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Introduction 

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Woodball is a sports which is similar to golf. However, it is played by woodball mallet instead of golf club. Some people will wear gloves when they are playing(PIC1) The woodball mallet and the woodball(PIC2) The woodball gate(PIC3) Like golf, woodball players need to wear polo to show their respect.(PIC4)

How to play? 



We only need one mallet and one ball for the whole games. The fairway is finished when the ball completely passed through the gate. (PIC5,6,7) We normally play 24 or 36 fairways for a single game, and calculate the total strokes (the lower is the winner , just like golf)

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It is normally played on grass , sometimes on beach. There will be natural obstacles on the fairways.

Stroke competition 

Normally there will be three to four players in a group for a stroke competition. They take turns to play and mark the result for the other players. The player shown in below photos are now putting.

As said before , there will be some obstacles in the fairway. In below photo, because of the obstacle , the righthanded player was forced to use her left hand to hold the mallet and put. However, she was failed.

Full Swing 


Apart from putting, there are many more skills in woodball and one of them is full swing drive shot. Below photos are full swing drive shot performed by my coach. We can see that it is like a clock with her head remained steady and has very good follow through.

I want to introduce woodball to all of you through this photo book. I love this sports and I am the member of the university team. It is my honor to represent BU to participate in the USFHK competition. I hope there will be more and more people join us and play woodball together. NG WAI LOK,2014


Introduction of woodball (活木球)  
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