugula, gorgonzola, Medjool dates, red onions & crisp pancetta tossed with roasted shallot vinaigrette ENSALADA SPINACI spinach salad 6.75 Spinach salad with toasted pecans, cherry tomatoes, bermuda onions & blue cheese dressing ENSALADA CÉSAR caesar salad 6.75 Romaine hearts, garlic croutons, Parmigiano Reggiano & Sicilian white anchovies tossed with anchiade caesar SALADE GREQUE greek salad 8.50 ! Mixed field greens, sheep’s milk feta, mixed peppers, peperoncini, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, Calamata olives & house greek-herb dressing CAMPIONCINO med sampler 8.50 A petite Greque salad with a sampling of roasted pepper-harissa hummus, baba ghanouj & tabbouleh served with wood oven baked flat bread ENSALADA ESPAÑOLA spanish salad 10.95 Blackened chicken, mixed field greens, sliced strawberries, chèvre cheese, piñóns, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions & lime soy dressing NIÇOISE MÉDITERRANÉE mediterranean style nicoise salad 12.95 ! Grilled North Atlantic salmon, arugula, roasted peppers, Mediterranean olives, cherry tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, hardboiled egg, poached potatoes, chèvre cheese & balsamic dressing SOLOMILLO catalan steak salad 12.95 Grilled steak, romaine hearts, Prosciutto di Parma, gorgonzola, Mediterranean olives, red wine roasted beets, cherry tomatoes, roasted peppers & balsamic vinaigrette INSALATA MISTA DELLA CASA mixed house salad

PIZZA from our traditional wood burning oven MARGHERITA classic cheese


Tomato sauce, fresh basil & mozzarella cheese PRECI pepperoni 8.25 Tomato sauce, sliced pepperoni, fresh basil & mozzarella cheese PARADISO VEGETARIANO greek pizza 8.50 Basil pesto, sundried tomatoes, spinach, capers, Calamata olives, artichoke hearts & sheep’s milk feta SALSICCIA sausage 8.95 Tomato sauce, spicy spanish chorizo, sliced mushrooms, fresh oregano & mozzarella cheese QUATTRO STAGIONI 4 seasons 8.95 Tomato sauce, artichoke hearts, Calamata olives, mushrooms, Black Forest ham & mozzarella PANTHEON mediterranean favorite 9.25 Parmesan crème, Toscano salami, diced tomatoes, spinach, mozzarella & Prosciutto di Parma SPEZIATA spicy 9.25 Extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic, grilled chicken, sautéed jalapeños, chili flakes, cilantro, fontina & avocado FANTASIA DI SALUMI meat 9.25 Extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic, chorizo, pepperoni, Toscano salami, Black Forest ham, diced tomatoes, fresh sage & mozzarella

PASTA E RISOTTO traditions from Italy PASTA POMODORI E BASILICO pasta marinara


Spaghettini tossed with marinara, fresh basil & fresh mozzarella

PASTA ALLA BOLOGNESE pasta & classic meat sauce 9.95

Penne tossed with tomato braised beef, pork, nutmeg, parmesan & a touch of cream

SPAGHETTINI BUCANIERA pasta with fresh seafood & spicy tomato sauce 16.95

Spaghettini tossed with mussels, clams, shrimp, fresh fish, calamari, chili flakes, fresh basil, garlic & marinara CONCHA DE BERENJENA eggplant shells 10.95 Baked pasta shells stuffed with eggplant, sundried tomatoes, basil & ricotta cheese on marinara

GNOCCHI ALLA VONGOLE E PROSCIUTTO gnocchi with clams & prosciutto


Steamed New Zealand cockles, Prosciutto di Parma & potato gnocchi in a truffle brodetto




Pepper crusted sea scallops with risotto primavera & smoked tomato vinaigrette RAVIOLI ALLA RE RAIMONDO ravioli for a king 15.95 Inspired by Raimondo. Smoked chicken, spinach, mushroom & red pepper ravioli simmered in a sweet tomato & vodka creme GNOCCHI ALLA VERDURA potato gnocchi with fresh vegetables 13.95 Potato gnocchi tossed with asparagus, fresh tomatoes, zucchini, pine nuts & goat cheese


denotes gluten free

Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions. Not all ingredients are listed, Please alert your server of any food allergies prior to ordering



the dishes

11.95 Grilled North Atlantic salmon, Applewood smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onions, avocado mash, lime soy dressing & wasabi pesto served on a Tuscan roll SALMONE ALL’ACQUA PAZZA salmon in crazy water 17.95 ! Pan roasted North Atlantic salmon, sautéed vegetables, seared greens, milk roasted garlic, chili flakes & lemon thyme broth over basmati rice SCAMPI garlic butter broiled shrimp 17.95 Broiled gulf prawns, chopped garlic, fresh basil, oregano, bread crumbs, lemon & butter HALIBUT ALLA PUTTANESCA halibut puttanesca 24.95 Sicilian olive crusted Alaskan halibut, seared spinach, risotto al limone & muddled caper vinaigrette TONNO AGRIGENTO med’s signature tuna dish 24.95 Horseradish crusted tuna, grilled portabella mushrooms, seared greens, whipped potatoes, wasabi pesto & smoked tomato emulsion FALAFEL fried chick pea croquette wrap 9.95 Fried falafel, black bean hummus, tabbouleh, banana pepper & tomato salad, arugula, feta cheese, tzatziki & tahini wrapped in wood oven baked flat bread SPANAKOPITA greek strudel 9.95 Phyllo pastry stuffed with seared greens & sheep’s milk feta served with romesco & tzatziki sauces PINCHO MORUNO grilled skewers 16.95 Your choice of marinated Colorado lamb, coffee-cayenne spiced chicken or moroccan spiced shrimp Served with black bean hummus, tabbouleh, seared greens, basmati rice, wood oven baked flat bread & tzatziki SALTIMBOCCA ALLA ROMANA pork saltimbocca 15.95 Pork loin Scallopini, fresh sage, Prosciutto di Parma & mozzarella finished with tomato-sherry sauce over seared greens STINCO D’AGNELLO lamb shank 16.95 Balsamic, dijon & port braised lamb shank, seared greens, mushroom-shallot sauté & chipolte crème fraiche HAMBURGUESA burger 10.95 Basil-garlic studded hamburger with mozzarella cheese, chipolte aioli, lettuce, tomato & red onions served on a Tuscan roll GYROS shaved lamb wrap 10.95 Shaved marinated gyros lamb, black bean hummus, sriracha tossed arugula, banana peppers & tomatoes, tahini & tzatziki wrapped in wood oven baked flat bread BIFTECK CHIMICHURRI steak & fries 16.95 ! Grilled 8 oz. New York strip, chimichurri relish, steamed vegetables & french fries FILETTO AL CAFFE filet mignon 28.95 Espresso crusted 8 oz. filet mignon, Cabernet balsamic reduction, seared greens, horseradish crème & crisp onion rings BISTECCA ALLA SINATRA steak sinatra 28.50 Sinatra’s pepper steak taught to us by Raimondo. 12 oz. New York strip, olives, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, rosemary, potatoes & brandy POLLO AL BARRIO ESPAÑOL chicken “spanish style” 14.95 ! Corn tortilla stuffed with roasted chicken, onions, Manchego & spinach with adobado sauce, avocado mash, seared greens & basmati rice PICCATA DI POLLO chicken piccata 15.95 Sautéed chicken breast, fresh thyme, lemon-caper butter sauce, steamed vegetables & basmati rice PETTO DI POLLO AL JEREZ sherry chicken 15.95 Sautéed chicken breast, roasted garlic, fresh rosemary, sherry butter sauce, steamed vegetables & whipped potatoes PETTO DI POLLO ALLA PARMIGIANA chicken parmesan 16.95 Parmesan breaded chicken breast, marinara, mozzarella, spaghettini aglio e olio & fresh basil PIÙ STRATI club

PAELLA traditional rice dish Can be enjoyed individually or family style ! PAELLA MESON GALICIA mixed vegetables 12.95 !

Inspired by the famous Spanish restaurant. Seasonal vegetables, peperoncini, seared spinach, & sheep’s milk feta with arroz blanco PAELLA VALENCIANA chicken, chorizo & seafood 14.95 ! Roasted chicken, chorizo, mussels, shrimp, roasted red peppers & garden peas with saffron rice PAELLA DE MARISCOS mixed seafood 15.95 ! Mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, fresh fish & traditional vegetables with saffron rice

GRIGLIA simply grilled Grilled with your choice of 1 sauce, basmati rice or mashed potatoes & vegetables du jour SALMONE 6 oz. salmon 17.95 ATÚN 6 oz. tuna 24.95 HALIBUT 6 oz. halibut 24.95 HANGER 8 oz. hanger steak 16.95 FILETTO 8 oz. filet mignon 26.95 BISTECCA 12 oz. new york strip 26.95 PETTO DI POLLO chicken breast 15.95 LOMBO DI MAIALE pork scallopini 15.95 General Manager - Robert Kukura

Sauce de Câpres á Beurre de Citron - Lemon butter sauce & capers Sauce au Poivre Vert - Green peppercorn & brandy reduction Salsa al Limone - Lemon & sea salt infused olive oil ! Chimichurri - Piquant spanish relish ! Truffe - Truffle butter Salsa Asiatica- Wasabi pesto & lime soy dressing

chef de Cuisine - Nick Fuster


Sous Chef - Eliah Golden Sous Chef - JAson Gerk

dinner 4.20.2009


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