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force the truth out of my characters and settings

force the truth out of my characters and settings

Genre movies are not acceptable

Genre movies are not acceptable

Nouvelle Vague

refrain from creating a “work”




refrain from creating a “work”

French New Wave refrain from personal taste!


no longer an

artist DOGME95


refrain from personal taste!

no longer an








The expressed goal of countering ‘certain tendancies’ in cinema today

Dogme 95 was established by a group of Danish filmmakers including Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg in Copenhagen 1995. This manifesto creation is not very serious. They decision is made when the founders were having a drink together. Dogme 95 vowed, quite literally, to overturn the cosmeticism of modern cinema, the

predictability of plot and the superficiality in most movies of the Hollywood industry. Lars von Trier is obsesses with rules, he think we can get the most out of creativity when we are restricted to a certain rules. The Vow of Chastity is basically the 10 rules that one movie have to meet in order to be recognised as a dogme95 film. The board were no longer needed to verify whether a film could be classified as a Dogme95 film from 2002, instead they simply had to fill out a form online, in which they tick a box which states they have obeyed the rules of Dogme95 or the VOW OF CHASTITY. The movement disbanded in 2005 with 39 films.

We investigate into projects such as Warhol’s ‘Factory’ and Hirst’s ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living’ as well as SuperUber, Hellicar and Lewis to see how the people take part in each project. Through further discussion in our group as well as the tutorials, we decided that the role of a true collaborator needed to be defined and how to come up with a solution to go about it successfully.

ROLE OF A It is very easy to cross the thin line between the action of collaborating and the action of participating. We discussed whether the people who helped create these pieces were in fact collaborators or participants and I think that we are still not quite sure.

The Making of Manifesto Documentary

The video shows the thinking flow as well as a few examples that we’ve thought of and analysed as a group. The interview explain what is our manifesto is about. You will also get an idea on how do we come up with the manifesto artefact : COLLABORATION WEBSITE. Our group member also brings their own opinions of how they feel being a collaborator in a project.

To define the three factors most important when creating a true collaboration.

Rule 1

A minimum of three collaborators, so there is always a majority opinions driving the project forward.

Rule 2

Everyone has an equal stake in the project, there is to be no hierarchy.

Rule 3

Each collaborator has to bring a different skill-set to the group to avoid a conflict of opinions on any specific area of a project.

This also allows each member of the collaboration to use their skill-set in ways they are not used too.



There often is a failure in the collaboration where it breaks down into people participating in someone else’s idea. This basically takes away the essence of collaboration and leads to stagnation of creativity and its full potential. The rules were made inspired from the Dogme95 manifesto that we have studied. This is also to give a push to keep everything simple and easier to function in order. When the rules are followed, it will reduces the chances of having neverending disagreements during the project process. This way, the project set for the collaboration is hardly get stagnated. Also, since each collaborator has to bring in a different skill set, the collaboration will be a mix and match of most basic technology and design. This is the beginning of increasing the quality of the outcome. This mix and match thinking from people of different field is taking design onto another level.


InDesign PHOTOGRAPHY Photoshop AfterEffects Final Cut TYPOGRAPHY PACKAGING Sound Maker






The index page of our website is a simple design including the logo and our manifesto underneath it. The colours theme is a gradient from black to white. The main reason behind the chose of this neutral colours tone is not to insist on the website itself but to show the power of connecting designers/engineers from different fields to come together in order to make something original, something one person alone cannot archive. When a person hovers over the bubble in the middle s/he will get a few links popping out of the bubble under a menu type: Register, Sign in, Gallery, etc. Links for Profile and Collaboration will appear later on once you are logged in. The reason we have mandatory info is because without it the matchmaking will be impossible and knowing your name and set of skills is the most vital thing to start a collaboration. As for the Profile, it is where all the magic happens. It is a personal space hosting all your details (qualifications, ability, desire, and even inspiration..). To make sure the idea for each project does not belong to only one person (which leads to participation), there is an idea box where users put up a theme that inspired them, then everyone can vote for the one that they interest the most. The theme can be a word, a letter, an image, a video or just about anything. The Gallery is where you can access to all the past done project to then see who took part in the collaboration If you like their style, you can ask them to collaborate with you in the future. This is when the Live Chat comes in handy. The website will have communicating tools like most of other social networking.

To make sure a project moves forward, and keep track of what is going, a window of the Progress is build for the group member to manage. As every member has an equal part in the project, they will post up what they have done within the given time. As web managers, we try our best to keep our hand out of the collaboration. When an internal disagreement occurs, the group members have to decide whether to carry on the work or not. The only thing we are trying to do is to create a playground where anyone with a desire for making things could come and make magic happened.

Manifesto - Colablab  

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