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“How can life be short when it is the longest thng you’ll ever do!”



The exhibitions Design and Elastic Mind at MoMA wants to highlights designers’ ability to grasp momentous changes in technology, science, and history and translate them into objects that people can actually understand and use. Therefore, as a designer, I want to create an informative screen saver that fits in the exhibition.

Taking the idea of a saying “Time

fact discovery. As the numbers will be quite confusing and comis gold”, through this screensaver, plicated, I went for a simplified I want to pass on a message on symbols to represent life, money, the importance of time. Time is clock and walking distance. As said to be eternal, it has neither screensaver are more likely to be a beginning nor and end. We used in a dimmed light, I chose perceived time by the feeling of white text on black background change in what we call moments, for visibility purpose. As for the hours, days, months, years. To start calculation, I want the audience the project, I did some research to see time in a different way. If on several innovative ways to disa person earns £5 per hour, how play a clock, a representation of much do they make a second, time. I’ve looked at DROPCLOCK or how many percentage does a by SCR and UNIQLOCK by projecsecond worth thought your whole tor. I really like how it is informalife? tive and also visually attractive. I decide to create a clock to show My designs are quite simple and the audience how precious time might be hard to get the mesis. sage so to make things clearer, I also do a voice over to supMy initial idea is to sketch out how port the idea behind it. Like in time relates to our daily life and UNIQLOCK, the voice is to inform activity into numbers, like a fun the time, date and weather .

Although, I want my voice over like a reading idioms, poems or meaning of life. In this occasion, I want to encourage young people to make the best out of their free time, take time to discover the technology to develop it even more in the future. As a designer, this reminds me to be more innovation, more experimental in my work to get the best out of it. Some said life is short, but how can it be short if it is the longest thing you ever live.

Life Watch  

Counting down the days of your life, on your own desktop screen

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