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Organismic Fashion When talking about fashion, we only think it as a fabric styled in different clothing. Hardly anyone ever thought of it as an interface. In fact it is an interface but not a digital type yet. Wearing cloth is how we interact with the fabric, sometimes it is not only for beauty purpose but to protect you from the surrounded environment. For example you wear thicker cloth during winter, thinner layer during summer or try to wear tighter cloth when you go swimming. What we are doing here is to take fashion on to the next step. A creation of a neo-atom table which contains atoms that never exist before. Each of this atom, as many others, has a special character to it. The combination of these atoms will helps us create a new era of clothing fashion. The idea is to have cloth that we wear but also lives with us; we called it SYMBIOTIC FASHION. These are the different DNAs that can generate themselves to adjust to our body accordingly to the surrounding environment.

Screen shot of 3D model in Marvellous Design

The Art of Making To start off this project, MarvellousDesign to create clothes on 3D model. We then create different types of dress pattern in Cinema4D. As for the model, we ask a few friends to do a photo shoot with green screen. After that, it all then come in AfterEffect. We also produce a catalogue and an animation to show the collection of the dresses.

Samples of rendered textures and dress sample in Cinema 4D

Neo-Periodic table - the new atoms table

Who does what? For this whole project, initially I am the stylist/fashion designer. Running along is the role of a sound engineer. Me and my co-worker are also, at the same time the photographer and art director. We are designing with a mind of a futuristic scientist.

Screen shot processing of different atom (see website)

To get close to the idea of an interface, we coded a few processing according to the different atoms’ character, for example react to environment, to sound, to light or to movement of the person.

Who does what?

future? How does this affect the life in the future? Second skin on themselves to anything they like, no more killing animal for their fur. When this clothing line appear, they will start at a fairly expensive price depending on the DNAs you want to buy. Therefore the social gap, the gap between the rich and the poor still exist. But the bully and racism is potentially going down.


The input of this interface can be about anything, from personal taste, emotions and feeling to the surrounding environment. As for the output, even though it is in a development stage, we have water bubbles, hair, part of your body, animal skin, fruit, candy etc. Let’s say it is just about anything that you can think of.

Extract photographs from the collection catalogue

can you make it happen

Organismic Fashion  

Organismic Fashion To start off this project, MarvellousDesign to create clothes on 3D model. We then create different types of dress patter...

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