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An Enduring Plan of Government Section 2 • The constitution was made into three parts. The first one was the preamble and it is all about the document the government created. The Second part is about changing the amendments. And finally the third one was the amendments and the bill of rights. • The men knew in order to meet their goals it would require a strong central government. • Separating the government into three branches made the strong central government the men needed and also distributed power.

The Legislative Branch Makes the Laws

Section 3 •The framers of the constitution made congress to balance the powers of both small and large states. •The main job of the congress is to make laws and article I gives them certain powers. Representatives of the house are based on state population. .

The Executive Branch Enforces the Law

Section 4 • In Article II, it describes the election of, powers of and duties of the President. • The President makes important policy decisions with the help of the white house staff and other close advisors. • The executive department has agencies that deal with different issues.

The First Years of the New Nation Section 2 • The United States was a country that continued to grow. • George Washington became President in 1791 and congress tried to raise money by taxing whiskey.

Geographic Changes Section 3 In 1803 Jefferson bought the Louisiana territory from France. • Lewis and Clark started from St Louis in 1804 to journey to the Pacific Ocean.

Political Changes in an Developing Nation Section 4 • Jackson knew there was going to be lots of votes so he formed a party called “Democratic Party.” • Most states dropped the law that required voting men no longer had to own land.

Sectional Differences Divide the Union Section 2 • As the country expanded, slavery increased. • Railroads carried goods north to people. • Slave labor formed.

The Ongoing Debate over Slavery: 1850-1856 Section 3 • The fight over slavery became bigger as they increased the land. • The Republican Party rebelled against slavery laws and the Kansas/ Nebraska Act. • On May 21,1856 in Lawrence, Kansas men who wanted slavery brutally attacked people who were against slavery.

Four Long Years of War Section 2 • The South had more power fighting on their own land. • General Winfield Scott came up with a plan called the “Anaconda Plan”. • April 9th , Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant met at the Appomattox Court House.

Challenges Facing Government Leaders

Section 3 • Lincoln’s Main Objective was to keep the border states of Maryland, Delaware, Kentucky, and Missouri part of the Union. • One of many challenges of President Jefferson Davis was putting together an army. • The biggest obstacle Jefferson Davis had to overcome was trying to find a way to pay for the war while trying to maintain the South and keep it striving.

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