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Project: BotrellaTM — Full line development

Medium: Product and graphic design in Adobe Illustrator

Date: December 2010-December 2011

Objective: BotrellaTM is a start-up company that imports new models of umbrellas from China and sells wholesale to American retailers. The umbrellas come in bottle-shaped plastic cases. As the graphic designer at Botrella, I designed the full line of bottles and umbrellas, as well as all materials to supplement the product including the website,

Project: Pocket Iphone App

Date: April 2011 - February 2012

Objective: Pocket is a hypothetical business that aims to raise money through other businesses by asking customers to donate a few cents on top of their final payment at a retail location at their point of purchase. This is an Iphone app to suplement the plan.

Final Logo

Project: Freed Advertising Department Logos

Medium: Adobe Illustrator

Date: June 2011

Objective: At Freed Advertising, I developed logo identities to a create distinction between each department of the agency for in-house use, frequently placed on letter heads and conference reports.

Project: Transportation Infographic

Medium: Adobe Illustrator

Date: September-October 2011

Objective: This is a study of the top selling cars in the four top car manufacturing countries during the month of August 2011. I was curious to know if the most popular cars in an area came from the country they were made in.

Project: Organizing 100 Albums — Book Design

Medium: Adobe InDesign

Date: March 2011

Objective: A juxtaposition between George Perec’s text about data organization and my personal organization of my own album library. I designed it in the form of a book in a systematic arrangement of genre and artist, including ratings and reviews.

Project: Wellness on Wheels brochure

Medium: Adobe InDesign

Date: November 2011

Objective: Informative brochure about programs offered by the University of Illinois Activities and Recreation Center that tells about group fitness and cooking classes offered off site for various organizations and clubs around the Champaign-Urbana area.

Project: NOW SOUND Music Blog

Medium: Film [edited in Final Cut Pro], Web Design, HTML/CSS

Date: October-December 2011

Objective: NOW SOUND is a blog where I post play lists I have put together accompanied by music videos that I filmed and edited. The play lists are specific to instances or moods that I feel should have a soundtrack. When the viewer plays a video, it gives them a preview of 30-90 seconds of each song with interesting visuals to enhance the feeling that the songs creates. Overlapping text tells the song name and artist along with some interesting information about the album creation or release. The site is geared towards music lovers, film makers, and other designers.

NOW SOUND — Screen Shots

Project: Honestly Me Identity

Medium: Adobe Illustrator

Date: July-August 2011

Objective: Logo design for start-up clothing line out of New York, Honestly Me, geared towards fashionable women that dress within the guidelines of orthodox Jewish beliefs. Logo expresses luminousness and confidence, with a subtle reference to the Star of David.

h o n e s t l y

m e

Project: Gunless movie poster for Alliance Films, major Canadian motion picture production company

Medium: Adobe Photoshop

Date: July 2009

Objective: I designed these comps as an intern with Big Picture Group, a Los Angeles entertainment advertising agency. [Photography given to agency and title blocks by others on the BPG team]

Project: Urbanized Idendtity Process

Media: Watercolor, Adobe Illustrator

Date: January 2010-March 2012

Objective: Develop a language of forms using only a cassette tape and create an identity with the shapes produced. This is a sample of the creative process and the final logo for Urbanized, a compiled mixtape of urban music.

Nicole Hammonds Design Portfolio  

This is a sample of my best work including print, web, mobile, film, book, product, and identity design.

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