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Creation Of The Next Generation MRIs With Patented HTS Technology Summary: The innovation in creating new generation MRI with HTS Technology 2th April 2009, There is the creation of the next generation MRIs with patented High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) technology. HTS COILS RF coils in traditional MRI are made of copper wire which has low conductivity and higher thermal noise and heat dissipation. In contrast, TiMed’s HTS materials has lower RF resistance compared to copper materials and it is a more effective conductor for making RF coils in MRI. The RF coil, like the “lens” of a camera, generates and detects all signals in MRI. MRI is the most expensive clinical diagnosis tool among the three common imaging methods -Ultrasound and CT. And this high cost of MRI diagnosis is the main barrier for mass application of MRI in developing countries such as China and India. Data shows there are over 30 MRI systems per 1M population in US and Japan, but only 1 MRI system per 1M population in China and India. This breakthrough technology could greatly improve the imaging quality of medical diagnosis by a significant 300%-500% and consequently reduces cost substantially. MRI image quality is determined by the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). In general, the SNR is proportional to the magnetic field strength of the system. Currently, the maximum field strength allowed for human clinical diagnosis is capped at 3T (Tesla). Now, with TiMed’s innovative technology, a 3T MRI system integrated with HTS coil can produce image quality equivalent to a 6T MRI system! TiMed recently demonstrated their breakthrough technology using a low cost 0.3T MRI, fitted with its HTS coil and generated image quality that are comparable to that of a high cost 1T conventional MRI. In order to know more any information about Time Medical, please contact Summary: Keywords: Time Medical, Time Medical MRI, MRI, low field MRI, Hybrid MRI, PICA, MONA, HTS, Hybrid PICA, Hybrid MONA, QY Ma, MRI technology, High Temperature Superconducting Coils, HTSC, MRI Scanner, Signal-to-Noise Ratio, SNR

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