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Thai Nguyen Students’ football tournament With the agreement of Mr. Pham Truong Sinh, Faculty of Foreign Languages has signed for students to participate in student football tournament organized by Thai Nguyen Province. The event takes place within 15 days from 01 / 11 to 15/11 with the aim of celebrating Teacher’s Day 20/11 and welcoming new students, whereby we can increase solidarity among students in the province. This year, Foreign Languages Faculty is going to join with quite crowded forces, including men football, women soccer and teacher teams. At men champion league, our team is in Group C - the most difficult group because of the presence of the strong teams such as University of Agriculture and Forestry, University of Technology. Group C promises will have fierce competition for the ticket to the semi-finals. In addition, group A with the presence of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, University of Informative Technology and Economic College also promises to have attractive matches. Group B, with the presence of University of Sciences, Medical College and University of Education, is seemed to be easy for University of Education because they are voted the number-one candidate for the championship this year and their opponents are not very strong. As we know, our Faculty had only 2 times playing at this event and still inexperienced compared to the other teams, so we set a goal for this year is to rub and to learn experience. However, we also have to play every match with high spirit to make the game more attractive. In female event, the Faculty also organized for different courses to compete. Because playing conditions are not so good, the game was held earlier and got the results. The Organizers selected four outstanding teams to participate in the final matches of the tournament. Matches were played with excitement, enthusiasm, expressed very high sporting spirit of the players despite the weather conditions and bad grounds. Especially, Mr. Hoang Cong Dinh - Deputy Secretary, Union President, Head of General Faculty of Foreign Languages and Mr. Pham Truong Sinh - Union Secretary and other teachers and friends of the Faculty also came to encourage players. As the final match finished, the organizing committee gave awards for winners- K32; silver medal-K33, bronze medal-K34. In addition, the organizers also awarded for individuals such as player scored the most goals, best goalkeeper and the beauty queen for the players and they are voted by fans and organizers.

Unlike the male and female events, the teachers’ football event is divided into 2 teams playing 2 matches. Despite having only 2 matches, teachers’ game got the big attention of a large number of other teachers and students to watch and encourage enthusiastically. To warm up for the match coming up in this November, the two teams as well as the student teams have encouraging words for the team spirit. "We are very pleased when registering the game this year for our students to celebrate Teacher’s Day 20/11, this year our team was very well-prepared for the upcoming matches and we will try our best to win every game", shared Pham Truong Sinh. Captain of the team also said: "This year we are stronger than last year very much because we are investigated and well-trained. We do not just speak, please see what happens on the matches." Thus, to celebrate Teachers' Day and to welcome new students, Faculty of Foreign Languages took part in many activities and sport events of Thai Nguyen province. Besides, Faculty also wants students to learn experiences which helps them to be confident after graduation.

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